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White Oak Flats Cemetery

Is there anything spookier than a cemetery? Yes, one with unmarked graves and unexplained sights. Find out on our White Oak Flats ghost tour of Gatlinburg!

White Oak Flats Cemetery

A cemetery nestled deep in the fog of the Smoky Mountains—it sounds like the setting of a horror movie, and with good reason! 

This particular stop on our tour is enough to unsettle even the biggest skeptics. Any cemetery is a little creepy, but the White Oak Flats Cemetery takes this to another level. 

Join US Ghost Adventures and discover what goes bump in the night at the White Oak Flats Cemetary. Our tour of haunted Gatlinburg takes you to all its spookiest spots, and perhaps none more so than this cemetery…

Over Two Centuries of History

For those who aren’t aware, White Oak Flats was the original name of the place now called Gatlinburg. In a way, the cemetery reflects the town’s identity itself, recalling the multitude of stories it holds. 

First established in 1830, this particular cemetery has been the final resting place for numerous generations. 

Many graves are unmarked, only adding greater intrigue to those who may have found their final resting place there. Who knows if any of the restless souls from those unmarked graves still wander the cemetery today, begging for someone to recognize them so that they may move on.

The unmarked graves are unmistakable. Most are chunks of stone protruding from the ground, with no discernable identification.

Unmarked, Unrecognized

Perhaps even sadder than the variety of unmarked graves is the understanding of why this may be the case. 

Usually, unmarked graves are for the deceased, whom officials could not identify. With no family to claim them, these deceased enter the ground with no name. 

However, the unmarked graves in the former town of White Oak Flats may have been more financial. Families that were too poor to provide their loved ones with a proper ceremony often had to settle for these nameless graves, unable to afford a legitimate tombstone. Similarly, even many marked graves feature only the most basic etchings by hand, which are now largely illegible. 

Understandably, the cemetery will appear a little worse for wear, considering it is almost two hundred years old. This natural degradation is also noticeable throughout the Flats, despite the best efforts of the locals. 

Perhaps this is why the cemetery holds such a restless energy, as those who have passed seek desperately to be remembered. 

Unnerving Visions

This restless energy manifests in visions that are unnerving and cause the townspeople to be quite uncomfortable.

The presence of unexplained figures standing over graves has been commonplace at the White Oak Flats for years, with no signs of stopping. The frequent hikers that go by have often cited their own unnerving experiences, all with no logical explanation. 

Part of this is due to how obscured the cemetery is. You won’t find this location by accident, and that’s part of its dark appeal.

Haunted Gatlinburg, TN 

In the tight-knit community of Gatlinburg, the locals try to keep its spooky past under wraps. All are aware of the haunted stories, but few want to talk about them.

You could be next to hear these tales on a tour of haunted Gatlinburg—join US Ghost Adventures today and explore the spookier side of this Tennessee town. 

About US Ghost Adventures 

Since 2013, US Ghost Adventures has offered entertaining, historic, and authentic ghost tours of America’s most haunted cities. We deliver fun yet honest accounts of hauntings across the nation for curious people of all ages. Our ghost stories are based on historical research, but that doesn’t mean they won’t send a chill down your spine.

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