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Welcome To Knoxville's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

The Marble City glistens from the bloodshed of a deadly war and centuries of horrific murders. Experience the chills evoked by Knoxville’s sinister spirits that harbor a darkness greater than the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains.

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Knoxville serves as the site where famed film director Quentin Tarantino spent his early years, but the city’s horrific past is anything but make-believe. Join Knoxville Ghosts on a terror-filled adventure through a city tainted by a melting pot of violence, cursed to endure harrowing hauntings from the souls that refused to be forgotten.

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Knoxville Ghosts

All tours meet at Craighead-Jackson House at 600 Main Street SW, Knoxville, TN
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Knoxville

Welcome to Knoxville Ghosts

Settled by Native Americans, Knoxville’s Cherokee tribe relentlessly fought and died defending their lands. But their deaths were only the beginning, as they believed that the souls of the dead lived on in spirit form. Their beliefs would prove factual thousands of times over. 


Prepare for a spine-chilling journey through centuries of oppression, tragedy, revenge, and countless deaths – a grim combination that created the otherworldly encounters and unexplained activity you’ll uncover with Knoxville Ghosts. 


The Center For Sinister Secrets 


With a history such as that of Knoxville, it’s best just to dive right in and explore the stories that dwell within the darkest corners of the city. Built in the 1820s, the East Tennessee History Center houses records and local history that dates all the way back to 1792. But fair warning, the information that can be found is the stuff nightmares are made of.


Walk with Knoxville Ghosts and visit the building that contains the grisly details of “America’s most Prolific Serial Killer,” Samuel Little. Hear the skin-crawling accounts of how the serial killer left his mark on the city, murdering Martha Cunningham and leaving her body in the woods. It would be 40 years before he would be caught, terrorizing a nation during that time and leaving Martha’s spirit trapped in the solemn area.


People claim to hear the sound of a woman gasping, a potential result of residual haunting. It seems Martha is doomed to relive the night of her untimely, gruesome death for all eternity. And hers is not the only horrific tale you’ll discover in this building of the macabre. Here, you can view the archives of the Ramsey House, the home of plantation operator Alexander Ramsey. Uncover the death count within the walls of the Ramsey House, including the eight-year-old son of Alexander. 


The role the home played in the Civil War, combined with those who perished inside, has created a whirlwind of hauntings that taunt the staff of the house-turned-museum. From disembodied sounds and creepy, invisible taps on the shoulder to the constant sightings of a woman in black wandering around the home, the Ramsey House is just one of many documented terrifyingly haunted locations in Knoxville. 


Tonight, come face-to-face with the dark underbelly of Knoxville and experience the cold chills that grasp the locals who walk amongst the city’s forever ghostly residents. 


What Will I See?


Visit Knoxville’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Bijou Theater – A staple of Knoxville history, the Bijou Theater originally opened as a luxurious hotel for the elite. The opulence would be temporary as it shifted to a hospital for soldiers of the Civil War, with many of them perishing in the building. The sorrowful souls of soldiers are frequently spotted in the theater, along with the spirit of a murdered guest from the late 1800s.


  • Craighead-Jackson House – It’s no secret that the 1800s were rife with tragedy and horrendous events. Like most properties from the era, the Craighead-Jackson House experienced its own fair share of death, including that of a former maid who burned to death. And hers is only one of many horrific stories you’ll hear when you visit the Craighead-Jackson House.


  • Knoxville County Courthouse and Jail – For centuries, various buildings that are housed here have served the judicial system. Punishments were also swiftly handed down within these walls, and public executions were performed on the grounds you’ll stand on. And if that’s not creepy enough, we introduce you to the Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. 


The Ghosts That Made the Printer’s Devil


Almost no location harbors history and hauntings like that of a cemetery. The burial grounds in Knoxville are no exception, with the city being home to two cemeteries known for their famous inhabitants and their restless spirits. Knoxville Ghosts spares no expense when it comes to frights as we take you to the First Presbyterian Church Graveyard, the oldest cemetery in the city.


As you stroll by the cemetery, you’ll hear the tale of Adolph Ochs, a Printer’s Devil who was so terrified of the cemetery that he would work all night so as not to walk by it in the dark. What terrified him? Quite possibly the fear-inducing site of Abner Baker’s spirit, a Confederate soldier who was hanged by an angry mob for the murder of a Union soldier. Today, the ghost of Abner is frequently seen in the cemetery as well as the tree where he horrifically hung for 24 hours before dying.


