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Welcome To Deadwood's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Beyond the notorious Black Hills sits the toughest town in the Wild West, built on gambling, gunslinging, and bloodshed. Discover why Deadwood’s dead continue to dominate the realm of the living.

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Walk the grounds that once catered to the Wild West’s most infamous outlaws and wicked personalities. Wyatt and Morgan Earp, Calamity Jane, and Al Swearengen left behind legacies that would be immortalized many times. Take a Deadwood Ghosts Tour to uncover the town that continues to make history, particularly the haunted kind.

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Deadwood Ghosts

All tours meet in front of the Deadwood Welcome Center at 501 Main Street, Deadwood, SD
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Deadwood

Welcome to Deadwood Ghosts

A Horrific Past Keeps the Dead Alive in Deadwood


You’re about to enter a world with such a nefarious past that the creators of the hit series Deadwood didn’t have to go far for inspiration. The storylines made for viewers serve as an entertaining retelling of a truly primitive time where lawlessness ruled the town and daily doses of death were a part of life. Deadwood is so steeped in history that the entire town is designated a National Historic Landmark, and every building has its own terrifying tale to tell.


Deadwood Ghosts takes you to some of South Dakota’s most haunted locations, such as the Lucky Nugget Casino. What will stand before you is one of many buildings that once served as a brothel, catering to the town’s most unsavory characters. Though it would eventually become a casino, the residual effects of this heinous era would be felt for years to come.


Hear the true terrifying accounts of the Wild West’s sinister entities tormenting those who entered their space. Former employees and patrons of the casino have claimed to hear the sound of heavy boots in the upstairs hallway and have seen shadow figures peering from around doorways. The unexplained activity was creepy enough to bring a paranormal group in to investigate. What they captured solidified everyone’s fears.


The group captured disembodied voices, knocks, and various sounds of movement. A dark mass nearly attacked one investigator, raising his hands to protect himself as it floated by. Eerie sounds of children’s whispering were picked up on voice recorders, while the image of a little boy standing at the top of the stairs was captured on camera. The Lucky Nugget Casino is no longer in operation, but the building remains along the spirits that call it home. And it’s one of many haunted locations you’ll experience with Deadwood Ghosts.




Visit Deadwood’s Most Haunted Locations, Including: 


  • Wild Bill Bar – The former site of Saloon #10 is famous for one of Deadwood’s most infamous murders: the murder of James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok. Following a confrontation with a fellow gambler, Wild Bill took a bullet to the head in this very building. Today, the bar is inhabited by multiple spirits, including Wild Bill himself.


  • The Fairmont Hotel – Considered one of the most haunted buildings in the state, The Fairmont Hotel has been featured on a variety of ghost-hunting TV shows. During its time as the Mansion House, it served as a place of pleasure for the wicked. It may operate as a restaurant today, but the villainous spirits of yesteryear have yet to relinquish their hold on their old stomping grounds.


  • Adams House – No one is immune to the hauntings that dominate the Adams House. Formerly owned by one of the founding families of Deadwood, the building serves as a museum and retains most of its original furnishings. It also retains the original owner, whose ghostly appearance has been sending chills down the spines of visitors for more than a century.


Spirits Host The Living 


Deadwood is no stranger to tragedy and misfortune. The town once harbored such evil that it wouldn’t be a reach to believe that the great fires that ravaged the town were a self-fulfilling prophecy sparked by years of debauchery. The Fairmont Hotel is one such location that was tainted by nefarious individuals and activity. 


Unveil the darkness that dwells within the walls of this popular haunted building. Prior to its rebirth as a seafood restaurant, the hotel once operated as the Mansion House, an adult playhouse known for its bar, gambling, amenities, and upstairs brothel. The entertainment, however, would come at a price.


Unveil the various deaths that occurred within the walls of The Fairmont Hotel, from suicides to murders, spawned by a jealous rage. The horror that unfolded all those years ago created such dark energy that you can no longer stay the night at the hotel. The apparition of a prostitute who committed suicide in the building has been seen multiple times over the years. 


She’s known to open and close doors and has been seen wandering the third floor. The spirit believed to be Margaret is friendly. The other occupant is not. Learn about the terrifying, angry man whose ghostly presence is a mass of malevolent energy. It’s said that the spirit once tormented construction workers, ripping tools from their hands and preventing them from working on the upper floors. Hear the stories about one of South Dakota’s most haunted buildings with Deadwood Ghosts.


