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Welcome To Frankfort's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

The perils of war laid out the blueprint of Kentucky’s capital in gore and perpetual sorrow. Join Frankfort Ghosts and see the terrors left behind by the carnage rise up in otherworldly horrors.

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Walk through downtown Frankfort to discover the murderous secrets of “Frank’s Ford,” whose founder’s name was written in his blood. Government buildings overflowing with tormented souls tell their tales every step of the way on this spine-chilling downtown Frankfort ghost tour.

Frankfort Ghosts

All tours meet on the front steps of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet at 200 Mero St., Frankfort, KY
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Frankfort

Welcome to Frankfort Ghosts

Deathly stares from bewildered spirits await you from the windows of Frankfort’s most haunted locations, inviting company to join them under the lonesome blue moon of Kentucky. 


Blue Moon of Kentucky Keep on Shinin’


Every home has its secrets in the old forests of Kentucky. But, a home that has housed nearly every Governor since 1798 carries the weight of the town and all its morbid realities. The unexplainable events at the Kentucky Old Governor’s Mansion leave no doubt of its spectral inhabitants. 


Follow Frankfort Ghosts to a home that exemplifies Kentucky’s everlasting relationship with trouble and turmoil. Full of spirits crossing the spectrum of good and evil, the old mansion has two particular spirits that keep the peace amidst the chaos.


Look towards the windows, and you may see the faint light of a candle, though we assure you, this is no longer a home for the living. Wandering wives and family members refuse to leave the grounds, too bereft at the loss of their powerful loved ones. Footsteps in empty rooms remind museum visitors of their unearthly presence. 


Prepare to greet unruly specters whose lights refuse to dim head-on with Frankfort Ghosts. Our downtown Frankfort ghost tours keep the thrills and chills coming at the town’s most haunted locations. 


What Will I See?


Visit Frankfort’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • The Kentucky Old Governor’s Mansion – Constructed in 1798, the Kentucky Old Governor’s Mansion has been home to 33 of Kentucky’s political leaders and their family members. Many enjoyed the home so much that they never left. Odd lights flicker in the upper windows of this museum void of life.


  • The Kentucky Old State Capitol Building – The blood of the only Governor to be assassinated in office once stained the streets in front of the Old State Capitol building. Now, the apparition of William Goebel paces back and forth alongside the building’s famous cursed item, the conjure chest. 

  • Liberty Hall Historic Site – Two beautiful women and a phantom peeping tom haunt Frankfort’s infamous Liberty Hall. They are intertwined in an eternal dance that echoes their tribulations in waking life. Tragic tales of rejection and obsession fill this 1796 building. 


No Grave Can Hold Me Down


America’s most significant internal conflict, The Civil War, stretched its disruptive hand towards Frankfort, Kentucky, and staunchly tried to fend it off. When these efforts failed, a sanguine shower of violence fell upon the city. Brothers turned against brothers and neighbors against neighbors in a clash for the ages. 


Learn about the “Bloody Bill” and the eruption of violence it caused outside of the Kentucky Old State Capitol Building with Frankfort Ghosts. Rooms in the museum that store artifacts from this tumultuous time are often filled with phantom gunfire that pierces the ears and numbs the senses, and Confederate soldiers appear in shocking ways when their rebel cause is looked down on. 


Amongst the relics displayed in the old capitol is one of the most cursed items in the South, The Conjure Chest. Why have so many people died after the chest came into their possession? Its hasty arrival at the old Capitol left bewildered staff confused and frightened. You may feel its unnerving power outside, oppressively watching you with every step. 


Venture with Frankfort Ghosts through the same streets that were once covered in the blood of Governor William Goebel, the only Governor to be assassinated in office. His progressive views on society led to his downfall, but that did not sequester his spirit. Frankfort Ghosts take an unflinching look into his murder and his ghastly presence every night. 


It’s Not Over Till It’s Over


The deadly obsessions of the rich and powerful mix with the unbecoming lifestyles of those who once lived at Liberty Hall. Historical haunts in Frankfort offer a look through the viewing glass, back to when the writhing masses suffered in agony, and the gentry languished in their misery. 


Hear the story of The Grey Lady, a wealthy family member at Liberty Hall whose apparition has been captured in photographs and the reflection of mirrors. The ailing in-law of homeowner John Brown was whisked out of the afterlife by Brown’s wailing wife. Now, she protects the home from other, more sinister spirits. 


Listen for the crying apparition of a soldier while he peeks through the mansion window. He speaks volumes about his sorrows and a love that rejected him. Despite his lack of an introduction, he still hopes his love, a former lady of the house, will return. 


While she doesn’t inhibit the home, other beautiful women do, at least, what’s left of them. Who caused the disappearance of an irresistible Spanish Opera singer in the 19th century while she was staying at Liberty Hall? Find out with Frankfort Ghosts on a hair-raising Frankfort ghost tour. 


Why is Frankfort so Haunted?


