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Welcome To Fort Pierce's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Journey with Treasure Coast Ghosts as we search through the muck, crime, and mayhem that created Sunrise City’s strange and unruly haunted landscape.

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Jarring and bloody maritime disasters once spewed jagged debris and seawater across the shore, creating a disturbing typhoon of spiritual activity. Discover Fort Pierce’s tortured souls and the places they spread their harrowing haunts.

Treasure Coast Ghosts

All tours meet at the Boston House at 239 S. Indian River Dr., Fort Pierce, FL 34950
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Fort Pierce

Welcome to Treasure Coast Ghosts

Along the northernmost point of Florida’s fabled Treasure Coast sits Fort Pierce, a city rife with haunted houses, cursed beaches, and otherworldly theatres that give the ghosts and graveyards of St. Augustine a run for their money. Haunted Florida truly knows no bounds. 


Tragedies and Terror on Treasure Coast


A pure Florida treasure has an origin story that is far from shining like the gems that are the base of its dark legends. Nicknamed after the ill-fated Spanish fleet of 1715, Treasure Coast is lined with the remnants of a legendary past that haunts the towns devoured by it.


Treasure Coast Ghosts takes you on a deep dive into the tales of the enormous wealth that was lost to the punitive powers of the sea. Even the mighty Spanish Empire could not avoid Mother Nature’s wrath, and their arrogance became a part of Treasure Coast lore. Immerse yourself in the true accounts of unexplainable ghostly wails piercing through the beach’s white sands, forever paying for their foolish decisions. 


Learn why Fort Pierce is home to one of American history’s most incredible treasure hunts, where both the living and the dead actively participate. Harken yourself back to the days of old Fort Pierce and hear eye-witnessed reports of the thirty-foot sea monster with a human head. It’s said this lethal beast is rumored to, once a year, take someone off the beach by this marine horror, and nothing can be done to stop it. 


You’re about to embark on a journey through a haunted slice of paradise, where the fishing is good, as long as you’re not the prey. Welcome to Treasure Coast Ghosts.


What Will I See?


Visit Fort Pierce’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Boston House – Visions of a maid with red hair have tormented the occupants of this Fort Pierce early 20th-century building for years. Now used as law offices, the Boston House is full of dejected spirits that throw items across the room and show no mercy toward the living. 


  • P.P. Cobb Building – One of the oldest structures of the Treasure Coast, the P.P. Cobb Building was the site of a misplaced murder. A bullet meant for P.P. Cobb landed in the head of his associate, landing its shooter in an asylum for life and creating an otherworldly haven in the former general store. 


  • Sunrise Theatre – The premier place for live and dead music in Fort Pierce. A phantom piano player joins the conversations of the Sunrise Theatre’s long-dead patrons in a terrifying cacophony of nightly terror. Renovations in 2006 brought the theatre back to life in more ways than one.


Lost Lovers At Sea


Distressed maidens mourning lost lovers and family members were typical in coastal communities along the Treasure Coast. However, the ordinary becomes the unusual when their sorrow breaches barriers not meant to be crossed. 


Visit the Boston House on this exciting ghost tour of Fort Pierce, where the visions of the former homeowners loudly broke these boundaries. An agonizing cry painfully etched itself into their minds over many sleepless nights by the spirit of an unconsolable red-haired woman pleading, “Please help me find my son, Timmy.”


Treasure Coast Ghosts opens the door to this heartbreaking tale of a family torn apart by the trials and tribulations of the sea and a wife left to search for them in the afterlife. Hear the hair-raising ways she expresses her anguish, angrily throwing papers and other objects wildly across the room.


The penchant for violence seen in Florida’s ghosts is like no other in the United States. Many owners of the Boston House leave as quickly as they arrive. Find out why on a chilling ghost tour with Treasure Coast Ghosts!


Florida Murders Full of Senseless Violence


Fort Pierce is no stranger to life-ending and reputation-ruining events, a lesson the P.P. Cobb Building is well familiar with. Join Treasure Coast Ghosts as we reveal this tragic tale of mistaken identity and the wraith of a vengeful soul.


One of the oldest structures in the Treasure Coast, the Victorian market was the center of trade in the sleepy fishing village. But peace is always fleeting when the ocean controls your destiny. The lively market activities were interrupted one day by an ear-shattering blast that created a spectral mass of immense proportions. 


Discover how a bullet meant for the well-liked and successful businessman P.P. Cobb ended up in the brain of his close associate. Now an intelligent haunting, his agitated apparition calls out the names of the living in one last agonizing and desperate plea for salvation. Listen closely; yours may be the next he cries out.


Why is Fort Pierce so Haunted?