Ladies of a Never-Ending Night


It wasn’t called the “Wild” West for nothing. The gold rush helped develop the town, but the desire to strike it rich brought in undesirables that took over the town long after the mining stopped. Businesses were established to cater to the miners, and none were as popular as the brothels.


Take a stroll through a seedy side of Deadwood history, and visit an area that was rife with such depravity it was often referred to as “The Badlands.” Deadwood Ghosts introduces you to The Brothel Museum, a museum dedicated to the different eras of prostitution in Deadwood. Every room is set up to reflect a different time period, and each houses its own ghostly lady of the night.


Various paranormal groups have had the opportunity to explore the museum, each successful in contacting the former red light ladies and their customers. Several voices were picked up, including men’s voices bargaining with the women, a woman shouting profanities, and the voice of a child playfully talking into the recorder. 


These hauntings aren’t the only ones you’ll hear about. Down the street from The Brothel Museum sits the building of the former brothel, The Green Door. The heinous activity that transpired behind the doors left a disturbing stain on the building, resulting in some of the creepiest happenings witnessed by patrons. Of course, the spirits of the ladies of the night and their shady clients aren’t the only ones who have been tormenting the town of Deadwood.




Tragedy Breeds the Unexplained… And the Terrifying


Built in 1892, the Adams House has been certified haunted for decades and is widely known in the ghostly community for its otherworldly inhabitants. Though the story of the Adams House harbors a different type of tragedy than those of the brothels, it still elicits the same heart-pounding frights.


Uncover the mansion that sits in the dark underbelly of Deadwood. Tragedy would affect Williams Adams and his family in the worst of ways, losing his wife, two daughters, and granddaughter within a few years of each other. He would remarry, only to pass away in the house from a stroke not long after. Immediately after, his second wife, Mary, moved out of the house. She refused to remain in the home with the ghost of William.


Today, the house operates as a museum. But its haunted history is so profound that paranormal investigation tours are offered for anyone who dares take one. Mr. Adams is not shy when it comes to visitors, making his presence known to everyone, from workers to visitors. Disembodied voices have been captured, as well as the sight of objects moving on their own, including Mary’s rocking chair. 


The spine-chilling haunts are in abundance at the Adams House. Join Deadwood Ghosts to hear the creepy stories that continue to rack up, and decide for yourself if you’re brave enough to venture into the forever home of Mr. William Adams.


Why Deadwood’s past continues to be resurrected


In a time when sinister behavior was either met with gruesome punishments or not acknowledged at all, it’s easy to see why the repercussions of this demented time continue to manifest in harrowing ways. One such act of violence that rocked the Wild West occurred right here. Deadwood Ghosts takes you to the site where “Wild Bill” Hickok was viciously murdered and where his ghostly presence and legacy remain.


Following a poker game gone bad, James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok was shot in the back of the head, killing him instantly. In fact, the poker term “Dead Man’s Hand” comes from this very event, referencing the hand “Wild Bill” had when he met his gruesome end. Though the original building burned down in a fire, Wild Bill Bar and Trading Post is filled with several original artifacts from that fateful day, as well as “Wild Bill” himself.


Unveil a chilling history of hauntings that continue to taunt the employees of the Wild Bill Bar. Workers at the bar have claimed to have been shoved against a wall by an unseen force, while others have said they’ve heard disembodied voices and footsteps on the second floor. Paranormal investigators have recorded the voices of agitated women, with some having the angered spirits whisper directly in their ears. 


Several have actually seen the ghost of John McCall, “Wild Bill’s” murderer, wandering the building. And “Wild Bill” isn’t a stranger to those trying to summon him. A reenactment of his murder prompted his spirit to deliver the words “Tell my wife I love her” before his execution. Could “Wild Bill” be forever doomed to relive that day for eternity? Who else is a part of his nightmarish afterlife? Find out with Deadwood Ghosts.




See The Seedy Side of Deadwood That Spawned the Hit HBO Series 


Nearly every city in America has a seedy side to it, but not all of those cities are rife with otherworldly activity that draws paranormal investigators and enthusiasts from all over the country. Deadwood is one such city that defines the term “ghost town,” holding a special place in the ghostly universe. Our ghost tour introduces you to the characters that helped inspire the hit HBO series, Deadwood, including the infamous Al Swearengen.


