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Welcome To Gatlinburg's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Prohibition, feuds, witches, and ancient Celtic traditions made Gatlinburg the gateway to the most chilling hauntings in the Smoky Mountains.

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Embark on a Gatlinburg ghost tour to discover the city’s deadly past that comes to life in the darkest of night. Cannibalism, demons, unspeakable deaths, and failed exorcisms created a plethora of macabre hauntings that infest this haunted mountain town.

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Gatlinburg Ghosts of The Smokies Most Haunted Tour

All tours meet at the Gatlinburg Space Needle at 115 Historic Nature Trail
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Gatlinburg

Welcome to Gatlinburg Ghosts

An outdoor enthusiast’s dream doubles as a horrific nightmare for the unfortunate souls that met cruel and diabolical ends. Hear their harrowing tales and visit the sights made historic and infamous by their tragic deaths, and active afterlife.


Visit Gatlinburg’s top haunted spots including:


     •  CLIFF BRANCH RIVER: An idyllic body of water for swimming and fishing was once a deathtrap, with at least 13 documented spirits still wandering the banks of the river and an angry, shunned shaman that torments anyone who steps into his watery grave.


     •  GATLINBURG INN: A staple for over 75 years, the inn is infested with some of the most terrifying apparitions to be witnessed including a Demon that inhabits room 11, physically causing harm to those in its space.


     •  SAINT MARY CATHOLIC CHURCH: The first Catholic congregation in the country serves the area in prayer and in ridding buildings, and people, of the evil that possesses them.


From a Civil War occupation by a Confederate regiment of guerilla fighters, Indians, and whites to wildfires that killed dozens to the literal ghost town of Elkmont hiding in the hills of Gatlinburg, the bizarre and violent past of this mountain town has breeded countless ghosts and generations of residents who experienced their real hauntings. 


Hear the echoes reverberating through Gatlinburg’s haunted history and listen to the whispers and accounts of hauntings in the most haunted town in Tennessee.


Horror in the Smoky Mountains


Beyond the beautiful mountain tops and stunning valleys sits a twisted tourist town where even the holiest of establishments are marked with the blood of the condemned. Unveil a side of Gatlinburg that’s masked by the scenery by day, and exposed by its unhinged past by night with Gatlinburg Ghosts.


Gatlinburg might be blessed by Mother Nature but its history of horrific acts and unimaginable deaths left an inexpungible curse that’s affected almost every piece of this picturesque land, claiming victims with every awakening. Learn about the spirits of those who perished in the curse’s wake, making them permanent residents of the places where they took their last breath.


It’s easy to see why Gatlinburg was, and still is, prone to attracting the darkness. The peaceful nature of the town would eventually expire when European settlers ran the Cherokee Natives off the land and claimed it for their own. The residuals of this cruel act would bleed onto the town continuously, forever producing some of the oddest and most unbelievable events this side of the Pigeon River.


Prepare for a spine-tingling ghost tour that takes you to Gatlinburg’s most haunted and disturbing locations, and introduces you to its devious past and its spooky spectral residents. 


What Will I See?


A Town Built By Mystery, Mayhem, and Murder


Before Gatlinburg became a town known for its natural beauty and country living, it was a place known to settlers and Revolutionary War veterans as White Oak Flats. The tranquility of the area would be short lived as the townspeople would soon be shown the same respect they once showed the Native Americans they’d run out of town just years prior.


 Learn about the disturbed individual whose name would replace the original moniker and whose legacy would forge the fiendish deeds that continue to engulf the town. 

Controversial figure and deviant, Radford Gatlin earned his devilish reputation by alienating the townspeople through his support of the Confederates and the establishment of the “Galinite” Baptist Church. 

However, it was the barbaric treatment of his slave that would brand Gatlin as pure evil. 


• Visit Mountain Mall and hear the true accounts of the savage murder of Gatlin’s slave at the hands of this ungodly man. 


It’s said that the body of his slave is buried where the mall now sits and her spirit can frequently be seen sweeping and performing chores as she did when she was alive, still humming, and still covered in bruises from her former tormentor.


Deadly Rivers & Cherokee Ghost Warriors


The Cliff Branch River wasn’t always the gathering spot that it is today. One of the many rivers that run through Gatlinburg is also one of the most deadly. Hear the river’s sordid history that left the souls of its victims wandering the banks, terrifying unsuspecting visitors for decades. 