Kentucky On The Rocks


Residual spiritual energy smothers Frankfort and sometimes appears in the most playful ways. Tiny handprints of children have appeared in empty beds in The Meeting House, an inn known for its hospitality and one of Kentucky’s biggest exports, Bourbon. Dig into the history of Kentucky Bourbon outside of this Civil War-era building, whose long-dead leaders continue running it from the grave. 


Unwrap the spooky secrets of the Buffalo Trace Distillery with Frankfort Ghosts. This famous distillery boasts some of the finest Bourbon in the country, and the former president, Colonel Blanton, has stuck around in the afterlife to regulate his latest employees. 


Shadowy silhouettes of a man in a long coat and hat, Blanton’s favorite clothes, have scared more than one visitor to his mansion near the distillery. And he has help in the form of a hazy man who ensures everything runs smoothly at the factory before disappearing into the wooden casks. 


Taste the smokey flavor of Frankfort’s oldest and most haunted liquor producer with Frankfort Ghosts. You may never drink a glass of whiskey the same way again. 


Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned


Betrayal and revenge make up a patchwork of intriguing tales in Frankfort. At almost every old building, a cursed item is hidden in plain sight. Some, more deadly than others, leave trails of corpses in their wake. 

Discover how many lives the infamous Cursed Necklace took at the Kentucky Historical Society. Dropped off by its last owner without a name or return address, it has sparked controversy ever since. Cursed items carry heavy burdens and the heavier head of an agonizing death along with them. But who created such a vile instrument of horror?


Explore Frankfort’s strange relationship with inanimate objects that double as harbingers of death on our nightly excursion around the most haunted places in Kentucky. 


What’s so Special About the Frankfort Ghosts Tour?


See a Different, Darker Side of Kentucky’s Capital


Kentucky’s history is buried deep underneath Frankfurt’s modern buildings. When discovered, it creates surprises greater than even the most skilled politician or citizen can handle. And waiting underneath the ground are entities far more terrifying than any above ground. 


Open your ears at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, where the dead mingle with the living. You may hear the otherworldy sounds that are said to fill the air. The land once belonged to them until their graves were dug up during a bone-shaking excavation. Were some souls left behind to wallow in their misery created by the hands of others?


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity To Learn Kentucky Military History


Clashes between Union and Confederate soldiers riddle the pages of Frankfort’s violent canon. These conflicting stances of the city’s citizens came to a head at Fort Boone, now The Kentucky Military History Museum. How many lives lost remain in its reinforced walls? 


Experience the darker side of Frankfort’s most harrowing military skirmishes and the otherworldly events credited to them. Lights have been seen flickering in the museum bathroom, and icy hands tickle guests at the former arsenal. 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


Bourbon-soaked nights and horse races aren’t the only ways to have a good time in Kentucky. If spooks and scares are your thing, come with Frankfort Ghosts on a haunted ghost tour and discover the gory, gruesome, and jilted history behind the city’s most haunted locations. You will find that you are not the only one with a morbid curiosity about the fantastic phantoms roaming the streets of Frankfort. 


Frankfort Ghosts welcomes you and all those who share your macabre interests. Join others like you on a haunted romp around the city. You never know who you might meet, living or dead. Book your ghost tour of Frankfort tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Are A Civil War Buff Looking For More History


Frankfort is a relatively small town, but this does not underscore its role in the Civil War. If you are a Civil War buff searching for the most obscure facts about America’s deadliest conflict, look no further. On our haunted ghost tour, we lay out all the gory facts about Kentucky’s conflicting stance on the war. 


2) You Are Looking For Something To Do In Kentucky Other Than Horse Races


If you visited the races and tasted the bourbon but are still looking for a little more excitement while in the Bluegrass State, then why not take a ghost tour? Frankfort Ghosts brings Kentucky’s history to life every night in the spookiest way possible. You’ll learn all about the state’s history and have a good time. 


3) You Want To Get Out Of The Mountains


You’ve been hiking the Appalachian Mountains for some time now. Take a break from the wilderness and enjoy the laid-back, small-town environment that Frankfort is known for deep in the Kentucky River Valley. While you’re there, grab your hiking shoes and join Frankfor Ghosts for our hike through Kentucky’s haunted history! 


4) You Are Looking For Family Friendly Things To Do In Frankfort


Spice up the facts on a haunted ghost tour of downtown Frankfort, Kentucky. You brought the kids with you to tour Kentucky’s capital. Their disinterest in Kentucky history isn’t surprising, but it is frustrating. Frankfort Ghosts will make them believers in the unknown and the known. Our haunted history tours are jam-packed with information and intriguing tales of misery fit for all ages. 


5) You Heard About The Ghosts Of The Buffalo Trace Distillery


After a couple of glasses of Bourbon, you started to wonder if the rumors you heard about Kentucky’s oldest distillery were true. You thought that man in the corner of the factory seemed a little out of place but figured it must have been the booze talking. Follow your intuition and discover the truth on a haunted ghost tour with Frankfort Ghosts!

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