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Welcome To Flagstaff's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Gateway to the Grand Canyon and Route 66, the city of Flagstaff is also a doorway to the darkness of the unknown.



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Shadows left by illicit violence in its past stretch far beyond the desert landscape of Flagstaff. Uncover a menacing history brimming with chaos, carnage, and corruption on a bone-chilling Flagstaff ghost tour, one of Arizona’s most haunted cities.

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Flagstaff Ghosts Tour

All tours meet at the Flagstaff Visitor Center, 1 E Rte 66, Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Tours are 1 hour across a 1 mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need printed tickets or passes
Visit for the best info on local parking

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Flagstaff Visitors Center in Flagstaff, Arizona
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Flagstaff

Welcome to Flagstaff Ghosts

Dark Deeds and a Darker Past Hidden in Desert Shadows  


Just over the sprawling magnificent landscape that draws thousands of nature lovers from all corners the country is a town with a sinister past that overshadows the highest peaks of Flagstaff’s. Stunning canyons, enchanting forests, and majestic mountain landscapes are natural aesthetics that hide the ominous origins of a town still haunted by the nightmares its citizens endured. 


Unsolved murders, tragic suicides, untimely deaths, and tortured pasts continue you to stalk the streets of Old Town Flagstaff, leaving a trail of unnerving sensations and terrifying manifestations in its wake.Known as the City of Seven Wonders, the real wonder is how a small desert town in Arizona became home to some of the most haunted locations in America. The mysterious details lie within the forsaken buildings from which the darkness was born.




The Rich and Famous Meet the Dead and Restless at Haunted Hotels


Don’t let this quaint and cozy town fool you. In its heyday, Old Town Flagstaff was a bonafide hot spot for the rich and famous with the lavish Hotel Monte Vista serving as the official gathering space. The hotel was not only host to a plethora of the era’s biggest celebrity stars, but was also home to some of the area’s most bone-chilling occurrences and unexplained sightings.


Hear firsthand how apparitions and incidents that plague the haunted hotel that are almost too many to count. Guests and employees alike have reported strange noises, furniture being moved, and even phone calls without a caller. That is just the tip of the eerie iceberg…


Before becoming a famous apparition himself, former hotel guest Mr. John Wayne–The Duke– reported seeing a bellboy in his room, with sightings of the young man being reported ever since, and other guests report the spirit of a bank robber who bled to death in the hotel’s lounge, supposedly still trying to enjoy his last drink.  


Join a Flagstaff Ghosts tour to uncover even more unbelievable encounters in all parts of the hotel.  The unexpected visitors from the land of the dead haunt locals, employees, hotel guests–anyone who decides to take even one step onto the property of the Hotel Monte Vista.  The stories will leave you breathless with chills…and that’s just one haunted stop on the thrilling ghost tour.


More Haunted Hotels Hide the Horrific


Hotel Monte Vista isn’t the only hotel that has an active and unexplained history. Uncover the true, frightening accounts of the Weatherford hotel. The original magnet of the elite is now a playground for the supernatural. The spirits that inhabit the hotel are in no short supply and consistently make themselves known to the hotel’s guests. 


Hear in horrors as the story of the floating woman reaches your ears. You’re sure to give her your undivided attention, as she’s been known to toss ice around the hotel bar when her presence is not acknowledged.


Those guests who love a good game of pool are often shocked and scared spitless when the spirit of a young child seems to scamper from underneath the billiards table. As if that isn’t spine-tingling enough, imagine the surprise when the child is gone in the next blink of an eye. Discover the gruesome tale of the couple that was found dead in room 54 but have yet to leave the place where they met their grisly end.


Listen in awe to these chilling stories and more as you dig deep into the past of Flagstaff and attempt to uncover the mysteries behind the sightings at its many haunted hotels and other historic locations. As spooky as that may sound, there is a pair of spirits that have creeped out the hotel’s staff and guests so terribly that the room in which the spirits reside is no longer available for bookings. The terrifying tales won’t, if you’re brave enough to continue, as you pull back layer after layer of untold history and reveal countless authentic ghost stories of this desert oasis.


