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Welcome To Jackson's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Rivers of blood flow between the pillars of desecrated Civil War relics as Jackson’s spirits seek justice for the unavenged murders that left a stain on the City With Soul.

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Jackson Ghosts welcomes you into the spectral heart of the Deep South to explore the scarred locations consumed by violent struggles and unsettling tales that created the hauntings of this sordid Southern town.

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Jackson Ghosts Tour

All tours meet at the Cathedral of St. Peter at 203 N. West St., Jackson, MS
ours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Outside of the Cathedral of St. Peter in Jackson
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Jackson

Welcome to Jackson Ghost Tour

Once a tattered collection of burnt buildings and lonesome smokestacks, Jackson is now home to the eerie and otherworldly. The phantoms of “Chimneyville” wander amongst the living in a state of ethereal disdain, forever tormented by the brutality that made them permanent residents of their former earthly homes.


Justice Served Nightly


Jackson has tried its best to erase the stain of its hateful past. But the ghosts of its heinous and tumultuous past have yet to find peace, spreading their pain and anger throughout the city. Follow Jackson Ghosts as we take you through the haunted streets of the city and into the epicenter of its frightening, unexplained activity.


Hear the horrible story of two murders left unresolved for over forty years in front of haunted Downtown Jackson’s “The Courthouse.” Operating as an apartment complex today, the spirits of former Klansmens and power-hungry judges idle in the shadows, locked inside the former historic courthouse to replay their past dirty deeds for eternity. 


These restless souls continue to taunt the living, terrifying residents with unexplained cold spots, disembodied footsteps, and maniacal laughter. And it’s only the beginning of the terror that consumes downtown Jackson. Jackson Ghosts invites you to explore the City With Soul, where the spirits of the past refuse to find peace, and the echoes of injustice reverberate through time.


What Will I See?


Visit Jackson’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • King Edward Hotel – Left abandoned for over forty years, the King Edward Hotel, once home to Mississippi’s elite, is now a haven for haunted activity. The spirits of Room 623 torment unsuspecting visitors night after night in a spectral showcase unlike any other. 


  • Old Capitol Inn – Confederate Colonels roam the hallways of the Old Capitol Inn with the spirits left behind after Jackson’s smoke-filled destruction. They have been left behind to mourn the death of their beloved city in this YWCA building-turned-boutique hotel. 


  • The Courthouse – Civil justice was dutifully served here before this building was turned into apartments. Now, the scorned dead walk among the living, sending chills up the spines of unsuspecting tenants and visitors. Shadowy figures appear in the windows, apparating from a disgraceful period of Jackson’s history.


King of The Creepy


Once home to the most powerful men in Mississippi, the King Edward Hotel presided over the balls and banquets of the Old South. The good times of these evil men eventually ended, but some stubborn souls simply refused to leave. And the hotel’s renovations would awaken their foul energies.


Stand in the shadow of the King Edward Hotel, one of the most haunted places in Jackson, Mississippi, and learn of the horrors this once glamorous hotel endured in the forty years it stood empty. Discover the unruly spirits of Room 623 and how their disturbing antics have caused many travelers to pack up in the middle of the night. and leave in uncomfortable silence.


Uncover the mysteries that have attracted so many others to the revitalized King Edward, and find out who or what has been relentlessly terrorizing guests. But be aware. This is only the beginning of what awaits you on this chilling haunted tour of Jackson, MS.


The Lady in White


New Orleans-styled gardens bring New Orleans-like hauntings to Mississippi’s most populous city. Spirits of war walk freely in Jackson, unaware of their brutal deaths and causing panic amongst the living. One such apparition is well-known to locals and comes with a heartbreaking tale that reverberates throughout the building it inhabits.


Venture with Jackson Ghosts to the Old Capitol Inn, a historical building that’s a mystical magnet, absorbing heavy energy and spirits from the darkest corners of the city. The former YWCA building is well-known for its sorrowful spirits, as many are notorious for sending chills down the spines of staff members and guests of this notoriously haunted hotel.


Hear the dismal story of the mournful ghost whose ear-piercing cries are enough to signal feelings of agony and despair. Experience chills as you hear all about the Lady in White who roams the tainted grounds. Their tortured souls are not alone. Get the full scoop on who makes things go bump in the night at the Old Capitol Inn with Jackson Ghosts.


Why is Jackson so Haunted?


Wicked Waves and Mysterious Remains


Uncover the harrowing truth behind Jackson’s abusive past. Hiding underneath the concrete of  Mississippi’s political center are the outlines of the old penitentiary, one of the worst in the nation. Silhouettes of prisoners creep through offices where busy legislators and unsuspecting visitors feel the cursed sting of creepiness. 


