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Friendly ghosts and storied antiques make their presence known at the Nob Hill Inn on your haunted San Francisco tour with US Ghost Adventures. Book now.
San Francisco’s famous fire of the early 1900s left much destruction in its wake. While it gave rise to the rebirth of architecture in the city, it also left many souls wandering their former homes—so they say.

The Nob Hill Inn is one of these locations frequented by apparitions, and while many people are scared to visit the spot for themselves, those who do usually find something they weren’t expecting. You can only understand if you visit it yourself, and what better way to do that than with a San Francisco haunted tour from US Ghost Adventures?

Scary Ghosts or Haunted Hilarity?

Most people expect ghosts to have devious intentions. However, not all lost souls have stayed on earth to terrify. Nob Hill Inn is the perfect example of this. 

The inn was built soon after the fire of 1906 on top of an unknown building. Strangely enough, many believe the inn only became haunted after those who died on the site moved in for an eternal stay. 

It may seem the ghosts are out for revenge, but most visitors report nothing short of haunted hilarity and practical jokes. It’s well-known that these ghosts simply want to make their presence known, and they do so with minor pranks here and there.

A toiletry may go missing, or the locks may get rattled. The soap may disappear only to reappear after a guest finishes showering. It’s a refreshing departure from so many of the usual ghost stories.

Antiques Come to Life

Another theory about why the Nob Hill Inn is so haunted today goes back to the elegant antiques that decorate every corner of the hotel. Each guest room and the lobby and common areas showcase curated antiques that date back centuries ago. 

Could these objects carry with them spirits from past lives? It’s one way to explain the number of apparitions spotted throughout the hotel and why reports of sightings increased as the hotel became more decorated.

More Entities than Rooms

Today, the inn offers 21 guest rooms, yet, to date, there have been at least 22 ghostly apparitions spotted. That leaves one spirit to haunt each room, with an additional spirit to take over the lobby and common areas. It’s safe to say that nowhere is truly “safe” from these friendly spirits.

Another theory why this number has grown is that after renovations a few years ago, the spirits were pleased with the updates, alerting other spirits and inviting them to join them.

Haunted San Francisco, CA

Despite its reputation for progressive change, San Francisco still has some locations that linger in the past. If you’re a curious mind, join us for a haunted San Fransico tour through US Ghost Adventures and discover if the spooky stories are all that visitors chalk them up to be.

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