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Welcome To Milwaukee's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

In the town where beer, baseball, and bratwurst rule, more menacing pastimes brew beneath the surface. Dare to uncover what shackles the dead to Milwaukee’s cursed past.

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Join Brew City Ghosts to reveal the strange and fascinating dark history of Brew City. Beyond the tangy taste of IPA’s, there’s a poison that simmers at the very core of haunted Milwaukee.

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Brew City Ghosts

All tours meet in the parking lot of the Milwaukee Public Market, 402 N Water Street
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held rain or shine. Please arrive 10 minutes early and allow time for parking.
You do not need to print tickets or have passes. Simply bring your ID.
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Milwaukee

Welcome to Brew City Ghosts

The Algonquian called the area “millioke ”, meaning good and beautiful. They had no idea the villains and devils it would attract. Visit Miltown – where tragic tales are told in sinister speakeasies and ghosts are waiting in forgotten saloons.

Mobsters and Murderers, Speakeasies and Serial Killers

Milwaukee is an enchanting lake front metropolis that attracts all kinds of tourists and visitors to its hop filled streets. Miles of highly coveted real-estate gripped to the ice shores of the Great Lakes. It is also one area known for retaining the living long after their expiration date. Once the sun goes down, only the brave or the foolish decide to visit its dark and ominous alleyways.

Journey on a death-defying ghost tour after twilight and experience this unique adventure as a professional guide unearths the secrets lying below the surface of Brew City. From sordid speakeasies and smuggling operations running amok during Prohibition to a riverside spot where lovers committed suicide while stalked by unseen forces, discover an overabundance of unexplained encounters that have been reported in the haunted downtown area. Listen as locals tell tales of unnatural beasts roaming Bray Roads and the walking apparition of resident serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Death, Destruction, and Devastation

Discover true accounts of a river town whose modern history was marred by titans of industry who founded today’s biggest breweries. Hear the terrible truth of how they hatched plots during prohibition just to skirt the law and turn a profit. Time and time again, blood was spilled in the city and along the river walk during those brew wars and it still permeates the area along the river and seems to attract the dead. Learn firsthand about The Bridge War that pitted the East and West sides of the river against each to engage in mob violence was followed by bodies continually washing ashore on the banks of the river.

Hear about the great fire of 1863 and witness the ghostly apparitions of those whose only escape was to jump from their windows. Join us on each haunted stop and hear the lamentations of victims and villains, ghosts of history that still linger behind the veil of commerce and capitalism.

Why do the dead still haunt Milwaukee?

The area that was once called Milloke was also a charnel house where brave natives fought savagely for every inch of. This was a prized piece of soil where armies and indigenous groups – dozens of tribes and hundreds of French and Europeans – battled it out in close quarter combat. From Lake Michigan to Green Bay to Milwaukee, battles ranged and the ground was soaked with the blood and tears of warriors from every land. Come sunset those spirits seem to rejoin the fray in legendary bloody contests such as The Black Hawk War, the battle of the Monogahela, The American Revolutionary War.

Years before the visitors came to the area and decades before brew masters, smugglers, mobsters, and serial killers haunted the streets of this burgeoning metropolis, the shores of Milwaukee were baptized in blood and tragedy. Learn the history of its christening —from the terrible carnage of nighttime raids and sneak attacks to arson fires that set hotels ablaze and created a mob of scorched phantoms.

What’s So Special About This Tour

Experience for yourself Milwaukee’s dreaded past and the dark chronology that cemented its bloody foundations.

Visit the many haunted locations of Milwaukee while walking down shadow-veiled streets and eerie riverside spots of Brew City and hear evidence of the hauntings that continue to disturb the city each night. Follow closely and dive deep into this city’s horrid past and discover secrets it hides among its shadows. The gateway to the terrifying history of Milwaukee will be opened to you to explore its countless haunted and historic museums, parks, and buildings. Whether it’s your first time on a ghost tour or you’re a veteran of haunted history, the tour is a perfect adventure to brave with friends and family.

Enjoy a sensory thrill ride and adrenaline rush as you investigate each haunted location

Travel through one of Wisconsin’s busiest port towns and drag the facade away as you peer into its soul.. Join us as we pull back the curtain and focus our attention into the dark history of Brew City’s past. Aswe tell viscous true tales and unveil the sanguine dramas that lurk behind each building’s contemporary exterior. You’ll creep down the shadowy canals of the Beer Capital of The World and find a ghost tour where every stop is unique with its own ghostly theme.

This Milwaukee ghost tour is a sensory experience that will push your limits, but can’t be missed. A tour you’ll remember for the rest of your life — and never forget in your nightmares.

A ghostly adventure in a beautiful destination that you’ll cherish ‘till the end.

Our Milwaukee Ghost Tour will take you to the heart of the city as we travel through streets tourist brochures have garnished with high praises. Streets that have some of the nation’s biggest breweries and a pub in every corner. We will recall stories of desperate businessmen, wild mafia hitmen, raiding war parties, and valiant Federales. We will hear horrible history and share the streets with apparitions as we tell secrets of the nation’s biggest fortunes — the powerhouses that constructed Milwaukee and sold their souls in their lust for more.

Come with Brew City Ghosts as we adventure through lamp lid streets, stroll across silent river promenades, and visit historic statues and bars. r evokes tales of murder for hire, of devilish massacres, and mob wars mired in madness and violence.

