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Virtual Tours: Enjoy frighteningly fun ghost tours - from home!

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Walk the streets with us on a LIVE ghost tour.
Each week, we’ll feature a live ghost tour with one of our tour guides in two cities!

In light of COVID-19, we decided to feature live video ghost tours through the streets of over 20 cities. Then, we loved the idea of allowing everyone anywhere to take a ghost tour without traveling, and decided to make this a normal part of our offering.


Please see the list of cities and dates below. Showings will be held in the evening (typically 7pm in the local time zone), but please reference details in the booking information at checkout and in your email confirmation. Tickets are $15 per viewer.

We also have on demand shows at $13 per viewing which can be watched anytime!

Watch Now

On Demand GhostFlix lets you view past live events that have been recorded and saved so you can watch on your own schedule. Unlike live events, these are available at any time!

Title Book
Lizzie Borden 129th Anniversary Reenactment WATCH
Lizzie Borden House Tour WATCH
Gatlinburg Haunts - Gatlinburg, TN WATCH
Orlando Haunts - Orlando, FL WATCH
Philly Ghosts - Philadelphia, PA WATCH
Phoenix Ghosts - Phoenix, AZ WATCH
Nashville Ghosts, Nashville TN WATCH
Colonial Ghosts - Williamsburg, VA WATCH
Old City Ghosts - St. Augustine, FL WATCH
Seattle Terrors - Seattle, WA WATCH
Savannah Terrors - Savannah, GA WATCH
San Francisco Ghosts - San Francisco, CA WATCH
San Diego Ghosts - San Diego, CA WATCH
Salem Ghosts - Salem, MA WATCH
Portland Ghosts - Portland, OR WATCH
NYC Ghosts - New York City, NY WATCH
NOLA Ghosts - New Orleans, LA WATCH
LA Ghosts - Los Angeles, CA WATCH
Vegas Ghosts - Las Vegas, NV WATCH
Civil War Ghosts - Gettysburg, PA WATCH
Denver Terrors - Denver, CO WATCH
Boston Ghosts - Boston, MA WATCH
DC Ghosts - Washington D.C. WATCH
Windy City Ghosts - Chicago, IL WATCH
Charleston Terrors - Charleston, SC WATCH
Asheville Terrors - Asheville, NC WATCH

Tours In Action

Our guides switch between telling stories about the haunted locations to the camera, and showing you the buildings and places that are haunted in big cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, or more quaint attractions like St. Augustine, Gettysburg, and Asheville.

Ghostflix Tours In Action


Albuquerque, NM
Duke City Ghosts
Alexandria, VA
Alexandria Ghosts
Annapolis, MD
Annapolis Ghosts
Asheville, NC
Asheville Terrors
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Ghosts
Atlantic City, NJ
Atlantic Ghosts
Austin, TX
Austin Ghosts
Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Ghosts
Birmingham, AL
Birmingham Ghosts
Boston, MA
Boston Ghosts
Charleston, SC
Charleston Terrors
Charlotte, NC
Queen City Ghosts
Charlottesville, VA
Charlottesville Ghosts
Chattanooga, TN
Chattanooga Ghosts
Cheyenne, WY
Cheyenne Ghosts
Chicago, IL
Windy City Ghosts
Cincinnati, OH
Cincinnati Ghosts
Cleveland, OH
Cleveland Ghosts
Dallas, TX
Dallas Terrors
Deadwood, SD
Deadwood Ghosts