Watch the top floors, and you may see the infamous Waving Man, whose wispy apparition has stoked many local legends. He is one of many politicians who succumbed to the pressures of political life within the walls of the soul-sucking capitol building. 


With such a horrifying history, it’s easy to overlook the humorous side of the city. Jackson Ghosts introduces you to the Old Capitol Museum, home to one of the state’s most amusing hoaxes. Take a break from the terror to learn about the beloved Dummy Mummy and all its hilarious grandeur. But don’t get too comfortable; the frights continue on our ghost tour of Jackson, MS.


Hospitals and Hallowed Grounds


Bend the limits of your reality with bone-tingling tales from the depths of Mississippi’s twisted history. Jackson Ghosts walks you through the sites that harbor secrets made for horror movies. Lift the spectral veil that shields locals from the unspeakable events that occurred within the walls of the University of Mississippi Medical Center. 


Feel the hair on the back of your neck rise at Jackson State University when you discover the shocking horrors that lurk inside Kuhl Hospital. Messages from the other side are written on the emballing table in this Civil War Era hospital, and shocked investigators cry for the building’s destruction as recent murders add to its already intense spectral reputation. 


Thousands of corpses from “Asylum Hill” were removed from underneath the haunted hospital, in turn opening a portal to another world. Tonight, Jackson Ghosts welcomes you into that world where the living and the dead begrudgingly coexist, fighting for their rightful space.


What’s so Special About the Jackson Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side of Jackson’s Nightlife 


In Jackson, local haunts come with their own local haunts. Jackson Ghosts takes you outside the 4th Avenue Lounge, where you’ll uncover the deceitful spirits that have a taste for more than a good drink.  


Hear the tales of bitter ladies of the night and quarreling brothers that fill the beer-soaked halls of the Ole Tavern. Mysterious bullets found under the stairs awakened the wicked entities of the cursed waterhole, and now they are as restless as the bar’s thirsty crowd. 


A Once in A Lifetime Experience To Uncover the Truth About Jackson


Follow Jackon Ghosts on this unique and chilling journey into the dark underbelly of the city, where you’ll discover the sordid secrets kept behind closed doors for so many years. Visit the Governor’s Mansion where we’ll unlock the mysteries that surround the McRaven Mansion, Mississippi’s most haunted house. 


The home is known for striking fear in the hearts of locals as it’s filled with unruly, active spirits. Feel a coldness come over you as you hear of the vicious murders and strange inhabitants of the mansion, many causing physical harm to those foolish enough to reside within its doomed walls. 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


The Deep South is littered with haunted locations and otherworldy hotspots that will send chills down your spine. Our ghost tours bring together the strange and unusual from all corners of the city, offering a unique blend of history and the unexplained. Discover the secrets that lie beneath the surface as you explore the city’s most haunted locations, each with its own mysterious waiting to be unveiled.


Are you ready to face the unknown and delve into the haunted history of Jackson, Mississippi? Book your ghost tour with Jackson Ghosts, and immerse yourself in the eerie tales that linger in the shadows of this historic city, where haunted locations and otherworldly hotspots await those seeking an unforgettable scare.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Are Interested In Jackson’s Civil War History


Jackson sat at the physical and political center of the Civil War. As a significant Confederate stronghold, it was burned to the ground by Union forces. The city has risen from the ashes on many occasions. See what makes Jackson a paranormal center of the South. 


2) You Need A Break From Your Roadtrip


The many charming cities of the South create an excellent route for any prospective road tripper or traveler. Spend a few nights in Jackson and see why they call it the City With Soul. Take a ghost tour with Jackson ghosts to round out your stay! 


3) You Want A Different Vacation Experience


Exploring the otherworldly side of a city can be a fun and memorable way to spend an evening, especially if you enjoy history, mystery, and a bit of spookiness. Just make sure to bring your sense of adventure and perhaps a camera to capture any unexpected encounters!


4) You Want To Learn More About Civil Rights History


Jackson became the center of the Civil Rights movement one hundred years after the Civil War. Freedom Fighters here experienced violence and prejudice that only strengthened their struggle. Learn all about their fight for freedom with Jackson Ghosts. 


5) You Want To Get The Kids Out Of The Hotel


Is your family feeling a little claustrophobic? Keep the kids from tearing down the wallpaper and get them out and about for a family-friendly haunted ghost tour with Jackson Ghosts. Our ghost tour will keep everyone entertained and engaged and give you a little bit of a break!

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