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Welcome To Chicago's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

The Great Fire, Al Capone, prohibition, and violent riots forever scarred Chicago, giving birth to the real ghosts and hauntings of the Windy City.

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Embark on a blood-curdling ghost tour of Chicago to explore the Windy City’s most haunted locations and find out why Chicago is one of the most disturbing and dark cities in America. Discover the ghosts that beat the Big Sleep in a town full of booze, broads, and bullets.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

Windy City Ghosts: Hauntings of Chicago

Join us to examine the spooky side of Chicago and glimpse the shadows that move in the darkest corners of the city.


Learn about the area's history as well as the delicacies that drive the locals insane! Come hungry since this trip includes samples of local specialties!

Chicago Gangs and Mobsters Walking Tour

Join us on this mile-and-a-half journey through the city's dark legacy and vibrant present. Uncover chilling stories of infamous mob hits and ongoing underworld secrets.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Chicago

Welcome to Chicago Ghosts

Are you ready to experience the haunted cadaver carnival Chicago has to offer?

Discover why the dead still drink among the living in Chi-Town and unearth the city’s morbid history of mob wars, insane institutions, and occult hauntings.


Chicagoland: Home to Massacres and Mayhem


Welcome to Chicagoland, the City of Pizza and Poltergeists, where the dead will take a seat at your dinner table and whisper their sinister stories.


For decades, gunfights and flagrant shootings peppered the streets of the Chicago night. In more barbaric times the Windy City was known for violence, but one nefarious event stands out among the carnage: the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre of 1929 where seven men were gunned down in an escalating gang war between notorious mobsters Al Capone and Bugs Moran.


Visit the condemned site of Chi-town’s most infamous and unnerving bloody event, and discover harrowing mobster secrets that led to the bloody massacre. The men who were violently slaughtered that day remain, their souls walking amongst the living, continuing to seek vengeance. 


Hear chilling stories of residual horror, from phantom bloodstains to creepy cold spots, and disembodied voices at the exact site of mass death. Aimless spirits wander lost and confused among Chicago’s skyscrapers, where ancient secrets mingle with fresh misery. 


Al Capone, himself, is said to have been haunted by one of his victims. Haunting accounts include Capone begging “Jimmy” to leave him alone, even as Capone rotted in prison for his crimes. And the angered spirits are known to follow visitors at random. 


What Will I See?


Serial Killers Paint The Town Blood Red


Evil, violence, and greed are baked into the bricks of the Heart of America, a trio that made Chicago a haven for the lawless. Notorious serial killers left their bloody fingerprints on Lincoln Park, using it as a hunting and dumping ground for victims. Learn about the Brewster Building, home to several horror movie sets and a plethora of real-life horrors.


Chicago Ghosts unveils the tainted spots where H.H. Holmes brutally executed his victims. Get an unflinching crash course in Holmes’s disturbing history and learn about his torture chamber of a hotel that was so demented it’s been the subject of various projects including a season of American Horror Story. 


Lincoln Park has also been a murderer’s playground for John Wayne Gacy, with one of his victims finding himself at the feet of the Alexander Hamilton statue. Not far from here sits the school where teenage killers, Leopold and Loeb attended. Hear the horrendous details of their callous slaying of a fellow classmate, all of which pale in comparison to the gruesome crimes of Jeffery Dahmer, another infamous resident with a thirst for murder.   


When the Bars Close, the Dead Walk the Streets


The third biggest city in the nation is home to 3 million living residents, and countless walking dead. When darkness overtakes this classic foodie town, the ghosts of sinister energies and a blood-soaked past rise, stalking their old haunts and reliving their bloody ends. Uncover the nightmarish reports of the occult, dark magic, and human sacrifices that are a part of the Golden Dagger’s demented past. 


Formerly known as The Tonic Room, the Golden Dagger is one of the most haunted bars in Illinois, due largely in part to its position as the meeting place for the Egyptian-themed cult, The Order of the Golden Dawn. Members of the cult reportedly included poet W.B. Yeats and occultist Aleister Crowley, and witness accounts of their secret ceremonies include sacrifices, bloodletting, and other malevolent practices. 


