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Lizzie Borden House Hauntings

Accounts from real people captured on film or on photo

Haunting in the Dining Room
Vicky and Emily

On 8/7/22, two guests staying at the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, MA had a chilling unexplainable experience. Before the nightly Ghost Hunt, Vicky and her daughter Emily, from PA, were exploring the first floor of the house when a closet door (bottom left of the video) unlatched and slowly began to open by itself just after the lights went out on the guests.

The two guests were completely flabbergasted, but now have one of the best ghost stories to tell their friends!

Couple from Niagara Falls
Barry and Dee

Something unexplainable going bump in the night and a rogue shampoo bottle?! Dee explained that she heard ruffling in the John Morse Room, and even more frighteningly, she felt a flame moving along her back while sitting in bed. Barry set a shampoo bottle on a flat surface, however it was repeatedly knocked over again and again.

Even though these two folks had a chilling experience they admitted they would come back and even refer their friends!

Chilling Photo the Borden Basement
Aaron Kilby

This is truly one of the most chilling pieces of evidence we have ever received from a guest. Aaron was in the basement on the extended part of the House Tour in October 2022 when these photos were snapped. Shortly before this, Aaron remembers feeling very cold upstairs while getting spikes on his EMF Detector. The photos are unedited and you can see Aaron’s reflection taking the photos (red shirt left side of the frame), however one features an eerie reflection of what appears to be a woman. This coincides with the many reports of guests and staff who have also felt the presence of a woman in the basement, but nothing this discernible has ever been captured before!

Notice that the unexplainable reflection seems to appear out of nowhere compared to the other photo.

Andrew's Face in the Dining Room?
Lori McCallum

While on a house tour, Lori snapped this photo in the dining room and unknowingly captured the spooky image of what appears to be a face staring back at her. Even more creepy is that the face looks eerily familiar – perhaps Mr. Andrew Jackson Borden himself?

It’s difficult to tell for certain, but we’ll let you compare the images yourself. The first is unedited with a circle highlighting the face, the second has a photo of Andrew’s face overlaid to show matching proportions, and the third is a side-by-side.

Faces in the Bridget Sullivan Room
Stefanie Watkins

Stefanie, and her daughter Lilly, participated in one of our daily house tours and while alone in the Bridget Sullivan Room, snapped this incredible photo! Stefanie had this to say, “my fiancé, daughter and I took a tour on Monday, 5th (September 2022) and found this interesting photo I took in Bridget’s room. Mind you, my daughter and I were the only ones in the room. I personally see 2 women looking away, and then the dark face.” Lilly is fan of all things spooky, including the Lizzie Borden House, and was not afraid of this experience in the slightest!

What do you see?

Shadow Figure in the Parlor
Stefani Nale

Stefani, and her friends Kris and Krissy shared an unforgettable experience in the front parlor of the Lizzie Borden House. Kris, shown laying on the couch, reportedly asked the spirit of Mr. Borden about his reputation as a, “penny-pincher,” shortly before this photo was snapped. When Stefani later reviewed the photos, she could not believe what was captured! A shadow figure appears to be entering the room on the left side of the photo.

Stefani claimed she would definitely be coming back from New Jersey to try to recreate the eerie photo!

Haunting at the Welty House
Valerie and Matt

Valerie along with husband, Matt, recently spent a night at the Historic Welty House in Gettysburg, PA and shared a night they will not soon forget! Both Valerie and Matt realized something was off the moment they stepped foot on the property. From footsteps to the sounds of furniture dragging, and even a possible visual apparition, Valerie details the experience in this virtual interview.

While this most certainly isn’t the first account of a haunting at the Historic Welty House, it is our first documented interview! We are so thrilled to share this with you… we’re sure there will be many more experiences to share going forward!

A Gift in the Andrew Jennings Room

Boyd stayed at the Lizzie Borden House in March 2024 and left with a truly unexplainable experience. He arrived a bit earlier than other guests and had a few hours in the house alone. In that time he greeted the spirits of the house and invited them to communicate with him, if they felt so inclined. After settling in for a quiet night of reading, he stepped outside and bumped into some other guests that were just arriving and invited them to come see his room. Upon entering his room he notices a doll, that had not been there before, was now laying facedown on his bed.  He thanked the children for wanting to play with him and put the doll back where it belonged in the room neighboring his.

An Occurrence in the Hosea Knowlton Room
Tim W.

Tim explains a strange phenomena that he has experienced during his time at the Lizzie Borden House. Are you brave enough to put this to the test next time you stay overnight in the Hosea Knowlton Room?



Tales From a Housekeeper

In this video, Robin describes her day to day life as a housekeeper here, at the Lizzie Borden House. Would you dare work at one of the most haunted houses in America?

The Mystery of the Trapezing Photographs

Watch as Matt recounts a chilling experience he had in the Front Parlor of the Lizzie Borden House. In a room full of people a photograph is thrown from the table and spins several times, mid air, before falling to the horrified guests’ feet. What do you think?

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