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Welcome To Fort Myers's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

The City of Sunshine harbors a demented dark side where the sinister souls of pirates, cultists, and gangsters continue their wicked antics in their cursed afterlife.

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Prepare to unveil the heinous and wrathful spirits of Fort Myers, where the ghosts of malevolent times roam the beachside paradise, searching for revenge for their gruesome deaths. Join Fort Myers Ghosts to hear their horrifying tales and peek into their creepy world.

Fort Myers Ghosts Tour

All tours meet at the Fire Dance Sculpture at 2000 W. First St., Fort Myers, FL
Tours last 1 hour and cover a 1 mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to get an additional 3 to 4 haunted stops!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need printed tickets or passes.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Fort Myers

Welcome to Fort Myers Ghosts


Hidden in the marshes of Fort Myers, the dead taunt the living into madness along the mighty Caloosahatchee River. Lurking from the other side of Florida’s dark underbelly, the victims of villainous outlaws and dangerous cults await your arrival.


Madness At Main and Monroe


Construction transformed Fort Myers from a sleepy town and former military base into a thriving beach town in South Florida. But even the most modern innovations could not cover up the brutal and violent scars of a city so eager to leave its past behind.


On this bone-chilling tour through downtown Fort Myers, Fort Myers Ghosts reveals what was unearthed below modern McGregor Blvd at the turn of the 20th century. Discover the shocking story of the hundreds of human remains left in shallow graves that were uncovered by a team of construction workers in 1913. A tumbling skull was only the beginning of their problems as more and more skeletons were pulled from the earth. 


A mystery that turned to madness and the sudden disappearance of one project manager sheds light on the horror that is a part of The City of Sunshine’s disturbing past. Find out who these bones belonged to and why a strange apparition has appeared and vanished around construction sites in the area ever since. 


What Will I See?


Visit Fort Myer’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • The Veranda – This home-turned-restaurant was built by one of Fort Myer’s founding families. Apparitions of the Gonzalez matriarch startle employees on the staircase and not-so-subtle paranormal winds blow winelists off the tables at The Veranda in Fort Myers, FL.


  • Old Lee County Courthouse – Trials for the first death sentence in Lee County were held at the Old Lee County Courthouse. Now, the ghosts of two murderers appear in the upper windows of the historic courthouse, blurring the lines of reality to all who witness them. 


  • First National Bank Building – Built during the great construction wars that decimated the historical buildings around them, The First National Bank is haunted by its industrious former owner and his raucous footsteps thunder down the hallways in a show of spectral power.


Meet Us At The Gallows Pole


Venture with Fort Myers Ghosts to the Old Lee County Courthouse, where the county’s first death sentence was handed out to men who claimed they only made a simple mistake. Hear the bloodied details of shotgun murders that left holes in the bodies of two victims and nooses around the necks of two murderers. 


Although the original building has been lost to time, the spectral energies of this heinous crime left behind still resonate loudly in Fort Myers. Look towards the top windows of this early 20th-century bastion of law, and you may see their vengeful spirits peering back at you in a state of dreadful longing. 


Blurry images of the duo have been captured by curious onlookers beneath the majestic courthouse, wondering why they keep returning to where justice stripped their humanity from them. Find out why so many have considered the fact that they may not be alone in front of Lee County’s second-oldest courthouse on a bone-chilling ghost tour of Fort Myers. 


It’s A Fort Myers Family Affair


Even the most friendly of hauntings can shock the system of the living. Bare witness to the beauty of The Veranda, two buildings conjoined, not only in the physical world but the ghostly world as well. 


Once home to one of Fort Myers founding families, The Veranda carries more than just the seafaring chic of these early settlers. The Gonzales family helped rebuild the town after the Seminole War ended, and industrious locals picked it apart for supplies. Now, their legacy lives on in the most spooky and invasive ways inside this restaurant, frightening employees nightly. 


Wine lists are said to fly off the table, and one instance includes an employee leaving in a frenzied exit after hearing the eerie sound of disembodied footsteps on the staircase. The creepy occurrences are endless at The Veranda. Explore them tonight on a heart-pounding ghost tour with Fort Myers Ghosts.


Why is Fort Myers so Haunted?


What Lies Beneath


Victims of boating accidents and drowned swimmers mingle down below with the murdered Floridians of generations past. Some, however, refuse to remain in their watery graves, rising to the surface and gripping those unlucky enough to be in their path with pure fear.


Journey along the Centennial Park Riverfront with Fort Myers Ghosts and hear the dismal details of the tragedy that befell the Native people. Their demise at the hands of Spanish conquerors only foreshadowed the future travesties that would occur along the bountiful banks of the Caloosahatchee River. 


