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Welcome To Denver's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Like the looming Rockies, Denver’s deadly history casts a dark shadow over the Mile High City. Find out why its shocking past is more chilling than its icy mountain air.

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Walk with Denver Terrors down the most haunted road in the city and discover a unique, hair-raising collection of spine-tingling stories. From twisted politicians and murderers to insecure ladies and the haunting tale of Titanic survivor, Molly Brown, this city’s sinister past still lurks in the present.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

Denver Terrors Ghost Tour

Join us nightly for a unique collection of captivating and unnerving historical stories that reveal what makes Denver one of the West’s most compelling haunted destinations.

Denver Terrors Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Take a Boo's and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl for genuine stories, scares, and delicious drinks in the historic district, with up to 2 hours of ghostly fun with the city's spirits and Spirits.

Denver Mile-High Foodie Tour

Enjoy an exhilarating afternoon of walking, tasting, eating, and exploring your way through downtown Denver. The Mile-High Foodie Tour highlights some of Denver’s most delicious dishes and culinary hotspots.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Denver

Welcome to Denver Terrors

Once the sun slips behind the Rockies, this city becomes as dark and disturbing as the stories it hides. Experience for yourself Denver’s macabre history of deception, devastation, and death. Welcome to Denver Terrors.


The Mysterious and Malevolent Mile High City


Perched at the base of the famous Rocky Mountains, Denver’s blend of nature, outdoor sports, and culture has made the city a great escape for those seeking tranquility. But the peace ends at Millionaires Row, where opulent mansions mask the decades of disaster and the inflamed spirits that refuse to relinquish their territory. 


Legends from both the good and bad sides of history have left their mark on Denver, and their spirits ominously wander this tainted road. 


Titanic survivor Molly Brown is one such tormented soul that remains trapped in her former unsatisfied life. Divorced and dejected, Molly died without resolve, never finding her place amongst her affluent neighbors.


Though Molly and her incredible story are celebrated to this day, her soul is reported to be as sorrowful as she was in her earthly form. 


Denver Terrors takes you to the Molly Brown House where you’ll uncover a life left unfulfilled and a restless spirit that sends chills down the spines of those who encounter her – and she’s not alone. 


Embark on a journey with Denver Terrors to uncover the truth about this grisly era in the Mile High City, when even the comfort of wealth could not protect those whose tragic fates awaited them.


What Will I See?


It’s almost unfathomable that such a beautiful and notable city could be rife with a past so malevolent and salacious that it’s home to one of the most notorious neighborhoods in the country. Once an exclusive neighborhood for the wealthy, Millionaires Row is now most known for its thriving afterlife. Locations once built for opulence now serve another purpose: housing the dead.


Visit Denver’s Most Haunted Locations Including:


 •  Molly Brown House: Though unaccepted by high society, Molly would go on to be celebrated with a show on Broadway for her surviving the Titanic. The praise she received in the afterlife brought her back to the home she loved and, along with her husband and other family members, frequently put on a show for visitors from all over.


•  Peabody-Whitehead Mansion: A party site favorite for most in the medical field was a torture chamber for surgeon William Whitehead. Following his work during the American Civil War, he reported constant sightings of soldiers who passed under his watch. Today, Whitehead joins them and the plethora of other spirits in haunting this sprawling home.


    Newhouse Hotel: Originally the Hesse Hotel, the building was notorious for attracting businessmen looking for a good time, not of the legal kind. The tunnels used to keep their indiscretions a secret soon became a portal to the dark side where death was almost imminent. Various apparitions haunt this former hedonistic hotel including a sex worker who continues to prey on men in the afterlife. 


The Capitol of Terror


This mysterious Mile High City earns its name at the eerie Capitol Building that sits exactly one mile above sea level. However, deep in the opposite direction the air thickens, and an unexplainable presence hovers. Take a stroll with Denver Terrors through an illicit era when the area was a territory and merciless outlaws took aim at it.


Arson, rape, and murder were the gang’s preferred acts of debauchery prompting the governor to put a bounty on their heads which were later delivered to the governor as a gift. As in life, the wicked would not go quietly in death and have made the basement of the Capitol Building a virtual torture room for anyone who ventures down there.


Visit this historic building and uncover an abyss of malice beginning with the underground tunnels used to sneak men to and from the sinful Newhouse Hotel. Hear about the terror the ghosts of the disembodied heads cause when they manifest before unsuspecting victims. Witnesses claim to have heard the unsettling sound of phantom hooves in the basement, the spirits of the accursed coming back for revenge. Should you hear them, you’ve been warned.


