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Welcome To Tahoe City's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

On the banks of Lake Tahoe lies a ghostly world where the snow and sand are stained with the blood of restless spirits and Native American legends.

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Behind Tahoe’s City’s veneer of luxury lies a city shrouded in mystery and legends that cast a menacing shadow over picturesque landscapes. Join Tahoe City Ghosts for an unflinching look at the sinister side of Lake Tahoe, where legends and the dead reign supreme.

Tahoe City Ghosts Tour

All tours meet at the Tahoe City Public Library at 740 N. Lake Blvd, Tahoe City
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

Meet Us Here

Outside of the Tahoe City Library
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Tahoe City

Welcome to Lake Tahoe Ghosts

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the ski resorts and pristine landscapes lies a shadowy world marred by vice and the destruction of organized crime. The dark underbelly of Tahoe City is littered with the haunting memories of lost talent and shattered dreams, creating an eerie atmosphere this premier resort city can never escape.


Disaster With The Donners


Tahoe City and the surrounding area have been exposed to some of the most heinous events in American history. Rediscover the story of the Donner Party, one of California’s most famous true crime stories, with Tahoe City Ghosts at The Bridgetender Bar and Grill. The hell-bound party from Illinois made their final camp close to the shores of Tahoe. Little did they know it would be their undoing. 

Eighty-seven settlers left the comforts of the Midwest to bask in California’s golden glow. But only the lucky few made it out alive and passed through the mighty Sierra Nevada mountain range. 

Follow this brutally sad tale of cannibalism and betrayal and the hauntings born from this unspeakable tragedy. Learn what terrors await any stragglers stuck in the cold snow of the Truckee Valley. Raving mad apparitions of dead Donner Party members have been seen trudging through the snowpack, covered in the blood of their former friends. 

Tahoe City Ghosts follow their withered souls to the hidden secrets and dark past of this seemingly innocent resort city. Join us as we venture to the darkest corners of Tahoe City and lift the veil on a horrid history filled with terrifying creatures and bone-chilling hauntings.


What Will I See?


Visit Tahoe City’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Watson Cabin Museum – The oldest building in Tahoe was handmade by Robert Montgomery Watson as a gift for his son and daughter-in-law. The early Tahoe settler still makes visits from the afterlife to his beloved log cabin. 


  • Tahoe City Public Beach – A wedding gone wrong caused one heartbroken bride to drown herself in the blue waters of Lake Tahoe. She still appears to possible suitors fully dressed in her all-white wedding dress to tempt them into an icy grave.


  • Heritage Plaza – Sightings of Lake Tahoe’s famous “Tessie” have been reported since the lake became inhabited. The views at Heritage Plaza provide more than just a good view: an up-close look into the paranormal. 


Log Cabins Watched Over By The Dead


Experience frontier life outside the Watson Cabin Museum, where the beauty of Lake Tahoe’s stunning views complements the chills of the otherworldly. The museum’s peaceful log construction was a gift that became the forever home of a friendly, hazy spirit. 

Discover the true hair-raising encounters that are part of everyday life at the Watson Cabin Museum. Peer through the aura of the oldest building in Tahoe City, and you might catch a glimpse of a tall figure silently moving about the side of the house. This spectral guardian remains a watchful presence, keeping a close eye on the home he constructed for his son.

The museum’s rustic log construction serves as a silent witness to the mysteries that unfold within its walls. Tahoe City Ghosts invites you to visit the oldest wooden building in Tahoe City and uncover the stories and spirits of the city’s simpler times.


Monsters and Myths Lurking In The Water


As the sun sets, an eerie glow is cast on the Tahoe City Public Beach, where the waters may look tempting, but what lurks within them can be treacherous. Venture with Tahoe City Ghosts to this beautiful body of water, where you’ll hear the unnerving details of The Lady in White.

A bride left hopelessly abandoned on her wedding day took to the lake in distress; now, all that remains of her is a brief shimmer in the water. But she flickers just long enough to lure potential lovers to their doom. Discover the fate of one man who found her pearl necklace floating through the waves and the gnawing feeling of someone tugging at him from underneath. 

From that day forward, he became a cautionary tale among the locals, warning others of the vengeful bride that lurked beneath the surface. Monsters and ghosts rest deep in Lake Tahoe. Get to know them on a spooky ghost tour with Tahoe City Ghosts.


Why is Tahoe City so Haunted?


Natural Beauty Keeps The Dead Around


Step into the chilling narrative of Tahoe City, where the mountains and valleys hide a spectral history. Tahoe City Ghosts dives right in at the U.S. Bank Branch and introduces you to the infamously haunted Hellman-Ehram Mansion. 

