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Welcome To Cripple Creek's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Beyond the majestic mountains sits a town cursed by a melee of mystery, mayhem, and murders and flowing with the sinister spirits of outlaws and the unavenged.

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Join Cripple Creek Ghosts through the dark underbelly of this seemingly serene town, where we’ll reveal its darkest secrets, from the debauchery of its original Red Light District to the buildings that continue to house the dead, who must now coexist with the living.

Cripple Creek Ghosts Tour

All tours meet at the Former "Wild West" Building at 429 E. Bennett Avenue, Cripple Creek, CO
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Cripple Creek

Welcome to Cripple Creek Ghosts

Permanent Prisoners at the Old Jail


Despite its picturesque mountain setting and fresh air, something wicked brews deep in the heart of Cripple Creek. Within the city, the sinister spirits of an unruly past manifest in the present, exposing the decrepit conditions of their former lives. Cripple Creek Ghosts takes you to the site of the old Teller County Jail, where you’ll get to know the persecuted prisoners still serving their sentences.


A gruesome death left a bloodstain on the prison floor that can’t be removed or even dulled, much like the ghost spawned from his brutal end. Uncover the chilling details of this awful event that created the cold spots and disembodied breathing that taunts the staff. This entity’s death, however, was the easier one, as you’ll learn when you hear the tale of the screaming woman.


Dive into the haunted history of some of Colorado’s most memorable outlaws to hear creepy stories of Cripple Creek’s past. Peek into the era when conditions were so abysmal inside this jail that you can sometimes still hear prisoners begging someone to get them out. These horrors and more await on your ghost tour of Cripple Creek.


What Will I See?


Visit Cripple Creek’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Imperial Hotel – Set on a treacherous street where falls from its edge were common, The Imperial Hotel was the site of one of the city’s most mysterious deaths. Once a “Mom and Pop” hotel, it would have been practically perfect if there hadn’t been that questionable third member of the household.


  • Old Homestead Parlor House – “Parlor House” sounds so much more elegant than “brothel,” and the former owner here was, and still is, a town favorite. Learn what went on behind closed doors and out in the open and why Pearl’s departure was so unexpected.


  • Palace Hotel – This stately red brick building looks like an average historic hotel, but despite no longer hosting any living guests, it’s still acting as a home to several of its former ghostly residents.


Gambling, Gravediggers, and Ghosts


The casinos certainly make Cripple Creek a more lively town, but amidst the modern machines and flashing lights, death still lingers. One of the town’s casinos, Johnny Nolon’s, still stands exactly where it started out in 1895. Every gambling establishment has its stories to tell, and most have at least one good ghost story. 


Venture with Cripple Creek Ghosts to this historic site, where we’ll shed light on the darkness that thrives inside the Colorado Grande Casino. Before it became an adult playground, this building served as a furniture and coffin shop, with a mortuary and the city morgue hidden in the basement.


Some of Cripple Creek’s most dearly departed were brought into that basement, but a few of them never seem to have left the building. Shadows are known to make split-second appearances, leaving behind a scent of flowers. The spirits of the casino are so active professional paranormal investigators paid a visit to the former house of the dead. 


Who was it, and what did they find? Find out with Cripple Creek Ghosts.


Unlikely Spectral Residents


Casinos are big business in Cripple Creek, and one, Bronco Billy’s, stretches an entire city block. People have been placing their bets there since the day gambling was legalized in the city, but few visitors would want to chance to ruin their luck by upsetting any of the spirits there. 


Join Cripple Creek Ghosts to lift the veil on the haunted history of this local landmark. Learn about the little girl who believes she still lives here, even in the afterlife. Discover why she’s become a favorite of the casino employees, even though she’s known to destroy gifts not of her favorite color.


As you stand outside the historic brick building, taking in ghostly tales of its Bronco Billy’s Casino’s haunted history, be sure to keep an eye on the windows. The ghostly residents may give you a spectral “hello.”


Why is Cripple Creek so Haunted?


Pearl’s Party To Die For


On the surface, Cripple Creek is a small, charming mountain town. Visitors stroll through the historic streets, enjoying the unique shops and attractions, but those who really pay attention notice the heavy energy of the past lingering around every corner. 


