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Welcome To Los Angeles's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Home of Hollywood, heartbreak, and tragedy. Find out why Los Angeles is the city where dreams are made until they become nightmares.

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LA Ghosts offers a remorseless look at Tinsel Town’s dark past. Our unique collection of captivating and unnerving historical stories reveals what makes this city one of the most compelling haunted locations in the country.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

LA Ghosts : Terrors of Tinseltown Tour

Find out why Los Angeles is the city where dreams are made until they become nightmares.


Enjoy some liquid courage while hearing ghostly tales of LA's most historic haunts and drinking hotspots.

Hollywood Sign Adventure Hike and Tour

Challenge yourself on an interactive hike and trek along the open trail to some of the most amazing vistas on the way to the Hollywood Sign.

Walk of Fame: 100 Years of Hollywood

Join this walking tour and visit some of the iconic spots on Hollywood Boulevard including Musso & Frank Grill, the Egyptian Theater, and TCL Chinese Theater.

Rock 'N' Roll Superstars: Legends of The Sunset Strip

Join us for a look at the grittier side of Hollywood that defies the illusion of glitz and glamor, and keep an eye out for the lucky few who have found fame and fortune on the Sunset Strip.


This Ultimate Tour will take you to even more haunted locations to hear more haunted stories in the City of Angels.

Santa Monica Ghosts: Phantoms of The Pier

Join Santa Monica Ghosts to bask in the madness and strange forgotten history of this beautiful beach town and uncover a 200-year-old history of terror, bustling with madcap tales, daring romantic trysts, and bloody murder.

Flavors of Venice Beach Food Tour

Join us on a food tour of this iconic beach town and discover some of the best eats Venice has to offer.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Los Angeles

Welcome to LA Ghosts

A Walk of Fame and Hollywood Boulevard Littered With Broken Dreams


Just beneath the surface of LA’s forever sunny weather and shiny Hollywood glamor lie deep reservoirs of unfathomable darkness and despair. The crushed hopes and aspirations of those that once held stars in their eyes die in a place where people escaped to make their dreams come true only to find the reality is anything but a Hollywood fairytale ending. 


Join LA Ghosts on a journey through the famous, and infamous, Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame, and misfortune.  Uncover the shocking details behind the truth of why the heart of the film industry and home of the Oscars breeds famous ghosts and ghostly encounters with celebrity spirits. From the haunted Hollywood Roosevelt to the disturbing occurrences at The Magic Castle to mysterious deaths and unsolved mysteries at the TCL Chinese Theatre, you’ll discover the dark truth behind icons like Marilyn Monroe whose ambitions of stardom led them to become the city’s cautionary tales of tragedy and loss.


For every story of glitz, glamor, and grandeur there are two more full of anguish, devastation, and death. 


What Will I See?


Bright Lights, Sad City


Adoringly known as Tinseltown, Hollywood has a reputation for producing cinematic blockbusters and big names. However, its alter ego is the destroyer, a vengeful side to the city that shows no mercy with the original owner of the El Capitan Theatre being one of its many victims. 


Uncover the dismal origins of “Hollywood’s First Home of Spoken Drama”, a theater hit so hard by the depression of the 30s that it ultimately led to the untimely demise of one of the managers right in the balcony. 


Today, unnerving reports of items being moved, doors being locked, and workers disappearing for days only to find themselves on the balcony with no memory of how they got there has been a common occurrence. A former projectionist who repeatedly experienced visions of an employee that did not exist would eventually slit his wrists in the projection room, becoming one of the theater’s many victims and its latest trapped soul. 


Spine-Chilling Showstoppers


Originally known as Graumen’s Chinese Theatre, this landmark location is one of the most prominent in Los Angeles. It’s been host to a variety of notable events and Hollywood legends and has been home to the spirits of the disturbingly departed. Unexplained events include a creepy tale of the theatre’s buzzer system continuing to operate years after its disconnection, and far after the rooms had been sealed off. 


Outside the theatre, former Broadway star and character actor, Victor Killian, lingers long after his brutal slaying. Terrifying accounts of his presence have been reported for decades on end with witnesses claiming to have seen Mr. Killian walking quietly amongst the concrete blocks. The destitute apparition has also been known to strike up a conversation with unsuspecting tourists, only revealing his true state when he turns to expose the horrific head wound that put him in his ghastly disposition. 


