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Celebrity ghost hauntings aren’t as uncommon as you might think. Even more when the celebrity died in mysterious or violent ways. Some hauntings aren’t only by stars themselves, sometimes the celebrity was haunted in life before they died. In any case, there are cases of being both the haunted and the haunter in the world of celebrity ghost hauntings!

Al Capone

Al Capone

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A notorious gangster from the 1920s, Al “Scarface” Capone, led a violent and formidable life.  His involvement in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre left Capone free and clear to walk away.  However, this wasn’t the case for James “Jimmy” Clark, who Capone gunned down in cold blood. It’s said that good old Jimmy stuck around in the afterlife to haunt Capone. 

While Capone was serving time at Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania, Jimmy would yell at Capone, “Leave me alone!” When Capone was released from prison, he hired a psychic to rid the ghost of Jimmy.  However, this didn’t work.

Capone also did time at the infamous Alcatraz in San Francisco.  Both prisons are notorious for being haunted. It’s no wonder Capone stuck around in his own afterlife to torment guards at Alcatraz.  Reports are the sound of a banjo playing in the cell Capone occupied while incarcerated. Capone played the banjo in an inmate band called “The Rock Islanders.”

Amy Winehouse

Musician Amy Winehouse was no stranger to the paranormal during her short twenty-seven years on earth.  Her grandmother used to appear to her in her sleep after she died.

This may have left Amy vulnerable to the paranormal.  She fled from her townhouse in 2008 after a ghost named Henry gave her the spooks.  She was actually attacked by the entity, leaving with scratches on her arms she claimed he made.  Winehouse refused to enter a small bedroom in the same home because she believed a young child died in the room.

Winehouse claimed she was visited by fellow musician Michael Jackson. Jackson told her to get her stuff straightened out or lose everything.

After she died, Amy’s father reported that his daughter appears to him as a spiritual presence.  Later, he claims she came to him as a blackbird, much like the tattoo on her arm.  Her visits come around her birthday, which is a common occurrence among ghost hauntings.  Birthdays and the anniversary of someone’s death.

Others claim Winehouse’s ghost appears to them.  Not only to friends but also to strangers.  Some claims are her warnings that Kevin Sheridan from Bedfordshire was suffering in pain and needed help, and no one knew who he was. Other claims are the police were using voodoo to curse people.  Naturally, authorities denied the claims.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

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The untimely (although not completely surprising) death of Pop King Michael Jackson uncomfortably stirred the entire world.  Shock and disbelief panged the hearts of his fans. 

Not long after Jackson’s death, Larry King sent a film crew to Neverland to film.  After the clip became public, many paranormal believers say Jackson’s ghost appears at the end of the hallway.  The film crew, which included Marlon Brando’s son Miko said they were unaware of the apparition during filming.  Naturally, the film was scrutinized by skeptics who claim it may have been a crew member’s shadow.

Michael’s sister Latoya claims Michael’s presence is felt around the Encino home they shared.  She says there are sounds of tap dancing across his form room while the family dogs look towards the ceiling when they hear the noise.

Again, Amy Winehouse claimed to be told by Jackson to sober up.  Perhaps she should have listened to him.  The monkey on her back took her from the earthly realm a short two years after Jackson’s death.

Lucille Ball

The world’s favorite red-haired funny-woman is said to haunt the property of the Beverly Hills house she and her first husband Desi Arnaz purchased in the mid-1950s.  After her second husband sold the house, the new owners tore down and rebuilt another structure.  But this didn’t stop Lucy from coming back to the property and neighborhood she so loved.

A friend of Lucy’s passed by the house during demolition for one last glance.  He saw a tall, slender redhead looking upset and confused through the fence of what remained of the house.  He realized it was Lucy’s ghost.  The ghost walked around the corner of the structure and disappeared.

Although the old house was demolished and a new house built, Lucy is said to hang around the attic of the new one.  Her spirit is said to be “playful” and “impulsive,” often rearranging furniture and boxes in the attic.

One witness claims he heard the sounds of a party and loud voices trying to talk over it going on upstairs.  Lucy was known to be a party girl!