Visit the former site of the Gem Theater, the business of the evil Al Swearengen, that was as wicked as the man himself. In its heyday, the Gem Theater offered entertainment to all, featuring gambling, boxing, and various acts, from comedians to bands. It was also home to unlawful acts against women that resulted in their deaths. In the building’s time as a saloon, several reports were made claiming the ghosts of murdered prostitute Kitty and her husband, Sam Curley, were seen at the top of the stairs, embracing before disappearing. And there’s is just one of the many haunting tales you’ll hear with Deadwood Ghosts.


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience You’ll Always Remember 


Deadwood is a place that is a must-see for history buffs or anyone who is a fan of the show and wants to experience the inspiration behind it in person. It’s also ideal for anyone who wants to meet the people behind the characters, even if it’s in their otherworldly form. One location that may grant your wish is the infamously haunted Bullock Hotel, and Deadwood Ghosts takes you right to it. 


Visit the unforgettable site of the most haunted hotel in town, where Mr. Bullock is said to still maintain his ownership in the afterlife. Guests and employees have reported getting a whiff of cigar smoke at random times throughout the day, believed to be from the ghostly cigar of Mr. Bullock. Taps on the shoulder when no one is around, plates and glasses shaking on their own, and lights and appliances turning on and off without assistance are a part of everyday life at the Bullock Hotel. For a night that you’ll never forget and one that may even haunt your dreams, take a ghost tour with Deadwood Ghosts. 


Be a Part of a Ghostly Community 


For lovers of the macabre and otherworldly, it doesn’t get much better than Deadwood, SD. Paranormal investigators from all over can attest to that. Deadwood houses terrifyingly haunted locations, some of which have grabbed professional ghost hunters’ attention and have been featured on various ghost-hunting shows, including the Dead Files and Ghost Adventures.


Join a group of ghostly gurus eager to experience the sinister side of this infamous landmark of the Wild West. From the Mt. Moriah Cemetery, which’s filled with spirits of an immortalized time to the site of Chinatown that became notable for a gruesome murder, you’ll see it all with Deadwood Ghosts. The spirits aren’t shy in Deadwood, and you might be the next victim of their bone-chilling nightly shows.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You’re a fan of the HBO series


Who isn’t?! The critically acclaimed show boasted three seasons and a movie and was praised for its historical accuracy. If you’re a fan of the Wild West and the series Deadwood was one of your favorites, taking a ghost tour with Deadwood Ghosts is a must. You’ll get to experience the place that left a lasting legacy in person and might even meet the ghostly characters that inspired the storylines. 


2) You love stories of the Wild West, especially the spooky ones


It’s no secret that the Wild West was a time of murder and mayhem. A time when villains ran the show, and only the lucky survived. Debauchery was a way of life, and the events that made history were so volatile that their depiction on the big screen is still a tame version of what actually occurred. Deadwood Ghosts may give you a glimpse into the other side where these unsavory characters now reside, but we also give you the factual details on what got them there and show you exactly where it happened. For a first-hand look at the real Wild West, take a tour with Deadwood Ghosts.


3) You want to see the haunted locations explored by your favorite Ghost Hunters


Lovers of all things otherworldly are no strangers to the various ghost-hunting shows that are available today. And when several of them visit a particular location, you know there is some truly dark energy festering, waiting to be brought to light. Deadwood is in no short supply in these places, as proven by the multiple ghost-hunting shows that have visited the town. Ghost Adventures even hosted a Halloween special dedicated to the entire town. These sites are real, the hauntings are real, and you’ll learn all about them with Deadwood Ghosts. 


4) You’re not a gambler


After what happened to “Wild Bill,” we don’t blame you. Though Deadwood offers a thriving gambling scene, not everyone is into it. If you’re visiting Deadwood and placing bets isn’t for you, take a ghost tour with Deadwood Ghosts. This tour is a great way to take in the history-making sites of this landmark town and learn more about the gunfights and unruly behavior that put the “Wild” in “Wild West.” And after you hear the details on some of the deaths that occurred in some of Deadwood’s most haunted buildings, you just might be thankful you’re not a gambler after all.


5) You want to do something different for date night


Dinner. A movie. Drinks. It’s all been done. If you’re looking for something different and entertaining to do for date night, something that’ll bring you and your loved one closer together (literally!), take a ghost tour with Deadwood Ghosts. This tour is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced and will make for a date night you won’t soon forget. Tonight, change it up a little. Grab your loved one, book a ghost tour with Deadwood Ghosts, and get ready for a night of chills and chills.


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