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Plyler Park

Plyler Park ghostly illuminated by overhead lamps and a grey/black night sky. Trees lurk on either side.

Lively events and local charm hold a veil over terrifying tales of the most unnerving kind: true. Plyler Park in Myrtle Beach is known for its animated merry festivals and spirited holiday happenings, but it’s the area’s mystical background that can really capture an audience – in some cases, literally. The park’s attractions draw thousands of visitors from all over, delivering on its reputation for entertainment and excitement and over-delivering on the supernatural.


Myrtle Beach’s Unwanted Treasure


Myrtle Beach is known as a premier vacation spot ideal for families while also serving as an amorous getaway for two. With all the city has to offer, The Boardwalk is one of the most well-known among tourists. Stretching nearly the span of the coastline, Plyler Park is one of the Boardwalk’s most popular attractions, complete with gorgeous aesthetics, a calendar full of live events, and the apparitions and brutes reserved for oceanic myths. 


What serves as the ideal spot for a picnic turns into a lair of brooding beings at night. When darkness falls, the park becomes a playground for the wicked; entities once thought to be part of Myrtle Beach legend walk the grounds, terrifying those unlucky enough to catch a glimpse and capturing those unfortunate enough to have an encounter.


Plyler Park’s Walking Dead


A town by the ocean is bound to have its own sordid history, and Myrtle Beach is no exception. Flooded with a history of settlers, pirates, and family tragedies, The Boardwalk parallels the coastline that’s been the site of various forms of death and destruction over the last few centuries. 


Spawned from the turmoil of deadly origins are some of the most terrifying apparitions and sightings that dominate this active stretch of coastline. While the entities are plenty, there are two that are most notable in Plyler Park.   


The Boo Hags


Plyler Park is famous for its intricate events and the theatrical characters that bring the events to life. However, art can imitate life, and these colorful personas can be mistaken for a character when they’re actually malevolent Boo Hags. This undead creator is a vampire-like legend that exists in the shadows and is quick to claim unsuspecting victims, surviving by stealing their breath. 


What’s worse, Boo Hags are known to follow their victims out of the park with no one the wiser. It’s said that those who have the misfortune of being a casualty of the creature are made aware of its presence by the smell of rotting meat or awoken by the Boo Hag sitting on their chest, sucking the life out of them. 


The only thing more terrifying than their soul-sucking abilities is their appearance. This menacing nightmare is said to be skinless and bright red in color, a disturbing site for even the darkest of hearts.


The Headless Sentry


The South is full of stories and tales, each with its own twist and several touched with a little embellishing. A well-known South Carolina chronicle needs no enhancement as eyewitness accounts confirm its authenticity and shocking emergence. 


Following a tip-off from the daughter of loyalists regarding the imprisonment of his patriots, General Francis Marion and his remaining soldiers set out to free them, beheading the lone sentry that guarded the prisoners. 


Today, the apparition can be seen searching aimlessly for its head all along the South Carolina shores, including Plyler Park in Myrtle Beach. Visitors who’ve happened upon the spirit claim he’s dressed in a dated British uniform and disappears when approached. Until he finds his head, the restless soul can find no peace, almost guaranteeing a sighting for anyone out for a midnight stroll in this seemingly calm corner of the city.


Plyler Park Today


Plyler Park continues to be a shining star in the tourism industry of Myrtle Beach. A place of picturesque scenery and relaxing vibes make this a hot spot for vacationers and the perfect hiding place for the area’s most nefarious fiends. Though sightings continue to be reported, visitors continue to flock to the area in droves because, simply put, there’s no place quite like it.


Despite its place in haunted history, Plyler Park in Myrtle Beach remains a staple of The Boardwalk. With all of the activities, events, and beauty the park has to offer, it’s easy to overlook what may be lurking in the shadows. Read our other blogs to uncover more creatures and entities that are brought to life in the dark, and check back for future posts. 





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