Unearth the hair-raising tales of oppression and hauntings triggered by the discovery of one of Golden Dawn’s ceremonial daggers in the bar’s basement – a discovery that would unleash a barrage of terror. Learn about waves of harrowing activity including encounters with the tortured soul of the sacrificed woman, and the chilling experience of a patron whose encounter with the demonic would paralyze anyone with fright.


Madness Echoes in The Windy City


There are times when pain and violence are so visceral that it persists long after the brutalities and crimes against humanity have been committed. As you walk through Chicago, you’ll feel the disheveled, lost, and mournful energy of the city’s trapped souls, and you’ll occasionally hear their screams in the wind. And those screams just may be coming from The Alphawood Foundation Building.


Now occupied by a charitable organization, the building was originally home to one of several mental institutions, also known as insane asylums. The Hobbs Institute was anything but a safe haven for the mentally ill, existing only to isolate them from the general public. Reports of inhumane treatment and deaths caused by staff members are a sickening part of the institute’s dark reputation.

Visit the hellish site where unspeakable crimes were committed, such as that of Mary Caldwell. Locked away after being accused of committing adultery, a sane Mary slowly began to lose her mind until going completely insane. An attempted “cure” of placing her in a tub of frozen water resulted in her untimely death and locked her spirit into an eternal tortured state that frequents the building where she perished. Her cries of sorrow can often be heard in the neighborhood, rivaled only by the sights of the anguished souls that accompany her.


Why is Chicago So Haunted?


Lincoln Park and Its Forgotten Dead


The area you’ll see before you is one of the most sought-after parts of Chicago complete with gorgeous landscapes, museums, theaters, and a variety of cultural establishments. What visitors may not know is that beneath the very grounds, they walk to explore lie thousands of bygone corpses.


Known as City Cemetery from 1842 to 1869, the graveyard was the final resting place for cholera victims, Civil War soldiers, and various others. Along with graverobbing and body snatching at City Cemetery, the excavation of graves resulted in hundreds of disturbed resting places. 


Unearth spine-tingling stories of the lost souls that forever wander Lincoln Park, terrifying visitors through disembodied footsteps and eerie whispers. Prepare to bear witness to the mysterious mausoleum known as Couch Tomb, the crypt that stands solitary in the middle of this picturesque park. Legends of vampires and phantoms add to the mystique of this ominous tomb, and the thrill of this intriguing ghost tour.


Why Chicago Past Continues to Be Resurrected


While Chicago is a hub for travel, commerce, entertainment, and food, it’s also a hotspot for spirits and a prison for lost souls, such as the more than 300 people who died horrific deaths in the legendary 1871 Chicago Fire. The two-day fire destroyed thousands of buildings, caused millions of dollars in damage, and triggered a panic that added to the fire’s body count. 


Some say those lost souls still race through the streets today, searching for loved ones, lost possessions, or an escape from the flames. Among the tormented souls is that of little Mary Forrester, a child who lived in a beautiful home near Lincoln Park. Mary and her family fled for safety however, Mary panicked and ran back toward the house upon discovering her cat wasn’t among the group. Before she could get to the flame-ridden home, Mary was trampled by a terrified horse pulling an empty cart. 


Embark on an adventure to the home of little Mary Forrester, which still stands magnificent and regal in Lincoln Park. Hear the harrowing details of her untimely death and bone-chilling stories of people who have encountered the ghost of Mary Forrester. Some say they have been stopped in the street by a little girl, searching for her lost cat. Others tell chilling stories of phantom hoofbeats and whinnying echoing through the still night.




See a different, darker side of the Windy City



Step into a world where proprietors long dead still haunt their bars and restaurants, where you can sample the best food in the world alongside ghosts of a bloody and twisted past. Discover The Red Lion, a bar that has changed hands and names several times over the years, collecting the souls of former owners along the way. Petrifying screams, creepy manifestations, and violent entities outnumber the patrons and continue to grow with each new owner.


