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Welcome To Las Vegas's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Death and carnage lay the foundation the mobsters used to build Sin City. Walk the sinister Strip on a Vegas Ghost tour and discover the deadly debts still being paid by the dismally departed.

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Join Vegas Ghosts to unveil the true, unadulterated tales of those who unwittingly became permanent phantom fixtures on this cursed stretch tainted with broken dreams and lives cut short. Unfortunate celebrities, gun-slinging gangsters, and the doomed souls still trying to win big all await on this sordid walk through Sin City.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

Vegas Ghosts: Gangsters, Glitz, and Gore Ghost Tour

Learn the shocking past hiding under the glamor and glitz to encounter the ghosts of Vegas on a night-time ghost adventure.

Kings of Vegas: Mobsters and Casinos Highroller Speakeasy Crawl

The Kings of Vegas: Mobsters and Casinos Highroller Speakeasy Crawl is designed to introduce you to the history and legends of the criminal minds who made Las Vegas and the murderous activity that resulted in the name of greed.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Las Vegas

Welcome to Vegas Ghosts

You have arrived at the world-renowned Sin City, a piece of desert cursed by the trapped souls of bullet-ridden mobsters, unavenged celebrities, and the unlucky who used Vegas as an escape to the other side. 


What Happens in Vegas Torments the Afterlife


Bright, shimmering lights illuminate the desert sky, enticing thousands of tourists every year while distracting them from the reality of an undefeated city. Few leave with the winnings they came here for, and some don’t leave at all. They don’t call it “Sin City” for nothing.


Embark on a spine-chilling journey of the Stip with Vegas Ghosts and hear true, mind-blowing accounts of calamitous events that haunt your favorite, unsuspecting Vegas Strip hot spots. No casino is safe from the city’s seedy past, especially the Wynn Las Vegas, where luxury and tragedy collide.


Discover a grim history filled with eccentric billionaires, addiction, despair, and death that set the tone for the unnerving events that would make the Wynn a haven for the unholy. Murder-suicides and unexplained deaths not only resulted in the omission of an entire floor but turned the hotel into one of the most haunted in Las Vegas.


Experience the terror felt by several guests, and find out who (or what!) causes visitors’s hearts to race as they helplessly watch their hotel room furniture shake and move on their own. Wine bottles and glasses have been known to break unprompted, but it doesn’t compare to the spine-tingling sound of an invisible woman crying in the halls. 


You’ve heard the stories about the mob and unsavory characters that once had a stronghold on this vibrant city. Now, hear the unfiltered truth about the unlucky who ventured to Las Vegas for fortune and glamour and wound finding infamy in the afterlife.  


Welcome to the plagued strip that is Las Vegas BLVD. Welcome to Vegas Ghosts.


What Will I See?


Visit Las Vegas’ Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Harrah’s – Even with its most recent multi-million dollar renovation, this Vegas Strip staple can’t shake the spirits trapped by the brutality of their deaths. Learn more about the ghosts of Harrah’s and why one serves as a heart-stopping premonition.


  • Horseshoe Las Vegas – The rotations of casinos on the Vegas Strip keep it fresh and exciting, but it’s not enough to release the resident tortured souls. Unveil the horrors of a catastrophic event that claimed the lives of 85 people and tainted the grounds where the Horseshoe now stands. 


  • Planet Hollywood – The former Aladdin Hotel and Casino is anything but a magic carpet ride. The only thing more frightening than the poltergeist activity that dominates the 7th floor is no one knows exactly what’s manifesting it. It could be the years of debauchery experienced on the grounds, but we’ll let you decide after you hear these sordid stories.  


No Rest For The Wicked


Tough times don’t last, but tough people, such as the mobsters that helped launch Sin City, do – just ask anyone who’s had the misfortune of having a run-in with the wrathful spirit of Bugsy Seigel. More than 75 years after his death, his anger has yet to subside, only growing stronger as The Flamingo thrives.


