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Welcome To Greensboro's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Deadly wars, injustice, and massacres conjured the unsettling, terrifying phenomena that grip Greensboro. Discover why the dead refuse to be forgotten in The Gate City.

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The city’s hotels, theaters, and schools are alive with the spirits of malice and murder. Join Greensboro Ghosts for a terrifying trek over the remains of Greensboro’s bloody battlefields and countless cemeteries to reveal the eerie truths lying underneath these cursed foundations.

Greensboro Ghost

All tours meet in front of Blandwood Museum, 447 W Washington St, Greensboro, NC
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Greensboro

Welcome to Greensboro Ghosts

Dizzying amounts of the dead lie in wait all around the many unsuspecting visitors to Greensboro. Let Greensboro Ghosts show you how the city’s many haunted locations gained such a sordid and vile reputation on a ghost tour of downtown Greensboro.


Let The Bodies Hit The Floor


A mind-shattering number of corpses were once scattered across Greensboro’s various battlefields, and slowly but surely, the town was built on top of them. Battered and bruised, these bodies may have dissipated into the soil, but the souls within them still roam the blood-soaked fields where they were laid to rest. 


Journey with Greensboro Ghosts on our spine-tingling ghost tour to the Guilford County Courthouse. Who are the soldiers that roam the battlefield where the original courthouse once sat? Many remain nameless, but their appearances strike fear in the hearts of unlucky visitors to this historic park. 


The Guildford County Courthouse National Military Park has its fair share of reenactments, but on certain days, it can be hard to tell who is an actor and who is from the “ever-after.” Reports of silent soldiers staring into the void and vanishing into thin air have populated local legend for years, and mysterious fogs have produced marching troops still fighting a war two hundred years ago. 


Will their restless souls ever find peace? Listen to these tales of otherworldly intrigue with Greensboro Ghosts on a hair-raising trek through the corpse-ridden grounds of downtown Greensboro. 


What Will I See?


Visit Greensboro’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Biltmore Hotel – The Biltmore Hotel, built in 1905, once operated as an office for denim makers supplying Levi Strauss with their precious materials. As the years passed, it became an apartment complex and later a hotel. But, some guests never left. Room 332 is home to a peculiar ghost who prefers female…feet. Does his gruesome death being thrown from the 3rd floor have anything to do with his odd obsession? 


  • M’Coul’s – A friendly Irish pub with a sin-filled history, M’Coul’s was once home to The Piedmont Hotel, a salacious brothel operating until the 1960s. Now, the ghosts of three female workers are said to predict pregnancies and laugh about unheard rumors in the bathrooms. They are joined by one lonely spirit only looking for a strong drink and companionship. 


  • Carolina Theatre – The Greek-inspired Carolina Theatre was opened in 1927 and nearly met a fiery end in 1981 when a mentally unstable patron tried to burn the city to the ground. She ended up being the only victim of her bout with arson, and her phantom has been seen pacing back and forth in the mezzanine ever since.


On Wednesdays, The Dead Wear Pink 


Sinful actions filled the streets and buildings of Greensboro’s early days. Even if the purpose of these buildings began with pure intentions, the darker side of humanity always seemed to prevail within them. Such is the case of the infamous Biltmore Hotel. 


Walk with Greensboro Ghosts to this hotel named after the illustrious Vanderbilt family. It was once the state-of-the-art office for a major denim producer, but unsolved murders and earth-shattering explosions have plagued the building since it opened as an apartment complex and, later, a hotel. 


Guests come from far and wide to stay in the infamous “pink room.” Painted in the favored color of a sex worker who lost her life to a rageful client, this room is known for a slew of unexplained activity. Find out what happens when her room is disturbed, and learn more about who – or what – inhabits Room 332 and disturbs the living with Greensboro Ghosts.


A Spirit Scorched


Specters ooze out of the 111 cemeteries that fill the city and often peak their putrid minds into our world. The spiritual remnants of Greensboro’s many cemeteries intersect almost every aspect of daily life, including entertainment. And we aren’t just talking about our ghost tours. 


Wander with us to the Carolina Theatre as we will fill you in on the many phantoms that inhabit this 1920s theater. Who is the little boy the theatre dubbed “Christopher” that rattles doorknobs and moves chairs across the floor? Does the presence of a cemetery next door have anything to do with his eerie presence?


Greensboro Ghosts unveils his story along with the shocking tale of a mentally disturbed woman thirsty for revenge. Her vow that “Greensboro will burn to the ground” resulted in a single death: her own. The theater may have been rebuilt, but it wasn’t the only thing that was resurrected. When the curtains fall, the darkness of the city calls. Feel the horror so many theatre workers and patrons felt on our nightly haunted ghost tours of downtown Greensboro.


Why is Greensboro so Haunted?


Knock Knock. Who’s There?


