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Welcome To Gettysburg's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Walk alongside ghosts of the Civil War’s most decisive battle and join a Gettysburg ghost tour tonight to hear the gripping stories of its ghosts and hauntings.

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Tread on hallowed ground where Civil War soldiers fell and the eerie presence of their lost souls persists to this very day. They want to be heard – will you listen?

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

Civil War Ghosts of Gettysburg Tour

Walk alongside the ghosts of the Civil War tonight to hear the gripping stories of its ghosts and hauntings

Civil War Ghosts of Gettysburg Ultimate Dead of Night Haunted Ghost Tour

Tread on hallowed ground where Civil War soldiers fell and the eerie presence of their lost souls persists to this very day

Wonder Women of Gettysburg: Hidden Valor

Learn about the incredible women who played a behind-the-scenes role and became unsung heroines of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Gettysburg Battlefield Tour

Join this private battlefield tour, as an expert licensed battlefield guide will ride with you and cover the most integral parts of every iconic location of the Battle of Gettysburg, right on the national battlefield of Gettysburg.

Gettysburg Historic District Drink Tour

Join Us On A Leisurely Brew Tour Of The Town’s Most Distinguished Watering Holes

Gettysburg Brew Tour

Join Us For a Foodie’s Fiesta Touring Gettysburg’s Most Distinguished Watering Holes

Secrets of Gettysburg Tour

Explore the untold stories and little-known facts of this legendary small town on the Secrets of Gettysburg Tour.

The Historic Welty House Ghost Hunt

Join us for a limited capacity (16 persons) ghost hunt in this newly opened area in Gettysburg, never before available to the public.

Gettysburg Historic Downtown Food Tour

Join us for a tasty tour of four establishments through downtown Gettysburg, with farm fresh produce, nationally loved comfort foods, traditional pastries, and chocolates made by a top chocolatier.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Gettysburg

Welcome to Civil War Ghosts

Soldiers’ Final Resting Place…or Killing Ground Filled With Restless Souls?


The Battle of Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle ever to take place on American soil and the tormented souls of its dead soldiers continue to haunt the town and Battlefield still nestled in the quiet landscape of southern Pennsylvania. The pain and agony of the spirits who died over the course of those three, unspeakable days of fighting was so intense that its echoes have never faded, despite the fact that the historic event took place over 150 years ago.


Almost 50,000 Union and Confederate soldiers, who fought under generals Robert E. Lee and Ulysses E. Grant, drew their final dying breaths fighting for their lives and country, and many have never left, roaming the countryside and becoming the source of some of the most bone-chilling ghost sightings and hauntings of Gettysburg and the entire country.


Immerse yourself in the area’s tumultuous history and encounter the ghosts of the Civil War by walking the frightening and shadowy paths of Baltimore Street on a Gettysburg ghost tour. Experience firsthand the disturbing dark truths of this legendary town and visit some of the most historic and haunted buildings in the country while witnessing soldiers in blues or grays reliving some of the most terrifying moments of American History.


What Will I See and Do?


America’s Most Haunted Battlefield Surrounds the Civil War’s Most Haunted Buildings


From the Farnsworth House Inn, that sheltered Confederate sharpshooters who were wrongly accused for the death of an innocent civilian and is now a popular bed and breakfast, to the heroic story and biography of Tillie Pierce, the tales of the infamous battle were written by those who lived through it.


Listen breathlessly on a nighttime ghost tour as the unsettling accounts are told by local experts and historians who will recount the exact details of how those tragic events unfolded and why they birthed all manner of unexplained ghostly activity that the town of Gettysburg is notoriously known for.


Visitors to the area frequently report seeing the bone-chilling apparitions of long-dead soldiers who once occupied places like the old Adams County Courthouse, where the shadow of a wounded fighter is spotted wandering the property, possibly searching for the rest of his regiment.


A Forsaken Town Plagued by Violence, Death, and Tragic Memories


The war left countless scars on the small Pennsylvania town, immortalizing its brutal legacy and ensuring Gettysburg would forever be a somber reminder of what remains of one of the country’s deadliest conflicts.


Proof that not all who lost their lives during the battle are truly at rest can still be seen and felt today at multiple haunted sites. See with your own eyes the bullet marks left by Confederate sharpshooters that are still visible on the side of the Welty House, where historians and locals say was the real origin of the single bullet that killed Jennie Wade, the only civilian casualty of the entire horrific battle.


Learn the horrifying details of her tragic death and hear the unbelievable stories of survivors like the Rupp family from the nearby Rupp House and Tannery, who hid across the street in the Welty House basement during the most terrifying hours of the battle.


Uncover the truth behind the headstones at Evergreen Cemetery that were damaged by crossfire during the war, where Lincoln himself paid tribute to the fallen soldiers with the Gettysburg address.  Even then, the hallowed and blood-soaked ground was already tied to souls of the dead and Gettysburg’s gruesome legacy of death and suffering has remained eerily visible ever since, with countless witnesses recounting the hauntings and sightings of the legendary battlefield.


Why is Gettysburg So Haunted?


