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Welcome To Montgomery's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

The birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement is littered with tragic tales and restless souls condemned to relive their tortured pasts in horrific, ghostly detail.

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Join Montgomery Ghosts for a spine-tingling adventure through the dark underbelly of the state capitol’s disturbing past. Lost cultural icons mingle with Civil War soldiers, creating hair-raising hauntings that continue to grip the city and anyone in their wake.

Montgomer Ghosts Tour

All tours meet at the Civil Right Memorial at 400 Washington Ave, Montgomery, AL
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, AL
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Montgomery

Welcome to Montgomery Ghosts

A heavy energy brews in the Heart of Dixie, where war and unjust loss spill over into Montgomery’s most historic locations. Uncover the forsaken souls of ungodly times and compete for otherworldly space with the spirits of country superstars and literary legends.


Legends Never Die


“Hey good looking, what you got cooking?” At Chris’s Famous Hot Dogs, it’s more than just their popular cuisine. Head to the highly-regarded restaurant with Montgomery Ghosts, where everyone from Elvis to Martin Luther King, Jr. has stopped in for this American classic, but not all have left.


Learn the local lore behind country legend Hank Williams, his tragic passing, and what keeps him hanging around in The Magic City. It’s said that if you listen closely, you can hear the faint sound of his beloved vocals outside of the restaurant. But it’s not the only place he makes his presence known.


Hear the history behind Alan Jackson’s encounter with the singer’s apparition and how it inspired his famous tune “Midnight to Montgomery.” There is no shortage of stories that feature the spirit of Hank Williams. He’s in great otherworldly company, as it’s only the beginning of the ghostly tales that you’ll hear on this exciting stroll through haunted Montgomery.


What Will I See?


Visit Montgomery’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Alabama State Capitol – Ear-piercing wails penetrate the senses in Montgomery’s State Capitol. The horrors of the Civil War are not forgotten in the 1851 building, and now an enraged widow seeks her husband’s lost soul. Faucets shoot blood into the bathrooms late at night, an indication of foul play in the state’s political center. 


  • Capitol Towers Apartments – This ten-story building houses the victims of Montgomery’s worst tragedy. A fire that took twenty-five lives still rages in the penthouse suites on the 10th floor of the Capitol Towers Apartments as shadowy spirits linger amongst the phantom smells of smoke and fire. 


  • Alabama Department of Archives & History – Renowned reformist and historian Julia Tutwiller lingers in the halls of the Alabama Department of Archives and History, where she once spent so much of her time. Sightings of her spirit between bookshelves send chills up employees’ spines in the stately building.


Remnants of Fiery Infernos 


Montgomery holds a significant spot in American history, being home to events that altered the state of the nation. These events, however, were not without their tragedy. Venture to the site of Capitol Towers Apartments, the building that spawned the “In case of fire, use stairs” safety signs, for unfortunate reasons.


Hear the horrors of the real-life tragedy that left 25 people dead and a building infested with unexplained activity. Hazy apparitions dart between rooms on the 10th floor of the prestigious apartment tower, warning tenants of their fiery fate. One former employee is said to continue his job in the afterlife, cleaning up cigarette butts in an attempt to prevent the next tragedy.


Montgomery’s otherworldly energies line both the streets and the skyline. As you stand outside of this doomed building, take a whiff of the air. You may catch a hint of this horrendous day and the smokey spiritual residue it left behind. 


Monuments To Bloody Histories


Centuries after the fighting came to an end, the perils of war can still be felt throughout downtown Montgomery. Deep in the Alabama State Capitol, stories of this dangerous time are still alive in the form of spectral disturbances that chill witnesses to the bone.


Montgomery Ghosts gives you a haunted history lesson you’ll never forget as we take you to the site known for the ear-piercing wailing of a ghostly Civil War widow still searching for her husband’s body. Her gut-wrenching cries are only rivaled by the violent remnants of a feud that sent one man to the grave and another to the asylum.


The residual energy left behind by their eternal bickering turns the faucet water into a bloody shade of red, keeping scared guards of the Capitol on their toes as he continues to inhabit the building. Montgomery Ghosts invited you to step into the terrifying past and uncover the spectral spells that haunt The Magic City. 


Why is Montgomery so Haunted?


The Eternally Imprisoned


In an area that was once war-torn, it comes as no surprise that various locations once housed prisoners of war. Even the most innocent building has a past; such is the case with the Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium. 


