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Welcome To Kansas City's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

The carnage of war and decades of cold-blooded murders created a whirlwind of tortured souls that consumes Kansas City like its infamous tornadoes. Discover a neverending bloodbath that filled the former “Heart of America” with unrelenting hauntings.

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Beer festivals and good barbecue draw thousands into an unsuspecting city stained with the blood of the forsaken. Join Kansas City Ghosts for an unflinching look at the horrendous violence and unspeakable tragedy that continues to strike fear in the hearts of locals.

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Kansas City Ghosts Tour

All tours meet at 281 W 9th St, Kansas City, MO 64105
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours meet nightly at 8pm
Simply Bring ID. You do not need printed tickets or passes
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Kansas City

Welcome to Kansas City Ghosts

A replica of the Land of Oz sits charmingly in a city where centuries of tortured souls have no choice but to call it home. From the bloody perils of the Civil War to the terror unleashed on locals by “The Butcher of Kansas City,” discover why Kansas City rivals New Orleans in Jazz music and horror-filled hauntings.


The Church of Controversy and Calamity


From its inception, inhumane and atrocious acts have ravaged the city, leaving behind a graveyard of devastation like the massive tornadoes Kansas City has become known for. Even places of worship harbor secrets from the darkest corners of its four walls. Founded in 1854, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church serves as a beacon of light for its members and an unholy reminder of the tragic end of a beloved yet controversial priest.


Unveil the horrid side of this peaceful site as you hear the story of Father Henry Jardine, whose legacy holds a mixture of good deeds and wicked acts. Father Jardine’s work was initially promising. He was one of the founders of St. Luke’s Hospital and set up a parochial school designed to educate the children of mothers from the local brothel. However, his contributions were rivaled by horrendous accusations of immoral behavior.


He would go on to be convicted of inappropriate conduct, being stripped of his priestly duties and excommunicated from the church. His life would take a tragic end at Trinity Church in St. Louis, where it’s believed he took his own life using chloroform. While he may have been sent away from the church during his life, he returned to his parish in death.


Various members of the church have reported the eerie feeling of being watched, while some have also smelled the incense Father Jardine used during his mass services. One member had the honor of being spooked by the spirit’s ghastly figure floating in a second-story window. But the most hair-raising evidence of his existence is his appearance photographs, showing up as a hazy figure carrying a candle.


And it’s only the beginning of what you’ll see on this horror-filled adventure with Kansas City Ghosts.   


What Will I See?


  • The Coates Hotel – Once used as a cavalry barracks, The Coates Hotel has been subject to the most gruesome of tragedies. Its most recent was a deadly fire that killed twenty tenants, leaving their spirits forever trapped inside the building the way they were so mercilessly trapped all those years ago.


  • St. Mary’s Episcopal Church – Haunted churches are nothing new, but it’s rare to find one haunted by an ousted priest. Keep your eyes on the second floor, as he’s known to float past it nightly, holding a candle as he did when he inhabited the building in his former life.


  • Kansas City Power and Light Building – Welcome to a building where True Crime and the otherworldly collide. In 2000, a high-profile murder that rocked the city occurred within these very walls, going on to be featured on Crime Scene Confidential. Today, the building is known for its high-profile hauntings by the unavenged.


War and No Peace


When you’re in a town that’s been dubbed the “Haunted House Capital of The World,” it’s not hard to see why many of the buildings are not what they seem. Venture with Kansas City Ghosts to City Hall, where you’ll stand in front of a building rife with an unsurprising history of political corruption and an alarming haunted history that continues to shock locals to this day.


The building was constructed with materials provided by the morally bankrupt Tom Pendergast, a “political boss” whose reputation includes burying his enemies’ bodies underneath some of his building projects. Yet, somehow, it’s not his salacious activity that produced the spirits that torment the area and spook those who visit the city’s landmarks.


Stand amongst the statues that tell a tale of a dismal time in American history, and keep your eyes peeled for the spirits of children that are known to play on the ground beneath your feet. It’s said that a child can be seen running around the grounds at night, often peeking around corners and creepily scurrying past visitors. And it’s not the only spirit from this destructive era.


Hear the spine-tingling history of the John Wornall House Museum, a building that was used as a makeshift hospital during the Battle of Westport. Bloodied Union and Confederate soldiers were cared for here; some never left. Visitors have reported feeling a presence frantically tugging at their ankles as they walk through the former waiting room. But it’s the heart-racing sight of a Union soldier appearing to stoically stand guard that has been striking fear into those who come across him. 