The Flamingo is one of Vegas’s most famous mainstays, maintaining its run as the oldest operating hotel and casino after being only the third of its kind to open on the Strip. Its rocky beginnings, however, are more infamous than notable. Opened in 1946 by mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, The Flamingo faced a multitude of problems that resulted in the loss of money that didn’t belong to the gangster. His debt would get him killed a year later.


Venture to the spot that doubles as a slap in the face for the former owner. The Flamingo continues to thrive while he watches from his ethereal prison. Forever chained to his failure, Bugsy is known to make women feel threatened at the pool as well as show his face in bathroom mirrors. Find out where his gruesome-looking specter is most often seen and why the whistling you hear may be from the other side.


Boulevard of Broken Dreams


In the Entertainment Capitol of The World, the only thing scarier than losing all your money is the potential for running into the unlucky souls that lost even more. A Las Vegas classic, Harrah’s has a storied past that includes multiple reincarnations, being home to the founding mother of Las Vegas, and being the site of unhinged violence.


The allure of this Vegas landmark masks haunting tales of domineering spirits not ready to leave and one heartbreaking account of an apparition whose bone-chilling presence is one you can’t ignore. Vegas Ghosts invites you to meet the spirits of the world-famous Harrah’s Las Vegas on this unforgettable exploration of Sin City.


Lift the veil and peek inside Harrah’s spiritual side, where you’ll discover which former owner retains his position even in death. His presence has been known to make his victims sick, suffering from major headaches and extreme nausea. Lights eerily flicker as he moves about the lobby where he’s been known to wander, reliving his past life. 


His presence is less ominous, however, compared to the one that serves as a warning. Hear the chilling details of a visitor’s final hours and why their presence signifies the approach of something wicked. It’s best to stay close to the group during this spine-chilling visit.  


Why is Las Vegas so Haunted?


Darkness Prevails in The Neon City


Amongst other names, Las Vegas is known as an “adult Disneyland,” filled with ever-evolving attractions that make it one of the most visited cities in the nation. While tourists may come for the entertainment and a chance to strike at the rich, others who’ve ventured to The Desert Oasis have far more nefarious intentions.


Venture to The LINQ, a premiere destination that features the second-largest Ferris Wheel (next to Ain Dubai) and an area that was once a meeting spot for the occult. Prepare for a truly twisted journey into the hotel and casino’s past, where evil was hailed and its heavy energy lingers.


Learn of the disturbing fixation the owner of Flamingo Capri, The LINQ’s predecessor, had with the world’s most heinous dictator. His abhorrent attempts to conjure this malicious spirit left a residual haunting that haunts the staff to this day. Reports include the heart-stopping sounds of disembodied chanting and drums coming from the room where the original seance was conducted. What other demented secrets lie in wait for unsuspecting guests? There’s only one way to find out.


The Dead Rise From the Ashes


The MGM Grand has lived a hundred lives. Before it found its permanent home, it sat where tourists can now visit the Horseshoe Las Vegas and was once the largest resort in the world. This incredible accolade, however, was overshadowed just seven unlucky years after opening. 


In 1980, the hotel and casino suffered a devastating tragedy that injured more than 600 people and killed 85. Cost-cutting would nearly cost them everything, but MGM Resorts would bounce back and eventually sell the property to Bally Manufacturing. However, not everything (or everyone) left.


Should you feel a sense of dread as we approach the new Horseshoe Las Vegas, it could be the residual energy from the horror that unfolded all those years ago. Spirits from this deadly event are known to frequent the hallways, still trying to escape from their doomed fate. Guests have reported the bone-chilling sight of shadows and transparent figures, with some disappearing into the walls. 


Frighteningly still, guests can stay in the very rooms where some victims expired. Although, anyone who stays runs the risk of feeling like they’re choking in their sleep. No matter how many times it may change its name, the tormented souls from its mortal past remain at this landmark hotel and casino. Learn more about the tragedy and those left behind with Vegas Ghosts.


What’s so Special About the Las Vegas Ghosts Tour?


