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Denver Haunted Pub Crawl

Denver Haunted Pub Crawl

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Looking to book a hauntingly fun ghost tour in Denver?

You’re in the right spot to unlock the ghostly secrets of Denver’s past.

Denver Haunted Pub Crawl
Tour Location Location

Pub on Penn at 1278 Pennsylvania Ave

Tour Duration Duration

Up to 2 hrs

Tour Info Info

Arrive 10 minutes early and allow time for parking.

Tour Order Admission

Press "Book Now" for availability.

Haunts of Denver

Welcome to the Mile High City, where many come to heal themselves in the fresh mountain air, but fall privy to their unfortunate demise. If you are looking forward to an evening filled with tales of ghosts and haunts, look no further.

Many have asked, what is the reason the neighborhood of Capitol Hill, that spans over twenty blocks of real estate, is so haunted? Join us for a Haunted Pub Crawl to discover just what makes these locations so haunted, washed down with a glass of liquid courage at some of the most exciting pubs the Capitol Hill neighborhood has to offer.

Denver’s Haunted History

Denver is filled with hidden secrets beneath beautiful things. Its Capitol Hill neighborhood, home to stately mansions and old money elite, is filled with buried tragedies and terrifying hauntings. Molly Brown House Museum, one of the most haunted houses in Denver, is said to be haunted by the former owners, a philanthropist suffragette who survived the Titanic tragedy and her husband.

Denver’s immaculate Cheesman Park is another example, with the beautiful grass of the park providing a peaceful facade above the 2,000-plus dead bodies buried underneath. The ghosts of these poor souls, some buried in pieces to save space, can often be spotted walking about the surrounding neighborhood, still searching for rest.

Millionaire’s Row

The Capitol Hill neighborhood has historically been called ‘Millionaire’s Row’. For a time during the late 1800s, many big named lawyers, journalists, and politicians threw their morality out the door in order to build their fine houses on this hill, and some even came to lose their lives in their echoing tombs.

This neighborhood has become most popular amongst the ghosts, and oftentimes, they are found to throw parties, to which you may be invited…before your time. If you are looking for some serious spooks or are just browsing for a chill down your spine these are the best places to go. Perhaps if you are lucky, you may even meet an apparition along your haunted way.

Enjoy Spirits With Spirits

As we move through our tour, we’ll take you to some of our favorite bars and pubs in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. We’ll sip pints in the cozy neighborhood Pub on Penn and sample craft cocktails at Bar Nun, which sits next to the haunted Marijuana Mansion.  At each pit stop, we’ll share stories of nearby hauntings, play drinking games, and simply connect with like-minded individuals who share a love for a spooky story or two before continuing on into the dark night.


Locations on Tour

Dunning Benedict House

Much like the fortress facade of this stately mansion, the ghosts of its former residents are refusing to leave their post, guarding their respective floors of the home for all eternity.

The ghost of one of the home’s owners, Walter Cheesman, is trapped here on earth, unable to move on, forever haunted by the restless ghosts of the nearby park that bears his name. The home is haunted by a variety of other poltergeists, from disturbing devils to mischievous tricksters to a shadowy couple who stand guard on the upper floors.

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Croke-Patterson-Campbell House

Croke-Patterson-Campbell House is supremely haunted — even upon being built, the personfor whom the house was built, Dr. Croke escaped, saying that it was too chilling for his liking. As the home gained residents over the years, it only became more possessed…each addition bringing a new layer of evil.

After the grand mansion was turned into apartments, problems began with the departure of Dr. Sudan, who owned the home for several years. Ghosts in the home were seemingly attached to the doctor and rebelled following his absence. Others over the years have taken possession of children and  harassed construction workers.

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Peabody-Whitehead Mansion

One of the most haunted homes in Denver, the Peabody-Whitehead Mansion has hosted many
failed businesses who couldn’t get past ghost interference. William Whitehead, the original
owner, spoke of seeing the ghosts of the soldiers he lost moving about the house as he headed
to the grave.
The mansion has been visited by two paranormal teams, once in the 1970s and another in
2010, who confirmed the identities of several of the homes’ ghosts, including a young woman
awaiting her runaway groom, a poltergeist who likes to play with the chandeliers, and a
basement full of unspeakable horrors. Visit if you dare!

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