Pestilence and plague play a part in the ghostly abnormalities of Greensboro, hidden deep within even the most common places. Lovers of all things macabre will be pleased to hear of the horrors of the Central Carolina Convalescent Hospital, also known as Greensboro’s most tainted storage building. 


Let Greensboros Ghosts guide you through the web of historic haunts that make up most of The Gate City’s cursed infrastructure while listening to the blood-curling encounters experienced by former employees of animal services. They once occupied the building, along with the ghosts of polio victims, Civil Rights protestors, and senior citizens. 

Learn about the shadow figures and phantom knocks that keep employees bewildered. Who continues to spook employees by locking doors right in front of them? Pull back the veil on this former jail, nursing home, and institute of death and disease with Greensboro Ghosts. You’ll have a night you’ll never forget, no matter how hard you try. 


Higher Education and Higher Haunts


North Carolina is known as a hub of education in the South, but Greensboro’s education system is known for something different. Littered with spirits, the halls and dorms of the city’s most prestigious schools offer more than just higher learning. 


Huddle around your experienced tour guide at the Elon University School of Law and hear about the many different hauntings that plague the city’s many schools. Twenty-one bodies were buried in one grave over at Guilford College. Could that be why a phantom soldier has been seen watching music majors? 


On warm summer days, icy blasts roll through Mary Faust residence hall’s dorms, and certain students have been awoken at 6 a.m. by sounds similar to a car crashing. But when they went to investigate, nothing was there. Dig deep and gather the courage to experience the unbridled truth behind Greensboro’s most haunted colleges. The dozens of reports of unexplained activity very well may cause you to lose your beauty sleep. 


What’s so Special About the Greensboro Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Darker Side of Greensboro’s Shiny Facade


Many modern buildings line the blue sky over Greensboro, disguising the old, putrid violence rotting underneath them. Look up while at the corner of Washington and Blandwood, and you’ll see what looks like an inviting apartment complex. But what happened here that now causes so much panic in the nearby park? 


Uncover the hauntings that are said to be caused by a former owner believed to be upset at what’s been done to his eternal home. Gaze at the water fountain in the park, and you may see traces of his face like so many others have before.


A Once in a Lifetime Experience to a True Ouija Board Horror Story


The mysteries of the spirit world take many forms, some more tangible than others. Gather around the enigmatic Greensboro Masonic Temple and listen in as your guide through the unexplainable tells you about the writer William Sidney Porter. He was better known by his pen name, O. Henry. 

O. Henry may be the only author to have his ghost be credited as a writer. But how can that be? If you add an Ouija Board into the equation, things make a lot more sense. Debate the truth to the claim that a fellow author summoned his soul in 1918 to compose O. Henry’s final work with Greensboro Ghosts. They say it sounded like his writing, so could it be?


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


North Carolina’s haunted battlefields, misery-filled hotels, and baffling mysteries come to life every night with Greensboro Ghosts. If you love the unexplainable and unknown, you’ll find others here to rejoice over their perpetual stranglehold on our imaginations. Dive deep into the wonderfully macabre world of cemeteries and battlefields that created the pool of souls roaming around Greensboro’s most wickedly terrible locations. Greensboro Ghosts brings together other twisted fans of the otherworldly for a night of unbridled spooky fun.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Are Looking For Unique Things To Do In Greensboro


Greensboro is known for its place in African American history, a stop on the Underground Railroad, and a primary battle site for the Civil Rights movement. It’s also known for its many historic battlefields, cemeteries, and extensive military history. If you’ve made the rounds around Greensboro and are looking for something different to do, take a ghost tour with Greensboro Ghosts! You’ll discover the dark history behind the city that you never knew existed. 


2) You Want To Get The Kids Out Of The Hotel


While our tours dance around some pretty adult subjects, the mystery and mayhem they are wrapped up in are family-friendly! If you’ve taken the family to the Greensboro Science Center and are running out of ideas, contact Greensboro Ghosts. We’ll have them captivated by these tales of terror and worn out by the time you return to the hotel from all that walking. 


3) You Want A Different Kind Of Date Night


Our tours are great for everyone, even if you live in Greensboro. Take your significant other out for a night on the town. Walk off that meal after a few drinks and dinner with Greensboro Ghosts and discover a side of your city you never knew existed. You’ll be huddled next to each other in no time, making for a romantic night. 


4) You Are Making A Stop In Greensboro On Your Road Trip


If you’ve been on the road for several days and find yourself in Greensboro, why not make the most of it? Take a ghost tour with Greensboro Ghosts and learn the haunted history of The Gate City. In addition, you’ll get acquainted with the downtown area, and our guides know all the best spots to eat and drink after the tour. 


5) You Love Revolutionary War History


You’ve been to nearly every other battleground in the United States, and Greensboro is one of the last on your list. Or is it your first? Either way, trust Greensboro Ghosts to give you a rundown of the city’s prevalent military history. While the tours don’t cover the battlefields themselves, there are loads of information about the ghosts that haunt them that most park rangers won’t mention!

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