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Welcome To Mesa's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Unearth the frightening world of the dead, where mobsters and monsters still mingle in the deadly heat, seeping up through the forsaken underground tunnels of Arizona’s Gateway City.

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Join Mesa Ghosts and search through the city’s mysterious past that left an undoing ruin in its wake and more questions than answers. A chaotic collection of phantoms awaits you under the strange and silent shadows of the looming Superstition Mountains.

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Mesa Ghosts

All tours meet at Arizona Museum of Natural History, 53 N Macdonald, Mesa, AZ 85201
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Mesa

Welcome to Mesa Ghosts

Hidden behind its family-friendly veneer, Mesa’s haunted past is anything but welcoming when the purple hues of the Southwestern sun disappear out of sight. Explore this wretched world with Mesa Ghosts as portals to other worlds split open in deadly vortices outside Mesa’s haunted parks, theatres, and museums. 


Gateway City To Hell


Mesa was once home to an advanced ancient civilization, older than the Native tribes of the Wild West. However, any trace of the Hohokam people was lost long before American settlers arrived. Why did they disappear so abruptly, seemingly into thin air? 


Walk with Mesa Ghosts to the Encore on First Apartments to unpack the theories on this lost civilization that left little more than their names and an ingenious system of canals behind. While they offer clues into the lives of Mesa’s original inhabitants, these canals also seem to harbor something far more sinister. 


Stand before the apartment complex where residents have encountered anything from strange black mists to apparitions running through the hallways on all fours. Hear about one miserable parent who could not shake off the “imaginary friend” her daughter had made in this spirit-infested building. Demonic entities seemingly lurk anywhere the old canals run, such as the nearby Dobson Ranch, where suicides are as common as the oppressive energy suffocating the property. 


Could these otherworldly powers have caused the Hohokam people’s sudden evacuation of their sacred lands? Mesa Ghosts digs up these uncomfortable truths and more desert lore on nightly haunted treks through downtown Mesa.  


What Will I See?


Visit Mesa’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Arizona Museum of Natural History – Once the old city jail, the Arizona Museum of Natural History displays much more than just the artifacts of Mesa’s Wild West past. A haunted stagecoach holds the soul of one lost cowboy while stranger murmurs emanate from the brick walls of the old jail. 


  • Nile Theater – Mesa’s premier rock and roll venue and art gallery that traces its roots back to the 1920s. The smell of cigarettes and stale beer is often smelled in the dimly lit venue. But what’s unusual is the shadow person, a leftover spirit from the venue’s old days full of punk rock brawls, seen smoking his favorite brand after closing. 


  • Nash Vintage (Tunnels) – Deep below Mesa, run a series of tunnels of mysterious origin. Once used by rumrunners during prohibition times, these tunnels have sparked legends of poltergeists and monsters, such as the ghost dog in Nash Vintage’s basement.


Once Upon A Time In The West


Drawn westward by promises of gold and land, Mesa’s earliest citizens struggled and toiled through harsh conditions to survive in what was hardly a paradise. The end could come at any moment, whether by rattlesnake bite, warfare, or dehydration. Death was waiting around every corner, and some welcomed it with open arms. 


Venture with Mesa Ghosts to the Arizona Museum of Natural History, where these harrowing stories of desert survival come to life in more ways than meets the eye. Stand outside the building that once housed the city jail as we share the spine-tingling tale of “John The Robber” with you. 


One of many spirits inhabiting the museum, John’s abrupt end came at the hand of his fellow inmates. The most violent criminals in old Mesa beat John to a pulp to save their own despicable hides. Now, the museum staff refuses to enter the building at night as John, or someone else, is known to lock doors behind them and flicker lights.


Who else roams the interior of Mesa’s old city center? The city’s infamous underground tunnel system, once used by prohibition bootleggers, may offer clues to the muffled shouting coming from the walls and floor of the old jail cell. 


Hiding In Plain Sight


Horrors of an unspeakable nature reside far below the unsuspecting shoppers of Mesa’s Main Street. Most have no idea that the bones of a young boy and phantom figures have all been reported in these tunnels of unknown origin. 


Journey to Nash Vintage, in the heart of Mesa’s shopping center, and learn about one forgetful bootlegger’s actions and the death of his beloved canine companion while he was in the dark labyrinth below the city. Although many of these prohibition-era tunnels have collapsed or closed, strange sights and sounds have come from them for decades. 


One woman experienced this firsthand when she entered Nash Vintage’s basement. A blast of cold air knocked her back, followed by the odd sensation of what felt like an animal brushing past her leg. Could this be the ghost of the bootlegger’s dog? 


Far worse things hide in the cavernous spaces underneath the city center. Come with Mesa Ghosts as we take an unflinching look at every macabre secret hiding below ground from the blistering Southwestern sun. 


Why is Mesa so Haunted?


As Above, So Below


“As above, so below,” goes the old Hermetic phrase, and nothing could be further from the truth in Mesa, Arizona. Take a stroll with Mesa Ghosts to The Post, a former post office turned event space, and hear about the horrors waiting above ground and all around you. 


