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Welcome To Corpus Christi's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

The Sparkling City by the Sea harbors a bleak past filled with sinister stories of evil serial killers, doomed soldiers, and an icon’s death that changed the nation.

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From victims of mass disease and natural disasters to the tortured souls of those taken too soon, Corpus Christi Ghosts introduces you to the dark secrets that haunt the city. Join us for an unforgettable journey where you’ll learn the disturbing truth of this beachside paradise.

Corpus Christi Ghosts

All tours meet at Selena Memorial 600 N Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Corpus Christi

Welcome to Corpus Christi Ghosts

100 miles of beaches are awash with hundreds of years of tragedy and death, conjuring up harrowing haunts that infest some of Corpus Christi’s most esteemed dwellings.


The Eternal Rose


A shining star who put Corpus Christi on the map is now memorialized in a bronze sculpture that draws thousands of visitors a year. On a day that changed the city forever, the unimaginable happened when superstar Selena Quintanilla Perez was murdered by the president of her fan club.


Corpus Christi Ghosts takes you to the Selena Memorial, where you’ll hear the details of her devastating loss and why the hotel where she lost her life may always carry that darkness. No matter what the hotel has done to distance itself from the tragedy, guests continue to report the intense smell of roses and the distinct sound of the slain singer’s voice.


The site of her untimely death isn’t the only place her presence is felt in the city by the sea. Discover the various locations where visitors have claimed to have had an overwhelming experience with her warm presence. 


Though her death left a void in the heart of the city, her legacy serves as a bright spot amongst the darkness that consumes Corpus. Tonight, Corpus Christi Ghosts lifts the veil on the horrors that turned the South Texas city into a spectral playground. 


What Will I See?


Visit Corpus Christi’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • USS Lexington – The aircraft carrier known as “The Blue Ghost” floats on the horizon as a haunting memorial to the past. The Blue Ghost has ghosts of its own, likely dating back to its most famous WWII battle.


  • Old Bayview Cemetery – This military cemetery is a place for veterans from five wars to rest. Unfortunately, some still don’t seem to have found peace a century or more after their deaths, and the reasons they’re still seen are certainly unsettling.


  • House of Rock – This local bar is a popular place to stop for a pizza and a craft beer, but it wasn’t long ago that you’d find dead bodies and embalming tables inside instead of live music and dining tables.  


The Curse of the Courthouse


Corpus Christi has faced its fair share of natural disasters, but despite the devastation, the city’s historical monuments have stood tall and intact. They’ve also maintained the poor souls who met horrific untimely ends amid these destructive forces of nature. 


Join Corpus Christi Ghosts to visit the Nueces County Courthouse, an infamously haunted building where life and death decisions were made daily, with death leading the way. The Hurricane of 1919 ravaged the city, and though the courthouse survived, within its walls were the bodies of those not so lucky.


Discover the eerie experiences that have led staff members to believe their spirits are still trapped inside the building. Are the anguished cries an echo of one of the people who perished in the storm? Or are they the sounds of the doomed souls that met their maker at the end of a rope? 


Learn the story of the secret room discovered during renovations, the inexplicable history of mysterious accidents, and the ghostly gallows that seemed to operate on their own on this thrilling ghost tour of Corpus Christi.


The Blue Ghost


After over 40 years of military action, the USS Lexington found its final place of rest in Corpus Christi. It’s fitting when you consider it earned its nickname “The Blue Ghost” because of its constant resurrections following reported sinkings. It seems the warship is right at home amongst the city’s spirits who refuse to be forgotten.


Of course, the ship isn’t the only thing that came back from the dead. Some of its former crew have returned from beyond their watery graves as well, still committed to a life at sea more than 80 years after their deaths. Visitors touring the ship sometimes chat with men in uniform who seem to be experts on Lexington’s history until they disappear into thin air.


See past the perils of war and unveil the mischievous ghosts who enjoy playing tricks on the living. Corpus Christi Ghosts reveals their documented antics in creepy detail, none as frightening as one particular encounter.


Hear the hair-raising accounts of those who’ve met the spirits in person, unaware of their otherworldly nature until they vanished into thin air. If your visit to Corpus includes a stop at the USS Lexington, take a tour with Corpus Christi Ghosts to get the full, unfiltered truth of what lurks in the shadows of the prestigious warship.


Why is Corpus Christi so Haunted?


The Homes Have Eyes


The small community of Heritage Park looks idyllic with its Victorian-era architecture and neatly manicured lawns. But behind its suburban facade lies a backstory that chills all those who hear it to the bone. You see, the homes that sit in the park were moved from other locations, angering the spirits who claimed them first.


