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Welcome To El Paso's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

In the blazing heat of the Texas desert, El Paso experiences bone-chilling hauntings daily.  Join a Sun City Ghosts tour that will make your blood run cold like the dead that rule the night.

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Disembodied voices and hauntings that continue to plague El Paso are just a taste of the terrifying tales that torment the city. Discover how a past riddled with bullets and blood created a town where residents are forced to coexist with the ghosts of the dead.

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Sun City Ghosts

All tours meet at San Jacinto Plaza at 114 W Mills Ave, El Paso, TX 79901.
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours meet nightly at 8pm
Simply Bring ID. You do not need printed tickets or passes
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Night-time at haunted San Jacinto Plaza in El Paso, TX, with christmas lights , meeting location for the Sun City Ghosts tour
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In El Paso

Welcome to Sun City Ghosts

When The Sun Sets, The Darkness Rises


Known as “The Passage to the North”, El Paso’s location on the Rio Grande River, which borders both Mexico and the United States, has always been a bridge between the North and the South. Its unique history and even more unbelievable hauntings have also created a connection between past and present, as well as the living and the dead. 


Located in the western most region of the gigantic state of Texas, the border town of El Paso was a prime travel route for Europeans seeking safe passage to the “North ” from Mexico. The area surrounding San Jacinto Plaza, which serves as a seemingly peaceful public park, was a meeting place for local citizens in the 1800s, but was also used a common stable for the livestock of locals as well as lawless criminals and a rest stop of those infamous outlaws who needed a place to stash their steeds. 


Unfortunately for this small and peaceful Texas town, once their horses were unhitched, the town was at the mercy of the whims of the wicked. The dark events that followed, day or night, gave birth to some of the most terrifying tales of hauntings Texas has ever known. Even though the sun never stops shining in Sun City, USA, the heart of El Paso’s sinister side that hides in the shadows is darker than the dirty deeds of the outlaws that made it their stomping ground.


Join us where it all began – San Jacinto Plaza – where apparitions of legendary lawmen, courageous cowboys, and dirty outlaws continue to clash for supremacy of the area. Enjoy a frightful night of disturbing tales that are a significant part of El Paso’s past, and continue to be a terrifying and integral part of its present. 




Experience a Side of El Paso Darker Than Midnight in the Desert


The notoriously haunted locations you’ll visit and the terrifying stories that are attached to each will send chills down your spine and shed a whole new light on the El Paso you thought you knew. From the long-standing Wigwam Saloon that’s known for its resident spirit, supposedly the literal “Dark Angel of Death”, to the fire stations that hold countless stories of unexplained and unbelievably bizarre events, you’ll experience over almost two centuries of horrifying history unique to the Lone Star State. 


Dig deeper and you’ll find even more hauntings that can be tied to the indigenous peoples who inhabited the land for more than 500 years before Europeans or cowboys ever set a boot on the land. However, in the boot capital of the world, many of the most infamous outlaws rested their heels in its saloons and walked the streets of El Paso looking for trouble. As it happens, the city had another nickname before Sun City.  It was fondly called the Six Shooter Capital and it was in San Jacinto Plaza that some say it earned its name when one particular individual rode into town on a mission that would end with countless dead from his bullets and lead.


The man was El Paso’s most legendary lawless figure– none other than Billy The Kid. The notorious outlaw visited the area during his journey to bust his friend, Melquiades Segura, out of the San Elizario jail and the event became the only documented case of a prisoner being free from the famous El Paso jail.


His journey to the western Texas city wouldn’t have been right without the crimes he was best known for, and in addition to the jailbreak included robbery, murder, and worse. Inevitably, the darkness he carried with him that night continues to manifest itself in this very park. 


Locals whisper that the spirits of the Mexican guards continue to patrol the jail, continuing their eternal vigil with lights flickering on and off. If you happen to be in the area at night, you might just see Billy The Kid and his friend riding off into the night.


No Rest For The Wicked


The wickedness of Billy The Kid is only rivaled by the evil that inhabits the Desoto Hotel, one of the most haunted locations in El Paso. The century-old hotel draws fans of the unearthly from all over as it’s rumored the basement of the Desoto was a place of rituals and Satanic worship. 


At best, a run-in with one of the Desoto spirits will leave you feeling uneasy. There are those who didn’t have the good fortune to leave unscathed, reporting physical attacks that included pinches, punches, and even bites. Other reports include sightings of a shadow figure as well as a little girl named Sara, both of whom have unknown origins leaving us to wonder not who, but what they are.


