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Welcome To Key West's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Piracy, cursed dolls, hurricanes, disturbed graves, and mountains of murder lead the way to Margaritaville. Discover Key West’s grim past and the ghosts that remain shackled to this doomed island.

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Join Southernmost Ghosts to uncover a horrifying history so demented the island has become an active hotspot for the macabre. Discover the truth about Ernest Hemingway’s former home that now holds the world’s most cursed doll, Robert the Doll, and see why the Southernmost point of Florida is also one of the most haunted.

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Southernmost Ghosts Tour

All Ghost Tours meet across the street from The Amsterdam Curry Inn at 512 Caroline St, Key West, FL 33040
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Key West

Welcome to Southernmost Ghosts

The gorgeous beachside sunsets of the Florida Keys unveil a deranged piece of the area’s past that features a hurricane of horror. From natural disasters and diseases that ravaged the Keys to pirates, slave ships, public executions, and the infamous Robert the Doll, the island has been exposed to nearly every category of the macabre. Welcome to the one-of-a-kind Key West.


The Dead Thrive in Margaritaville


Amongst that vast amount of white sand and stunning oceanic views, obscured by historical monuments and famous sites, lies an island that’s known as a beach lover’s paradise and renowned for its position as one of the most haunted cities in America. Prepare to take a deep dive into a history where violence, tragedy, and deceit reigned supreme. And where tourists and locals must co-exist with the permanent darkness that hovers over the Conch Republic.


It seems as though Key West was almost built for the otherworldly. The island was initially known as Cayo Hueso, or Island of Bones, named for the bones scattered on the grounds upon its discovery. The bones are believed to be those of the Calusa Indians, and their disturbance sparked an ongoing parade of disturbing events and paranormal occurrences.


World-renowned novelist, Ernest Hemingway, is one such tortured soul whose time in Key West would be prominent for his work, life, and afterlife. 


Southernmost Ghosts takes you to Casa Antigua, a former hotel that housed the troubled author for a period of time and is the site where he finished one of his most significant pieces of work, “A Farewell to Arms.” Uncover Hemingway’s dark past that not only keeps his spirit locked away on the island but trapped his loved ones with him for all eternity.


Journey with Southernmost Ghosts on an enthralling tour of this mystique island where the drinks are as cold as the air from the spirits that will forever call Key West home.




The Florida Keys have become synonymous with partying and good vibes. But just beyond the bars, resorts, and miles of coastline sits an island that draws in the eeriest forms of hauntings and energy from the darkest corners of the world. The salty air carries tales of despair, misfortune, deception, and death that occurred in some of the most popular places in Key West.




  Captain Tony’s Saloon: Since its inception, Captain Tony’s Saloon has operated as a variety of businesses, including a cigar factory, a bordello, a speakeasy, and a morgue. Most may be surprised to discover that there are still bodies buried beneath the building.


 •   Marrero’s Guest Mansion: Built in 1889, the mansion was constructed by cigar maker Francisco Marrero as a symbol of love for his wife. Their love story, however, was not without its drama, and though Enriquetta Marrero was forced from her home, she reclaimed it in the afterlife.


•     Old Town Manor: Today, it operates as a bed & breakfast. In the early 1900s, it served as the residence for Dr. Warren and his wife, Genevieve. Though the doctor and his wife have long since passed, they continue to inhabit the home, causing so many disturbances that paranormal investigators have flocked to the manor in droves.




Built on the backs of the sacred in the most literal sense. Key West earned its name from the mispronunciation of its original name, Cayo Hueso – Spanish for Island of Bones. Though its name was softened, hardships, tragedy, and brutality plagued the burgeoning resort town. Take a walk with Southernmost Ghosts to unveil the terrifying truth about this vacation hotspot, where sins of the past rise nightly to tell their gruesome tales. 


Take The Oldest House, which is not only the oldest in Key West but the oldest in South Florida. Southernmost Ghosts takes you to the home that was commissioned by Richard Cussins, a slave owner who used their labor to build the home. Though the home survived natural disasters, economic misfortune, pirate infestations, and various other catastrophes, the occupants would succumb to the deadliest of them all: Yellow Fever.


Hear the harrowing tale of Sea Captain Francis Watlington, who lost three of his daughters to the merciless illness. The pain and despair experienced during this trying time in a home built on the backs of slaves have turned this into one of the most haunted buildings in Key West. Caretakers of the home have claimed there is significant ghostly activity around a particular rocking chair. 


In addition to hearing cracking and thumping, the apparition of a little girl has been spotted next to it. Guests have also reported odd noises and hearing disembodied voices to the point where a psychic was brought in to determine who – or what – was causing the disturbances. It’s believed the spirit of the captain’s wife, Emiline, resides in the home, unable to leave the place her girls met their untimely end.


