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La Palazza Mansion Ghost Tour

Experience the dark side of La Palazza Mansion—just make sure the ghosts don’t follow you.

Join US Ghost Adventures on a haunted Vegas tour.

La Palazza Mansion


Las Vegas is one of those cities with such a colorful, violent, and often bizarre history that you’d expect the place to be crawling with ghosts. And you’d be right.

Outside of Salem, MA, home to the gruesome mass killings of the Salem Witch Trials, Las Vegas may be the most haunted city in the United States. 

The little den of sin on the strip in the middle of the Nevada desert started as a hideout for bootleggers, Mafioso, and dangerous men and women of all types. As the casinos, hotels, and performance venues built up around them, they gave the city a cleaner look. But beneath the glitz and glamour, there’s still a layer of corruption, treachery, and murder.

For every aboveboard blackjack table or slot machine, there’s a story of death and despair. A case in point is La Palazza Mansion, a place of such intensely charged unexplainable energy that people come from far and wide for tours. 

The Hacienda From Hell

This notorious mob hideaway on Bannie Drive was built for a small sum in 1959, back in Las Vegas’s first glory days. The town around the strip wasn’t much then, just a few houses, liquor stores, and supermarkets. 

But as Vegas got more and more attention, more prominent stars started making appearances. Shows got bigger budgets, more lavish hotels got built, and the town around the strip started booming. 

The hacienda-style Palazza house was built right before this boom happened, and from the very beginning, it was rife with mob activities.

Rumor has it that La Palazza Mansion was a hotspot of countless hits, executions, and deals gone wrong. Being far enough outside the city provided cover from the law and privacy from prying neighbors. 

Ruthless criminals felt free to carry out the most sadistic of attacks, and ever since the house went on the market, there’s been trouble keeping consistent owners for more than a couple of years.

Everyone who moves into La Palazza Mansion reports the presence of negative energy that hangs over everything. And that’s just where the haunting begins.

Sinister Sounds

One of the most common events reported at La Palazza Mansion is overhearing foreboding whisperings when no one is around. Caretakers have reported hearing things like “Get out of here!” and “Kill her!” whispered directly into their ears when no one else is around. 

Others have seen china and other tableware levitate and thrown across the room. Another former resident reported something shoved them while taking a shower. They almost lost their balance and hit their head on one of the solid tile walls. 

The spirits that haunt La Palazza Mansion are just as rowdy and aggressive in death as they were in life. 

The attic seems to be a locus of activity at La Palazza Mansion. Trunks long-sealed have shot open without warning. Broken locks have been found several feet across the room days after. Buzzing noises also reverberate, as if some ghostly transmission is happening in the old attic.

Haunted Las Vegas, Nevada

Come tour haunted Las Vegas with US Ghost Adventures. Dig deep, past the rhinestones and champagne, to find the darker side that you won’t soon forget. Open your eyes to an authentic side of Vegas that lies in sinister wait. That is, discover it if you dare.

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