Adolph’s experience with the entity turned into a positive one as his late nights led him to own The New York Times until his death. Not everyone, however, can say the same. Allow Knoxville Ghosts to take you on a heart-pounding journey of the city’s second-oldest cemetery, and hear the stories that keep the locals away, particularly after sundown. 


Learn about the Old Gray Cemetery and its most feared spirit, Black Aggie. This shadowy, ominous-looking figure has been known to whisper in the ears of unsuspecting visitors just before making his appearance. He’s even been known to chase visitors out of the cemetery, living up to his malevolent reputation. Yet, somehow, these locations aren’t even the most haunted in the city.


Eternal Homes of War


The city of Knoxville has always been committed to preserving its most historical landmarks, as each location is rich with remarkable American history. But the buildings’ upkeep comes at a cost, and usually, a portion of that cost is at the expense of the staff and their nerves. Discover Knoxville’s second-oldest building, the James Park House, home of former Knoxville mayor James Park which now serves as the Gulf and Ohio railways headquarters and the home of Civil War spirits.


Walk with Knoxville Ghosts and lift the veil that attempts to shield the living from the dead, where you’ll discover the harrowing hauntings of this historic location. Witnesses who pass by the house at night have reported sightings of Civil War spirits in the windows, pacing with their phantom rifles. And it appears this isn’t the only home they frequent.


Experience chills when you hear the stories of the Baker-Peters House, the former home of Dr. James Baker, father of Abner Baker. Dr. Baker treated Rebel soldiers in his house, an act that got him killed in his own home by Union soldiers. The violence that unfolded that day continues to play out today, with glasses flying off the shelves, lights turning on and off on their own, and the deeply chilling disembodied sound of sinister laughter. 


Then, there’s the case of the dark stain upstairs that won’t come out regardless of how many times employees try. Eventually, a group of mediums were brought in and determined that the building was inhabited by at least 15 different spirits. And it doesn’t look like they’ll be leaving any time soon.


Why is Knoxville so Haunted?


Murder Square


Most Market Squares are quaint, delightful spaces where shoppers can get their produce from the popular Farmer’s Markets, and visitors can grab their souvenirs from local shops. In Knoxville, the vendors and buildings that line this popular area happen to be situated over the very grounds that were once subjected to a heinous event that was so gruesome this point in time was nicknamed “Red Summer.”


The area is now home to the Shadow People who are as terrifying as the event that created them. Head to Market Square Farmers Market with Knoxville Ghosts and prepare for a chilling trip back in time to that fateful, blood-filled day. Following the brutal murder of a local woman, a mob of nearly 5,000 attempted to take the accused from his jail cell. When he wasn’t found, a riot ensued.


About 40 people lost their lives that day, with even more injured. These 40 souls remain permanent fixtures of Market Square, appearing to visitors as spine-chilling shadowy figures comprised of the dark energy that flooded this area all those years ago. If you’re visiting us during the Fall and Winter months, be extra vigilant. It’s their favorite time of year to evoke fear into unsuspecting victims.


Why Knoxville’s Past Continues to Be Resurrected


When a city is born from a disturbing past, does it mean that the city will forever be tainted and cursed to experience a nonstop barrage of tragedy? For the city of Knoxville, that just might be the case. Join Knoxville Ghosts to uncover the dark secrets that dwell within the walls of the unassuming University of Tennessee Conference Center, just one piece of a very haunted building of higher education.


The spectral terror begins with sightings of ghostly Civil War soldiers in the halls of Perkins Hall. Some of the entities appear to be reviewing a map, reliving the horrors of war for frightened students to see. But why are these soldiers tied to the university? Most likely because their graves were disturbed when they were relocated during the construction of Perkins Hall. This is not the only horrendous atrocity that keeps the students nervously looking over their shoulders.


A poltergeist called Evening Primrose is said to wreak havoc at Hoskins Library. The entity is said to knock books off the shelves and push elevator buttons, spooking witnesses of the otherworldly activity. However, this chilling activity was soon overshadowed by a slew of horrific murders. A riot that ended in gunfire left the spirit of a man who has been known to show the bullet hole in his head to those unlucky enough to run into him. 


And these entities are not alone. Discover the various spine-chilling apparitions and the startling creature that is said to be a sign of death for anyone who sees, all with Knoxville Ghosts.


