Ghosts of Pinkie Masters

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Ghosts of Pinkie Masters - Photo

Savannah is one of the most haunted cities in America, and for good reason — the city has seen it all. From a Yellow Fever epidemic that killed almost 5,000 people, to Civil War involvement, this southern charmer has its fair share of tragedy.

Savannah is not only known for its history, but for its nightlife and culinary options. One bar, Pinkie Masters, is as woven into the fabric of Savannah as any other spot in its historic district. With southern hospitality and drinks like no other, it’s no wonder that Pinkie Masters was frequented by some pretty well-known names.

A Bit of Bar History

Since 1951, Pinkie Masters has remained virtually unchanged. It’s one of the oldest running bars in downtown Savannah and continues to be the best dive in the city. It’s a great spot for cheap drinks, amazing music, and colorful patrons.

Originally called ‘The Rainbow Grill,’ visitors began to call the bar ‘Pinkies’ in honor of its original owners, Luis Chris Masterpolis, or Pinkie, as he was known. It’s said that Luis was a bootlegger who got involved in the business just so he could get close to politicians. Pinkie Masters is known for its history and love of Pabst Blue Ribbon, and at one point, that’s all that was on tap. Pinkies has been the local go-to and has even seen the likes of politicians like Jimmy Carter and Al Gore. Celebrities flock to the dive to get a real taste of Savannah’s history, and regulars treat the lounge as a second home.

Spirits at the Spirited Pinkie Masters

The ghosts of Pinkie Masters are different than what first comes to mind. Pinkie Masters was (and still is) a place of relaxation, letting a load off, coming in to see your pals after a hard day’s work, and throwing a few games of darts. The bar is filled with the echoes of favorite songs and belly laughs. People of Savannah’s past saw Pinkie’s as their home away from home, a haven in the streets of the historic city.

The original owner was friends with President Jimmy Carter, who actually announced his intentions to run for office inside the four walls of Pinkies. Pinkie Masters has always prided itself on being welcoming — to everyone. That sentiment rings true, as the bar is known for its eclectic crowd. A few reports of strange activity have come out of the bar. Visitors almost always feel an otherworldly presence with them as they sip their favorite drink. Perhaps on your visit, you’ll hear a song from your past, meet an old friend, or reminisce about days gone by. These are the ghosts of Pinkie Masters, the ones that follow each and every one of us as memories of good times gone by.

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