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Welcome To Galveston's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Ready to witness the terrifying hauntings of Galveston? Embark on a bone-chilling ghost tour to unearth the harrowing history of a town where the dead continue to rise.

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Learn how lost souls from devastating catastrophes share the streets with spirits whose victims were the casualties of war and innocence lost. Join Galveston Ghosts and reveal a tragic history filled with unspeakable acts and learn how the trauma of the triad of war, oppression, and disasters spawned the most infamous ghosts and harrowing hauntings of the Lone Star State.

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Galveston Ghosts Tour

All Tours Meet at The Hendley Market- 2010 The Strand, Galveston, TX
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Hendley Market in Galveston, Texas
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Galveston

Welcome to Galveston Ghosts

Sea Salt and Sandy Beaches Cover Up Sorrow and a Horrific Past


Known as the “Queen City of the Gulf”, the once french pirate enclave and future port town of the fledgling “Empire of Mexico” has seen more than its fair share of tragedies. From despot native chiefs to the swashbucklers like Louis-Michel Aury, Galveston has been at the eye of calamity since its inception. A vicious disaster that even claimed 12,o00 lives in one fell swoop, is just one of the tragic events that caused trauma so intense it would seal the gulf coast town’s fate as one of the most haunted cities in the south.

Join Galveston Ghosts and get swept away by its chaotic history, filled with unspeakable acts of depravity and natural disasters and learn how the trauma of the triad of war, oppression, and hurricanes spawned the most infamous ghosts of the South.




The Perfect Location For Sunshine, Suffering, and Ghost Sightings


It comes as no surprise that this Gulf Coast Texas town began with a bang–a shocking shipwreck and a booming canon. Centuries later it would officially be settled, leading to the construction of Hendley Market, where you’ll discover a building filled with the memories and trauma from the bloodshed and deaths the Battle of Galveston left in its wake. A single cannon shot from the roof may be where it all began for this seaside town, but the haunted and iconic building is where it continues.

Today, Galveston may be a beach lover’s dream, but for those who came before, the area serves as a nightmare intersection that spurred the lesser angels of our demons. The gulf coast town is a place where every building and popular meeting site, like the haunted Hendley Market, is filled with bloodshed, ghosts, and the unexplained. It’s not uncommon to catch a glimpse of both confederate and union soldiers still at war, or bear witness to the “unknown confederate soldier” that continues to patrol the stairs and stand guard.

Centuries after the deaths of countless soldiers, the sounds of cannon fire shatter the night and that same unknown soldier is known to howl at the stars. These unexplained events are supposedly from the Battle of Galveston, still echoing down moonlit streets and tormenting those who happen to still be awake. These lively apparitions make themselves known throughout the entire town of Galveston, so be sure you keep your guard up as you cautiously traverse the streets on this late night ghost tour.

Restless victims of the Civil War are just part of the many spirits that reside in this cozy beachside city. Hendley Row is filled with sadness and despair, a story of heartbreak around every corner. Uncover the horrifying reality that underprivileged families experienced, sending their children as young as eight years old off to work only to have them never return. It’s said that the spirit of a young, angry boy will make a spine-chilling appearance from time to time, wearing blood-stained clothing and missing an arm.




Galveston is simply haunted because of its location and existence as an idyllic place that everyone and every land has coveted, from pirates, privateers, and outlaws to kings, queens, and other leaders who had no empathy or compassion for the native residents whose land they were going to ransack and whose descendants would later encounter them as ghosts inexorably tied to the place of their birth, and death…

Only now, 500 years after its creation, is it getting to know a bit of peace because residents and visitors alike accept that the town was, is, and always will be haunted and a place for the dead of their past to gather.


A Disturbing History Forever on Repeat


Oleander City was a major U.S commercial enclave and one of the largest ports in the region at the turn of the 19th century. A burgeoning western town ripped from the hands of its indigenous inhabitant in acts that would later tarnish its reputation, the area had been the brainchild of pirate Louis-Michel Aura who used his considerable fortune and infamy, along with Jean Lafitte, to create a stronghold against the Spaniards.

Both swashbucklers christened their pirate kingdom in the blood of Europeans and rebelled against the powers that be with their band of raiders. For decades, even centuries, sanguine encounters and gruesome wars were fought on Galveston — galleons and warships waged maritime carnage on the strait of San Luis Pass. The topography changed, the madness took hold, and the bodies rained. The bloodshed was unrelenting and bloated corpses lined the streets like bags of sand. Then God intervened.

Over the years, Galveston is known to have had a disturbingly tragic history of being a city extremely vulnerable to natural disasters. On September 8, 1900, the island was struck by an Apocalyptic hurricane. Only an act of God so catastrophic and devastating could hold the record as the United States’ deadliest natural disaster.

