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Macs Club Deuce Ghost Tour

When you book a tour of Mac’s Club Deuce with US Ghost Adventures, you’ll see a haunted side of Miami, Florida, that you’ll never be able to forget.

Mac's Club Deuce

If you’re a ghost hunter or spooky enthusiast, you might think that it’s Salem, Oregon, or Savannah, Georgia, where you should go on vacation. These are places with well-known dark pasts and heavily documented haunting phenomena.

But Miami should be at the top of your list. This legendary city has numerous haunted sites and none more seedy and twisted than Mac’s Club Deuce. 

You might pass by the tiny bar if you’re not looking closely. It’s been around for 50 years, and it only gets spookier with each passing year. Ride with US Ghost Adventures and get your fill of the creepy happenings at the Deuce. 

The Best Dive in Town

Mac’s Club Deuce was founded in 1964. The club’s longtime owner, Mac Klein, bought the club for a pittance, and over time, it’s grown to be one of the most coveted plots of real estate in the entire city. 

Mac’s Club Deuce is known as Miami’s most famous Dive bar. For over 50 years, it has kept drink prices low, and jukebox dance party vibes high. 

Anthony Bourdain called the Deuce one of his favorite places on Earth in a 2006 episode of No Reservations.


A Frightening Affair

Though nothing seriously twisted has gone down within the walls of Mac’s Club Deuce since its founding in the ‘60s, something must have happened before. There’s no other way to explain the frequency of eerie events that keep happening. It’s as if some patrons never left.

Visitors frequently have auditory tricks played on them, so convincing they describe the sounds as hallucinations. Music will pipe on from other rooms, but nothing’s there when staff or patrons walk over to turn it off.

Another classic haunted happening you’re likely to see if you visit Mac’s Club Deuce is glasses, sliding down the bar. Some visitors have seen a ghostly hand swigging drinks and taking swipes at whole bottles. 

It’s the worst during the Halloween season, where the mood darkens to a point where it’s palpable. A sense of danger and lingering negativity coats the walls of the Club Deuce. Patrons dance it away every year, but some things just cannot be explained.  

Haunted Miami, FL

When you travel with US Ghost Adventures, you get the guarantee of a twisted, tortured good time. From haunted houses to condemned condos and ghastly hotels, US Ghost Adventures will show you a side of Miami you won’t get on any other tour. Book with us, if you dare.

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