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Welcome To Honolulu's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

This island paradise is forever overshadowed by a brutal history of war, death, and crimes of passion. Meet the ghosts of Honolulu still roaming the streets nightly in the forsaken city of gods and men.

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Venture into the darkness with Honolulu Haunts on a ghost tour of Hawaii’s most haunted city to hear chilling accounts of disease, executions, human sacrifice, and hauntings. Uncover real tragedies and tragic fates of the ghosts still roaming through the haunted streets.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

A group of people listening closely as a tour guide tells them ghost stories on a ghost tour

Honolulu Haunts Ghost Tours And Pub Crawls

Hear gripping stories of the past, confirmed local legends, eyewitness accounts of ghost sightings, and unexplained supernatural activity.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: All tours meet at 364 South King St., Honolulu, HI 96813

Tour TimeTour Times:

Tour LengthTour Length: Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Front view of King Kamehameha Statue in Honolulu surrounded by beautiful trees and a blue sky


Honolulu Haunts reveals the history of the Hawaiian Kings and Queens of the past whose statues fill the modern streets and of the only royal palace on US soil. Join us and unearth the history of the warriors that still walk these ancient paths.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: All tours meet in front of the King Kamehameha Statue at 447 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96813

Tour TimeTour Times:

Tour LengthTour Length: Approximately 1 hour

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!


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Welcome to Honolulu Haunts

Unearth a haunted history hidden deeper than the deepest waters of the Pacific to learn the truth of a culture scarred by misery, division, and death. 


Devastation and Dismay in The Aloha State


A dream destination for many was once a hellish nightmare for countless others. Sunshine and good vibes sell a picturesque vision of this famous island, but its disturbing origins were far from a vacation for the original inhabitants. 


Once ruled by native royalty, the sacred grounds that uphold Honolulu are defiled by the wicked acts and intrusion of unwelcomed militants that not only took over the land but imposed cruel and unusual punishments on the former kings and queens.


Peel back the layers of Honolulu’s surface to uncover Hawaii’s cruel injustices and learn of the untimely deaths that are just the beginning of what is buried deep beneath the island’s idyllic surface. Hear tales of contrasting cultures and their clash on the hallowed grounds of Hawaii’s old gods. The tragic victims of these tribal battles were cursed to forever wander the lands of their descendants, and make their pain known to anyone who crosses their spectral paths.


A History of Dark Deeds in the Dead of Night


Sitting 2,390 miles from the US and 4,000 miles from Japan, Hawaii’s chain of eight islands is the most isolated place in the world. For years the isolated islands were protected from the immoral acts and illicit behavior of the outside world. Battles, a coup, unwanted military advances, and appalling disregard for the island’s inhabitants would change the atmosphere of this once peaceful oasis and turn it into a perpetual prison for the tormented souls of this dark era.


Visitors look to the island for an escape, but its beaches and outdoor beauty hide the harsh reality of a disturbing past that makes itself evident day or night at the most haunted locations in Hawaii. Restless spirits still trapped in the spots they met their fateful end continue to search for the loved ones they left behind and seek revenge on the ones that wronged them.


A city believed to be a paradise doubles as a paradise lost when the truth of the cruel deaths and inhumanity that once plagued the island is brought to light. Join Honolulu Haunts as we uncover the island’s darkest secrets and reveal the stories behind the city’s most haunted locations that will chill you to the core.


What Will I See?


A Brutal Reality of Bloodshed Unmasked


The sacred grounds of the Iolani Palace are a place of both respected royalty and unending despair, seeded by the bodies of those that once inhabited the building. 

1) Discover the truth behind the authentic account of the enslaved Queen who surrendered her throne following the only royal coup of a sitting monarchy in American history. 

The deceased ruler remains captive in her own palace, cursed to forever wander the grounds that were her prison in life and death.


2) While the Queen’s spirit appears harmless, there are some ghosts less friendly when encountered. In Hawaii, it is deathly important to avoid the Night Marchers. Once guards of chiefs and royalty of the island, the apparitions march in and out of the spirit realm, claiming anyone in their path who meets their gaze. 

Eyewitnesses whisper of a cleaning woman who passed away the day after her own encounter, with her spirit now seen marching with the forsaken army.


3) As you tread carefully past the Red Rainbow, keep your eyes searching for a trail of torches.  If you do happen to spot a flickering flame in the distance, keep your gaze down if you want to remain in the land of the living.