Fame Becomes Infamy in Haunted Hollywood Hotels


It’s no secret that Hollywood is the place to be for those trying to make it in the business. And for those who’ve arrived, The Hollywood Roosevelt is the hot spot for all of Tinseltown’s glitzy clientele, even the fabulously ghoulish afterlife. Named after President Theodore Roosevelt, the hotel is a site not to be missed as you never know who – or what – you might run into. 


Throughout the years, spectral sightings have been reported by guests and staff, each more startling than the last. Learn about former movie star Montgomery Clift and his sightings in room 928 where he stayed while filming From Here to Eternity. It’s said that he makes his presence known by tapping guests on the shoulder and has been known to watch the maids work. 


There are other spirits that reside in the hotel such as that of Caroline, a five-year-old girl who is believed to be stuck in a never-ending loop of searching for her mother. While her presence can raise the hair on your neck, nothing takes people aback quite like a visit from Marilyn Monroe. 


The story of Ms. Monroe is one of the most tragic and heartbreaking in Hollywood’s disturbing history. Once known as a bombshell, she is now known as The Hollywood Roosevelt’s most active spirit, still drawing a crowd as thousands of tourists a year specifically request to stay in her former suite hoping to catch a glimpse of the eternal starlet.


Why is Los Angeles So Haunted?


Murderous Magic and Deadly Tricks


Your journey through the last hundred years of haunted Hollywood history will unveil the truth behind the area’s most iconic attractions and the fall of the celebrity giants who had so much to gain… until they had nothing left to lose. The allure of a city offering seemingly endless possibilities reveals itself to be nothing more than an illusion filled with very real hauntings and echoes of harrowing encounters that can never be forgotten.


One of the most revered places for many magicians to visit is also the home of doused ambitions. Follow their path to The Magic Castle, where you’ll uncover unhinged accounts of suicides committed by magicians waiting for their turn on stage. Hear the sad but true tale of Matt Gilroy, a once famous magician that was horrendously tormented before his act, resulting in his canceled performance and, ultimately, the end of his successful career.


The Magic Castle isn’t the only building in Hollywood that’s left a path of destruction and dashed hopes. The Hollywood VIP Hotel has a reputation for its inability to retain owners. And it’s no wonder why. To date, the building has preyed upon multiple owners including a husband and wife team that succumbed to its reign of terror, with the husband committing suicide in the office and the wife ultimately filing for bankruptcy. Even today, the building continues to test the sanity of workers, staff, and anyone who dares enter.


An Icon With a Sordid Past


With the unforgiving records of an undefeated city, none are quite as horrifically poetic as that of the Hollywood sign. Originally designed as a short-term marketing push, the sign has become an iconic monument of Hollywood, thanks to a group of independent donors (including Hugh Hefner) who funded its rebuild. Though its reconstruction was done with good intentions, it’s not stopped this landmark from becoming a beacon of tragedy.


Its most notable casualty is that of 24-year-old Peg Entwistle, an aspiring actress who jumped to her death from the letter “H” and whose apparition can still be seen reliving that dreadful night, with unsuspecting witnesses trying to help her only to realize she’s disappeared immediately following her fall. If you happen to see her on the tour, be sure you don’t become a target as John Arbogast did, a true account you’ll hear on LA Ghost Tours.


Glitz and Glamor Hide a Sinister Reality


Hollywood may be a dream location for those seeking fame and fortune, but the truth of this sought-after destination is far more disturbing than the reality shows let you see. Unsettling visions of weeping children can be seen in various locations such as the Stella Adler Academy of Acting. The building has been known for unexplained accidents and tragedy, and if you’re not careful, the building just may claim you next.


Even a business as seemingly innocent as the Hollywood Wax Museum harbors a dark and creepy presence. One that produces unexplained anomalies and even terrified a National Enquirer reporter so badly, he opted not to write about his experience, instead penning a letter to the staff detailing what occurred that frightening night.


What’s So Special About LA Ghosts?

See The Darker Side of The Bright Lights in a Beautiful Destination


The devastation that has consumed the city of lights has affected more than just its inhabitants. Once a stunning symbol of prosperity, the Hollywood First National Building succumbed to the city’s tragic reputation, struggling financially and eventually being abandoned. Though unoccupied by the living, the dead have made themselves welcome. Malevolent entities are said to now inhabit the building including the spirit of a former investor who turned his misfortune into a deadly encounter that keeps him tethered to the place of his heinous crimes. When you arrive at the building, look up – if you dare.


