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Welcome To Little Rock's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

The town that became the watershed landmark of civil rights has nightmares lurking underneath its shiny veneer. Discover the terrors that linger in the shadows with Little Rock Ghosts.

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Join us on a ghost tour of Little Rock to walk the haunted streets that are littered with broken dreams of lives cut short and swarming with restless souls seeking redemption. Uncover the dark secrets that await on this eerie walk of Little Rock.

Little Rock Ghosts

All tours meet at Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau, 101 Spring St, Little Rock, AR
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Little Rock

Welcome to Little Rock Ghosts

You’ve landed in Little Rock, a city entrenched in a legacy of the damned, tales of tragedy, and a past that refuses to lie still. The dusk-colored lights of this vibrant city hide veiled threats and not all who visit depart unscathed. Little Rock earned its place in the creepy lore of haunted history – and we’re here to open those pages and let the terror roam free. 


From Glamor to Infamy


Welcome to the less-than-holy streets of Little Rock, where you’re about to hear unsavory stories of sinful souls who sought fortune and glamor but found only infamy in the afterlife. Little Rock has earned a moniker as a city of the wretched dead.

From the murder of a State Representative whose ghost is forever trapped in an endless cycle of violence with that of his killer at the Old State House Museum to dozens more whose bloody tales yearn to be told. Join Little Rock Ghosts as we strip off the glitter and majesty and rummage in the guts of this city’s past. 


What Will I See?


Visit Little Rock’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Capital Hotel – Uncover the rich narratives of tragic events that have intricately etched an indelible mark on this sumptuous establishment. From unexplained phenomena that defy rationality to elusive apparitions that dance between realms, the secrets, like whispers, are delicately veiled within the walls of Capital Hotel, awaiting your fearless exploration.


  • Curran Hall – This historic haven, dating back to 1842, beckons exploration of tales woven into walls that have witnessed centuries of history. Functioning as an official information center, Curran Hall invites you to traverse the corridors of time, revealing its captivating narrative. Uncover poignant histories, shadows of secrecy, and ethereal encounters, engaging in the captivating tales and secrets within the Curran Hall.


  • Museum of Arkansas Military History – Discover the Museum of Arkansas Military History, where the ghosts of valor and sacrifice are said to roam. Learn more about the military artifacts and stories about the spirits of soldiers who once served with unwavering dedication. Each exhibit holds the potential to unveil the heroic tales and haunting echoes of Little Rock’s military history.


Echoes of Injustice


Amidst the solemn echoes of the Civil War, the Museum of Arkansas Military History stands stoically, bearing witness to a tumultuous past that left indelible imprints on its grounds. Originating as a Confederate army barracks during the Civil War, its fate transformed with the Union’s victory in the Battle of Little Rock. Following a pivotal deal in 1892, the site metamorphosed into a public park, rendering the military barracks obsolete until a revival in 1930 through renovations.

Within these historic walls resides the haunting legacy of David Owen Dodd, a 17-year-old Confederate spy caught during the Union’s occupation. His tragic trial and unjust execution on January 8th, 1864, left an enduring mark. Visitors may feel the presence of this young martyr, whose spirit manifests playfully in peculiar ways.

The Museum of Arkansas Military History harbors numerous untold tales, from flying shadows to dueling ghosts in the basement. Discover this location and more on an immersive exploration of haunted Little Rock with Little Rock Ghosts.


Hotel of Horrors


Nestled in the heart of Little Rock, the Capital Hotel transcends time itself. In 1872, railroad tycoon William P. Denckla undertook an ambitious expansion, giving rise to this luxurious establishment. 

Capital Hotel goes beyond being a mere resting place; it stands as a dwelling for enigmatic spirits, each contributing a mysterious twist to its storied past. Among these spectral residents, a former laborer’s presence echoes through the halls, forever tied to the hotel’s extensive history of renovations. Stories of his tragic end, possibly a fall from scaffolding or an internal beam, linger like whispers in the wind

Another lingering presence takes the form of a young woman, her demise shrouded in the mystery of the fourth floor. Rumors swirl about a tragic end, drawing her spirit to the electrical system of the room where she met her fate. The air, occasionally punctuated by her mournful wails, adds an ethereal layer to the hotel’s historical tapestry.


