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Welcome To Nashville's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Underneath blaring bluegrass and honky tonk tunes, the ghosts of Nashville play a sinister soundtrack of hauntings in the streets of Tennessee’s haunted capital.

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Join Nashville Ghosts on a spine-tingling ghost tour to uncover the disturbing truths hidden beneath the surface of Music City USGA. Discover why Nashville is dubbed the most haunted city in Tennessee.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.


Join Nashville Ghosts on a spine-tingling ghost tour to uncover the disturbing truths hidden beneath the surface of Music City USGA. Discover why Nashville is dubbed the most haunted city in Tennessee.


Join us for a Nashville Spirits and Spirits Haunted Pub Crawl to discover the history of Nashville’s most haunted watering holes.

Nashville Southern Comforts Food Tour

Get a taste of everything the culinary scene of Nashville has to offer!

East Nashville Insta-Mural Tour

Our East Nashville Insta-Mural Tour will take you on a journey to explore the best of the area's street art and shares stories about the murals and their artists, as well as of the city itself. *Check back for Availability


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Nashville

Welcome to Nashville Ghosts

The Countless Dark Mysteries of Music City USA


In the hilly terrain just a couple hundred miles from the Great Smoky Mountains lies the southern city of Nashville, which serves country-fried chicken and wings by day and rocks blues, bluegrass, country, and haunted honky tonks by night.  The Tennessee town’s gruesome history is riddled with ghosts from deadly droughts, debauchery, and dark secrets. These tragic and terrifying events that defined Nashville’s past spawned hauntings that continue to frequent the shadows and dark corners of its busiest streets to this very day.


Nashville is known for hosting an array of fascinating and celebrated people, but its more devious residents can’t always be seen or heard. All throughout Nashville, ghosts from the city’s sordid past continue to haunt the very same saloons and restaurants visitors frequent day and night. 


Embark on a ghostly adventure with Nashville Ghosts to experience an authentic ghost tour with real hauntings, from the ghastly apparition of country superstar Hank Williams and to the eerie sightings of beloved nightclub owner David “Skull” Schulman. Learn firsthand why Nashville’s terrifying past remains very much a part of its present.


Why is Nashville So Haunted?


Nashville’s Ghosts of the Civil War: Death, Disaster, and Destruction


Beneath its energetic streets and nonstop swarm of bar-goers, Tennessee’s capital city has a morbid and sinister history that can be attributed to many horrific events. But perhaps none were as deadly as the combined aftermath of the Civil War. The city of Nashville played a pivotal role in the country’s bloodiest war, with many of its buildings being transformed into makeshift hospitals, or, in especially grim cases, morgues. 


Today, there are several eyewitness accounts of ghastly, spine-tingling figures lurking around town, which are said to be the long-dead spirits of Civil War soldiers. The chilling figure of “The Gray Man” has been sighted roaming the halls of Ryman Auditorium, who’s rumored to sit and watch concertgoers who arrive early to shows.


Follow Nashville Ghosts down the dark thoroughfares of the city and experience the thrill of seeing the sites where the infamous “Gray Man” and other Civil War ghosts still haunt Music City’s streets. 


See the Darker Side of a Ghostly Destination


Just because you’ve walked down Broadway in the daylight doesn’t mean you’ve cracked the surface of all that Nashville has to offer as an exciting, and terrifying, tourist destination.


One of Broadway’s very first honky tonks, Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, is the eternal resting place of a spirit who once ran the drinking establishment back in the day: Tootsie Bess. Legend has it that Tootsie had a soft spot for struggling musicians, and would often slip them cash or free meals before they would play a big gig. 


The soul of Tootsie still haunts the restaurant. Her apparition is said to appear in the crowd after particularly good performances…silently cheering on aspiring musicians from beyond the grave.


Feel the Adrenaline Rush of a Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventure You’ll Cherish Forever


Stop by locations including the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, and listen to the blood-curdling accounts of how the despair of wounded and dead soldiers who once occupied the building’s basement morgue transformed into dark energy that permeated the foundations and has never disappeared hundreds of years later.  


You’ll shiver as the temperature drops while you stand on the doorstep of the underworld and feel their suffering still emanating from the floors below. 


Become Part of a Ghostly Community:  Uncover Nashville’s Tormented Past and Present


Don’t be fooled by the glitz and glam of Broadway Street: Nashville’s past is so twisted and morbid that it’s often hidden away from tourists. As a matter of fact, visitors to the city are literally walking on top of miles of tunnels…which are said to be the ominous site of strange, haunted activity. Serving as the longtime location of prostitution, booze, gambling, and other dark happenings, the tunnels have long been boarded up…though chilling, disembodied voices can still be heard today. 


