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Welcome To Monterey's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Hidden in the mists of Monterey Bay, nightmares of Old Cali’s past roam free. Take a Monterey ghost tour to uncover the deadly truths lurking in the depths of California’s First City.

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Monterey Ghosts dives deep into the terrifying and authentic stories of shocking events that date back before the Mexican-American War of 1846. Are you ready to walk through the dark and sinister past that can only be found in California’s Cradle of History?

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Monterey Ghost Tour

All tours meet at Colton Hall Museum and Jail: 570 Pacific St, Monterey, CA 93940
Tours last 1-hour along a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to more haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need printed tickets or passes!
Visit for the best info on parking nearby.

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Photo of the Haunted Colton Hall Museum and Jail lit up at night in Monterey, CA, meeting location for the Monterey ghost tour
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Monterey

Welcome to Monterey Ghosts


Mystery, Murder, Mayhem and Misfortune.


Monterey remains a city full of beautiful nature, resorts, and marine life. However, while countless creatures swim under the surface of the ocean, an untold number of otherworldly creatures hide beneath the surface of this idyllic town. The deep, dark and twisted history of the European settlement and Indigenous people was only a foreshadow of what was to come. In 1846, Americans raised the U.S flag over the Old Custom House, a site left haunted from two gruesome murders.


As you pass through these dark historic sites at night, you’ll feel the chill creep down your spine from real stories of both vengeful killers and their tragic victims, the tales of which riddle Monterey’s unsavory past. These ancient battlegrounds will reveal dark truths that will change the way you see this haunted coastal paradise. History junkies and thrill seekers alike will be on the edge of their toes as they venture into the heart of the unknown.


What You Will See On This Tour


Encounter the Unexplained in Abandoned Theaters and Haunted Hotels


Walk through areas where real killings and unexplained activity have been consistently researched and recorded. Experience the utter horror of ghastly stories from old jails, abandoned theaters, and haunted hotels that remain home to more than just unexplained terrors. If you’re looking for a night of fear and fun, this experience is one you’ll never forget, in your wildest dreams or most chilling nightmares.


Keep your eyes peeled for a sighting of an imposter doctor who practiced on his victims until tragedy struck his own family and he decided to take his life. Learn of the high society hotel that housed the rich and elite, and still counts centuries-old ghosts as guests who wander the halls and travel the stairs with the current occupants.


Learn the Untold History of Monterey Through Tragic Tales and Bone-Chilling Ghost Stories


Whether you’re exploring Monterey for the first time, or call the Bay your home, you’re guaranteed to learn something new and terrifying about its tumultuous and sordid history! This tour walks you through the perfect blend of colonial Spanish history, ghost stories, and thrilling accounts of unexplained phenomenon. Experience the Mysteries of Monterey as you see this dark city in a new and haunted light. Encounter ghosts killed by the first American Mayor who was judge, jury, and executioner to anyone who decided to cross him.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to Book the Monterey Ghost Tour Right Now!


1:  You’re looking for a different kind of city tour.


Monterey Ghosts will give you an experience you’ve never had before! Late at night, when the shops close down, these ghost tours are just getting started. Though walks around this seaside city are common, it’s a whole different town at night and these tours will breathe life into some of Monterey’s darkest moments in time.


2:  You’re want to learn history that’s told in interesting, exciting, and fun new ways.


From Indigenous people to Europeans and Americans, this city has had its fair share of explorers. This walking tour will give you an interactive and informational experience you’ll enjoy much more than any history book! Our tours perfectly compliment history and entertainment. Each site is deeply researched, and our guides exquisitely recount the events of real hauntings that were birthed by the tragic events of each historical site..


3: You want to gain a new perspective as you see the darker side of Monterey


People travel to Monterey for a variety of reasons – from Old Fisherman’s Wharf, to Cannery Row, or maybe they’re usually just passing through. Whatever the reason is for your stay, we can guarantee an experience that is unmatched by conventional ways of portraying the city. You’ll experience distinctive allure of Monterey first hand and learn about a dark history that is sure to translate into unforgettable memories, and nightmares.


4:  You’re intrigued by ghosts and tales of the dead.


Maybe you believe in ghosts, or maybe you don’t. Regardless, you ended up here… and you’re intrigued. This tour isn’t designed to make you some crazy ghost hunter, but we will share many fascinating and true stories about Monterey’s gruesome past. The curiosity will only intensify as you walk through the haunted streets on a dark, deserted night with only your friends and the echoes of ghosts before you.


5:  You’re seasick from the Whale Watching tours.


We can’t promise this tour won’t leave you with a pit in your stomach, but at least it’s on land. The grueling history and hauntings that take place will not only entertain, but leave you and your friends shocked by the tragic and unbelievable history of this little city.


6:  You want a little more thrill and a lot more adrenaline.


As much fun as Monterey is, if you stay long enough, you’ll be itching for a bit of heart-racing thrill. This tour is the perfect addition of excitement to your night in this fisherman’s town. Each bit of bizarre and shocking history you learn will make the rest of your trip that much more exciting as you’ll bring the haunted history along with you, and maybe even have some ghosts tag along when you return home!

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