From breathtaking sightings to the horrific, deafening sounds of arguing, the unexplained activity that possessed this hotel left one will either leave you shaking in your shoes or running for the nearest exit, even if it’s just to get to the next exciting stop.




Undeniable Tragedies and Inescapable Truths


Death and debauchery are a sad and tragic reality of Flagstaff’s early beginnings. Originally the home of several Native tribes, Flagstaff was the product of Arizona becoming an American territory from Mexico in 1848. The U.S. Congress wanted to explore these new territories, so they sent out discovery parties to find resources, locate paths, and make maps.  When a group from Boston on the way to California celebrated the centennial of the U.S. in 1876, they left behind a stripped pine tree with an American Flag attached. Flagstaff quickly became a booming and bustling town following the opening of its first saloon. With its growth came the town’s first murder and a slew of horrific and mysterious ends to follow. 


Visit the Flagstaff Railroad Station where you’ll stand on the famous Route 66 in the exact spot where the town’s first bloodshed shook the townspeople to the point of vengeance.  Even though the railroad station brought settlers and supposed prosperity, it also brought the the dregs of the earth and the lowest of the low, who caused so much trouble amidst drinking and gambling in the saloons, the townspeople demanded a local government to stop the early afflictions of illegal activity, rampant violence and corruption. 


Hear the tragic tales of spirits of saloon killings’ victims on an authentic Flagstaff Ghosts tour.  Learn details of the desert town’s early days when men were killed weekly in Flagstaff’s saloons and how tired citizens rounded up card sharps, thieves, and camp robbers to leave them dangling on the branch of Flagstaff’s “hanging tree” near its present day city park.


Flagstaff’s first murder would set the stage for its continued downward spiral into the great fire of 1884 that destroyed much of Old Town, and even worse, the horrific murder of the 6-year old boy named Johnny Elden, Jr.  That crime, and the myth and mystery surrounding it in Flagstaff’s history, was one of the most infamous murders in the new territory and Johnny’s grave is the most visited grave in Northern Arizona.  


While no one has claimed to identify poor Johnny as one of the ghosts in Flagstaff, some say he may be the ghost under the pool table in Hotel Monte Vista, trying to enjoy his childhood rather than have it ended prematurely. 



Unsettled Spirits and Their Eternal Ties to Flagstaff


Flagstaff’s preservation of its origins is one to be in awe of. Even former residents will agree as they’ve yet to leave their home behind, even though they’ve left the land of the living. Learn the sad details of Dr. Ralph Oliver Raymond, the beloved physician of Flagstaff, who still resides in his home and former office nearly a century after his death. While his presence is said to be a friendly one, other visitors believe that it’s the pain and despair of his patients that fill the home with a feeling of emptiness and death.


For all the area’s natural beauty and the town’s divine atmosphere, there’s a truly dark and disturbing past that even the most picturesque views can’t disguise. The early 1900s saw the rise of prostitution with Old Town Flagstaff being home to its very own Red Light District. 


Discover how years of depravity and gross atrocities led to the appalling deaths of Madam Dutch May and her despicable boyfriend and why they continue to stalk the buildings that have replaced her brothels.




Experience The One-of-a-Kind Otherworldly Wonders of Haunted Flagstaff


Flagstaff Ghosts is the only place you’ll hear these unique and ghastly tales, while the grisly truth of this quaint and quiet town’s past is revealed.


A place normally reserved for peace and quiet is unbelievably the site of one of the town’s most heinous acts. Uncover the horrendous account of a former school custodian that viciously slaughtered his entire family, and then himself, at the Flagstaff Public Library.  Delve deeper to find out why he’s forever tied to its basement, where it’s said you can feel his energy the strongest. Strange noises, books being moved around, and doors opening and closing on their own are just a few of the unexplained activities that staff members deal with daily, not including the custodian’s surprise appearances.


