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Nightmare Haunted House

Nightmare Haunted House

It almost seems counterproductive that a place of generated scares can also be a home for the area’s most terrifying living creatures and hauntings, as it’s easy for them to go undetected. Yet Myrtle Beach’s Nightmare Haunted House has become a safe haven for the afterlife and the undead, giving them the opportunity to hide in plain sight. 


Through new characters and fresh themes, the haunted house consistently creates new ways to give patrons a scare, but it’s the devilish entities that inhabit the house that really delivers a fright.


Myrtle Beach’s Undead Escapades 


As a premier vacation destination, seasonal events and attractions are a must making Nightmare Haunted House an integral establishment on The Boardwalk. For decades this elaborate haunted house has spared no expense in its quest to deliver spine-tingling chills and unveil our deepest, darkest fears. 


Over the years, the attraction has garnered attention for its over-the-top shows, which include a freaks-get-their-revenge theme and a “No Whimps Allowed” seance. With plenty to keep the public entertained and on their toes, it’s amazing to believe there could be anything much more terrifying than these happenings – but there is.


The ghastly characters of Nightmare Haunted House aren’t the only thing stirring up dread in the hearts of anyone who dares enter the house. Revenge deals with the devil and spawns from the darkest corners of the ocean are the origins of some of Nightmare Haunted House’s most infamous manifestations – none of which are characters of the haunted house. 


Whether it’s the manufactured horror that draws them to the house or, in fact, we’re the ones trespassing on their territory, these entities call this area home, and they’re here to stay.


The Undead Nightmares of Myrtle Beach


South Carolina is known for its southern folklore, with tales passed down from the enslaved for centuries prior to the Civil War. While they’ve been passed down from generation to generation, one thing that hasn’t been lost in translation is the existence of these chilling creatures. There’s a reason the locals continue to partake in the rituals that are designed to keep these beings at bay, and you’re about to learn why.


Raw Head and Bloody Bones


Though it sounds like a fairytale, scary stories of the South usually aren’t – Raw Head and Bloody Bones is one such tale. While the story has spawned variations throughout its telling, the descriptions of the creatures and their manifestations remain consistent. Raw Head and Bloody Bones are creatures that are one and the same: a head stripped of its skin and a skeleton stripped of its head. 


Its origins range from a deal with the devil gone wrong to the creature unsuccessfully trying to outwit Lucifer, but the end result is the same: a skeleton split and cursed to roam in this disturbing form for all eternity. Should you run into this petrifying prowler, beware, as it’s been known to follow its victims home.


The Lizard Man


The ocean is full of mystery and wonder, with a treasure trove of beautiful specimens inhabiting every inch of the body of water. Though it holds vast amounts of beauty, it’s not without its faults, one of which being it’s the primary place for sightings of the Lizard Man. While it may sound like a B-rated horror movie personality, the legend of the Lizard Man is one that is recognized throughout the state and whose presence is well-documented.


The Lizard Man’s origin story is a mystery, but his appearance isn’t. Those who’ve encountered the creature report a being standing 7 feet tall with glowing red eyes and a face like a lizard. It can be easy to dismiss the being as nothing more than an urban legend. However, the Lizard Man has actually been caught on camera in various locations. In fact, the solar eclipse of 2017 prompted the South Carolina Emergency Management Division to send out a peculiar alert, warning residents to beware of supernatural activity. 


No one really knows how dangerous the Lizard Man truly is though there are a few encounters that include the creature scratching and shredding the vehicles of those who experienced the run-in. There are various suggestions on how best to distract the monster, and based on the reports, it might be in your best interest to adopt one prior to your visit to Myrtle Beach.


The Nightmare Haunted House Today


Throughout the years, the Nightmare Haunted House in Myrtle Beach has grown in popularity, becoming a Halloween dream for those who are fans of horror or up for some frightening entertainment. And while the legends that accompany the area may not be believable by all, there are other spooky sightings that help enhance the horrors of Nightmare Haunted House. 


Patrons have reported seeing apparitions from the corners of their eyes, while staff members and visitors have reported people vanishing before their eyes and physical encounters. Whether it’s from the characters created for the haunted house or the real-life entities that frequent it, you’re guaranteed a genuine scare at the Nightmare Haunted House in Myrtle Beach.


Neverending Nightmares


Every year, Nightmare Haunted House develops a new scare tactic in the form of an act or character that really delivers on its promise of a frighteningly good time. But as long as this attraction is in existence, so will the creatures and entities that compete with the manufactured monsters that have infiltrated their space. 


Check out our blog to discover more of America’s living legends that walk the earth, and check back for future posts.



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