An Adrenaline Rush and Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience


With so many tales of desperation, despair, and death, it’s easy to see why Hollywood is the subject of ongoing investigations into its demented past. Your trip through Hollywood history will help you understand the true cost of fame and fortune, while also sending chills down your spine. 


See the sites and walk the famous streets while you try to catch your breath–not just from breathtaking views but from experiencing electric ghostly encounters.  


And who knows, you may just see someone famous… visiting from the other side.


Be Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


Explore a side of Los Angeles where the brights blind those with stars in their eyes. Learn how the popularity of this town shines like a spotlight, drawing in thousands seeking fame and fortune, but often shattering their hearts and dreams. 


Join LA Ghosts and our growing community as we take you on an unforgettable journey through this unconquered city full of those looking for the next encounter and the next shocking sighting. Book your ghost tour tonight!


* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to Book Your LA Ghosts Tour Right Now!


1) You Want to Hear Some True Hollywood Stories


Hollywood is all about glitz and glamour, the place where those with stars in their eyes come to make their dreams of fame and fortune a reality. Of course, not everyone is so lucky. The headline-making stories are the ones you’ve probably heard about. LA Ghosts Tour is where you’ll hear the stories that didn’t make the big screen. The stories that truly shaped the dark side of Tinsel Town. 


The town is littered with tales of sadness, despair, broken dreams, and lost souls. For every happy ending, there are 100 horrific endings, each with a disturbing backstory that will send chills down your spine and give you a new perspective on what it takes to make it in the city of dreams. If you want to hear what actually goes down in Los Angeles, this tour is for you!


2) You Want to Experience Old Hollywood


All things new are what’s trendy and Los Angeles is no exception. But all that glitters is not gold, and no amount of sparkle can distract from the dreams that quickly became nightmares – and it all began with an up-and-coming Hollywood. Hollywood was built on the backs of shattered dreams and dashed hopes, and LA Ghosts will take you back to the city’s early days when it was quickly developing into the all-consuming machine it’s known as today. You’ve seen new Hollywood. Take a journey through old Hollywood and get the scoop on Hollywood’s rise and its otherworldly inhabitant’s fall.


3) You’ve Already Done the Celebrity Homes Tour


Whether you’re a tourist or a local, there’s always something to do in Los Angeles. If you’re a first-time visitor, chances are you’ve already taken the celebrity home tour and visited the residences of some of your favorite movie and television stars. After you experience the sunny side, take a walk on the dark side with LA Ghosts. 


On this tour, we’ll take you to famous sites that were made infamous by the horrors that occurred there. Here, you’ll see where some of Hollywood’s biggest names met their end, and hear the unknown names whose careers came to a screeching halt in this unforgiving city. If you’re looking to take in all that is Hollywood, LA Ghosts Tour is a must to add to your list.


4) You Want to Know Where to Ghost Hunt


There’s a reason why some of the biggest ghost-hunting shows in the nation have been filmed in the city of angels. Los Angeles is one of the most haunted cities in America, made evident by the seemingly endless tales of heartache and tragedy that the area has produced. If you’re looking for some of the best places in Hollywood to conduct your paranormal research, LA Ghosts will introduce you to the city’s most famous, and infamous, haunts and give you the lowdown on who – or what – you might see when you venture out alone.


5) You’re Looking for Something to do With the Whole Family


It’s true that Hollywood has a plethora of harrowing stories about numerous unfortunate souls who never made it out alive. And while you’ll hear those stories and more, LA Ghosts also keeps the tour family-friendly ensuring every member of your family is able to partake in the tour and have a good time. Our stories are scary, but we’ve designed our tour to be just short of terrifying while keeping it entertaining and engaging. LA Ghosts Tour welcomes individuals of all ages!


6) You Need a Break From Movie Night and are Ready for The Real Thing


Movie nights are great, especially when it’s horror movie night. But if you’re in LA, why opt for a movie when you can take in some horror stories in real life? You can watch a movie any night. If you’re in Tinsel Town, you have access to something better than a movie – you have the real thing! Get to learn all about Hollywood by visiting the sites where the world’s biggest stars mingled, and where a mixture of those known and unknown met their untimely demise. When you’re in LA, who needs a movie when you have the real thing? Book your LA Ghosts Tour today!

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