There are a reported 13 people who perished in the river however, it’s believed there are several more who also met a dismal end here. Gatlinburg Ghosts takes you to the site where visitors just like you have witnessed some of these 13 ghosts standing in their watery graves, and have heard their agonizing screams coming from the river.


An ominous battered canoe floating slowly down the river has been reported on several occasions but it’s the apparition of Ama Asgaya that truly evokes a sense of dread. The shunned shaman who committed suicide in the river continues to seek vengeance for his excommunication, dragging unsuspecting swimmers to the bottom of this plagued river.


Holy Grounds And Their Holy Wars


The first Catholic congregation in the nation sits in the middle of town, plagued by the unholiest of the dead. The Saint Mary Catholic Church is not only a place of faith and gathering, but its direct links to the Vatican have allowed the church to perform exorcisms – and they have.


Visit the small chapel and uncover the role the pastors have played in attempting to rid some of Gatlinburg’s most notable locations of malevolent entities. A recording of an exorcism performed on one of our stops features the types of petrifying and disturbing voices and sounds that nightmares are made of.


Hear the gruesome details of the exorcism of a local man whose possession was straight from a horror film. Though his story had a happy ending, Saint Mary Catholic Church was unable to completely eradicate the evil that brews in the underbelly of Gatlinburg.


Why Is Gatlinburg So Haunted?


Village of The Damned


So where did the recorded exorcism take place? Gatlinburg Ghosts takes you to the historic Gatlinburg Inn, a staple that draws in outdoor enthusiasts and ghost hunters from around the nation. 


Activity at the inn ranges from doors opening and closing to apparition sightings to visitors experiencing sleep paralysis. None of which are as bone-chilling as what people have faced when confronted by the Demon of room 11. Guests have reported being attacked and even seeing a figure blocking the doorway. Though the most malicious, the Demon is not the only entity to be weary of.


The Gatlinburg Inn is inhabited by a variety of incorrigible spirits. The “Laughing Woman” frequents that second floor, laughing maniacally before disappearing into the wall and cursing anyone who catches her gaze. A hateful elderly apparition stalks the lobby where he took his last breath, taunting anyone who bothers him.


Several other entities inhabit the historic inn, and you’ll meet them all with Gatlinburg Ghosts.


Tragic Souls Consumed by Cannibals


A popular tourist attraction designed to absorb the mountainous scenery is also the site of a horrific accident. Explore the Gatlinburg Space Needle where visitors can experience the beauty of this historic town as well as the tortured spirits that linger in the spots where they tragically took their last breaths.


Discover the headless apparition of a man who jumped from the top of the Space Needle, and who can still be seen on the roof, reliving his gruesome death over and over again – and he’s not alone.


While undergoing construction, a construction worker took a shortcut to the lower floors by hopping onto a moving elevator. Hear the disturbing details of his grisly death and the unimaginable ordeal the elevator’s occupants experienced. Blood from the young man’s body poured down the elevator walls as the occupants stared on in horror for more than 3 hours.


Yet, these unsettling deaths are shadows in the background of what lies just beyond the views from atop Space Needle.


The Craft Family


Located deep in the woods is a true house of horrors where the Craft Family committed the vilest acts against humanity. Former Confederate Officer Simon Craft was infamously known for his callous treatment of his troops, and his affinity for murder and butchering the dead.


Gatlinburg Ghosts walks you through the barbaric events that transpired one fateful winter when Craft turned his guest list into a menu. After being trapped in the manor following a catastrophic blizzard and devoid of edible animals to eat, Craft and a friend chose to murder and eat several members of his party.


The Crafts would develop a taste for human flesh and turn their savage new obsession into a yearly event, feasting on their fellow man to quench their repulsive thirst. A chilling piece of Gatlinburg history, and one of several you’ll hear on this spine-tingling ghost tour.


What’s So Special About Our Gatlinburg Ghost Tour?


See a different, darker side of a beautiful destination


Tragedy and murder, witchcraft, and the possessed produced a darkness that lurks in the shadows of the buildings from which the malevolence spawned. Chilling memories of a past long gone still haunt the mountain town and archaic energies still resonate in the surrounding Smoky Mountains. 


Victims of drownings and fires, accidents, and foul play are trapped in the very land upon which Gatlinburg sits. Hear and perhaps witness, among so many devils, the bizarre specter that haunts Gatlinburg”s White Oaks Cemetery. A wraith in a bird skull mask, cursing all who stumble onto her. Visit places only the brave or the foolish dare to travel. 