Spirits Of Indistinguishable Eras


In Kansas City, the past and the present are one and the same when it comes to wandering souls. Time is frozen, and the spirits of bygone eras are stuck in the realm of the living, struggling to co-exist. The Hotel Meuhlebach is one of several landmarks where the line between the dead and the living is blurred, and both frequent the building daily.


Now operating as a Marriott, visit the site that once catered to the nation’s most famous faces, including Ernest Hemingway, Hellen Keller, Babe Ruth, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, and so many others. Once famous for its clientele, it’s now infamous for its permanent ghastly residents.


Experience goosebumps as you uncover years of skin-crawling hauntings that plague this luxury escape. Security guards have reported a feeling of dread as they patrol the sublevels below the main floor. Many employees refuse to go down there at all. The center of the hotel is also a hotbed of activity, as one security guard vividly recalls playing a game of catch with two children, only to find that when he tossed the ball back, the kids were gone, and so was the ball.


The most well-known of the spirits, though, is the “Blue Lady.”  The apparition, who appears wearing a flapper dress, has been causing mischief in the hotel for years. Believed to once be a performer of the theater next door, she’s known for causing a fright by turning faucets on and turning lights on and off. More unnerving than that, people have seen her sobbing in the lobby, not making a sound, and quickly disappearing. 


>Why is Kansas City So Haunted?


Powered by Murder


Some of the nation’s most haunted buildings are no stranger to paranormal investigators and the shows that accompany them. But how often do you hear about a building that is haunted by an event so heinous it was featured on a True Crime show? Welcome to the Kansas City Power and Light Building, the skyscraper featured on Crime Scene Confidential that’s known for its exterior LED lighting that distracts from its horrific past.


Kansas City Ghosts introduces you to the case that remains unresolved to this day and leaves the spirit of the wronged trapped inside the place where he met his brutal end. In May of 2000, Richard Armitage was bludgeoned and left for dead, creating a grisly scene for his receptionist to find. His business partner, Richard Buchli, was charged and convicted for the crime, only for it to be overturned, allowing Buchli to walk free. 


The angered, unavenged spirit of Armitage remains, unable to rest as his killer roams free. Learn of his eerie presence that stalks residents of the building, waiting for someone to seek out his murderer. Employees often hear odd noises at night, sending chills down their spines. Other sightings include a shadow figure jumping from the building at any given moment. Be aware; that whatever you see in your peripheral is real.


Why Kansas City’s Past Continues to Be Resurrected 


Though this case wasn’t as popular as that of Armitage’s, it’s abhorrent nonetheless. Uncover the ruthless tactics one union used to get back at another as Kansas City Ghosts takes you to The Midland Theater, where one of the city’s most shocking and disturbing events took place. 


On January 11, 1932, a 25-year-old janitor was horrifically killed when a package he picked up, believing to be trash, was actually a bomb that detonated in his hands. Two days later, the president of the Sound Projectionists Association and his agent confessed to making the bomb and hiring an ex-convict to place it in The Midland Theater. Though the conspirators went to prison for life, the young janitor would be eternally condemned to the building.


There are various reports of the poor janitor’s apparition standing solemnly by the men’s room and the loge level. He’s even been spotted attending events, causing a stir when he’s seen, and disappearing immediately after. Sadly, he’s not alone. Learn more about the entity of a little girl who frequents the basement and whose sighting has spooked employees so badly that one resigned the day after seeing her. These sightings continue to this day.


What’s So Special About a Kansas City Ghosts Tour?


Explore a Unique and Otherworldly Side of The City of Fountains 


Kansas City is truly a place of beauty and togetherness. Every year, visitors venture to the former “Heart of America” to partake in the KC Beer Fest while enjoying amazing barbecue and listening to the smooth, eclectic sounds of live Jazz music. The city definitely has a New Orleans vibe to it, but it’s not just the world-class music, festivals, and cuisine that have a hint of NOLA in them. The city’s haunted history rivals the Big Easy, too.


Walk with Kansas City Ghosts to hear about the infamous Epperson Hosue. Now a part of the University of Missouri-Kansas City campus, the building was originally home to Uriah Epperson, who is said to have had a nervous breakdown following the death of his daughter. It’s said he brutally murdered his wife and then killed himself right in the building. 