At Daves A Pawn Shop, evil takes the form of a demonic-looking doll of JuJu. The out-of-the-ordinary pawn shop was brought a terrifying possession by a customer who found it in an extremely rare item: a reliquary. Locked away for generations, the doll was released and, with it, its terrifying past and energy. Beware staring into the doll’s eyes as there may be no looking back.


A Tragic Past of Unresolved Ends


Tragedy and untimely deaths have lent a hand in creating El Paso’s ominous past. Built in the 1920s, The Reagan once served as a pediatrician’s office with the basement being used to perform surgeries. In the middle of a series of surgeries for one young patient, the attending physician Dr. Pickett suddenly died, leaving the surgeries to be completed by his partner. It’s said the doctor continues to roam the (now) restaurant, with a look of urgency, worrying about what became of his young patient. The spirit of a weeping boy has also been spotted in the restaurant, his soul unable to rest following his unfortunate demise.


Once a building of luxury and opulence, the infamous Hotel Paso Del Norte now houses sadness and despair in the form of the soul of a jilted bride. The former lively and vibrant woman leaped from the balcony to her death after she discovered her husband left her for her bridesmaid, leaving her forever tied to the building, described to be roaming the halls in agony. 


Conjurings Created By The Undead


From lights flickering on and off, items moving with no one near them, menacing sounds, and unexplained sightings, El Paso is no stranger to the events of the great beyond. The malevolent occurrences that have shaped the horrific landscape that is downtown El Paso continue to reveal themselves in mysterious and spooky ways. 


Discover the El Paso Public Library’s disturbing history, one that includes being built on a civil war burial ground. Sightings of civil war-era soldiers in the library’s basement continue to be reported as well as unexplained activity such as books, papers, magazines, and various objects repeatedly flying off shelves and tables.


For a truly unhinging experience, it doesn’t get much more sinister than the Plaza Theater. Hear the terrifying true account of the employee who caught a glimpse of an unusual guest that turned out to be otherworldly, proclaiming “we all have our time to die” and then repeatedly jumping from the balcony reenacting his demise.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons You Have to Book This Tour Right Now!


1:  You love Texas history.

The role Texas played in the formation of the United States is a major one, so it’s easy to see why it’s shrouded in deep history that is both monumental and otherworldly. Googling the history is an option, but what fun is that? For a trip back in time that includes visits to places of historical significance and stories that didn’t make the history book, what better way than a tour with Sun City Ghosts? 


This isn’t like any history lesson you’ve ever slept through. Educational and engaging, this tour will take you on a trip through centuries of history and hauntings. Texas history includes so much more than we were taught in school, and Sun City Ghosts is where you’ll hear it.


2:  You want a fun way to get your steps in, in the desert.


It’s all about the steps these days! Maybe you’re in a challenge with friends. Maybe your job gives you points for every step taken. Maybe you have a personal daily goal you’re always finding new ways to achieve. Whatever the reason, Sun City Ghosts can help you make it happen!


This ghost tour is all about the sights. We take you on an adventurous tour of the area’s most notoriously haunted locations all while keeping you on your feet and captivated. Before you know it, you’ve hit your step goal for the day and you did it in a fun and entertaining way. Win-win!


3: You’re intrigued by the unknown.


These aren’t your run-of-the-mill ghost stories that you’ll hear. Our research team has uncovered terrifying true accounts of unexplained activity that range from spirit sightings to inexplicable voices and sounds to being touched by unidentified beings. If the unknown and all that can’t be reasonably explained piques your interest, you’re in the right place!


4: You need an escape from your day-to-day schedule.


This ghost tour isn’t just for tourists. We want to see our El Paso locals too! The days seem to get shorter and we just seem to get busier. We could all use a break from time to time so why not make it an interesting one and spend a little time with Sun City Ghosts? Things may be a little hectic but there’s nothing like a few scares to take your mind off things.


5:  It’s date night.


You have a date and you really want to do something they’d never expect. This is right up your alley! What better way to show your interest in someone than to show them you’ve taken the time to plan a fun and memorable date? A tour with Sun City Ghosts will keep you and your date on your toes and maybe even gripping each other tightly by the end.


6:  You’ve had your fill of horror movies and are ready for the real thing.

Horror movie lovers tend to also have an affinity for all things spooky. If that’s you and you’ve seen all the horror movies, why not move on to the real thing? The stories you’ll hear are what horror movies are made of. So put down the remote, grab your walking shoes, and get ready to experience scares in real life.

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