Ravages of Evil Soak up The Sunshine


Honolulu may mean “calm port” but in the darkest parts of the island, some of the most shameful, corrupt acts took place, tainting this once unscathed haven. 


1) Walk along Red Rainbow’s edge where you’ll discover Atlas Insurance, a building with a deranged past that absorbs all that’s grim around it. Inside, doors open and close on their own and reports of shadows appearing in the women’s bathroom mirror are frequent if not constant. However, these haunting frights are minor in comparison to what the very streets you stand on hold.


2) Learn about the gambling and opium dens that dominated the underground of China Town, and the dark alleyways that became a graveyard for the afflicted. 


3) Look down and imagine the tunnels that are carved just below your feet that were once filled with felonious acts that resulted in the bodies of debtors being strewn about the alley, left to rot. 

It gets even more gruesome than the grimy past of these tunnels.


4) Around the corner sits the Fort Street Mall, a building constructed on top of Oahu’s largest human-sacrificing grounds. 

Beheadings were commonplace in the area, and the angry spirits of the executed have yet to find peace. The doomed, headless souls continue to roam the streets, making themselves known to unsuspecting visitors, not unlike yourself.


Why is Honolulu So Haunted?


Bringing Honolulu’s Darkness to Light


A building meant as a safe haven for children became the sight where convicts would be sentenced to their gruesome deaths, and where one of the island’s most famous and disturbing trials took place. 


Visit the eerie site of the Hawaii Supreme Court, the former grounds for an orphanage that continues to be a ghostly hotspot where the sound of children’s laughter can be heard at the same time as eyewitnesses swear they also felt their pain. 


The tragedy of what became of the children is rivaled only by the horrific case of Thalia Massi, a woman who was married to murderer, Thomas Massie, that later took her own life following her husband’s pardon for the vicious murder of Joseph Kahahawai. Locals say she morosely roams the streets of Honolulu, reliving her nightmare and still whispering “something terrible has happened”. 


The Ramifications of Disturbing the Dead


Built in 1842, the Kawaiaha’o Church is the island’s first Christian-built church and holds the state’s oldest historic cemetery. However, these sacred grounds have since become the setting for an unnerving piece of Honolulu history. Walk on the very concrete that covers the former final resting place for hundreds of unfortunate souls who were buried in unmarked graves. 


Uncover the unsettling events that transpired when construction began on the multi-purpose center for the church. More than 600 remains were unearthed and though treated with the utmost care, the disturbance of the graves left hundreds of restless spirits in search of earthly remains, roaming the multipurpose building in search of peace. These sullen specters that provide employees and visitors with bone-chilling scares are only a portion of what gives the church its supernatural reputation.


Learn about the dog beast named Kaupe that guards the church and the graves of the island’s people. One account experienced by Officer Dios was detailed in a book about the island and features terrifying details of what happens when you meet its red-eyed gaze, all of which you’ll hear in full with Honolulu Haunts. 


Why Honolulu’s Past Continues to Be Resurrected


Surrounded by opulence and unbelievable beauty, it’s hard to believe this isolated paradise has been subject to callous violence and the brutalities of war. Embark on a journey through one of the most painful eras in history, and left a stain on parts of this oasis such as Honolulu Hale. Today, the building serves as a historic landmark that houses city-level government. Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, the basement of the building served as a morgue for casualties of war. 


The air of the building is heavy, weighted with the sorrow and death that occurred on that ill-fated day. The carnage experienced that day created a vile aura that haunts the building to this day. Both guards and employees refuse to enter the basement at night and even hesitate to enter it during the day. Reports include flickering lights and, more petrifying still, the sound of heavy breathing and the dragging of lifeless bodies. The otherworldly activity is so intense that new employees are warned of it during their first day of work, and the same goes for all who enter. 


What’s So Special About Honolulu Haunts?


See a Different, Darker Side of This Isolated Paradise


Headless apparitions from human sacrifices, the repercussions of unexpected suicides, and the ghosts of those that met an unjust demise are frequently seen in the incredibly active historic section of the city. Discover why the grounds of Kapiolani Park are forever marked as a place of bloodshed. Once the site of the battle of Nu’uanu, where the diseases of deceased warriors spread to Pali Lookout, the location is infamously known for being one of the most haunted locations in Hawaii.


