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Welcome To Jerome's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Cold-blooded murderers, headless miners, and vengeful spirits define “The Wickedest Town in the West.” Discover their sinister secrets on a chilling Jerome ghost tour.

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Join Jerome Ghosts for a tantalizing tour through a history filled with bordello queens, bone-chilling hospitals, and restaurants specializing in hamburgers and haunts. Uncover a side of the Wild West that’s more disturbing than you ever imagined.

Jerome Ghost Town Ghosts Tours

All tours meet at the Connor Hotel, 160 Main St, Jerome, AZ
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Jerome

Welcome to Jerome Ghosts

The rustic streets of this old mining town are hiding centuries of secrets. Take a walk through the Wicked City’s wild past with Jerome Ghosts as you learn the true history of this eerie ghost town. 


Macabre Mining Mishaps


The Wild West had it all: vigilant justice, brothels run by tough-as-nails madames, and dreams of striking it rich. Take a trip through the dark secrets of local history with Jerome Ghosts. You’ll visit the Jerome Mining Museum to learn about the gruesome accidents and grisly deaths that plagued the city with restless spirits. 


The Old Miners Cemetery terrorizes even the bravest hearts with its shape-shifting spirits, which sometimes take animal forms. Listen carefully for the whispers that travel between the headstones and the footsteps that sneak up on those who dare to visit. Disturbed and dug-up graves have certainly unsettled the dead miners, but are the local legends about zombies really true?


What Will I See?


Visit Jerome’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Jerome Grand Hotel – This hospital-turned-hotel is known for its visitors who never checked out. From phantom footsteps to nightmarish nighttime visitors, this is one of Jerome’s most haunted hotspots. 


  • Spook Hall – Events in this historic building are often more “spirited” than expected. The spirits here love to cause chaos, from sending objects flying to popping up in professional photos.


  • Haunted Hamburger – Some local businesses keep their ghosts a secret, but this restaurant celebrates theirs. Diners who take a photo here often discover that they weren’t alone at their table.


A Haunted Hospital’s Ghostly Guests


Perched high on a rocky ridge overlooking the town, the Jerome Grand Hotel has a reputation as the city’s most haunted hotel. During its 30 years as a hospital, almost 9,000 patients perished within its walls, filling the building with a lingering feeling of death. 


That foreboding feeling isn’t all that hangs heavy here. The hauntings date back to the 1920s when patients knew there was something strange about the bearded man who kept appearing in their rooms. 


Today, this haunted hotel is filled with the sounds of pain and suffering and ghostly gasps for help from beyond the grave. Visit this haunted hotel with Jerome Ghosts to learn why guests of Room 32 check-in, hoping for sweet dreams but winding up with nightmarish experiences that haunt them for years to come. 


Out of the Fire and Into Local Legend


Ferocious fires have destroyed this city more than once, leaving burned bodies and charred buildings in their wake. Life in the Wild West was hard enough without losing your home or business over and over again.


One bordello madame made the fire department an offer they couldn’t refuse to ensure her house was saved. Her bawdy bribe worked, but her good luck didn’t last. Her lifeless body was discovered in a pool of blood, shooking the town. But it takes more than death to keep a tough woman down.


Check out the legendary madame’s new home on this chilling Jerome ghost tour as you learn how she likes to “help” the maids make beds and keep the cooks on their toes. Lift the veil on the brooding spirit known for his short temper that lurks in the most unexpected places.


Why is Jerome so Haunted?


Bloody Bordello Betrayal


A city founded on glittering dreams of riches doesn’t take long to turn deadly. Within a few years of Jerome being founded, you could find every kind of vice here, from gambling and drinking to, of course, women. 


Women in the Wild West had to be tough, and some of the smartest knew exactly how to take advantage of living in a town full of men. Join Jerome Ghosts to visit the site of the city’s most scintillating bordello, now in ruins and filled with memories (and spirits) of its golden era. 


Uncover the brutal murder that sparked the chaos of Cuban Queen Bordello. Hear the true tales of kidnapping, hidden corpses, and the woman in the black dress who still haunts this hilltop. 


Phantom Party Guests


In a town bursting with ghostly activity, how do you earn the nickname of Spook Hall? When this former garage and department store became an event venue, the spirits came out to play, stirred up by the intense emotions happening inside. 


Venture on a Jerome ghost tour and visit Spook Hall, where reports of flying knives, ghostly apparitions in wedding photos, and appearances by a mysterious phantom are now common. Even ghosts can’t resist a good party.


What’s so Special About the Jerome Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side of Local Legends


When you visit Jerome’s popular Haunted Hamburger restaurant with your tour group, the surprising stories of eerie events that happen within will make it clear how this creepy restaurant earned its name. 


Learn about the photobombing phantoms responsible for the missing tools, flying objects, and slamming doors. What will you capture as you delight in the chilling tales of this spooky restaurant? Be sure to take a selfie outside this infamously haunted restaurant to see if the legends of the woman who appears in photos are true.


A Once in a Lifetime Experience: The Doctor is In (but Dead)


At first glance, the quaint B&B known as The Surgeon’s House seems anything but creepy. Jerome Ghosts invites you to take a closer look and get a haunted history lesson in one of the city’s most petrifying places. 


Ghost couples have been spotted inside, dancing to otherworldly music from a bygone era. The spookiest spirit within is definitely the long-dead doctor. With a blank stare and a bag of surgical tools, he leaves guests frozen in terror after disappearing into thin air.


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


Jerome Ghosts takes you on a heart-pounding tour of the city’s most famous haunted locations, plus some hidden gems that are the best-kept secrets of the underworld. Dive into the dark history of this Wild West mining town on a ghost tour that will haunt your memories for years to come.


This is your opportunity to visit the city’s most hair-raising haunted locations without admitting that you’d rather not venture into a haunted hotspot alone. Book your Jerome ghost tour tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You’re Ready For A Break From Natural Wonders


The scenery in this part of the state is truly stunning, but after your fourth or fifth day of hiking to spectacular sites, all of that natural beauty can start to blend together. Take a break from the beautiful to explore the bewitching on a ghost tour. 


2) This Town Gives You Creepy Vibes


Many visitors get an odd feeling just walking through Jerome’s historic streets. They can tell there’s something very strange about this place but can’t quite figure out why certain buildings just feel creepy. 


3) You Want to Enjoy the Cool Night Air


There’s a stillness here after the sun sets—trade desert days for eerie evenings with a ghost tour through Jerome’s most haunted locations. The evenings here may be cool, but it’s the terrifying tales that will chill you to the bone.


4) You Love Twisted Tales 


Some visitors are too timid to explore the darker side of this historic city. If scary stories of haunted hotels, ghostly doctors, and bewitching brothel beauties sound right up your alley, it’s time to book a ghost tour.


5) You Appreciate the Devilish Details


Most locals can tell you a local legend or two, but how do you know what’s true? Our history-based tours are meticulously researched to bring you all the most fascinating and frightening events from Jerome’s history in one adrenaline-filled ghost tour.

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