Cursed Items Hiding In Plain Sight


Vessels of spiritual energy come in all shapes and sizes, and the terrifying truth is you never know when you might take one home. Eastern Floridians and ghostly enthusiasts know this all too well after encountering the haunted Robert Doll. 


Discover Fort Pierce’s ties to Robert The Doll as Treasure Coast Ghosts details the twisted journey of this cursed figure. Following the passing of Robert’s owner, Robert Eugene Otto, Robert The Doll spent years residing at various antique stores in Florida, including one at Treasure Coast Antique Mall right here in Fort Pierce.


While the cursed relic now calls Key West home and terrorized the tropical town for many years, its presence acted as a catalyst for the unexplained activity that now envelopes the city. Long after his visit, the Treasure Coast Antique Mall remains a hotbed of evil activity.


Lingering Figures In The Woods


Florida’s spectral world shimmers in an effervescent horror between the minimal spaces of Fort Pierce’s dense Live Oak forest. Bodies occasionally float up from the marinas and lagoons surrounding them, reminding visitors and locals of the ever-present current of terror flowing beneath the water. 


Explore these hidden histories of Gazebo Park and Old Fort Park on a heart-pounding ghost tour of Fort Pierce, where you’ll learn of the tribal chants that echo against the tree trunks and shadowy figures lingering in the dark woods. Orbs and lights are commonly captured here – that is, if your battery isn’t drained by the unknown. 


The city’s sunny disposition is not without its faults, as several areas of Fort Pierce sit on Native American burial grounds. Hear of the horrors experienced by the Native Ais population and how they show unsuspecting visitors that their resilient souls are here to stay. And they’re not alone. Find out whose icy-cold hands reach out from the beyond to frighten those who venture into their ghostly homes with Treasure Coast Ghosts. 


What’s so Special About the Fort Pierce Ghosts Tour?


See The Shady Side of The Sunrise City 


Musicians deal with some of the harshest critics in show business. Stage fright often sets in at Zar’s Cigar Bar as ghastly hecklers pull guitars out of laps, stopping even the most seasoned performers in their tracks.  


Gain the inside scoop on Fort Pierce’s haunted shopping locations on a ghost tour with Treasure Coast Ghosts. Learn of the mediums that once used a particular building to conduct seancés, opening doors that can never be closed again. Now, for some, shopping in Fort Pierce comes with a side of spirits.


A Once in a Lifetime Experience You’ll Always Treasure


The Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce is known around town for its live music and spirited crowd. From Vaudeville to Willie Nelson, the 1923 theater has seen it all and collected massive amounts of spiritual energy. But renovations in 2006 revealed that not all of it has cleared out. 


Join Treasure Coast Ghosts as we take you through the enigmatic history of the Sunrise. Uncover the torment experienced by the construction workers who were unlucky enough to be tasked with the revitalization of the theater. Listen carefully, as you may hear the eerie whispers and banter of Fort Pierce’s long-dead high society and the phantom piano permeating the night’s tonal landscape. 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


Does the idea of being shown to your seat by a phantom usher excite you rather than fill you with fear? Florida is home to the wacky and unusual of America, and many come to Fort Pierce to soak up all the excellent otherworldly energy that floods the Sunshine City. 


Gather round as Treasure Coast Ghosts introduces you to a curious cast of characters that may stick with you for a lifetime or through the next.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Are Tired of Searching For Lost Treasure


Walking through the white sands of Florida can be tiring. The blazing sun wears down on you while your ankles grow weary and your patience grows thin. Take a break from the elusive hunt and take a ghost tour with Treasure Coast Ghosts!


2) You Visited St. Augustine But Are Craving More


You met the ghosts and visited the graveyards of St. Augustine, world-famous for being the most haunted place in the United States. But there is much more to see all along Florida’s haunted coastline. Extend your trip further down the Sunshine State and visit haunted Fort Pierce.


3) You Can’t Get Enough of the Robert The Doll Experience 


The mysterious cursed doll has morbidly fascinated people for decades. They say bad luck will strike you if you don’t greet him upon entering the East Martello Museum. While now housed in Key West, his long and sinister journey includes a stop in Fort Pierce. Learn about his tainted past from the sanctity of the Treasure Coast. 


4) You Are Interested in Native American Folklore


The Native Ais people occupied Sunrise City for many years before European arrival. Their blood, legends, and spirits live on in the sun-soaked ground of the Treasure Coast. Hear their tales firsthand and better understand the Native people of North America! 


5) You Are Looking For The Perfect Treasure Coast Souvenir 


Fort Pierce is full of shopping centers and markets, each selling visitors a unique piece of Florida. Ghost tours with Treasure Coast Ghosts are a great way to discover them while learning about their pungent history. But be careful what you bring home. You never know what may be hidden inside.

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