The Devil’s Tree of New Jersey 

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Can something without consciousness be evil? Non-animated objects have been known to come equipped with sinister beginnings, eminence, and outcomes. Though, none is more atrocious than the cursed Devil’s Tree of New Jersey. The evil emanating from this solitary oak is so shockingly evil that during the frigid winter months of the northeastern seaboard, snow merely touches the ground, melting away like a furnace, producing heat upwards from the depths of hell itself. 

Dozens of African Americans lost their lives during the brutal lynching that plagued the stretches of the United States up until the 1950s. The Devil’s Tree hosts other tales of murder, mishap, and bad luck upon those who try to cut it down. US Ghost Adventures will unweave this tale and more below!

Klu Klux Klan and The Devil’s Tree

No one can prove that a tree can embody so much evil or that such a thing as hell or the Devil exists. But if there were a devil incite here on earth, it would be in the form of the white supremacy group, the “Klu Klux Klan.” The first branch of the Klan was formed in 1865 in Pulaski, Tennessee, in response to the Civil War’s end and the Confederacy’s disintegration. They became a racist muscle flex for the Democratic Party of the 1870s. 

They were attempting to uphold the supposed “lost cause” of the South in opposition to the Republican Party’s post-war racial policies. Their reach eventually spread to the rest of the United States as Jim Crow laws spread throughout the nation after Plessy V. Ferguson. In 1896, “separate but equal” became the law of the land. Their influence died off, but a revival occurred in 1915 and again in the 1950s and 60s in response to the African American Civil Rights movement. Even today, their presence is strongly felt across America. As of 2016, it is estimated there are 3,000-6,000 active members in the United States. 

Striking outwardly from the tree on the left-hand side is what is known as “The Hanging Branch.” As its name implies, this branch was used for the horrific purpose of hanging unarmed black men and women for “crimes” they often did not commit or were entirely made up. Up until modern times, this area of New Jersey was sparsely populated.

 It became the perfect spot for mass murders to be committed. Bodies were generally left there for days or weeks, swaying in the lonesome wind. Due to its isolation, The Devil’s Tree became a common place for suicides. Dozens, if not hundreds, of hangings have taken place here. A farmer murdered his entire family and then took his own life on the same branch. Those brave enough to climb it frequently hear the sounds of scratching and pounding coming from inside.

The Curse of The Devil’s Tree

Psychics state that the large amount of death surrounding the tree caused a vortex of evil energy, and some of these spirits are still trapped inside. Others claim that it has always been there; Satan himself sprouted the old oak into the air as a gateway to our earthly realm. There have been attempts to remove the branch, as nooses and dummies attached to them are often disgustingly seen hanging from it, but to no luck. 

There have even been attempts to remove the tree, but the township has decided against it as it attracts visitors to the remote area. According to locals, the tree takes the life of anyone attempting to cut it down. Some are bold or dumb enough to take bark from their branches. They often report the feeling of being followed home, and nightmares quickly ensue. Regular reports of an old man appearing at the foot of their bed late at night befall those who take from the Devil’s Tree. Some claim their hands turned black shortly after visiting the tree late one night. 

Simply touching the Devil’s Tree has its consequences. So what about those who dare to climb its unholy branches? It is said voices can be heard inside, ranging from the shrills of minor children to the guttural terror from something not of this world. A man only reported as “Steve K.” states as he listened in on the Devil himself upon the high-hanging branch. 

A noise emanated from the tree, growing with every pulsating beat as if the tree had a heartbeat. When it reached its apex, he was flung from the branch. He broke his ankle in two places. Needless to say, he has not returned to the tree since. A teenager visiting the tree decided to take their skepticism to the next level. He crudely decided to urinate upon the cursed oak in the act of youthful bravado.

The Black Car

The road along which the Devil’s Tree lies, Mountain Road, has become as large a part of the legend as the solitary oak itself. This same brave visitor found himself being chased by a black truck after doubting the existence of the spirits inside the tree, cursing the old oak. 

He claimed there was nothing to fear as he was out by The Devil’s Oak one evening with his classmates after urinating upon it in defiance of the old tale. He later found himself running off the road by a mysterious black truck. His gas pedal had stopped working altogether. His vehicle was now only revving forward as if the intention was never to come to a stop again. 

Headlights appear through the youth’s rearview mirror. The terrified teenagers soon found themselves tailgated by the terrorist truck. And then, at once, it was all over. The headlights were out of viewpoint, and all the children could see now was the back of the seat ahead of them.

They sustained minor injuries, but the legend of the Devil’s Tree’s local protectorate lives on in the minds of locals and visitors alike. Oddly enough, it has been noted on several occasions as always being a Ford F 150. Its headlight followed many travelers down the old mountain road away from the Devil’s Tree. Although we here at US Ghost Adventures don’t wish anyone a visit from this phantom follower, we do advise you to continue reading our blog for the most harrowing tales of horror available.