Explore Gettysburg’s Violent Past, Victims, and Present Day Hauntings


Discover why Gettysburg is often at the top of the list of America’s most haunted cities by embarking on a Civil War Ghosts tour adventure, and experience firsthand the dark energy that hangs heavy over places like the Soldier’s National Cemetery and the nearby Evergreen Cemetery, a macabre resting place for those thousands of lost souls.


Visitors to the surrounding East Cemetery Hill have reported seeing the chilling figures of soldiers roaming the cemetery at night, who often appear in the form of mysterious, glowing lights that dim into shadowy figures and apparitions. Some witnesses even smell the inexplicable scent of peppermint and vanilla…which were once used by townspeople to mask the odor of decaying bodies during the war.


Journey back into the town’s somber history, and wander through the grassy knolls of what was already a place teeming with haunted history, long before Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address.


The Lost Souls of Gettysburg and the Real Ghosts of the Civil War


It’s difficult to imagine the grotesque scenes victims of the war must have seen, from the bloodied, dismembered soldiers, to the countless, lifeless bodies that littered the battlefield. Today, Gettysburg is oozing with grisly Civil War history, but the dark truths of this town go far beyond the reach of war. The Battle of Gettysburg left countless families torn apart, leaving hundreds of orphaned children trapped at the infamously sinister National Soldiers Orphanage Homestead.


These spirits — sometimes vengeful — have been active around the property for years. Few happy stories have come out of this haunted location, as the orphanage was run by matron Rosa Carmichael, whose sadistic tendencies tormented children for years.


Today, many claim that you can still hear the disembodied cries and groans of the orphanage’s former residents, with some even reporting that they have felt light tugs on their shirts or jackets…from the ghosts of long-dead children who might have met their grim demise at the home.


Join us to learn more about Gettysburg’s sordid past and the infamous spirits of these fatherless children, who still creep around the halls of the former orphanage today.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to Book the Gettysburg Ghost Tour Right Now!


1: You’re a history buff who wants to learn about a different, darker side of the Civil War


You know all the key players in the American Civil War, from Robert E. Lee to Ulysses S. Grant. You know exactly how and when the Battle of Gettysburg started, and how it ended. You’ve read Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address time and time again. But to ignore the centuries-old sightings of the spirits and lost souls that occupy Gettysburg is to ignore an essential part of the region’s history.


Gettysburg and ghosts go hand-in-hand, meaning you don’t want to miss out on learning more about this crucial part of the town’s culture. Join us and feel for yourself the monumental loss of life at the Battle of Gettysburg, which can be seen in every nook and cranny of this historic down. Unbury what’s been buried and experience the dark truths of Gettysburg — beyond the history books.


2: You don’t believe in ghosts…yet.


If there’s one place that can make you a believer in ghosts, it’s Gettysburg. Just one look at the notoriously haunted Hall of Presidents will send a shiver down your spine, after you unveil the grim secrets of its hidden basement. But if the creepy wax figures and strange, disturbing energy don’t convince you, maybe the disembodied whispers of “mine” or the sight of a long-dead soldier who was once buried underneath the building will. The spirits of Gettysburg will be happy to convince you otherwise during a tour with Civil War Ghosts.


3: You and your friends want to go on a spooky adventure in an eerie town in the country


It doesn’t have to be Halloween for you to seek out haunting thrills and frights. If you and your friends are feeling brave, join us as we uncover the dark truths of this once war-torn city, and embark on a hair-raising adventure to sites such as the Farnsworth House, where bizarre, otherworldly phenomena has been reported by guests of the Inn for decades. Ditch the monotonous dinner outing or horror movie marathon for your next group activity, and look no further than this one-hour ghost tour for a terrifying trip around Gettysburg.


4: You want to experience a different type of experience on your vacation


Gettysburg is a hub for those fascinated by American history. But after you’ve paid a visit to the Gettysburg National Military Museum, hit the shops downtown, and indulged in the town’s excellent culinary scene, it’s time to switch up your typical vacation routine by joining Civil War Ghosts on a curated tour to some of Gettysburg’s most haunted destinations.


5:  You’re a local who’s been meaning to really dig deep and explore Gettysburg’s haunted history


You’ve heard the local legends for years: the sinister hauntings of the Farnsworth House, the unexplainable sightings of spirits roaming the corridors of the Gettysburg Municipal building. It’s time to finally cross a proper ghost tour of the city off your bucket list once and for all and experience firsthand the bone-chilling, otherworldly presences that reside in the historic region you call home.


6: You want to see the locations from your favorite ghost hunting shows in real life


EVP recorders, EMF gauges, and thermal cameras have all become a part of your everyday vernacular thanks to some of your favorite paranormal investigation shows. But don’t you want to experience some of these haunted sites in-person? Drop your TV remote and follow us to spooky locations like the Gettysburg Hotel, where you just might see an apparition of Union soldier James Culbertson lurking through the halls. You might think you know the stories behind these haunted spots, but be prepared to learn even more firsthand during a tour with Civil War Ghosts.

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