Old Town Flagstaff: A Journey Into The Darker Side of a Destination


Old Town Flagstaff Ghost Tours will take you on an exciting and terrifying trip through the town’s past, one that is almost too outrageous to be true. What’s more chilling than the tales that you’ll hear is that they’re all factual, each occurring before our time yet just as disturbing as when they happened. 


Join us as we take you on a stroll down nightmare lane that’s guaranteed to get your adrenaline going. Who knows – you just may need it as you never know what you might see.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1: You’ve Already Experienced the Seven Wonders


Part of Flagstaff’s draw is that it’s known as the City of Seven Wonders. If that’s partly what brought you here, you know we don’t mean those Seven Wonders. The Grand Canyon, Coconino Natural Forest, and Sunset Crater Volcano are just a few of the natural attractions that bring tourists to this beautiful town. 


But if you’ve experienced it all and are looking for something to mix up your trip, Old Town Flagstaff Ghost Tours is a great way to add a little variety to your Arizona vacation. There is so much to see in Flagstaff but there’s also a history that deserves to be heard in a fun and unique way – that’s exactly what you’ll get with Old Town Flagstaff Ghost Tours.


2: You’re Looking For a Different Kind Adventure


Nature enthusiasts are drawn to Flagstaff for its natural wonders and abundance of outdoor activities. But maybe that’s not your thing? If you’re visiting this gorgeous town but you’re not really here for all that the outdoors has to offer, join us for a tour that will show you a different side of Flagstaff.


While it’s true, the town is known as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon, it’s also known for being the home of one of the most haunted hotels in the state. If that piques your interest, that’s just one of several locations you’ll visit, each location featuring stories that will boggle the mind and stay with you well after you leave Flagstaff. Old Town Flagstaff Ghost Tours will take you on an adventure you won’t forget.


3:  You Want To Know All About Flagstaff’s Hidden History


Every city has a story. And while those stories can be found with a quick Google search, they don’t quite have the same impact as they do when being heard in person in the actual locations these events took place. If this is your first time in Flagstaff and you want to know more about the town, there’s no better way to make it happen than a tour with Old Town Flagstaff Ghost Tours.


Sure, you’ll hear plenty of stories about the town’s afterlife but you’ll also about the town’s development and the history that makes Flagstaff what it is today. If you want to learn as much as possible about this popular tourist town, take a stroll into the past with Old Town Flagstaff Ghost Tours and take in a history lesson you won’t get anywhere else.


4: You Don’t Believe in Ghosts…Yet


It’s OK, you’re not alone! There are plenty of people who don’t believe in ghosts that still have a good time on this tour. Our goal isn’t to convince you either way. At Old Town Flagstaff Ghost Tours, our goal is to show you another side of Flagstaff in a way that will keep you engaged and entertained. However, we can’t be held responsible for occurrences that may cause you to change your mind.


5:  You’re Looking For Something Unique to do On Date Night


Ghost tours aren’t just for tourists. Locals might be surprised to discover that there are some things about Flagstaff they just may not know about. If you’re looking for something fun and unique to do on date night, let Old Town Flagstaff Ghost Tours help you provide an entertaining night that will keep you and your date on your toes.


6:  You’re Obsessed With the Real Wild West


People take photos in cutouts with “WANTED” signs painted beneath them, pretending to be outlaws…right before going back to the hotel for an early dinner and bedtime.  You want to hear about the real Wild West and see firsthand the saloons where the outlaws and gunslingers gambled and drank the night away.  You know with all of that drinking and debauchery and death, there are bound to be more stories of things you might not read about in a 4th grade history book.  


Take a Flagstaff Ghosts tour to hear the real, sordid details behind the infamous, historical outlaws, lawmen, and settlers who lived the terrifying tales you’ve always heard about.  We guarantee you’ll hear about, and see, things you’ve never seen before or imagined…whether or not you sleep tonight is on you.

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