From Mansions to Makeshitft Mortuaries


A luxurious area that businessmen, politicians, and wealthy families called home was hardly a place of good fortune. Built in 1889, The Dunning Benedict House was once owned by Mr. Walter Scott Cheesman, a successful businessman whose financial contributions would earn him a token of recognition, Cheesman Park.


For the angered spirits disturbed by the change, however, this will always be Prospect Hill Cemetery. Over 5,000 bodies were left unclaimed and their disposal was grotesque at best, being chopped up into hundreds of pieces and spread between multiple boxes. The desecration of graves, the mutilation and discarding of corpses, and the thousands of bodies that remain left a plethora of tormented souls wandering the grounds, and the condemned spirit of Cheesman imprisoned in his former home.


Explore the Dunning Benedict House and learn about the disturbing connections to Mr. Cheesman that turned the developer into a conjurer. The barbaric treatment of the dead continues to haunt the area with ghosts frequently being spotted in the neighborhood, possibly keeping Walter from resting in peace.


Cheesman has been seen by prior residents walking down the stairs and leaving the home while others have been awoken by the frightening sight of his spirit staring at them, and he’s not alone. The darkness that befell the house spawned several entities with one poltergeist causing eerie occurrences including rearranging furniture and artwork. Keep your eyes open and cameras ready, as they’ve been known to show themselves at any time.


A Deadly Past That Won’t Rest


Denver’s twisted past has created a string of unfinished business between victims and their accusers. Denver Terrors takes you to the Acacia Apartments, a former hotel for the rich and elite, and the profane. Wealthy businessmen and powerful politicians were regulars, leaving their families at home while they participated in nefarious behavior – but it wouldn’t go unnoticed.


Unveil the unhinged accounts of one particular affair that had a fatal end, and produced a morose spirit known for spreading her misery to anyone in her presence. Following the discovery of her husband’s affair, the enraged wife of a legislator stormed into room 111, catching her disgraceful husband in the act and demanding he choose: her or the mistress.


The legislator chose his wife, and the mistress chose death. Soon after her body was discovered the hotel was converted into the creepy apartments you’ll see before you. Yet, the changes couldn’t erase its disturbing past. Reports of lights flickering on and off, elevators trapping residents, doors locking on their own, and her somber apparition appearing in the dead of night are just a few accounts you’ll digest on this intriguing tour.


Why is Denver So Haunted?


The Ghosts of War


As America developed, no place in the rising nation was safe from the perils of war. Dr. William Riddick Whitehead played an integral role in the Russian Crimean War and American Civil War, serving as a battlefield surgeon under General Robert E. Lee. His reward for his service would be never-ending taunting by the dead.


Visit the Peabody-Whitehead Mansion, one of the most haunted buildings in the city where the ghosts are as unforgiving as the manner of their deaths. Prior to the surgeon’s death, Whitehead frequently reported seeing the spirits of the war-torn soldiers that died by his hands. 


The energy of the home would turn sinister when mine-owner turned governor, James Peabody took residence. His war against his workers and abhorrent treatment of union miners would come back to haunt him, literally. The anger of the tortured workers rages on in the mansion. 


Dishes flying across the room, breaking dishes, disembodied voices, screams, and cries, and disconnected phones and service bells ringing are just a few of the occurrences that keep people at bay. Ghost Adventures paid a visit to the mansion, spending the night being terrorized by the malevolent entities that inhabit the building. 


Watch the episode (Season 6, Episode 2) for yourself, then experience it in real life with Denver Ghosts.


Casualties of The Silver Crash


Though a thriving metropolis today, there was a time when the money ran out in Denver. The silver crash resulted in the city’s wealthy and elite vacating Millionaires Row. Soon, the once opulent neighborhood was flooded with addicts, prostitutes, the homeless, and the mentally ill, with properties being taken over by undesirables.


Formerly the Hesse Hotel, the Newhouse Hotel once operated as a speakeasy with a tunnel running from the Capitol Building to the hotel allowing for dishonorable behavior from politicians. Even with a new look and name, the hotel continued to attract disturbed individuals and illicit acts, making it the scene for several gruesome deaths.


