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Monterey Hotel

The Monterey Hotel stands defiant in the dark of night

Venture into the heart of downtown Monterey, and you’ll find yourself at The Monterey Hotel—a Victorian masterpiece that blends old-world charm with modern comfort. Though this popular hotel offers guests a warm and welcoming interior, its unearthly residents have been known to send chills down the spines of those who enter.


Prepare to embark on a journey that’s as haunting as it is mysterious. What keeps the spirits of Monterey’s genteel era locked away in this intriguing hotel? Keep reading to learn more about the hotel’s permanent spectral guests and how they’ve helped The Monterey Hotel earn its reputation as one of the most haunted in the city. 


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The Historical Tapestry


Stepping across the threshold of The Monterey Hotel is akin to traversing the annals of history within a city steeped in diverse cultural influences. Having once held the mantle of a Spanish and Mexican colonial capital, Monterey’s story unfolds through epochs of Native American habitation, the reign of Spanish rulers, periods of Mexican ownership, and the eventual embrace of American statehood. 


Erected during the Victorian era, The Monterey Hotel’s architectural elegance served as a testament to an era long faded. Its stature is characterized by intricate detailing, ornate moldings, and grand staircases that whisper tales of an age when structures were not mere buildings but intricate works of art.


The grandeur of the lobby and the winding staircase are portals to the Victorian past, allowing guests to step into the architectural embrace of another time. When they traverse the hotel, however, they’re also stepping into a world owned by the patrons of its past.


Frank and Company


Whispers of ghostly tales have surrounded The Monterey Hotel for years, creating an atmosphere charged with a mysterious energy, mainly because the reason for their presence is not fully known. Among the inexplicable phantasmal residents that call this historic establishment home, none is more renowned than Frank, affectionately dubbed the “Maintenance Ghost.” 


Frank’s spectral presence echoes through the main staircase in the lobby, where staff members have often glimpsed him tirelessly muttering about fixing the infamous 75 stairs that wind on endlessly. His mischievous spirit extends to Room 217, where guests have encountered playful antics with TVs and clock radios. Some even report their cell phones displaying cryptic sequences of 7s and 5s, a creepy occurrence in this age of technology.

Yet, Frank is not a solitary apparition. A teenage girl, her identity draped in mystery,  graces the stairs and upper floors. Her gentle presence and appearance in ruffles and satan adds a layer of intrigue. Witnesses report her being seen with her hair in her face, which invites you to ponder the untold tales that may linger.

So the question begs, could this apparition be that of an unknown and secret passing, or could the hotel house a portal that offers an otherworldly glimpse into a time long forgotten?


Dapper Dan


A third spirit that claims ownership of the hotel is also the most well-known. Enter the dapper spirit of an Edwardian gentleman who, legend has it, is the esteemed architect of the hotel.  W.H. Weeks pioneered earthquake-resistant structures and departed in 1936. Dressed in high-hatted finery, he’s been known to frequent the dining and event area, as well as make occasional appearances in the lobby mirror.


Heightening the eerie ambiance, some of the unexplained activity has no name or entity attached—as though the hotel is a ghostly presence all its own. Noted author Jeff Dwyer captured a disembodied “Hello” resonating through the second floor, adding to the spectral symphony that envelops the premises. Staff members share encounters with icy hands, objects mysteriously relocating, and doors swinging open without apparent cause.


A recent traveler remarked: “I would say there’s like a 91% chance that this hotel is haunted.” An invitation to the curious, a challenge to the doubtful—this is not just a stay; it’s an exploration of the celestial. The thickness of the walls and the creaking of the stairs are reminders that this is a place where history whispers in every corner. 


Stairs to The Other Side


Within the corridors of The Monterey Hotel, guests have shared tales of surreal encounters that transcend the boundaries of the present. As they ascend the steps, witnesses are captivated by the ethereal sight of trailing dresses and antiquated fashions, an elegant dance that defies the conventional passage of time. These mysterious figures materialize with an almost transient grace and dissolve into the atmosphere like echoes of bygone eras. 


It is interesting to note that people often report feeling a heavy presence behind them as they climb the stairs. This phenomenon finds resonance in various cultural beliefs about staircases. Across folklore and spiritual traditions, staircases have been symbolically linked to journeys between realms and states of being. It’s not far-fetched to believe the hotel’s staircase might serve as a conduit where the past may echo in every footstep.


Perhaps The Monterey Hotel, steeped in history and adorned with Victorian elegance, acts as a portal where the veils between different epochs are momentarily thin. In these instances, it’s as if the hotel becomes a temporal bridge, allowing those who have long departed to reenter the realm of the living, if only for a brief moment in time. 


Haunted Monterey


The Monterey Hotel emerges as a living chronicle of Monterey’s historical tapestry, traversing Spanish and Mexican colonial eras to the era of American statehood. Its Victorian architecture, a relic of the past, holds tightly to its origins, giving visitors the opportunity to interact with the souls that may still linger.


For those enticed by the nexus of history and the otherworldy, a guided tour with US Ghost Adventures provides you and your group with a riveting exploration into the unknown.



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