Many of the settlers who first arrived in search of gold lived fast and died young, leaving nothing behind but their tortured souls. The gold miners, however, aren’t the only entities that refuse to leave. Visit the Old Homestead Parlor House, where Cripple Creek Ghosts gives you the dirty details of “the oldest profession” that resulted in some of the town’s oldest hauntings.


Learn more about the popular madame and the sad details behind her untimely death. The building is now a popular hotspot for paranormal investigators, and they never leave disappointed. Uncover the documented hauntings of this sordid building and how the former madame continues to be a vibrant part of the community over a century after her death.


Medical Mishaps and Mangled Miners


They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. In 1870, St. Nicholas Hospital was opened by the Catholic Sisters of Mercy to tend to the city’s sick and wounded. Horrific mining accidents kept the hospital buzzing, but the lack of proper medicine and technology meant that patients were almost guaranteed to suffer – and they still do.


Cripple Creek Ghosts gives you the inside spooky scoop on the former hospital of horrors that now operates as a popular 15-suite hotel. Uncover the dark underbelly of this cursed building, where patients endured botched amputations and unfathomable “treatments” leading to agonizing deaths.


The echoes of their pain can be heard throughout the hotel, with disembodied footsteps from legs with no body accompanied by a foul smell being some of the most common occurrences. Find out who inhabits the Boiler Room Tavern and why the screams emanating from Room 11 are sometimes those of the guests.


What’s so Special About the Cripple Creek Ghosts Tour?


See the Darker Side That Dwells Over the Mountains


Perched high on a hill, the Imperial Hotel reminds guests who trek back to their room on foot after a night in the casinos that you are truly in the mountains. The building has stood watch over the city below since 1896, but some of its former occupants are still watching over the premises to this day.


Join Cripple Creek Ghosts to unearth the history of the hotel’s early owners, a beloved artist who met a mysterious end. There’s something for everyone on this thrilling ghost tour, as true crime lovers get to hear the disturbing details of the former owner’s death and choose your preferred ghostly ending.


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience to Walk in Some Ghostly Footsteps


Much like several of its former residents, the Palace Hotel suffered an unfortunate end and is now sitting vacant. If its walls could talk, they’d certainly have stories to tell, but since they can’t, you won’t want to miss the terrifying tales our knowledgeable tour guide will share about one of Cripple Creek’s most haunted buildings. 


Learn why, even though this hotel is now vacant, there’s still a ghost who likes to keep her room just so, and discover why, after a while, the former owners no longer blinked an eye when they found something on fire in their living room. Of course, this harmless spirit is in creepy company. Find out who shares her spectral space on a ghost tour with Cripple Creek Ghosts.


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


There are people out there who aren’t interested in ghost stories and avoid haunted places at all costs. We are not those people, and we have a feeling that you aren’t either. Whether you’re a passionate ghost enthusiast or a curious skeptic looking for a fun evening activity, we invite you to join us for some of the most hair-raising fun you’ll find in town! 


Get ready for a night of ghoulish delights, spooky spots, and hopefully, even a few mysterious photos captured along the way. By the time your tour ends, you’ll be a fountain of knowledge when it comes to this town, and you’ll have heard some new, nightmarish stories to share with friends and family back home. Book your tour tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Know There Must Be More to the Story


Cripple Creek’s museums do a fantastic job of introducing visitors to local history, but they don’t tell the whole story. Join a ghost tour for the juicy secrets, gruesome tales, and hair-raising legends you won’t learn anywhere else. 


2) You Just Arrived In Town


First visit to Cripple Creek? Learn the lay of the land while listening to unforgettable stories and memorable historical moments as you’re shown around town by an expert guide. Ghost tours are an amazing way to get to know a new city!


3) You’re Staying in a Haunted Hotel


We know this may come as a shock, but many of the hotels in this town are haunted. If yours didn’t make our tour, you might be able to sleep easy, but if it did, you’ll learn exactly what kind of spirits you’re dealing with and how to best stay on their good side! 


4) You Didn’t Hit the Jackpot in the Casinos


Feeling down after a night at the casino where Lady Luck was definitely not by your side? After hearing tales of murder, betrayal, and torture, you’ll be left feeling lucky that things in your life really aren’t so bad after all. 


5) You Loved Our Denver Tour


Cripple Creek is a popular day trip from Denver, and we’ve found that once people take one of our ghost tours, they can’t wait to do another! Our Denver Terrors Tour has become one of the top spooky things to do in Colorado, and the frightening fun continues here in Cripple Creek.

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