Wealth From Wreckage


There are many things that Key West is known for beyond its gorgeous beaches, incredible outdoor adventures, and notable hauntings. It also happens to be the place where Key Lime Pie was invented. Indulge in a decadent history on this Key West ghost tour, where we’ll take you to the former home of William Curry, whose story is a true rags-to-riches tale with a tragic ending.


Following the death of his wife Euphemia, William’s son Milton inherited, demolished, and rebuilt the home you’ll see before you. The home includes the very kitchen where Mr. Curry’s cook, Sara “Aunt Sally,” invented the famed sweet treat. Their wealth and good fortune, however, were built on a lie as its believed William benefited from the act of pillaging wrecked ships and the victims of the crashes.


This barbaric act would turn the Curry Mansion into a pandora’s box of paranormal activity, as the trapped souls of his loved ones remain in the home. Guests of the now Amsterdam Curry Mansion Inn have reported seeing a weeping woman, believed to be Euphemia, wandering from room to room and often spotted by the staircase. 


It’s also said that “Aunty Sally” has been seen in the kitchen where she invented the famous Key Lime Pie. The second floor is also home to a former housekeeper who is doomed to spend eternity carrying out her duties in the afterlife. William Curry himself is believed to survey the property from his perch, attempting to attract ships with the eerie ghost lights that have been seen by so many. Should you see a strange light coming from the home, stay with the tour, as Mr. Curry may just be calling to you.




The wicked may have had their day, but all “good” things come to an end. Take a stroll with Southernmost Ghosts and visit the unsuspecting Hard Rock Cafe, a popular chain that once served as the home for William Curry’s son Robert Curry. Robert’s life seemed cursed from the very beginning.


Throughout his life, he suffered from chronic illness, and while William was a master at making money – albeit a treacherous one – his son Robert did not possess the same skills. After losing his father’s fortune and failing to maintain his legacy, Robert fell into a deep depression and ultimately ended his life in the second-story bathroom of the home. 


Over the years, the building has been home to a variety of businesses and organizations, with members from each witnessing something spectral. The apparition of a dark-haired man is often seen wandering through the home, with disembodied footsteps being heard after he’s disappeared. Many believe Robert doesn’t know he’s dead and is carrying on in his misery long after his untimely demise. 






Key West is filled with stories that are as colorful as the gorgeous sunsets that highlight the miles and miles of coastline. There are endless amounts of spooky, true tales to go around, but this didn’t stop Captain Tony from creating legends of his own. None, however, would top the origins of his famous bar.


Discover Captain Tony’s Saloon, the space that has lived a hundred lives – including one that co-existed with the dead. In the late 1860s, the building was home to a morgue as well as built next to the Hanging Tree, a tree used to execute those convicted of heinous crimes. 


This fun-loving, good-vibes-only establishment harbors some of the darkest tales on the island. From a hurricane leaving bodies floating in the streets and a woman being hanged for butchering her family to bodies being discovered during the expansion of the bar, an aura of death hangs over Captain Tony’s Saloon and manifests in terrifying ways.


Learn about the Lady in Blue who torments and frightens anyone who enters the ladies’ bathroom, the same room that happens to be where she murdered her infant daughter. The current owner has said he’s heard his name being called when no one is around. Witnesses claim to have been locked out of stalls, while others claim stall doors have been slammed shut right in front of them. Should you visit the bar and hear a disembodied voice calling your name, don’t say you weren’t warned.




The beauty that cloaks the island of Key West is what draws thousands of visitors to the area every year. But not everything is what it seems, as is the case with the stunning Audubon House & Gardens. Join Southernmost Ghosts to uncover the horrifying origins of this popular attraction.


Built in the late 1840s, famous ornithologist John Audubon used the garden for his images of local birds. Innocent enough until you discover who Mr. Audubon really was. A known slave owner, he was notorious for digging up human remains during his travels. The former owner of the home and friend to John Audubon, Sea Captain John Geiger, had blood on his hands as well. He was known to dabble in piracy, working with associates known for the torture of their victims.


It’s easy to see why the building is home to a variety of apparitions and hauntings. It’s believed the last of the Geiger family still reside in the home, with one of them being known for tugging or tapping on guests. Captain Geiger himself has been spotted walking around the gardens at night, possibly watching over his cursed fortune. 


The sound of children’s laughter has been heard in the children’s room, and their apparitions have set off the motion sensor so many times it’s become expected. As if it couldn’t get more harrowing, a doll named Mrs. Peck was added to the children’s room in the 1980s. Harmless in appearance, it’s believed the doll was possessed by an evil entity, terrifying anyone in its presence. That was until it mysteriously vanished without a trace. It may be gone, but the dark energy is ever more present.