Venture with Corpus Christi Ghosts to learn which one of these picture-perfect homes served as a Civil War hospital, where inexperienced doctors did their best to save soldiers with gruesome wounds, only to kill them in a horrific fashion. Their body count was only rivaled by victims of Yellow Fever, which turned the hospital into more of a morgue.


The icy apparitions of grisly deaths are said to inhabit the homes, locking doors behind the living and terrifying them right out of the home. The energy is so dark tour guides have refused to go into the home alone. Discover why the spirits are so angry and why they may never stop tormenting the living.


Death Marches On


Corpus Christi has a rich military history. New recruits continue to arrive today, but some of the city’s oldest soldiers have been around for a long time. Corpus Christi Ghosts takes you to Old Bayview Cemetery, a burial ground that was established when tragedy struck before the Mexican-American War began, and there was a desperate need for a place to put the bodies. 


Fallen soldiers from other wars soon joined them, many of whom suffered such tragic deaths that they haven’t been able to move on. Some seem doomed to keep marching through the dark cemetery in formation forever, still waiting for a final “at ease.”


Unveil what makes this cemetery particularly unusual, especially for its time, and why some of the graves remain a mystery. The cemetery is said to be so active that the soldiers have even made surprising appearances in broad daylight. Hear the bone-chilling stories visitors have shared about their unforgettable experiences on this bone-chilling ghost tour. 


What’s so Special About the Corpus Christi Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side of the Beach Getaway You Thought You Knew


So many murder victims are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. As you stand just outside one of Corpus Christi’s popular chain hotels, you’ll hear the story of a woman who was doing the exact same thing, unaware of how quickly her unremarkable day would turn deadly. 


Learn which local hotel was the site of a gruesome murder by a prolific serial killer and why guests can still hear her desperately trying to escape her horrible fate. Even in the sunniest of beach towns, darkness can turn anyone into the subject of a ghost story. Explore these tales and more with Corpus Christi Ghosts.


A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity That Will Haunt Your Dreams


In its heyday, the Ritz Theatre attracted the likes of Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson. Unfortunately, even the best performances can’t survive a good haunting. The Ritz has experienced such disturbing, unexplained activity it was forced to close over 30 years ago. What could have happened that an incredible venue like this has been left abandoned for so long?


Things got so spooky that the theater abruptly stopped giving their own ghost tour. The spirits started causing chaos whenever someone spoke of them, and the tour guides feared for their safety. Are you brave enough to talk about the building’s ghosts close enough for them to hear you? 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


Countless tragedies have torn through this beautiful beach town over the years, and it still bears the scars. Join a creepy ghost tour that sheds light on Corpus Christi’s darkest events and helps you get to know some of its most famous and infamous residents.


Whether you’re an avid ghost-hunting enthusiast or a skeptic just looking for a unique evening activity, Corpus Christi Ghosts will leave you filled with fascinating new trivia about the city’s rich history and unforgettable spooky stories to take home. Come in with an open mind and you just might leave with eerie experiences of your own to share.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Spent All Day Napping on the Beach


Is there anything better than stretching out on your beach towel and dozing off for a little afternoon siesta? A relaxing beach day can leave you with way too much energy when night rolls around. Take advantage of the fact that you probably won’t be falling asleep again anytime soon, and join Corpus Christi Ghosts for a fun evening out exploring the city while enjoying a perfect mix of local history and terrifying tales that might keep you awake even longer than you expected.


2) You’re Ready for an Adrenaline Rush


Corpus Christi has some truly relaxing attractions, from the aquarium to the botanical gardens, and while those can be both fun and fascinating, too many laid-back activities in a row can start to make your vacation feel a little too chill. Spice your evening up with a thrilling walking tour that’s sure to get your heart racing as you imagine the tragic events playing out in the very locations you’ll be visiting. 


3) You Prefer a Different Kind of Nightlife


If you’re looking to dance the night away, Corpus Christi has plenty of nightclubs where you can find a good beat and a strong drink. But if pounding bass and crowded dancefloors just aren’t your thing, we’ve got you covered! Set out with a small group to enjoy the night air and historic buildings while learning the true stories of heartbreak, murder, and tragic deaths that led to this becoming one of the most haunted cities in Texas. 


4) You Need a Break From the Spring Break Crowd


If you’re here during one of the busiest times of the year, it’s easy to start craving a little peace and quiet, even if you usually love the party scene. What’s quieter than the dead? (Okay, that’s a bad example since the dead here tend to be pretty noisy.) Escape the crowds and join a small group led by a knowledgeable guide to be fascinated by “stranger than fiction” local history and suspenseful stories of real ghost encounters. 


5) You Love Sharing Stories, Too


Let’s be honest: you’re probably going to be sharing photos from your trip on social media. Beach photos are fun, but a photo of a haunted house with a snippet of its terrifying history that you learned on our tour? That’s quality content.

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