Restoration efforts have failed to rid the Newhouse Hotel of its deviant past, as you’ll discover on this ghost tour. Hear authentic accounts of guest run-ins with the spooky spectrals of this dark period in Denver. The spine-chilling sightings of these apparitions include disappearing through walls, cold spots, and one former sex worker who continues to stalk her prey only to vanish after capturing her victim. 


What’s So Special About the Denver Terrors Ghost Tour?


See a Different, Darker Side of a Historic and Beautiful Destination


Denver’s sprawling landscape, picturesque sights, and popular laidback atmosphere have made the city a hotspot for transplants looking for greener pastures. But behind the luscious scenery lies a piece of Denver with a wicked past filled with deceit, cruel intentions, evil acts, and the permanent remnants of brutal deaths. 


Songs, movies, and mentions leave out the disturbing truth about the Mile High City. The shadows cast by the setting sun come alive in the darkness of the city’s demented history. Walk along the road that houses some of Denver’s most notorious haunts such as the Graves House, the former home of a deranged individual whose murderous rage left him trapped in the house. His sighting has been known to instill fear in anyone who’s unlucky enough to encounter it. Tonight, it might be you.


Experience the Unique, Breath-Taking Views and Spooks of Denver


The eclectic nature of the city can be found everywhere, from its incredible collection of world-class museums and sought-after breweries to the historical landmarks and seemingly endless outdoor activities. But at night, the beauty and wonderment take a backseat to the horrors of a dismal time.


See the Croke-Patterson-Campbell House where death lingers in the air. The home has been sending chills down the spines of residents and visitors alike since its construction for Thomas B. Croke who was so spooked by the house he promptly moved out. Take a stroll with Denver Terrors where you’ll be introduced to the ghosts of this home and those whose manifestations chill the air on Millionaires Row.


Be A Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


Whether you’re a Denver native or a Rocky Mountain traveler, this tour is the perfect way to implement history and horror alike. This fascinating ghost tour takes you on a trip through a historic area of Denver that exudes luxury and opulence while harboring twisted tales of vengeance, cruelty, violence, and death. For those new to the spectral world, you’re about to get a crash course in ghosts and the terror they incite. For veteran ghost hunters, prepare to discover new locations to add to your bucket list of ghost hunts, joining the ranks of professional ghost hunters before you.


From the unfortunate case of Molly Brown to the forsaken souls separated from their final resting place, Denver bears a plethora of sinister stories, tragic tales, and the ghosts that are trapped from a former life left unfinished. Welcome to Denver Terrors.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to Book your Denver Terrors Ghost Tour Right Now!


1) You’re ready for adventure


If you came to Denver, we’re going to guess you’re a thrill-seeker. You love adventure and exploration of the unknown. This tour is the perfect evening activity for you and your friends to embrace all the historical and blood-pumping horror that Denver has to offer. After you hike your mountain during the day, join us for an incredibly unique experience that will leave you gasping for air yet again. 


2) It’s date night


Let us help you out. There’s no need to scroll the night away figuring out which movie to watch for the fourth night in a row. This tour is the perfect date night that will not only get you out of the house but is hand-holding worthy. Switch up date night for a fun, engaging, and terrifying night with your significant other. You will be talking about this tour for many nights to come. 


3) Red Rocks Amphitheater is sold out


If your favorite artist is sold out at Red Rocks, don’t fret. We have a night of excitement, jitters, and jaw-dropping stories waiting for an audience like you. Get ready for a night with your friends unlike any other. You and your friends will forget about Red Rocks when you experience the bone-chilling night of Denver’s twisted past. 


4) You’re interested in ghosts


If you’re interested in ghosts, you ended up on the right page. If you’re not interested in ghosts…you also ended up on the right page. Our ghost tours are perfect for ghost hunters and skeptics alike! As you walk the neighborhood, you will experience historical tragedies, murders, and killings that forever have shaped the Denver we know and love. 


5) The sun is setting; the stores are closing


Once the stores along 16th St Mall lock their doors, it’ll almost be time for our tour to begin. The sun setting over the Rocky Mountains is the perfect backdrop for our tour to begin. With a creepy, dim overtone in the sky, you will experience the Mile High City in a brand new light. Experience the horrifying stories of what happens after dark in Denver. 


6) You’re interested in Denver’s history 

Denver’s history is both dark and complex. From Arapaho Native Americans to gold chasers, there is a lot of history that lays the foundation for the teeth-chattering events that took place here. As we walk through the Capitol Hill neighborhood, you will learn history – some you may know, other bits you may wish you didn’t know.

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