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Welcome To Lynchburg's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Civil War ghosts of Virginia are forever trapped in a black hole of tragedy and death in Lynchburg. Discover the endless parade of hauntings and darkness hiding in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Join Lynchburg Ghosts on a bone-chilling ghost tour for an unflinching look at the city’s tragic past rife with war, misfortune, and crimes against humanity. Walk the haunted grounds of The Hill City, once lined with the casualties of unspeakable horrors, as you encounter sightings, hauntings, and the unexplained in one of Virginia’s most haunted cities.

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Lynchburg Ghosts Tour

All tour meet at the Lynchburg Community Market at 1219 Main Street, Lynchburg, VA
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Lynchburg Community Market
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Lynchburg

Welcome to Lynchburg Ghosts

The rolling hills that enhance Lynchburg’s natural beauty hide a curse that began with the disturbance of countless graves once occupied by the Monacan Indians. This unspeakable act would set into motion centuries of unhinged behavior and debauchery that created the unexplained activity and ghastly sightings you’ll hear about (and might even experience!) tonight. Welcome to Lynchburg Ghosts.


The Hills Have Eyes


At the base of the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains sits the city of Lynchburg, a gorgeous piece of land with an ominous history and the unrelenting hauntings born from it. Known as The Hill City, Lynchburg can be found in the center of seven magnificent hills, each with an origin story, though none as otherworldly as Daniel’s Hill. 


Take a stroll down horror lane with Lynchburg Ghosts and prepare your mind for the terrifying tales of Daniel’s Hill. Named after the Daniel family, this area harbors a variety of spectral sightings ranging from the innocent to the malevolent. Learn about the house on Rivermont Avenue where inhabitants must co-exist with Miss Cornelia Clopton, a former owner of the home who loved it so much she refuses to leave it.


One owner recalled a frightening encounter when, one day, he witnessed the hazy figure of a woman heading down the stairs and disappearing before his wife could see her. Strange occurrences and noises preceded the event and continue for every owner to this day. Miss Clopton, however, is the brighter side of the dark, otherworldly realm that comprises Daniel’s Hill. Experience hair-raising chills as we unveil the disturbing history of the Virginia Baptist Hospital. Founded in 1916, the hospital once housed a psych ward that’s primarily responsible for the creepy experiences that have occurred over the years. 


In this area, patients were stored to die, and where their tortured souls remained. Patients have reported seeing apparitions that appear to be from the 19th century, while others have witnessed shadows swiftly passing in front of their doorways. Disembodied footsteps, appliances working without being plugged in, and nonstop spooky spectral sightings have made the hospital one of the most haunted places in Lynchburg.


And it’s only the beginning.


What Will I See?


Visit Lynchburg’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • The Rocking Cradle House – Home of Lynchburg’s most infamous haunted item, the Rocking Cradle House is the site that, in a sense, birthed the item. Learn about the events that created the cursed rocking cradle and why some believe a demon is responsible for its unexplained rocking. 


  • First Baptist Church – A place of peace and comfort, this historic building was once the site of a horrific event that left several dead and the townspeople reeling. Discover the tragedy that struck in the late 1800s and how churchgoers and staff experience the effects to this day.


  • Knight and Miller Tobacco Factories – During the Civil War, several buildings were converted to assist in the efforts. The Knight and Miller Tobacco Factories once served as makeshift hospitals filled with unqualified medical practitioners and unfortunate soldiers who didn’t stand a chance.


The Demonic Hand That Rocks the Cradle


One quick Google search of “haunted items” will take you down a rabbit hole of macabre stories where these items are the star. Some are more popular than others, but not all have entire events dedicated to witnessing their dark energy. Lynchburg Ghosts takes you to the former and new home of one of America’s most haunted items, the Rocking Cradle.


Visit the Rocking Cradle House, where the cradle first gained notoriety. Though famous for the haunted item, the home itself harbors a dismal history. The home was once owned by a major of the Confederate Army who would often be locked away during his drunken rages. The result would be years of residual hauntings that included banging noises in certain parts of the home and doors opening on their own. 


The hair-raising sight of an elderly woman standing atop the stairs in complete silence was reported by Addison Walter, a former owner of the home. Some believe it’s the spirit of Laura Smith, the wife of Reverend Williams Smtih, who discovered the cradle rocking on its own following the death of their newborn. It’s said he even commanded the cradle to rock in the name of “Beelzebub,” a nickname for the devil. To his horror, it began rocking.