Residual hauntings of old postal workers may frighten blossoming brides on their big days, but far worse terrors await further away at the former Williams Airforce Base. Learn about the accidents that occurred both in the air and on the ground at Williams AFB while on a haunted tour of downtown Mesa. 


Dazzling lights from phantom sources startle unsuspecting drivers on the road leading into the old base, and apparitions walk through walls at what is now part of Arizona State University’s campus. Many locals even go so far as to say every building on the cursed proving ground for pilots is infested with spectral entities. 


Discover the truth behind these accusations as we explain how parts of the World War II Air Force base were later used as halfway houses. Could this be why so many students have night terrors while sleeping in the dorms they became? The demonic possessions and poltergeist activity found there make studying for final exams the least of their worries. 


Halls of The Dead 


The high strangeness of Mesa’s desert community isn’t exclusive to college campuses and municipal buildings. Wander with Mesa Ghosts down the spiritual magnet that is Main Street as we peel back the layers of Mesa’s most haunted schools. 


Listen closely, and you may hear the faint footsteps coming from the halls of Mesa’s first charter school, Heritage Academy. The students, staff, and teachers at Mesa High School, one of the oldest high schools in the state, can relate. Shiver in fear while outside Heritage Academy as we describe what they felt, the air going from “normal to thick” in the blink of an eye. 


Hauntings in Mesa hold many mysteries. Just ask the students at Highland Junior High, the most haunted school in Mesa, who are constantly provoked by a female spirit that slams doors and messes with electrical equipment. 


Who killed her, and why does she continue to haunt the school? Find out with us on a spectacularly spooky tour through the otherworldly corners of the Gateway City.


What’s so Special About the Mesa Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side, Darker Side Of Mesa’s Untold Beauty


Dazzled by the striking beauty of Mesa’s canyons and waterways, few realize that hiding behind the city’s most scenic parts are mournful spirits hell-bent on extracting fear out of the living. One of these beautiful locations is also the city’s most well-known haunted location, Jefferson Park.


Dive into the downtrodden story of the “Woman In White” with Mesa Ghosts along our excursion into the unknown. A vengeful ghost who floats between the trees in malignant terror, cursing all who pass her by. Where did the phantom children often seen in the park at night come from? Do they join her in the afterlife in eternal agony? Uncover these answers and more with Mesa Ghosts. 


A Once in a Lifetime Experience With the Dark Side of the Desert


Mind-boggling mysteries and enigmas exist inside and outside Mesa’s city limits. Extraordinary creatures are said to roam Arizona and torment local cattle farmers with silent and vampiric executions of their livestock. Gather around your experienced tour guide outside the Chupacabra Taproom and learn all about this elusive cryptid that gave this taproom its name.


If beer and cryptids don’t tickle your fancy, how about soda with a side of spectral children? Further your understanding of Mesa’s unnatural nightlife while Mesa Ghosts tells you all about the little girl who terrified workers at the Sunkist factory for many years and her even more terrifying red ball.  


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


Mesa emanates unearthly energy from beneath the eerie glow of the Superstition Mountains that is inviting and unnerving. Do you hear its call? Others, just like you, hear the call of the Hohokam, the Woman in White, and the spirits of the hidden tunnels and answer with enthusiasm. You’ll meet them as we take you to these locations, searching for the unbridled truth behind Mesa’s incredible hauntings. 


Explore Mesa’s main drag and experience the city’s darker side with Mesa Ghosts. The spirits may open up to you in unexpected ways. Make sure there are others by your side when they come calling.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Want To See What Else The Phoenix General Area Has to Offer


Phoenix is a massive urban sprawl of cities, towns, and neighborhoods. Get out of your comfort zone on your next trip to Phoenix and explore one of its most beautiful surrounding cities, Mesa. See what the Gateway City can offer as Mesa Ghosts takes you around Main Street in the downtown area on a spooky haunted Mesa ghost tour. 


2) You Are Looking For Family Friendly Activities In Mesa


Mesa is considered one of the most family-friendly parts of the Phoenix area. Take the kids on a spooky yet safe nighttime stroll through Mesa for a thrilling and entertaining ghost tour. While some of these stories may strike fear in your hearts, we assure you they are all suitable for children. 


3) You Need A Break From Exploring Arizona’s Wilderness


The great expanses of the American Southwest are captivating and awe-inspiring. But after a few days in the desert wilderness, you may be craving civilization. Come back to society, recharge, and entertain yourself on a fascinating ghost tour of Mesa. You’ll be ready to explore the untouched reaches of Arizona again in no time. 


4) You Are Heading West And Need A Break On Your Road Trip


Heading out to the golden beaches of California? Make a pit stop in Mesa, Arizona, and take a ghost tour with Mesa Ghosts. One of the most unique things to do in Mesa is our ghost tour, which will have you pondering the afterlife all the way down the I-10. 


5) You’ve Heard About Mesa’s Many Mysteries and Want To Learn More


The Hohokam people left behind one of Arizona’s greatest mysteries. Who were they? Where did they go? And why did they build all these tunnels if it was indeed them? If you’ve heard of their mysterious origins and sudden disappearance, then why not take a deeper look into these baffling legends? Mesa Ghosts may not have all the answers, but we can pick apart the facts.

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