Why is Little Rock so Haunted?


Specters of Surgeries Past


Nestled in the heart of Little Rock, the Human Dissection Monument stands as an eerie testament to the city’s medical history—to a past stained in blood-soaked hospital gowns and sharp muscle-rending scalpels. Commemorating the site of Arkansas’s first legal human dissection in 1874, this building reveals a darker chapter in which cadavers were dissected for scientific progress. 

The monument’s haunted legacy echoes tales of spirits seeking justice for the misuse of science. It is a spectral linchpin of the city’s past and one that echoes its bizarre history. As dusk descends, unsettling shadows on nearby sidewalks appear, bearing missing limbs and ghastly entrails. 

Apparitions manifest in gruesome forms, waving eerily and leaving visitors horrified. These tortured souls, victims of early medical practices, haunt the monument and await your presence on a Little Rock ghost tour.


Rubbing Elbows With The Dead


In the lively ambiance of Samantha’s Tap Room & Wood Grill, a different kind of specter emerges. Co-owned by Chris and Samantha Tanner, this establishment exudes metropolitan charm. The neighboring Baker House Bed and Breakfast, a Victorian relic since 1897, holds a spectral grace within its historic walls.

Amidst weddings and events, witnesses have spotted the ghost of a woman in a white gown, reliving joyous moments. A second spirit, known as “Jefferson,” is tied to the Baker House’s construction in 1897. A silent worker in workman’s clothes, Jefferson appears briefly as if checking in for unfinished tasks. 

Little Rock’s haunted tapestry weaves together tales of medical exploration, spectral celebrations, and diligent apparitions, inviting the living to explore the city’s otherworldly depths.


What’s so Special About the Little Rock Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side of The City of Roses


Crawling with the dead and littered with ghouls and ghosts, Little Rock is a hot zone of spectral activity. Its most famous location, MacArthur Park, is a gateway into the veil beyond the night. Called the Westminster Abbey of Arkansas, due to its who’s who buried their status, this graveyard has a lingering dead behind every tombstone and hiding under every grave. 

Hauntings are so vast and powerful that every October, there’s an event called “Tales From the Crypt” that celebrates its horror-filled reputation. Learn more about MacArthur Park and more on this haunted exploration of Little Rock.


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


Embark on this chilling expedition with Little Rock Ghosts and witness the tales of those who found infamy in the afterlife. From the opulence of the Capital Hotel to the antebellum elegance of Curran Hall and the valor within the Museum of Arkansas Military History, each destination adds a new layer to Little Rock’s spectral tapestry. Book your ghost tour of Little Rock tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *




Feeling drained from the routine attractions? Little Rock Ghosts offers a refreshing alternative to the usual landmarks. Take a step into the city’s otherworldly side, discovering haunted sites and hearing tales that transcend the ordinary. Give yourself a break from the mundane and join us for an intriguing journey through Little Rock’s enigmatic history.




Little Rock might seem like an innocent Southern gem, but beneath its charming exterior lies a darker history. The city that earmarks its dedication to the civil rights movement also enjoys sweeping under the rug its many sins. If you’re a first-time visitor seeking an authentic experience beyond the conventional tourist spots, our tour provides a glimpse into the city’s concealed secrets.




There’s more to The Rock than the mundane. Little Rock Ghosts offers a unique and unforgettable experience for your celebrations and your nights out. Swap the usual festivities for a night filled with eerie tales, haunted locations, and an otherworldly atmosphere. Create lasting memories with a party that breaks away from the conventional and dives into the unexplained.




Did you miss out on that coveted show? Tired of the local brewery scene? Little Rock Ghosts presents a captivating alternative. Immerse yourself in a live performance where the actors are spectral, and the stories are spine-chilling. Our tour promises an enthralling night, ensuring you a front-row seat to the mysterious and macabre, making up for any missed entertainment opportunities.




Little Rock’s past holds more than just haunted legends. For those fascinated by state secrets and the echoes of the Civil War, our tour unravels the enigmatic links woven into the city’s history. Explore the concealed stories, from wartime secrets to lingering spirits, making our tour an ideal expedition for enthusiasts of hidden narratives and historical intrigue.

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