Built in 1903, the mansion was commissioned by Walter Bliss to serve as the summer home for him and his family. The home was eventually sold to the State of California for preservation, complete with the original owners of the home. Listen to the tale of the Hellman-Erhman Mansion that overflows with the spirituality of the families that once resided within its opulent walls. 

Tahoe City Ghosts lifts the veil on the spectral world that resides inside the home and invites you into a chilling world where freezing cold indentations are left behind, and angry phantoms slam doors in unsuspecting faces. 

Open your mind to the unknown and the horrifying reality of angry phantoms slamming doors shut right in front of your face. Discover what the locals have known for centuries but are unable to escape from on a ghost tour with Tahoe City Ghosts.


Mobsters Maintain Their Sordid Casinos


Tahoe City may be the premier resort city, but back in the days of mayhem and debauchery, there was another area that was the hotspot for a variety of visitors. Join Tahoe City Ghosts at the Pepper Tree Inn, where we’ll reveal the heinous happenings that consumed one of the most haunted locations around.

Crossing the border into Nevada, where gambling laws were loose and temptation ran high, the Cal-Neva Lodge became a hub for a rowdy crowd, including dangerous mobsters who are believed to have never left. In its heyday, the casino saw the likes of Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin; many believe they still run the joint.

Famous stars still whisper commands from rooms bearing their names in this casino believed to be tied to the death of America’s favorite blonde bombshell. Imagine the casino’s auditorium as Tahoe City Ghosts tells you the story of a terrifying seancé that ended with convulsions and possession and mysterious figures behind the curtains. These spine-chilling stories and more await on your ghost tour of Tahoe City.


What’s so Special About the Tahoe City Ghosts Tour?


See the Darker Side of This Unassuming Resort City


Known for its ski resorts and beachside summer cabins, Tahoe City’s dark underbelly often gets overlooked, giving the city’s entities fuel to make themselves known every chance they get. And here, the beings that taunt the locals come in all forms, such as the terrifying creature that inspired the article “The Legend of Lake Tahoe.”


Venture to the Tahoe Art Haus and Cinema, where you’ll discover the Washoe legend of The Ong, a deadly beast that rises from the water to drag its helpless victims to a watery grave. The myths of how this ungodly creature came to be vary. Hear them all and choose your favorite on a ghost tour with Tahoe City Ghosts.


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience Along The Highway of the Dead


There’s no shortage of haunted history in and around Lake Tahoe. California’s development is rife with stories of those who helped in its creation and refuse to leave their former homes. Tahoe City Ghosts takes you to the Kiwi Kamera Gallery, where our expert guides will introduce you to the haunted history of Vinkingsholm.


Learn more about this magnificent castle and the woman who’s known to spook staff members by her unexpected presence. Vikingsholm is open to tourists, but they should know that when they enter the castle, they’re entering the forever home of a couple of entities. Find out who they are with Tahoe City Ghosts.


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


Lake Tahoe’s otherworldly community welcomes you. Join Tahoe City Ghost for an unforgettable night of scary stories and mysterious legends. Our experienced tour guides take you to the most haunted locations in Tahoe City with others looking for a spooky good time just like you. 

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you’ll be amazed by the rich history and tales of unexplained activity that are engrained in the city’s dark past. Uncover these tales of the macabre and more on a thrilling ghost tour with Tahoe City Ghosts. Book your tour tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Are Looking For Unique Things To Do In Tahoe City


Tahoe City is known for its serene location, hiking trails, camping locations, and summertime cabins. Find a unique adventure with Tahoe City Ghosts and see the dark side behind the calm.


2) You Want To Explore Tahoe City In Between Skiing or Boating


With the slopes and the sand at your disposal, Tahoe is beautiful any time of year. Take a break from the other major attractions in Tahoe City and explore the unknown with Tahoe City Ghosts. 


3) You Want To Learn The Area’s Folklore


Lake Tahoe has been providing life and attracting people to its shores for thousands of years. Learn the folklore behind the area passed down for generations on a ghost tour with Tahoe City Ghosts. 


4) You Are Fascinated With Mafia History


Wherever there are casinos, there is sure to be organized crime. Learn the history of the mob, whose hands were deep in every aspect of these operations in the Tahoe/Reno area. The celebrities they attracted only sweeten the deal. 


5) You Love The Views of The Sierra Nevadas


Walk through the streets of Tahoe City and enjoy stunning lake views at dusk on any given night. The sun setting over Lake Tahoe brings to life the spirits and stories simmering just underneath the water.

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