Come with us to hear the island’s deepest, darkest secrets and learn the unpleasant truth about this popular tourist destination. Behind the floral leis and the magnetic culture lie remnants of hostile takeovers, inhumane punishments, and tortured souls that offer a different view of this stunning Utopia.


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventure You’ll Cherish Forever


Honolulu is no doubt the perfect place to escape and let your troubles slip away, with plenty to do for the whole family. Honolulu Haunts not only offers a fun and exciting way for the whole family to soak up the island but provides you with a firsthand look into the travesty and heartbreak that ravaged Honolulu’s past. 


Explore the Iolani Barracks where the very building you’ll see was the location where a Monarchy was overthrown. Honolulu’s unique and unruly past will be revealed as you hear details of the harrowing revolt that took place within the walls of this landmark building. It’s been said that on any given night you can hear the spine-chilling sounds of the revolt happening as it did all those years ago. Who knows? Your tour group may just be the next to hear the distressing sounds of this rebellion.


Be a Part of a Ghostly Community


From those interested in a good ghost story from time to time to avid lovers of the supernatural and the unknown, Honolulu Haunts offers something for everyone who enjoys dipping their toes into the spooky pool. The locations you’ll explore have been the focus of professional ghost hunts around the nation and have been featured on various television shows and YouTube channels, and have been the topics of numerous blogs and articles. 


The island’s inhabitants worked hard to retain their indigenous culture but the pain, anguish, savagery, and death they endured to do so left the island left a trail of ominous happenings and agitated souls. Forever tied to the place they were once forgotten, these spirits find ways to make sure no one will ever forget them again – including you.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Honolulu



1) You want to fun way to hear the history of Honolulu and Hawaii


Let’s face it. When it comes to a beautiful place like Honolulu, the stories you’ll hear are those that are filled with a triumphant history that made this incredible city what it is. That history, however, has another side to it and that’s exactly what you’ll hear on this tour. You’re here, so why not take in Honolulu in the best way possible? With a guided tour of expert tour guides that are ready to give you an exciting and engaging experience, and not afraid to give you a little scare.


2) You want to see ghosts!


Our tour is for skeptics and believers alike! While it can’t be guaranteed you’ll witness something you can’t quite explain, you will get plenty of thrills and chills on your tour. Many of the stops on our tour are spooky in broad daylight, but on cloudless nights they become even more disturbing. Add in your expert local guide’s narration of the murder, sickness, revolutions, and other violent acts, and you’ve got a potent mix guaranteed to give you an experience you will never forget. The stories of hauntings we tell at each stop on your tour are based on eyewitness accounts and long-lived local legends, and many of the sites boast decades of reported paranormal activity. We encourage you to take photos throughout your tour and to report any anomalies you witness!


3) You’re not really the “beach” person of the group.


It’s OK! Not everyone is a beach person. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience Honolulu, but if the beach isn’t for you and you’re looking for something a little more on the thrilling side, an authentic ghost tour just might be for you. There’s more to this amazing city than its stunning surroundings, and it’s far darker and grittier than a day on the sand. When the sun goes down, join us as the real fun begins.


4) You want a vacation you won’t forget.


When you head home from your vacation, do you really want to have the same photos that everyone else will have? What if we told you that if you take a tour with us, you might just capture some images that you won’t find anywhere else? It can happen. We encourage pictures on our tours and so do the spirits. Be sure to keep your camera ready because you never know who, or what might just make an appearance. Now THAT makes for an unforgettable vacation.


5) You want a different type of island tour.


Honolulu is a popular tourist spot and, from the moment you arrive, it’s easy to see why. The city is full of guided tours designed to show you points of interest and the beauty that is this incredible part of the world. But there’s more to it and the Honolulu Ghost Tour is where you’ll hear it. The history in Honolulu is rich… and terrifying. Get the whole grizzly story with tales that are too disturbing to be told anywhere else. 


6) You’re looking for something to entertain the entire family


The stories you’ll hear are true but are told with your family in mind. After all, you’re here for fun! Your tour guides will walk you to some of the most significant landmarks and monuments as well as discuss the apparitions that frequent them. It’s enough to give you chills, but not enough to keep you away from coming back. We want you to have so much fun you’ll begin planning your next Honolulu trip before you leave your first!

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