Spirits of the 17Hundred90 Inn

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The 17Hundred90 Inn in Savannah, Georgia is a hotspot for ghost aficionados and foodies alike. With an extensive history and an even larger menu, the 17Hundred90 Inn is well known for its spirits. Following the American Revolution and Independence from England, Savannah was just a small sandy city with roads for horses, wooden framed buildings, and a dream.

The 17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant are housed in what once were three separate residences. The western part of the building was a duplex built by Steel White between 1821 and 1823. The smaller section of the inn was built by the Powers family in 1888. The ground level is thought to be part of an even older previous structure, possibly destroyed in the Great Savannah Fire of 1820.

So, who are the spectral regulars of the restaurant? Let’s start with the history of this gorgeous Savannah inn!

History of the 19Hundred90

Located on East President Street just west of Columbia Square, the 17Hundred90 is Savannah’s oldest inn. It occupies a building that dates back to 1790, hence the name, thus predating the foundation of the square itself. The building is in Savannah’s Historic District, of course.

In 1790, Savannah had a free election for a mayor of their city and city council. The formation of a government in Savannah started that very same year. The 19Hundred90 Inn was built to help celebrate the heritage of the village that Savannah once was. Today, it’s one of the oldest operating inns and offers lodging and fine dining.

Across the street from the main Inn is a three-story guest house. It’s on York Street and was built there in 1875. It was said that the hand-painted ceilings were done by a Norwegian shipbuilder who painted to pay his rent. The inn was also used as a boarding house before it was remodeled and became the structure it is today.

The inn’s pieces were built over time by separate people, including Steele White and the Powers family. The inn has had its fair share of tragedy over the years, including the suicide of one of the Powers’ daughters, Anna, who is now seen time and time again as an apparition in the inn.

Ghosts of the 17Hundred90 Inn

With the inn’s centuries-old history, it’s no surprise a few ghosts call it home. The possibility of having a run-in with a spirit during your stay is high, and while most of the ghosts at the 17Hundred90 are friendly, one of them, thought to be a voodoo practitioner, is not so nice.


The most well-known ghost at the 17Hundred90 Inn is undoubtedly the spirit of a woman named Anna. Anna is seen on the top floor of the inn, specifically in Room 204. Anna seems to enjoy messing with guests and their belongings, especially those of guests who stay in her room.

People who feel the presence of Anna in Room 204 report their bed sheets being tugged in the middle of the night, as well as a woman’s sobbing after dark.

Who is Anna? Why is she still wandering around the inn?

The story says that Anna was a woman who used to live on the property when it was a residence. There are a couple of variations of the Anna story, but both tell of a woman who was suffering from a broken heart, committing suicide by jumping off of the railing of her second-story balcony.

One variation tells of Anna, who was the wife of the builder Steele White. Steele died in a horse riding accident in 1823. Obviously, Anna was devastated, prompting her to kill herself to escape the pain of her broken heart.

The problem with this version is that after Steele died, his wife moved to the Isle of Hope, just south of Savannah. She lived out her life with her sister and brother-in-law. The part of the building that Anna supposedly jumped from wasn’t even built during her time at the inn as it was constructed in 1888. So, if Anna White isn’t the ghost, who else could she be?

In 1888, the Powers family bought the building that now houses the 17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant. They also added the third and final part of the main building, which was the part with the balconies. Could this Anna be the ghost that roams about the inn? History doesn’t seem to support this version, either.

Anna Powers lived to be in her 80s, and until the time of her death, she lived at 128 Lincoln Street, where the inn is located now. So if it’s not Anna White, and she’s not Anna Powers — who is this female spirit that’s so commonly encountered at the historic inn?

The final version of Anna’s story is that she was a bride-to-be who fell in love with a sailor who wasn’t her beau-to-be. She is said to have thrown herself to her death from the window onto the brick courtyard below just as the sails of his ship disappeared over the horizon, leaving her in a marriage she did not want to be in. Some suggest that she was pushed from the window by her angry husband-to-be, who had paid for her trip to Savannah.

Perhaps the spirit of Anna is someone who was associated with the building itself but did not die there. Maybe she is one of the former residents. Whoever she is, she’s always friendly to guests.


A boy named Thaddeus is sometimes seen on the ground of the tavern and restaurant. He leaves pennies lying on tables and the bar as gifts for patrons. He is also friendly and said to be experienced through warm spots and a comforting, unexplainable presence.

A Not-So-Friendly Kitchen Ghost

Another spirit at the 17Hundred90 Inn is believed to be that of a past Voodoo practitioner. This spirit has taken up residence in the kitchen. This one is much more sinister and isn’t very fond of women in the kitchen area. This ghost is said to throw pots and pans, push people, and prank the female kitchen staff.

While women are alone in the kitchen, they hear the sounds of someone moving around in there with them, with the sounds of pots clanging and cupboards slamming. The staff believe this is the spirit of a servant who used to work for the family who lived in the home. She was believed to be a well-known Voodoo practitioner. No one is sure why she’s so angry or why she had such an issue with women, but it’s suggested that you watch your back if you’re anywhere near the kitchen during your stay at the inn.

In Conclusion

The best way to get up close and personal with the spirits of the 17Hundred90 is to visit the inn and book a room! If this is a bit too close but you still want to experience the hauntings of Savannah, book a group tour with us to explore this haunted southern city!


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