Today, students report spine-chilling sightings of a woman believed to be Uriah’s wife staring off into the distance. Security guards have even heard the sounds of a phantom organ playing at night. Feel the hair rise on the back of your neck when you learn about Uriah’s spirit stalking the halls, doing what he can to hide the unspeakable crimes he committed back then.


A Once-In-a-Lifetime Experience You’ll Always Carry With You


Visiting new places is all about making new memories. Whether you’re a tourist visiting Kansas City for the first time or are a resident who wants to take in a side of the city you’ve never seen before, there’s no better way to do it than with a ghost tour with Kansas City Ghosts.


You may be aware of the various hotels in the city, but you may not know that several of them house the sinister spirits that give Kansas City its haunted reputation. Uncover the chilling history of the Savoy Hotel, where many guests never checked out. Room 505 is one with a harrowing tale, as a woman named Betsy Ward was found dead in the bathtub. 


The manner of her death is still debated, but her presence is very much known as she’s responsible for doors opening and closing on their own and for the disembodied voices guests claim to hear to this day. And her story is only one of many. To hear the rest, book your ghost tour with Kansas City Ghosts.


Be a part of a Ghostly Community


You’re about to embark on a haunting journey of an unsuspecting city with individuals ready to learn more about Kansas City’s sinister side right along with you. Though inviting as it may be, this community isn’t for the faint of heart. The stories you’ll hear are not only true but terrifying, especially to those who’ve witnessed these otherworldly events in person.


Visit locations such as the Folly Theater, famously haunted by the theater’s old manager and a former performer. Hear the creepy accounts of the spooky sightings that have caused witnesses to do a double-take, blown away by the appearance of the apparition. These stories and more await on our ghost tour of Kansas City. Book your Kansas City Ghosts Tour tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You’ve had your fill of KC Beer Fest and want to experience the sobering side of Kansas City


It’s one of the most sought-after events of the year for beer and festival lovers. The KC Summer Beer Fest is held in Kansas City every May and features over 60 breweries and 150 types of beers. Food vendors and a day of sampling all the beer your heart desires – it’s a perfect way to spend a day in Kansas City. But the beer festival isn’t the only thing the city is known for. Take a sobering look at Kansas City’s haunted history and discover why the city holds the title of the “Haunted House Capital of the World.” Beyond the beer and barbecue festivals lies an entire afterlife that co-mingles with the living. Experience another side of the city with Kansas City Ghosts.


2) You want to see what’s on the other side of the Yellow Brick Road


In Kansas City, there’s something for people of all ages. One of the most popular attractions is the replica Land of Oz, complete with a replica of Dorothy’s house. For anyone who’s ever been a fan of The Wizard of Oz, it’s definitely a must-see! Of course, there’s more to see past the famous Yellow Brick Road. When you’re ready to experience the darker side of this beautiful city, walk the blood-stained road with Kansas City Ghosts, where you’ll uncover years of torment and despair that keep the departed trapped in a loop of their own demise. This tour is not for the timid, and the stories you’ll hear will definitely remind you that there’s no place like home.


3) You want to know which hotels to ghost hunt at


There’s no shortage of haunted locations in Kansas City, but the hotels in the city appear to be where the spirits choose to remain. Could it be that the accommodations are just too comfortable? Or is it that their deaths were so tragic and horrific that they have no choice but to remain in the place where they met their untimely demise? Discover these locations with Kansas City Ghosts, and then book a stay to find out for yourself.


4) You want to show Kansas City off to your family and friends


There’s a lot to do and see in Kansas City, but if you’re ready for your party to experience Kansas City in a way they can’t anywhere else, book a tour with Kansas City Ghosts! You’ve shown them the lighter side of the city, now let us show them the spooky side. Make sure your group gets the full Kansas City experience and book a ghost tour with Kansas City Ghosts!


5) It’s your turn to book the annual office bonding trip


It’s time for the annual office bonding trip, and you’re tired of doing the same old thing. If it’s your turn to plan the annual work trip, be the office hero, and opt for something different – book a ghost tour with Kansas City Ghosts! What better way to build team camaraderie and togetherness than being terrified in a group setting, relying on each other to ensure no one gets taken by the unseen? Make it a work trip to remember and book your ghost tour with Kansas City Ghosts today!

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