Take a meticulously-researched ghost tour with Galveston Ghosts to hear the authentic and horrific accounts of that Galveston Hurricane of 1900, the Category 4 hurricane initial reports said took the lives of over 6,000 people. Later, conflicting accounts documented anywhere from 6,000 to over 12.000 souls were swept by gale-force winds and tsunami-like waves. The most destructive hurricane in the history of the U.S. almost destroyed Texas’ most advanced city.

The only way a small town is able to handle that much death is to absorb the pain and suffering into the foundations of buildings, historic sites, and even the land itself. Although life goes on, death has its say as well and the reverberations from those tragic events are felt and seen in the hauntings that continue to sweep across the Texas town to this very day.

Terror Takes The Form of Uninvited Guests


On the wings of that disaster something worse docked on Galveston’s shores — pestilence. Bodies lined the streets, while filth and bacteria wormed their way into the land. A cancer that spread over G-Town and started to grow out of control. The government had to respond. Mass graves were dug up all over, while buildings like Hendley Row and 1885 Butterowe became makeshift morgues. The city started to germinate phantoms, and little by little every corner had its own haunting.

As you walk quietly through the dark alleys and survey the haunted sites, the spirits will be all around, and apparitions like the ghost of a young girl who has been seen on several occasions searching for her mother, will be only one of the surprises you may encounter. The same can be said for her mother, dubbed The Lady in White, her heavy presence scouring the area in search of her lost child, both poor souls unable to reconnect in the afterlife.

As one of the few buildings to survive the 1900 hurricane, the eerie Butterowe Building has its own trapped souls longing to escape. Listen breathlessly to the documented accounts of employee run-ins with Tom, a mischievous spirit that is constantly vying for attention, often flicking lights on and off and controlling people’s cell phones, an event as petrifying as it is surprising, as any encounter with a ghost is likely to be. Discover documented accounts of hauntings in this city that truly was and still is a ghost town.


What’s so special about the Galveston tour?


An Authentic and Bone-Chilling Ghost Tour You’ll Never Forget


Even in the daytime, the darkness of Galveston’s past slowly breaks through, like an unseen fog dimming the sunlight and chilling the temperature, even on a hot Texas day. The spirit of a former police officer, who seemingly turned to the dark side in the afterlife, frequently wreaks havoc on the Shark Shack, harassing women and throwing pots and pans across the room.

The lives lost in the creation of the railroads can be found at the spooky Railroad Museum, eternally bound to the site they were last seen alive.

However, no darkness, fog, or evil residue is heavier than the location of the Juneteenth Historical Marker. Learn the true story of the emancipation of slaves and the cruelty that ensued. Uncover Galveston’s significant role in the ending of slavery and why the souls of some that were freed are anything but. This spot will make the hair stand up on your neck as the pain and anguish of these poor souls can be felt and, sometimes, even heard.

And you mustn’t forget the endless amount of spirits from torrential storms past whose residual energy has never waned. From haunted hotels and museums to buildings that served as morgues and everything in between, you’re in for a bone-chilling ride that will reveal a side of Galveston you never knew existed. If you weren’t a believer before, you may just be at night’s end.


A Once-in-a-lifetime experience — An adventure you’ll cherish ‘till the end.


Long before the hurricane salted the earth and swept under the waves this blighted city, the area had known hardship. And that hardship left a stain. Stains like that of a former police officer with a havoc of wreaking havoc in his old stomping ground at the Shark Shack. There are also the shades of all those that are eternally bound to the Railroad Museum – hundreds having given their lives to that industrial, endeavor driven by greed and ambition.

Our Galveston Ghost tour is a historical landmine, a unique adventure you’ll cherish till the end of your days. To when YOU become the main attraction of a ghost tour. On our Galveston tour you will hear, and perhaps even witness some ghostly apparitions demanding your attention.


See a different, darker side of a tourist destination.


Come with our professional guides, as we trek through sunbaked cobblestone streets, and stand under buildings that once housed the devils like Louis-Michel Aury or Jean Lafitte. You will feel, hear, and see something unearthly, perhaps even alien, and terrifying. Encounter the specters and poltergeists, and other dismal beings that cling to G-Town with a vice-like grip even after their due date.

Each stop has its own take on what it means to be haunted. No two are the same. From Prohibition Era mobsters, to Confederate soldiers still fighting. Get ready to feel your skin crawl and for a bout of sleepless nights.