A Once-in-a-lifetime experience — An adventure you’ll cherish ‘till the end. 


Come with expert local guides, as we stroll through the town’s tainted streets, stand under the quaint chapels and lodgings of The Burg, and visit where residents like the Gatlinburg’s namesake blazed alight a family feud that would have made the Hatfield and McCoy’s recoil. 


You will feel, see, and commune with entities from the great beyond, beings both unforgettable, as well as terrifying that will tax your sanity. Each stop has its take on what it means to be haunted. From scoundrels and bloodthirsty cannibals to witches and brides. Get ready to feel your skin crawl and for a bout of sleepless nights. 


Be Part of A Growing Community 


Journey with us through Gatlinburg’s ghostly past — a timeline that unearths some of this region’s darkest mysteries. Explore the mythology and madness of this area. Book this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and be part of a growing community of investigators of the afterlife and of those who hunt ghosts.


Walk the haunted streets of Gatlinburg and see the Gateway to the Smoky Mountains under a new light. Experience the unexplained that have given so many of our guests thrills and chills – book your tour with US Ghost Adventures today.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to book your Gatlinburg ghost tour right now!


1) A bizarre walkabout


Something otherworldly descends unto Gatlinburg at night, mingling with a crowd of hikers, families, artists, and photographers all looking to wind down after a full day in the Smoky Mountains. Even with traffic grinding to a standstill, it’s impossible to take it all in if you’re stuck in a car. Feel the cool mountain wind on your face and walk with us through the busy sidewalks, catching glimpses of something ancient between waves of tourists. Place your feet on hundreds of years of history and hauntings on our walking tour and discover the darker side of Gatlinburg. 


2) You’re a nut for the macabre 


Slasher-filled tales of cannibalism, drowning, and tragedy are interwoven into Gatlinburg’s past. Uncover blood-chilling tales of murder and madness and hear spine-tingling accounts of encounters with the spirits of victims who still haunt the Burg. Discover characters that will make you cringe and tragedies that will bring you to tears on a walking tour of Gatlinburg with us.


3) A spicy date night


Forget nameless cults, elder signs, and the lore and legend — forget all of that. What’s really critical, the key takeaway… there’s nothing more aphrodisiacal than a good scare. Don’t take out word for it, just check out the countless studies done on the subject. Our brains are hardwired to blend fright with love, sex with scandal, and terror with temptation. Forget about curling up with your date, next to a bucket of popcorn watching the new Halloween rip-off, and take them on a truly epic adventure into the heart of darkness. One that if all those university gray-beards are to be believed will get the heart pumping, the hormones sizzling, and turn up the heat on your get-together. Oh, and by the way, did we mention that Gatlinburg is the 2nd most popular wedding destination in the U.S.? That’s right, romance is written into its Federal bylaws.


4) You want to learn about Gatlinburg


The best way to get to know the real personality of a city is to take a walk through the streets, visit its shops and take in its architecture. Uncover sinister stories baked into the foundation of Gatlinburg on a haunted walking tour and gain an even deeper understanding of this charming mountain town. Discover why Gatlinburg’s victims of murder and the brutalities of Mother Nature never left. 


5) You’re interested in the crazy part of history


Spirits are pieces of walking history, relics of the past come to life. Investigating Gatlinburg’s ghost lore is bound to be thrilling. But it’s not just tales of haunts and bone-chilling lore. No! Our Ghost tour is a smorgasbord of the bizarre. Filled with all manner of interesting tidbits. For example, did you know that there are more fish in Ripleys’ Aquarium than people who live in Gatlinburg? How about the fact that aside from Vegas the Burg hosts more shotgun weddings than anywhere else? Only ski resort in the whole of Tennessee? That’s right on the pristine slopes near Chalet Village. Get the real scoop on the outré, the odd, and the offbeat on our Gatlinburg tour.  


6) You love outdoor adventures


“… And mama always set a good example. Daddy always gave me good advice. Jesus tried to steer me in the right direction. But the devil always made me think twice,” — Chris Stapleton


Take the thrill of the great outdoors to the next level with a haunted walking tour of Gatlinburg. As dusk falls, you’ll feel an unnatural chill in the air and wonder if something really is lurking in the trees. Shadows that flicker in the corner of your eye will take on a more sinister nature and the peaceful river where you’ve already spent time fishing and hiking will take on a more spine-chilling aura as you embark on a haunted adventure through Gatlinburg.

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