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TCL Chinese Theatre

Check out the darker side of the city of angels with the TCL Chinese Theatre Ghost Tour unveils an unforgettable experience of haunted Los Angeles.

TCL Chinese Theatre

If you’re wanting to go on a haunted tour of LA, then the TCL Chinese Theatre is a must.

Sitting on the same complex as the Hollywood Wax Museum, it lies along the storied Walk of Fame and stands opposite the infamously haunted Roosevelt Hotel. To top it off, it’s a short walk from the bizarre, ghastly Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. 

In other words, this is the epicenter of not just haunted Los Angeles but all of haunted California. 

Are you prepared to uncover the gruesome past of this historic theater? 

Keep reading for a spectacle you won’t forget. 

Opulent Beginnings

Movies are nothing without theaters, and the movie industry was nothing before the TCL Chinese Theatre. Until then, theaters up and down both Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards were modest dwellings, indistinguishable from corporate office buildings.

Formerly known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, this lavish, East Asian-themed megaplex opened in 1927 and gave new meaning to the term “movie palace.” Ringing temple bells, stone Heaven Dogs, and ornate lotus fountains flank the showstopper: a 30-foot-high pagoda made from stone and intricately detailed copper. 

The pagoda soars above the Forecourt of the Stars, immortalizing luminaries like Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant. 

But they aren’t the only ones who’ve left an impression…

Haunted Afterlives

The strange side of the TCL begins with the fact that the theater’s founder and first operator, Sid Grauman, constructed a system of hidden rooms and passageways within the theater’s walls. These were once accessible by buzzers hidden in the walls that guests could ring to access the secret corridors. 

These mysterious passages and alarms have long been blocked off and built over. But employees say that the disembodied sounds of ringing buzzers and creaking doors still echo through the theater halls.

Theater workers have reported many haunted happenings, from sudden pockets of cold air to unexplainable sounds and a creeping feeling of being watched when no one is around. 

But the story only gets stranger from there.

Two entities make such regular appearances within the cavernous walls of the Chinese Theater that employees refer to them on a first-name basis — Fritz and Annabelle. 

The legend goes that Fritz was a disgruntled stagehand who hung himself backstage and now roams the halls, rearranging furniture and banging on the walls. Visitors often mistake Fritz for Victor Kilian, a famous actor of the silent period murdered in his apartment only a block from the Chinese Theater. Victor makes his appearance wandering outside the Chinese Theatre with a confused expression, searching for his killer.

Annabelle is a little girl sometimes seen skipping down halls in her rustling skirts. No one knows where she came from or how she wound up haunting the Chinese Theatre. But if you see her on your tour with us, be sure to pay your respects.

Haunted Los Angeles, CA

The TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard is a gateway to all the spooky sites that Los Angeles offers. The City of Angels is where mountains meet the sea, and in between is where the spirits roam, desperate to make contact with a willing soul. 

Dive into the haunted history of Los Angeles with us here at US Ghost Adventures. We’re sure you won’t be sorry. 

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