Sea Salt — a French restaurant in downtown Nashville — sits as the mouth of one of these tunnel entrances. Its employees have frequently reported hearing eerie, creepy voices from the basement, with many saying there is a “dark, eerie feeling” that can be felt within its walls. 


Perhaps these are the cries of runaway slaves, who met their tragic demise while attempting to escape to freedom. Regardless, the tunnels that run below Nashville are a morbid reminder of the city’s violent past. 


Join us to learn more about the heartbreaking tragedies and long-dead spirits that still wander the tunnels today, aimlessly hoping for freedom, and many times…revenge.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to Book your Nashville Ghosts tour right now!


1) You’ve already visited the typical Nashville sites


Any trip to Nashville isn’t complete without a visit to the city’s top destinations, such as the Grand Ole Opry, Centennial Park, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. But for adrenaline junkies, all of this can seem a little mundane after a few days of wandering the city. Add a spooky adventure with Nashville Ghosts to your itinerary and dive into the hidden, spine-tingling history of the city that the typical tour guide won’t tell you during your visit. Unveil the chilling mysteries behind places like the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, which might look like your average vinyl shop on the outside. However, inside its doors lies a much more sinister history leftover from the American Civil War…as the building was once used as a makeshift morgue.  


2) You’ve overindulged in Nashville’s culinary scene


From southern-style barbeque to Nashville hot chicken, this city is known for its diverse and mouth-watering restaurant scene. If you’re looking to walk off dinner while learning more about Nashville’s haunted history, look no further than a tour with Nashville Ghosts. During your curated one-hour tour, you’ll even stop by haunted eateries, including the former Melting Pot restaurant, which is the grisly resting site of two ill-fated, star-crossed lovers. Both employees at the restaurant committed a double suicide in the basement after their parents disapproved of their relationships, and are said to still haunt the space to this day.


3) You want to put a spooky spin on your bachelorette party


You’ve bar-hopped up and down Broadway Street, hit the shops, and may or may not have invested in a pair of cowboy boots — all in preparation for your big day. But don’t you want to make your bachelorette party stand out? Take your group on a Nashville Ghosts tour and embark on an adrenaline-pumping, spine-chilling adventure with your bridal party for an experience that you’ll never forget. Pass by the notoriously haunted Benchmark Bar & Grill to experience firsthand the horrific aftermath of a not-so-happy marriage that ended in a sinister murder…after a man named Jerry murdered his wife Margaret in cold blood. Today, visitors report hearing furious whispers and strange movements around the restaurant…perhaps the tormented, eerie voice of Margaret, whose spirit will never truly be at rest until her killer is finally brought to justice.


4) You want to experience Nashville’s vibrant and unique culture like a local


Nashville hosts millions of tourists each year, and for good reason. As fun as it is to fully immerse yourself in the city’s tourism scene, you miss out on so many thrilling experiences when you choose to play it safe by sticking to the usual sites. Although its haunted history might not be as well known as Broadway or the Grand Ole Opry,  With a tour from Nashville Ghosts, your guide will catch you up on all of the haunted, goosebump-inducing tales that locals have shared for centuries. 


5) You’re tired of listening to country music 


Even though country music has a special place in Nashville’s heart, there’s no denying that listening to the same genre all day long can get a little monotonous. Spice things up by embarking on a nail-biting tour around town, and experience a different side of the Music City. Learn all about the tormented spirit of Captain Thomas G. Ryman, who’s rumored to haunt the halls of the Ryman Auditorium in stern disapproval. Or pop by Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge and see if you can spot the eerie apparition of country stars Hank Williams Sr. and Patsy Cline, who are long-dead, but can still very much hear the music.


6) You’re fascinated by Nashville’s grim past


There’s a lot to love about Nashville. But before it was one of America’s most celebrated, vibrant cities, Nashville was the site of grim violence, political turmoil, and dark truths. Death is — literally — built into the walls of the Tennessee State Capitol, where the remains of businessman Samuel Morgan and his notorious archnemesis, architect William Strickland, are buried in vaults within the building. The two long-dead men have been reported to scream at each other in the middle of the night, continuing to bicker from beyond the grave, much to the horror of security guards and capitol staff.

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