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Welcome To Fort Lauderdale's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

In a city of lost Native American souls and forgotten wars, find out why the ghosts of Fort Lauderdale can never escape the haunted riverwalk.

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Join a Fort Lauderdale ghost tour to reveal the obscured and haunted history of the City of Fort mired in intrigue, mystery, and murder.  Uncover a 4000 year-old story brimming with terrifying accounts of an unforgiving native land and an unrelenting US army set on conquering a new frontier.

Fort Lauderdale Ghosts Tour

All tours meet at the Thrive Sculpture, near 301 SW 1st Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring ID. You do not need printed tickets or passes.
Visit for the best parking information.

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Thrive Sculpture | Fort Lauderdale, FL | US Ghost Adventures
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Welcome to Fort Lauderdale Ghosts

Violence, Villains, Victims, and Affliction


A seemingly idyllic waterfront region, Fort Lauderdale attracts all types of visitors to its sunny shores and miles of winding and peaceful canals. It’s also an area known for attracting ghostly visitors that make the living look over their shoulders and send chills down the spines of unsuspecting travelers. Shadowy alleys cross over eerily quiet waterways that many are unwilling to explore.  

Embark on a thrilling ghost tour after sunset and experience this once-in-a-lifetime adventure as expert guides show you the hidden nooks of the riverwalk where ghostly apparitions are spotted along the surface of the dark river. From the King-Cromartie House to Esplanade Park, a plethora of unexplained encounters have been reported and locals whisper of the ghost of King’s daughter Louise who has been seen roaming the property.  

Hear authentic accounts of a region whose modern history began with roaming bands of Seminoles fighting guerrilla warfare against an outclassed US army. The blood that was spilled time and time again still haunts the battleground where you are likely to hear echoes of the battle still raging and discover that the settlers, soldiers, and Seminoles who died there still all believe it is their land to protect and fight for.  


Why do the dead still haunt Fort Lauderdale?


The area that was once called the New River Settlement was also a battle-hardened no man’s land. This was a turmoil-infused place where armies and indigenous groups fought savagely for control. Seminole natives shed their blood and tears while US soldiers hid behind barracks and forts praying the nights would come to a close and sunrise would appear once more. This was a land where real estate was worth fighting, dying, and drawing blood for. 

Years before the tourists flocked to the area and decades before mobsters, politicians, and titans of industry made it their vacation home, this peaceful setting was christened with battles and bloodshed. Learn the tale of its baptism —from the horrific butchery of the nighttime raids of William Coole’s plantation to the tragic murders that scarred its inhabitants. Discover the haunted history and unexplained terrors that were a result of the infamous march of Major Lauderdale’s Tennessee Volunteers. 


Experience firsthand Fort Lauderdale’s twisted past and dark history


Experience multiple haunted locations while walking down sordid streets and riverside pavilions of the New River Settlement and endeavor to uncover evidence of its many ghosts. Learn of this city’s horrid underbelly and investigate its darkened recesses as you meet your experienced guide in the shadow of the Thrive Sculpture. The angel statue waits with open arms as the gateway to the ghostly side of Fort Lauderdale where you will explore its many historic museums, parks, and haunted buildings. Whether it’s your first time on a ghost tour or you’re a veteran of haunted history, the tour is a perfect adventure to brave with friends and family.


What’s so special about the Ft. Lauderdale Ghosts Tour?


Enjoy a fun, exciting way to learn the history of Ft. Lauderdale


This Fort Lauderdale ghost adventure is also a historical journey that will take you to the heart of the city as you travel through sun-soaked streets tourists have garnished with high praises but locals whisper are truly not what they seem. Streets that have some of the nation’s most popular restaurants and bars are the same deserted avenues at night where we will recall true stories of the city’s most infamous inhabitants–from suicidal lovers and desperados to valiant heroes who fought and died there. The people that built Fort Lauderdale also experienced a plethora of tragic events that shook its foundations. Each event and individual is connected to their own authentic story and sightings of their ghosts, which continue to roam the thoroughfares. 


See a Different Side of a Beautiful Destination


Travel through one of Florida’s most breathtaking regions and swipe away the mask that hides one of the peninsula’s most haunted cities. Creep down the shadowy canals of the Venice of America and experience a ghost tour where every stop is unique with its own chilling stories and unexplained encounters. 

Be Part of A Growing Community 


Journey through Fort Lauderdale’s haunted history — a past that lurks behind the city’s modern Caribbean veneer. Book this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and be part of a growing community of investigators of the afterlife and hunters of unbelievable haunted history.  