The Rocking Cradle now resides at the Lynchburg Museum, an attraction so popular the museum hosted a Halloween livestream in an attempt to catch otherworldly activity. Technical difficulties, unexplained noises, and the sound of a woman’s voice are available on YouTube for the world to see. Lynchburg Ghosts introduces you to these two significant locations in the city’s spectral history, a mere fraction of the darkness The Hill City contains.


Institute of Higher Dead-ucation 


Lynchburg has long been known as a place of higher education, boasting five universities, and is home to the South’s first accredited women’s college. At some of these institutes, students get more than what they signed up for. Join Lynchburg Ghosts for a trip to College Hill Center, where you’ll get a  lesson in Hauntings 101. 


Dedicated to the memory of its founder, Sweet Briar College is home to the sweet ghost of founder Indiana Fletcher Williams. That is until ill words are spoken of the school. Indiana has been known to trip students walking up the stairs, causing painful accidents for those who disrespect the school. Students and faculty have spotted Indiana and her daughter, Daisy, walking the campus while another account claims that upon finding an old photo of “Miss Indie,” a burst of disembodied laughter echoed throughout the room.


The eerie encounters continue at Randolph College. In a time when the world thought it “dangerous” to educate women, Lynchburg was a leader in higher learning, establishing several womens-only colleges. And, in many of these schools, some of the women never left. Uncover the harrowing events that trapped the sorrowful souls of these former students. One such apparition, Mary Stokes, is said to be angry that she’s dead. A campus garden named after her hides a dark omen behind the colorful shrubs, as it’s said if you cut through Mary’s Garden, you’re cursed to never graduate or get married.


Sadly, the misfortune would continue with the murder of one student as she walked back to her dorm room and the tragic car accident that claimed the life of a theater student. Their spirits continue to be spotted to this day, spooking witnesses with their appearance and evoking a sense of dread with their disembodied footsteps and voices. And wait until you hear about the séances held in one of the dormitory buildings.


Why is Lynchburg so Haunted?


Factories of Torture 


History buffs have much to experience in Lynchburg as it played a pivotal in the Civil War and was subject to its own battle as the Union attempted to disrupt the resources of the Confederacy. Various buildings were taken over to accommodate the destruction of this tumultuous era, with some seeing the bulk of the war’s devastation and, eventually, becoming a portal to the otherworldy aftermath.


Venture to the Knight and Miller Tobacco Factories and feel your heart race as we unveil the unfathomable acts that transpired within their walls. During the Civil War, the buildings were used as makeshift hospitals. The medical staff, however, were grossly inexperienced, and the soldiers suffered in unbelievable ways. Hear the gruesome details of how doctors chose which soldiers lived and died.


Learn about the horrific deaths the soldiers were subjected to and the residual anguish and despair that lingers in the shadows. The frightening sight of Civil War soldiers have been seen marching around the area, still fighting the bloody war that took their lives. One local recalled seeing a soldier on his horse, not making a sound, and the horse not touching the ground. 


The sound of galloping and the gust of wind as the phantoms pass by, charging at their targets, is an experience that can occur at any given moment. The battle has never ended for these tortured souls. And the goosebumps you get just might be the sorrowful spirits reliving another brutal attack.


Why Lynchburg’s Past Continues to Be Resurrected


It’s easy to see why a city rife with a hellish past can now be home to restless spirits, doomed to remain where they met their demise. And war wasn’t the only inhumane event the city faced. The devastation brought on by the evils of racial tensions was the catalyst that sparked some truly horrendous tragedies.


Walk with Lynchburg Ghosts to the First Baptist Church, where you’ll learn of the heartbreaking events that unfolded here in 1878. Black churchgoers attended the church in the condemned building that once stood there to avoid oppression. One fateful day, the church collapsed. Members were trampled and smothered to death, while others died trying to escape by jumping out of windows. 


As though the horrors of that day are playing on a loop, current church members have claimed to hear creepy and disturbing noises, such as scraping noises on the floorboards and creaking walls. The petrifying sight of a shadow figure flying out of a window has been seen by passersby, nearly scaring them to death. Stay close during your tour, as this eerie activity has been known to occur at any given moment.


What’s So Special About a Lynchburg Ghosts Tour?