What’s So Special About a Knoxville Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side of The Cradle of Country Music 


For country music lovers, Knoxville is pure bliss. The city is known for playing a significant role in the careers of country music legends such as Chet Atkins and, most notably, Dolly Parton. But for every famous face that emerges from Knoxville, so does a new set of hauntings that terrorize this lively community.


Nearly every building of the past has a story to tell, such as the Bijou Theater. A popular entertainment venue, the theater originally operated as The Knoxville Hotel before being taken over by the Union and turned into a hospital for their soldiers. Several troops perished within its walls; today, the sorrowful spirits remain in the theater. And like most buildings in Knoxville, they’re not alone. Learn more about their eerie presence and the other entities that mingle amongst the living with Knoxville Ghosts.


Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience You Won’t Soon Forget 


Knoxville is a place unlike any other, particularly for DIYers. In addition to being the city that launched the careers of some of the nation’s most beloved country artists, it’s also home to America’s favorite network HGTV. When you visit Knoxville, you’re visiting a city responsible for many notable icons. From people to buildings and everything in between, Knoxville is filled with memorable stories and history everyone should experience at least once. 


Of course, it’s also filled with spirits that, sometimes, visitors and locals have no choice but to experience. If you’re ready for a full ride through Knoxville, join Knoxville Ghosts to get the macabre all-access pass and learn what really occurred at the city’s historical haunts. The Knox County Courthouse and Jail is one of several you’ll see that still serves the city and the dark energy that thrives inside. For memories that’ll last a lifetime and chills that may stay with you forever, take a walk of downtown Knoxville with Knoxville Ghosts.


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community – Mention Blount Mansion and Gay Street Bridge


Most people don’t equate Knoxville with ghost hunting and the otherworldly. But lovers of the phenomena know that every city harbors its own set of sinister secrets and are eager to discover ghosts of forsaken times that are all around us. Knoxville is not immune to the darkness. Tonight, join a group filled with ghostly enthusiasts and first-timers dipping their toes in Knoxville’s haunted waters and experience The Marble City’s creepy, brooding side.


Venture to places like the Gay Street Bridge, known for being the site of odd history and disturbing urban legends, and Blount Mansion, a former makeshift hospital that was subjected to mountains of death. Whether you’re a believer or just want to know more about this growing phenomenon and community, a ghost tour with Knoxville Ghosts is the perfect way to quench your thirst for the unknown. See what all of the disembodied noise is all about – book your ghost tour with Knoxville Ghosts tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You’re a history buff


There is plenty to love about Knoxville, but its natural beauty can’t hide the destruction and devastation of its brutal past. Uncover the city’s harrowing role in American history and learn about the spirits that can never leave the historic buildings where they met their untimely demise. The ghosts of Civil War soldiers carry on as they did during their services, sharing the land of the dead with other entities born of misfortune. Join us on a ghost tour of Knoxville to challenge everything you thought you knew and question everything you thought you saw.


2) You’ve had your fill of country music history


If you’re a country music lover, Knoxville is a must-see city. Nashville may be the better known of the two but don’t sleep on Knoxville, as it definitely played an important role in the emergence of several big country names, including the legendary Dolly Parton. But there’s more to the city’s history than just the tunes you love two-stepping to. Once you’ve taken in Knoxville’s country roots, take a tour to uncover its historical dark side. The stories you’ll hear will give you a different perspective of the Cradle of Country Music and will leave you with a deeper understanding of the city’s origins and some nightmares as a souvenir.


3) You enjoy having a good scare


Adrenaline junkies can attest that there’s nothing like a jolt to your system that gets the blood flowing and heightens your senses. For some, the threat of danger is intoxicating, and they’ll look for any way to experience it. The terror of the unknown can get the heart pumping, and that’s exactly what you’ll get on a ghost tour of Knoxville with Knoxville Ghosts. Get your fix tonight and book your tour.


4) You want to do something different on your vacation


There are plenty of fun and interesting things to do in Knoxville. From the museums to the monuments and sites of historical significance, it’s hard to fit everything there is to do in one trip. And you’re absolutely missing out if you don’t get to know more about its dark underbelly. Add some mystery, suspense, and frights with a ghost tour with Knoxville Ghosts. Discover why it’s not the true Knoxville experience without learning about the dead that still haunts the city.


5) You’re a local who wants to learn more about the hauntings of the city


You’ve heard stories and whispers and the local legends that have been passed down for generations. But are the unexplained sightings and activity true? Find out for yourself and book an authentic ghost tour with Knoxville Ghosts. Experience spine-chilling, otherworldly entities in this monumental city you call home.

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