Gaze towards the water and search for the woman in white, whose ghastly apparition has been seen by dozens over the years, a ghostly testimony to her grizzly and unsolved murder. It’s said that one woman was unlucky enough to attract her attention one sunny afternoon and barely escaped her obsessive and deadly gaze.


But she is far from the worst thing lurking along the banks of the Gulf Coast. Prepare to uncover the terrifying truths behind the Koresh Cult that once called an area off Highway 41 home. Fort Myers Ghosts digs deep into the gruesome details of their leader’s death and his followers’ devotion to his deceased corpse on a spine-tingling ghost tour of Fort Myers. 


Florida Man Rises Up From The Grave


Join Fort Myers Ghosts and travel to Fort Myers City Hall, where the gory tale of the bloodthirsty killer Edgar J. Watson is brought to life for your eager ears and macabre mind. A sinister man so deadly that a whole community was needed to bring him down, Watson left a trail of death behind him unlike any yet seen in Florida’s early history. 


Watson dupped and murdered his way across the United States in a series of homicides that bewildered his pursuers and created a legend so prominent it extends into the afterlife. Now, his malice lives on at the nearby Fort Myers Cemetery, where some locals refuse to venture. 


Troubling accounts from Lee County residents of encounters with this evil entity have left even the bravest souls petrified of these sacred grounds. His hulking figure chasing innocent visitors out of the cemetery has become more commonplace than graveyard workers would like to admit. Bury yourself deep in this tale as his wicked deeds are revealed in spine-chilling detail. 


What’s so Special About the Fort Myers Ghosts Tour?


See a Different and Spookier Side Of Fort Myer’s Food Scene


Fort Myers is home to a thriving food scene, one that’s so good it draws visitors from the other side. Fort Myers Ghosts takes you to the Ford’s Garage, where the sounds of shattered glass are but one act of unexplained activity that keeps the employees on their toes.


It’s believed that a former staff member is to blame for the unexpected blackouts and flickering lights that taunt employees and patrons alike. Rumors of the dark, malevolent influence left by the infamous gangster Al Capone suggest otherwise. Uncover the darker side of one of Fort Myers’s best restaurants on a spectacularly spooky ghost tour of Fort Myers. 


A Unique Experience of Fort Myers’s Otherworldly Side 


Florida’s expansive beaches and possibilities attracted the wealthiest Americans to Fort Myers. The Edisons, Fords, and Firestones all came to what is now the Burroughs Home and Gardens to wine and dine with other elites. Their parties eventually faded. But, some of the revelers simply refused to leave. 


Bask in the glory of old money’s creations while Fort Meyers Ghosts lets you in on a secret. One former homeowner still relishes her lavish lifestyle inside the palatial six thousand square foot mansion. Bathtubs full of phantom blood have spooked many a visitor, which is but a fraction of what you’ll discover with Fort Myers Ghosts.


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


Florida’s wild and unruly past comes to life with Fort Myers Ghosts. On this hair-raising ghost tour, you will meet others who want to learn more about the city’s colorful world of ghosts, ghouls, and phantoms. Journey with us into the unknown with a group of people ready to experience the macabre right alongside you. 


The ghostly community is growing. Join them on an exciting otherworldly adventure of the City of Sunshine with Fort Myers Ghosts and discover what all the hype is about!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Need A Break From The Beaches


A long day at the beach can be rejuvenating and rewarding. But after spending a couple of days soaking up the sun, you start to wonder if there is more to do and see. Book a ghost tour with Fort Myers ghosts to understand the history of The City of Palms and catch a break from all that sunlight. 


2) You Are Interested In Florida’s Weird History


Florida’s attractive beauty has been drawing people to its shores for years. Something seems to be off. Hidden between the citrus groves and pristine beaches is the source of this heavy energy. Take a ghost tour of downtown Fort Myers and see for yourself. 


3) You Love True Crime and Are Looking For More Great Stories


Florida is a magnet for true crime stories. Anything from murders to cults to kidnappings takes place in the Sunshine State, and Fort Myers Ghosts knows the unbridled truth behind it all. Allow our tour guides to share their knowledge with you. When you get home, you’ll have a new topic to obsess over with your friends. 


4) You Are Looking For Family Activities in Fort Myers, FL


Let the kids stretch their legs for the night. You’ll thank us later. Our tours are suitable for all ages and are especially good for any child with a morbid fascination. Entertain their odd interests and let Fort Myers do the hard work for you. 


5) You Are Interested In Lesser Known American Cults


Cults seem to fascinate nearly everyone today. But there are more out there than just your Twin Flames and NXIVM. Learn about the cults that may have paved the way for our culture’s morbid fascination with power and control on a ghost tour of downtown Fort Myers. 


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