See The Darker Side of History That Plagues The Hill City 


Though an ideal tourist destination, the beauty of Lynchburg is clouded by an unforgiving past that isn’t ready to rest. The saying “history repeats itself” has never rang more true than in this vibrant, historic city. Sightings of soldiers and those who lost their lives to the turmoil of the times are a part of everyday life, and the darkness doesn’t end there. Uncover the seedy side of the city as Lynchburg Ghosts takes you to Buzzard’s Roost, named after this notorious area that was once considered the Red Light District. 


Though monitored by the elite and the government, the illicit activities were allowed in Buzzards Roost as it was believed to keep unsavory characters from taking their debauchery elsewhere. Rampant sinful acts and merciless death have turned this area into a hotspot for hauntings – just one of the many you’ll discover on your ghost tour of Lynchburg with Lynchburg Ghosts.


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience That Will Haunt Your Dreams 


Every trip can be the trip of a lifetime if planned just right, especially when visiting Lynchburg. The culture, the gorgeous landscape, and the history make it an ideal vacation spot for people of all ages. But for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you have to take in all that the city has to offer, and that includes the sinister side.


Get the full Lynchburg experience with a ghost tour with Lynchburg Ghosts. We’ll take you off the beaten path to places such as The Virginian Hotel, a hotel more than a century old that is home to a macabre love story. Legend has it that a couple was found dead in their bed in one of the hotel rooms. The couple still reside in the hotel, spooking guests with their disembodied laughing and chatter. A side of Lynchburg you never knew existed awaits with Lynchburg Ghosts.


Join a Growing Ghostly Community


Spirits are all around us, and their activity has turned even the biggest critics into full-on believers. A Lynchburg Ghosts Tour is for believers, non-believers, and everyone in between. Our entertaining and engaging ghost tour features meticulously researched sites and the fact-based stories that turned them into the haunted hotspots they are today. 


Even the most unsuspecting of areas are rife with unexplained activity, such as the Lynchburg Community Market. Venture to the third oldest public market in America and learn more about its horrific role in the trading of enslaved people and the ominous energy that has since controlled the market. 


These tales aren’t for the faint of heart. If you’re ready to take on the sinister side of The Hill City, Lynchburg Ghosts is ready to introduce you to it. Visit the sites that draw paranormal investigators from all over, and get one step closer to entering their world tonight.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You’re Into History and Want to Learn More About the darker side of the Civil War


You’re a pro at all things Civil War. You know all of the significant figures, such as Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant, and are versed in the battles spawned from it, such as the Battle at Lynchburg. But one thing you may not know is how many of the soldiers’ tortured souls remain where they took their last breath. While in Lynchburg, don’t miss out on learning more about this pivotal time in America and the terrifying aftermath that haunts the city to this day. Go beyond the history books and explore the dark truths of Lynchburg with Lynchburg Ghosts.


2) You want a fun way to learn more about the seven hills


Lynchburg earned the nickname The Hill City due to it being surrounded by seven hills. Each has its own distinct story and should absolutely be learned about. Lynchburg Ghosts introduces you to a couple of them, each with their own set of spine-chilling hauntings. From College Hill to Daniel’s Hill, you’re about to get a lesson in the macabre that you won’t get anywhere else. 


3) You’re a local who’s ready to learn more about the dark underbelly of your historic town


You know about the history and think you may see something out of the corner of your eye when you’re walking through downtown Lynchburg, but you’ve never really explored the possibility that the place you call home is teeming with ghosts. Join us for an unfiltered walking tour through downtown Lynchburg where you may end up feeling as though you never knew your hometown at all. Get ready for a heart-pounding experience as we take you to some of Lynchburg’s most haunted locations, filled with spirits who were locals before there were any. 


4) You want the fun to keep going after the sun goes down


Lynchburg may not seem like an “up all night” kind of town, but some of its longtime residents may disagree. Sunset might be bedtime for the living, but it’s prime time for the spirits that are forever bound to these cursed grounds. If you’re not ready to call it a night, we know a few ghoulish guests who are more than happy to join you. Keep your night going, and take a ghost tour with Lynchburg Ghosts tonight!


5) You want your date night to be a spooky one


There’s plenty to do in Lynchburg for date night, but hasn’t it all been done before? Tonight, do something different. Join Lynchburg Ghosts for a frighteningly unforgettable night on the town, guaranteed to get your blood pumping while you visit some of the city’s most creepy and ominous locations. Walk hand-in-hand with your date across the harrowed grounds that are shared by the restless spirits of a forsaken time. Cozy up to your loved one as you hear chilling tales that will bring you and your significant other closer – literally.

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