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Need a pint of the good stuff before learning the ghastly tales of Gettysburg’s most historic haunts and Spirits? Try the new Battlefield Brews and Boo’s Haunted Pub Crawl for to make some haunted memories and stories of your own!

Haunted Pub Crawl
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Approximately 2 hours

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Arrive 10 minutes early and allow time for parking.

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Gettysburg’s Haunted History

Gettysburg – even the name stirs up emotions and history that almost every American knows well. The site of the Battle of Gettysburg, fought from July 1st to July 3rd – which is considered to be the most important engagement of the American Civil War. After those harrowing three days were through, 23,000 Union troops had perished. But that’s not all – 28,000 Confederate soldiers also lost their lives to the battle. With so much bloodshed in one place, it’s no surprise that Gettysburg is considered one of the most haunted locations in the country. Just stepping foot into the city will send chills down your spine. After the battle, many of the surviving soldiers flocked to the pubs to celebrate their victory – and their lives!

Walk in the footsteps of these troops and join a Battlefield Brews and Boo’s Haunted Pub Crawl to learn all about Gettysburg’s history with a few libations!

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