Hear the details of the horrendous treatment endured by Union soldiers, many of whom were tortured to death and are now forever tied to the home of the Montgomery Biscuits. Disease and famine ran rampant through this former POW camp, and the agony experienced by the prisoners reverberated throughout the stadium.


Lift the veil on the unearthly visitors that continue to spook guests of the hotel and what causes maids neverending frustration when their nicely cleaned rooms become messy the second they leave. Angry screams fill the halls of this popular hotel. Listen closely on your ghost tour of Montgomery, as they may get to you next.


Soldiering on In The Afterlife


As the capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War, the First White House of the Confederacy has witnessed historic events that made it a magnet for the macabre. Montgomery Ghosts takes you on a journey through time, lifting the veil on the building’s spectral inhabitants and how they came to be.


Hear the shocking stories of dead rebel soldiers wreaking havoc on the lives of stationed Yankees at Maxwell Airforce Base and the unusual, unexplained activity that accompanied them. Soldiers of the base have claimed to see shadows on the second floor, and some have reported having awful nightmares.


This is only child’s play, as the spirits have other eerie and disastrous ways of disturbing the living. Dive into these strange tales and more on a hair-raising ghost tour with Montgomery Ghosts.


Wet beds have left soldiers at Maxwell AFB in a state of mass confusion. But everything is not what it seems. These soaked sheets weren’t from a weak bladder but were created by the terrible apparitions flying overhead. 


What’s so Special About the Montgomery Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side Of Higher Education In Montgomery


Educate yourself on the various haunted centers of learning around the “Cradle of The Confederacy” with Montgomery Ghosts. Such as the ghostly librarian stalking students between the bookshelves of Huntingdon College and the warm red light glowing eerily deep in the dorms, reminding young minds of a horrible Montgomery legend. 


Pause for a breath of fresh air at The Helfin-Tolbert Judicial Building. You’ll need it after finding out the truth behind this mysterious light and the lone lady in red who wanders the hallways of Pratt Hall in the dead of night. 


A Once in a Lifetime Experience Diving Into The Lives of Classic Authors


Unpack the fast-paced and toxic lives of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, long-time residents of Montgomery. Many locals say they never left, and an unearthly aura permeates the Fitzgerald Museum, their former home, is proof. Most tragic of all was the gruesome death suffered by Zelda, a horrific tale Montgomery Ghosts tells in full detail. 


See the Davis Theatre For Performing Arts, where the troubled couple once wined and dined with Alabama’s high society. While the old theatre and the famous socialites may be long gone from our world, the numerous investigations held at “The Fitz” prove that the latter is still around, in some ethereal form. 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


If the twisted past of the Fitzgeralds, the wreckage of the Confederacy and Hank William’s still singing spirit interest you, then you’re in for an unforgettable night with Montgomery Ghosts. Join us as we unpack the strange and unusual terrors that cast a shadow over this Alabama monument. You never know what fascinating stories they will share with others and who might just become your next fellow otherworldly thrill seeker.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Are Seeking Terrors and Thrills Only Found In The Deep South


The southern United States has a darker history than almost any other region in the nation. From the Civil War to Civil Rights, the Deep South has seen violence and turmoil of massive magnitudes. Discover the twisted past of the “Cradle of The Confederacy” on a ghost tour with Montgomery Ghosts. 


2) You Are A Huge Hank Williams Fan


The Country music legend haunts more than one location in Montgomery. Hear about his favorite hangout spots in both his life and his death. The Alabama native seems to favor those who favor him. Wouldn’t you like to meet him?


3) You Want To Know More About Civil War


Montgomery has one of the largest collections of Civil War artifacts in the nation in the Alabama Department of Archives and History. Many buildings date back to the Civil War and even further back. Come and see it all for yourself on a ghost tour with Montgomery Ghosts.


4) You Read The Great Gatsby and Are Fascinated with the Fitzgeralds


Were you fascinated with the lives of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald after reading The Great Gatsby? The tragic couple called Montgomery home for many years. See their favorite stomping grounds, learn about their passionate and doomed relationship, and their still active spirits with Montgomery Ghosts!


5) You Are Looking For Family Friendly Things To Do in Montgomery 


A ghost tour with Montgomery Ghosts is the perfect way to experience Montgomery with the whole family. Our informative ghost tours give your family a look into the spooky side of the city and its fascinating history in a fun and exciting manner.

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