Gorgeous white sand, stunning resorts, and picturesque scenery make Key West an ideal vacation spot for anyone looking to get away and have the sounds of the ocean wash over them. But if you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of tormented souls from a mystical and damaged time crying out, refusing to be forgotten.


Visit The Crowne Plaza, the popular hotel that once housed the likes of author Tennessee Williams, the infamous Al Capone, and Ernest Hemingway. Though these famed figures brought notoriety to the hotel, it’s the tragic deaths that have occurred there that have put it on the paranormal map. 


At least 13 guests have jumped to their deaths from the roof, and a busboy was tragically killed when he fell down an elevator shaft. Today, La Concha – as it was previously known – is filled with spirits who sadly met their demise at the hotel. Reports include cold spots, the sound of disembodied voices, and even the sight of apparitions standing at the foot of guests’ beds. Most terrifying of all is the sound of people screaming from the elevator shaft, which can be heard at any time of the day. 




A place as intriguing as Key West is bound to have some interesting secrets. But the history and lesser-known backstories of this mysterious island are some that you simply won’t find anywhere else. The Ocean Key Resort is one such place that features a delightful appearance while harboring a deeply disturbing origin.


Southernmost Ghosts will take you to this beachy hotel that was constructed over a former cemetery. Combined with the corrupt actions of the people involved in the development of the area, the Ocean Key Resort is home to numerous hauntings, some more terrifying than others. 


Guests have returned to their rooms to find their belonging scattered around the room. One guest claimed to have seen a presence sitting on his bed. Others claim to have heard loud clapping in their ears while sleeping, while some have said they felt a heavy feeling of sadness following the sounds of loud, wistful sighs. These spooky stories and more await with Southernmost Ghosts.




In Key West, there’s a little something for everyone. Miles and miles of sandy beaches for beach lovers, museums for history buffs, stunning architecture and landmarks for those who love sightseeing… and a plethora of terrifying tales of hauntings and ghosts that remain for those who love the otherworldly.


From the tragic life of Ernest Hemingway and the unfortunate love affair of Francisco Marrero to the buildings built from piracy and the cursed dolls that own the island, the paranormal activity in Key West is on an endless loop. Paranormal investigators and novices to the ghostly community alike are in store for a fantastic journey and a few authentic frights. Welcome to Southernmost Ghosts.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Want Learn More About The Home of Robert the Doll


Robert the Doll has been the subject of numerous movies, documentaries, and investigations, adding to the already dark history of this mysterious island. His presence, however, is only a tiny fraction of what makes Key West one of the most haunted areas in the nation. Southernmost Ghosts takes you through centuries of wicked acts and disturbing behavior that birthed an island filled with unexplained activity and restless spirits.


2) You Need a Break From the Water Activities


Even the most avid jet skier needs to take a break from the water and let their pruned hands return to normal. Southernmost Ghosts offers the perfect way to balance your time on water and time on land while learning more about this vacation hot spot. Take a nice stroll through one of Key West’s busiest areas while uncovering artifacts of a time when the nefarious ruled the land, and it was every man for himself.


3) You Love Victorian-Style Architecture


If there’s one thing to love about Key West, it’s the preservation of its original monuments. The architecture is some of the most unique and aesthetically pleasing in Florida. And the stories associated with these homes are unlike any you’ll hear anywhere else. Take a walk through time and witness some incredible sights while hearing some even more incredible tales.


4) You’re Preparing For Your First Ghost Hunt


Whether you’re a novice or consider ghost hunting your profession, there’s no better place for a paranormal investigation than Key West. There are a variety of locations that have experienced an event or tragedy that left a trail of souls in its wake. People may visit Key West for the sandy beaches, but lovers of the paranormal visit for the guaranteed haunts.


5) You Want a Break From The Clubs


Like Miami, Key West is known for its lively nightlife. Clubs and famous bars are plenty on the island, but not everyone is interested in partying every night of their visit. If this sounds like you, Southernmost Ghosts has the perfect alternative. Take in the sights and sounds of Key West without the large crowds – instead, surrounded by a group of individuals looking to learn more about this intriguing resort town.


6) You Want to Experience a Different Kind of Tour


Vacation hot spots like Key West are alive with various types of tours to help tourists take in all that the area has to offer. None of these tours, however, provide a deep dive into the dark history that continues to haunt the area. When you’re ready to hear the true, terrifying tales that make up this mysterious piece of Florida, Southernmost Ghosts is ready to bring you in on its disturbing little secrets. 

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