Galveston, like so many other metropolises, shares a common curse — the curse of Capitalism. Miami, New York, Los Angeles, London, New Orleans, Athens, and hundreds more are bedeviled by the same weight. They are all snakebit by their location, their popularity, and their ability to serve as gateways to a tourist destination and an ideal economic hub. Star-crossed port cities that draw in crowds, these revolutionary towns and critical junction points served as magnets to everyone and anyone– from magnates and tycoons to movie stars, rebels and outlaws…and the ghosts of their harrowing past who are relentless in their mission to balance the scales with continual hauntings, day and night.

The good, the bad, and even the bloody. These were places that created envy in others. They were coveted by conquering armies and, when the war was a national pastime, these metropolises were the trophies Kings would show off to their mistress and their sycophants–just a bit of shiny real estate they sacrificed hundreds of lives to gain access to and murdered twice as many to own.

Join us as we commune with some of these creatures. As we hear their woes and their tragedies, and try to offer some respite to their agitated spirits.


Be Part of A Growing Ghostly Community


Journey with us through Galveston’s eerie past — we draw the curtain back and expose all its secrets at every corner. Explore one of our nation’s most affluent locations. Book this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and be part of a growing community of investigators of the afterlife and of those who hunt ghosts.

If you’d like to walk the haunted streets of Galveston and see Oleander City under a new light, book your tour with US Ghost Adventures today.

Experience the unexplained — many of our guests bear witness to the unknown. Become one of them tonight.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons To book a Galveston Ghosts Tour Right Now!


1: You’re Looking For Something To Do On Dry Land


Galveston is a popular Texas Gulf Coast getaway and chances are you’re visiting this charming town because of its beaches. With the long stretches of warm weather, this part of Texas is a dream come true for water sports enthusiasts and folks who simply want to get to the end of their bottomless Margarita. But even the biggest beach lovers need something besides soaking up the sun and mimicking a lobster’s tan. You already went to Stewart Beach and East Beach, and maybe even Moody Gardens, now you need more. Why not get to know this delightful town with a ghost tour? Galveston Ghosts will take you to some of the most popular haunts in the area, and introduce you to some incredible history that could surprise even the biggest Texas historian. 


2: You’ve Never Experienced an Authentic Ghost Tour


There’s a first time for everything! If you’re in town and have never experienced a true, fact-based ghost tour, Galveston Ghosts is the perfect adventure to start with! No kitschy guide, no tasteless show, nothing vulgar or tawdry — just an incredibly well-researched, well-planned, and incredibly detailed historical tour. With an abundance of lore and things that go bump in the night. You’re in for an incredible experience but we must warn you, once you’ve had a taste of ectoplasm there’s no going back.


3: You Want To Know What Makes Galveston So Special


Most people come to Galveston ready for a little fun in the sun, taking in the beach and the beautiful scenery. What many may not know is Galveston played a significant role in some of the nation’s most historical events. There’s nothing the city hasn’t seen and more, and you’ll hear all about it with Galveston Ghosts. In fact, Galveston just might become your new vacation spot.


4: The Ghost Stories on TV Aren’t Cutting It


Horror movies and TV shows just aren’t what they used to be. If you’ve had it with being disappointed by your streaming platforms, join Galveston Tours for some creepy tales. Nothing quite compares to hearing some scary stories in person and visiting the sites where they actually took place. Let Hollywood have their make-believe. Galveston Ghosts has the real thing!


5: You’re Looking For Something to Do For The Whole Family


Galveston may draw beach-loving tourists from all over but that doesn’t mean everyone in the family loves the sand and water. There’s plenty to do for the whole family in Galveston, and one of them is a ghost tour with Galveston Ghosts. This tour will keep your kids off their iPads and entertained, enthralled by what they’ll hear. These stories are not for the faint of heart, but we do tell them in a way that’s engaging and family-friendly. There’s a little something for everyone with Galveston Ghosts!


6: Galveston is weird


“I was born in Galveston, Texas in 1957 in the middle of a hurricane. I guess because of the drop in the barometric pressure it affected my brain and I was destined to become a stand-up comic, although at that age I wasn’t aware of my destiny.”Bill Engvall


Did you know that you can, in a single spot in Galveston, travel through a rainforest, take photos with African and Asian fauna, peek inside an actual full of flying rodents bat caves, listen to a thundering waterfall, and even examine an ancient Mayan temple? All of that while scratching your head and asking, “why is there a huge glass pyramid in the middle of G-Town?” 


The truth is that regardless of the ghosts, the bloody murders, and the sheer amount of natural disasters, Galveston is at its heart a magical and awfully strange place. The ghosts? The hauntings? The horror stories? They just add the necessary dash of Tabasco sauce to Galveston oddball goulash. It’s not a prerequisite to truly undertone the city, but it’s one that will give the melange that extra spicy punch.

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