The homeowners accept Lucy’s presence and would never exorcise or remove her spirit from the property.  Her ghost is simply a part of the property she loved and adored.

Reasonably so, Lucy’s ghost is also seen at the former Desilu Studios, where her show was produced.  Her apparition is seen on the upper floors of the building, accompanied by the flowery scent of her favorite perfume.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was a beautiful blond-bomb actress and model the world loved.  Some, maybe a little too much.  She died in 1962 at the age of thirty-six from an assumed drug overdose. Rumors have it she may have been murdered due to her involvement with certain people.  This being the case, she may have come back in the afterlife to set matters straight about her death.

People who visited her former Brentwood home where she died claim to see her ghost.  The most notable hauntings are at Marilyn’s favorite hotel, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. It’s reported an apparition of Marilyn is seen in the full-length mirror in the lobby.  Her ghost is seen dancing in the ballroom and in the Cabana Suite, room 1200.  This was the favorite room Marilyn spent many visits in during her career.

Marilyn’s ghost is seen all over Hollywood. Sitting on a bench on the Santa Monica Pier and nearly every restroom in town. From the Hollywood Roosevelt to the El Capitan to the Knickerbocker. 

Marilyn is the #1 sought out ghost in Hollywood.

John Lennon

John Lennon

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Another shocking death was the murder of John Lennon. In 1980, Lennon was shot in the back four times by Mark David Chapman on the steps to the entrance of the famed Dakota building in New York City.    Lennon and his wife Yoko lived in the building before his death. 

When Lennon occupied the apartment, he claimed to see UFOs out of his window.  He also claimed to see a ghostly figure of a woman roaming the halls.  He called the apparition “Crying Lady Ghost.”

After his death, Lennon allegedly returned to the building.  Many have seen his spirit in the entryway where he was shot, shrouded in a veil of white light.  Other reports inside of his apartment are his ghost seen sitting and playing his guitar.  Paul McCartney claimed his spirit appeared to him while he was finishing one of Lennon’s unfinished symphonies.

Elvis Presley

Along with Marilyn, Elvis ranks top dog as the most sought out ghost.  Many believe he didn’t actually die from a heart attack at Graceland in 1977.  But some who believe he is really dead seek his ghost or spirit.  Maybe this is to avoid closure, or perhaps it’s to simply make sense of the unexplained.

At any rate, the king of rock ‘n’ roll ‘appears’ to have stuck around in the afterlife.  He is sighted all over Graceland, hanging out in the kitchen and peering from an upstairs window. Ex-wife Priscilla Presley says she speaks to him regularly.

Presley is also seen at the Knickerbocker Hotel like Marilyn Monroe.  His favorite room, however, was room 1016.  Wayne Newton claims to have seen Elvis’s ghost at the Las Vegas Hilton while performing.  Undoubtedly Elvis performed there too once upon a time.  Apparently, Elvis, a true celebrity performer, believes the show must go on!

A phantom convertible driven by Elvis’s ghost has been seen cruising the Las Vegas strip.  Music was Elvis’s passion and could be why his ghost has been seen at the old RCA Recording Studio in Memphis.

Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden

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Delving a little deeper into history, Lizzie Borden became a different kind of celebrity than the others.  But she was (and still is) a star all the same. Lizzie Borden became a celebrity after the heinous axe murders of her father and stepmother in Fall River, MA, in 1893.

If you’re familiar with the story, you can understand why she would return in her afterlife.

Lizzie was accused, charged, and tried for the gruesome murders of her parents.  A jury found her not guilty, and she was acquitted of all charges.

But the mystery remains.  Did Lizzie Borden take an axe and give her mother forty whacks?  And when she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one? 

To this day, no one knows who killed the Borden parents. Lizzie’s ghost is seen about both the Lizzie Borden House where the murders took place and Maplecroft Mansion, where she lived out her days after she was acquitted.

Celebrity ghosts and hauntings go on and on.  Never say never if you’re a skeptic of the paranormal.  All those bumps you hear in the night or objects out of the corner of your eye, or even that cold, swift breeze you feel could, in all actuality, be someone from the beyond trying to capture your attention!

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