See a Different, Seedier Side to Sin City


In the Entertainment Capital of the World, there’s no shortage of things to do and sites to see. But even the novice visitor knows that everything has a touch of deviance in Las Vegas. Some of the world’s most nefarious items reside here, and some might come to life right before your very eyes. 


If wax figures coming to life send chills down your spine, prepare for a nightmare realized when visiting Madam Tussauds. Learn more about the woman who created some of the most famous and unexpectedly lively, lifelike tributes to America’s famous and revered. Discover true accounts of the figurines taking on a life of their own. Are the wax figures possessed by the souls of those they emulate? Find out with Vegas Ghosts!


A Unique Opportunity to Unveil the Secrets of This Adult Playground


For a city that flaunts its wildest inhibitions, it’s hard to imagine that it’s somehow shrouded in mysteries and the unexplained. Whatever happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but the ghostly remnants don’t stay quiet. Walk with Vegas Ghosts to the former site of The Aladdin, where you’ll hear a timeline of calamitous events that may be the reason for the hotel and casino’s malevolent hauntings.


Discover which floor is said to be rife with petrifying activity that can make anyone’s blood run cold. Planet Hollywood may now occupy the space, but the real star of the show is the agitated entity that terrifies guests by pounding on the doors, turning televisions on and off, stealing items, and trying to access the room. Who is this unsavory spirit? Book your ghost tour with Vegas Ghosts to find out.


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


Did you know that some of the biggest names in the paranormal investigation industry reside right here in Sin City? There’s a reason they begin their ghostly explorations here and continue to call it home. The city is stained with the blood and dreams of those who ventured to Vegas to win a new life and ended up with an otherworldly one.


Tonight, join a group of individuals eager to discover the sinister secrets and tormented souls that haunt the Vegas Strip. Hear unforgettable tales of the macabre and discover why the city of lights may not be as lucky as it wants us to believe. Before you bet it all, take your chances on a ghost tour that is anything but a gamble. Experience the darkness that truly makes Vegas “Sin City,” and book your ghost tour with Vegas Ghosts tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Need a Break From the Roulette Tables


“You have to play big to win big” are the famous last words of so many who ended up losing big. If you’re starting to find yourself on the losing end of your gambling trip, consider taking a ghost tour with Vegas Ghosts, where you’ll hear tales of unfortunate souls who started out like you but weren’t lucky enough to walk away. Give your pocketbook and losing streak a break, and join us for a tour of Vegas, where you come out ahead.


2) It’s Your First Time to Sin City, and Want The Full Experience


Don’t let the bright lights fool you. The allure of the grandeur that is this adult playground hides a dark side that somehow is more menacing than what’s in plain sight. There’s a lot to take in when visiting this vibrant hot spot for the first time. Let Vegas Ghosts help you dip your toes into the sinfulness of the city before you fully immerse yourself in the devious culture that consumes Las Vegas.


3) You Want to do Something Different for Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party


On any given night, you’re bound to run into a group of guys and/or gals celebrating their upcoming nuptials, probably to be conducted by an Elvis Impersonator. The clubs and bars are fun, but they’ve all been done before. Take in a side of Vegas the Instagram ads don’t show, and bring the party to Vegas Ghosts. We promise you a night you’ll never forget!


4) You Can’t Get Tickets to a Cirque du Soleil Show


So, you couldn’t get tickets to the show you’ve been dying to see? If your plans for tonight fell through, join us for a show where the actors are just as versatile but a little less…alive. Our ghost tour is just as haunting and enthralling, and you’re guaranteed a first-row seat to the sinister and spooky.


5) You Love a Good Mobster Story


Sin City never stood a chance of being anything but. The city was built on the evils of mobsters known for their ruthless antics and take-no-prisoners attitude. The bodies left in the wake of their destruction laid the foundation upon which you’ll walk. It’s undeniable that we have the mobsters to thank for some of the opulent casinos you see today, but they’re also responsible for the beleaguered souls that haunt them. If gangsters and mobsters are your thing, you’re on the right tour with Vegas Ghosts!

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