You will hear, see and experience a rollercoaster ride, one where we dare to raise up Milwaukee’s bloody. With historical locations bursting with tales, tragedies, and the black deeds of its former inhabitants. In each stop you’ll get more than your fill of horrid stories and hauntings as the phantoms of prohibition and long forgotten forts vie for your attention.

Each stop is an exclusive chance, unique and rare, to experience the energy of the dead. To feel your skin crawl. To witness in the corner of your eye something stirred. Each restaurant, each historic building, gives you the opportunity to contact ghosts struggling to once more be among the living— that want to feel and influence the know.

From the specters of the Hilton Grand Inn still roaming the site of the 26-hour fire that claimed dozens of lives and spawned the ghosts of many more to the legendary Pabst Theatre where an apparition appears and “performs” for its unwillingly captive audience, Milwaukee is filled with historical locations that housed unspeakable tragedies and birthed even more terrifying and ghostly activity. Unexplained encounters are more frequent than ever in a place that comes alive at the sight or sound of welcome, or unwelcome, visitors.

Be Part of A Growing Community

Journey with us through Milwaukee ’s haunted history — a past that lurks behind the city’s modern metropolitan veneer. Book this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and be part of a growing community of investigators of the afterlife and hunters of unbelievable haunted history

If you’d like to walk the haunted promenades of Milwaukee and see the city in a truly unique way, book your tour with US Ghost Adventures today.

Experience the unexplained — many of our guests bear witness to the unknown. Become one of them tonight.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to book your Milwaukee tour right now!

You Want to Immerse Yourself In The Unbelievable History of Milwaukee–

This tourist enclave has borne witness to unprecedented violence and to countless tragedies and misdeeds.  Mishaps born out of mischief at every corner, every one of our stops is teeming with authentic stories of perdition, mayhem, and melancholy. The Brew City ghost tour is heavily researched and based on facts — from periodicals, history books, recorded accounts of  hauntings and documented ghost sightings.

Human consciousness has an effect on our surroundings — what we think, fear, and believe in resonates and leaves traces. What does this have to do with a ghost tour? Ghost tours create feedback loops. The initial entity grows bolder and gains more energy with each tour group. The more you give it nutrition the more likely it will manifest. The ghost becomes more rambunctious, more willing to take a bite.

You already visited the breweries and you’re ready for a different kind of buzz

Milwaukee, thanks to its distinctive history and trade, is synonymous with beer. If you like a cold brew, then without a doubt, Milwaukee is your cup of tea — or pint of lager. Nevertheless, after so many visits to iconic breweries, and countless hours on tours that highlight some of this great city’s achievements, you need something a bit different. You require something that makes your heart jump at the seams and crash against your chest.

Like penny dreadfuls of old, Milwaukee’s history is rife with bloodshed. It is possessed by something otherworldly. Once the lights go down, and its history is dragged out of the shadows, something wicked begins to stir in Milwaukee’s soul.

You don’t want to go on a traditional tour

This is not the Milwaukee the brochure told you off. Our brave guides will take you into the heart of darkness and madness that is Brew City and lead you through a harrowing, fascinating, frightening, exciting adventure. Sick and tired of all those dull guides and traditional tours? The ones that seem to slide by with the bare minimum? Our experienced guides will take you on an experience you will never forget. They are the polar opposite of traditional. Get ready to scream, to laugh, maybe even shed a tear.

There’s Dark Tourism — then there’s Milwaukee.

“Organized crime in America takes in over forty billion dollars a year, and spends very little on office supplies.” — Woody Allen.

From Breweries at war to Sicilian families enacting scenes from The Godfather — Wisconsin has seen it all. This state, for some unknown reason, has drawn in some of the worst of mankind. From beer magnates and titans of industry hellbent on making a profit to mobsters adding countless crimes to their list of misdeeds – regardless of how many bodies they leave in their wake. — But serial killers. Men driven by something else. If you’re a fan of the dark, of the seedy, the reproachful, and the tantalizing, Milwaukee is your kind of town. Get behind the scenes details not shown in the history books.

Nothing better than a scary date night

Danger is the ultimate aphrodisiac — want a man or dame to fall for you, how about a night full of frights, scares and fun? The brain processes over 11 million bits of information per second, and science has long ago concluded that due to its wiring it likes to highlight bits that have to do with danger. There’s a reason why everyone falls in love with the bad boys. Why we can’t escape relationships with an underlying element of danger to them. Why girls like James Bond and Edward from Twilight, and boys go gonzo for Harley Quinn and Catwoman. Our brains are just tweaked that way. A study showed that dates with a bit of danger, even something natural as catching a scary movie at a multiplex, are more sexually charged than others. Fine dining is great, expensive wine is even better — but nothing riles your hormones more than a good fun scare.

You like a good mystery

There’s a reason why the “whodunit” is the oldest genre/theme in literary history — we like to plat amateur detective. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good Sherlock Holmes, or the latest Dan Brown, or trying to figure out who is under the slasher mask. It’s embedded in our DNA. Get’s the blood pumping, the adrenaline spiking, our hearts thumbing with anticipation. At every stop we’ll tell you the inside scoop, with all the grizzly details, and unmask, like meddling kids, the culprit. We’ll remove the cause, but not the symptom. Some of us like our stories, like we like our steaks, bloody and rare..

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