It’s a sensory thrill ride and adrenaline rush exploring haunted locations


Hear, see, and experience an emotional theme park ride, one where we dare to raise up Fort Lauderdale’s past that lies beyond the grave. With historical locations bursting with tales, tragedies, and the black deeds of its former inhabitants,  you’ll get more than your fill of ghost stories and hauntings as phantoms of the plantation and the spirits of the fort vie for your attention. 

This Fort Lauderdale ghost tour is a sensory experience that will push your limits but can’t be missed. Take home authentic stories from a memorable and exciting experience you’ll never want to forget…except in your nightmares.

If you want to walk the haunted riverwalk of Fort Lauderdale and see the city in a truly unique way, book your tour with US Ghost Adventures today.

Many of our guests experience the unexplained and bear witness to the unknown. Become one of them tonight. 

Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Fort Lauderdale

6 Reasons to book your Fort Lauderdale tour right now!  

1) You Want to Immerse Yourself In The Terrifying History of Fort Lauderdale– You want to feed the ghost.

Connect with the heart of this region and soak up some of the terrifying stories of the Fort. A place where every corner has a story, where every house has a skeleton to hide, where every person has a sin they would rather not shed light on. Our tour is thoroughly researched and based on facts — from history books, recorded accounts of hauntings, and documented ghost sightings. 

A study at Princeton University may have proven the existence of ghosts. Researchers at Princeton University have been studying paranormal phenomena in a scientific context for almost 30 years, through a department called “PEAR”. It stands for “Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research”. PEAR is a scientific study of consciousness-related physical phenomena.

“Nearly three decades of intense experimentation leave little doubt that the anomalous physical phenomena appearing in the PEAR studies are valid, and are significantly correlated with such subjective variables as intention, meaning, resonance, and uncertainty… The primary importance of operator intention and emotional resonance with the task at hand, along with the operator-specific structure evident in the data, the absence of traditional learning patterns, and

the lack of explicit space and time dependence clearly predicate that no direct application or minor alteration of existing physical or psychological frameworks will suffice. ”

Human consciousness has an effect on our surroundings — what we think, fear, and believe in resonates and leaves traces. What does this have to do with a ghost tour? Ghost tours create feedback loops. The initial entity grows bolder and gains more energy with each tour group. The more you give it nutrition the more likely it will manifest. The ghost becomes more rambunctious, more willing to take a bite. 

2) You Have A Dark Sense Of Humor

Some of us like our stories, like we like our steaks, bloody and rare. Some of us love a good Agatha Christie Mystery, enjoy curling up to a great Stephen King, and wait anxiously for the next installment of our favorite slasher franchise. Some of us need that extra jolt of darkness when it comes to our stories. We are part of a community that enjoys a good scare — that anxiously wants our veins to bulge as our hearts get flooded with adrenaline. We need that kick. We are a vast community and, to us, there’s nothing more scintillating than a good fright on a cold dark windy night. 

3) You Need Something To Do That’s Different – a chilling date night

Life, sooner or later, becomes a bit dull. You feel like you’re just going through the motions, repeating the same routines over and over again. The same restaurant. The same bar. The same movie theater. The same re-hatched superhero movie. Step out of your comfort zone and book something different — something that’s strange, bizarre, ingenious, and exciting. Come with us on a once-in-lifetime trip and see the world from a different POV. 

Did you know that our bodies release different hormones when we are thrilled or scared? Most of them influence attraction. There’s a reason why scary movies and roller coasters get the blood pumping and give that date night an exciting note to start out on. Join us on this would-be romantic and highly titillating tour. It does wonders for bonding. 

4) You Are Looking For Inspiration 

You need a tale that inspires, that makes you dream new dreams and create your own stories. You need lore that helps you look at your hometown in a new light. Come with us as we travel through stories that are anything but tame. Stories that make you appreciate how weird and strange the world really is. These ghost stories will allow you to believe in the impossible and make you rethink what you know about reality. Some of them question the tangible and the rules of physics, which is a perfect recipe for unbridled imagination.

5) You shopped until you dropped and the beach has lost its appeal 

It’s bound to happen, sooner or later– you’re going to get tired of the beach. Too much sun, too much sand, and not enough adrenaline. Trying to stay relaxed turns out to be a very stressful job. Now you need something more. You need a great view of the city from a different POV. A view full of interesting history, spine-tingling tales, and a devilish amount of mischief. Come join us as we crawl down shadowy byways and riverside pavilions, and take a closer look at what Fort Lauderdale really offers its longtime residents. 

6) You’re tired of traditional tours and guides

Our guides will take you on a ride, they will interact, they will question, they will command the attention of the group. Are you sick and tired of all those terrible tour guides? The ones that seem to slide by with the bare minimum? Our experienced guides will take you on an experience you will never forget. They are the polar opposite of traditional. Get ready to scream, to laugh, maybe even shed a tear. Visit the Fort the Chamber of Commerce doesn’t one you to know about.

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