When you walk through a dusky Chi-town night with Chicago Ghosts, you’ll hear shudder-inducing tales of human sacrifice, cold-blooded murder, and horrific acts committed at the hands of violent people. Unearth sinister places where the footprint of tragedy still lingers heavy in the air and the dead still whisper into the night. 


Nightmares the Whole Family can Share


A trip to Chicago brings to life a past of prohibition violence, tragic fires, and madness, immediately drawing you into a world of blurred lines and recurring misery. With a history of violence and bloodshed baked into the foundation of the city, Chicago has an energy that will stick with you long after you’ve left.


Embark on an adventure that will bond your family through an adrenaline-laced walk through some of Chicago’s most haunted places. Meet tragic souls, trapped forever in the city where they died, and discover why you should look over your shoulder when you walk through Chicago at night.


Connect with Fellow Ghost Enthusiasts


Chicago is a perfect playground for horror lovers and anyone interested in ghosts as well as serial killers and the mentally insane. With a unique blend of cultures, lifestyles, and tragedies, Chi-town lives up to its reputation as a grungy and grim metropolis with darkness lingering under a shiny surface. Haunted houses, blood-soaked streets, and pubs ridden with poltergeists draw ghost hunters to the city to breach the veil between the living and the dead. 


Ghost hunters have documented chilling activity at the Lincoln Park Zoo, where spirits of those long dead still haunt the grounds where they were buried. EVP machines have captured voices at the zoo, and in other areas in Chicago, warning the living that there are many dead who walk among us.


Get ready to walk the way of the wicked, into a crime-ridden land where evil lurks under placid waters and death lingers beneath luxury. Explore an otherworldly side to this tough city and find out why Chicago is as putrid as it is prosperous.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1)  Prohibition and Mobster Stories Come to Life


Nostalgia and nightmare combine as you walk through the haunted streets of Chicago, where you will hear terrifying stories of prohibition-era criminals and the vengeful ghosts they left behind. Infamous gangsters Al Capone and Bugs Moran battled it out in these streets, and underground murder and violence came with the underground pubs during prohibition.


Booze now legally flows through taps all over the Second City and it would appear the city has moved on from the 1920’s, but a walk through haunted Chicago will show you why ghosts of the prohibition still haunt every nook and cranny, every side street and alley.


2)  You Love A Good Serial Killer Story 


Chicago is a magnet for anyone who wants to disappear, and a prime hunting ground for those who seek to do harm. Violence is easily anonymous in Chicago, where the high energy of millions of people covers up the sinister, the strange and the dangerous. The city is also a magnet for those obsessed with tragic stories and serial murders.


John Wayne Gacey lived his creepy double life in Chicago, torturing victims in his home and dooming innocent souls to a terror-filled death. Child killers have abducted victims from Chicago and exercised horrific acts upon them. One of America’s first serial killers, H.H. Holmes stalked these streets. Follow the footsteps of these serial killers and more to learn the horrific stories of cold blooded murder they left behind.


3)  You Want Chicago to Get Under Your Skin


Let the chilling Chicago night air sink into your bones as you walk with us on a haunted tour of some of the city’s most electrifying paranormal hotspots. Whether you’re a veteran ghost hunter or someone new to exploring the supernatural, Chicago offers spine-tingling stories that will stick with you long after you leave for the safety of your own bed. 


Embark on a haunted walk through Chicago and really get to know the deep, dark underbelly of a city ridden with the ghosts of the past. 


4)  You Need to Walk Off Your Tour of “The Best Restaurant City in America”


As you day tour through Chicago, you can spend your time shopping at luxury and specialty shops. You can linger in art galleries and enjoy entertainment. You can catch a game at a famous stadium. But at the end of the day, you’ll find the heart and soul of Chicago lies within its deep dish pizza, Chicago Style hot dogs and secret local dives. You’ll also find it’s not uncommon for your favorite restaurant to have a ghost patrolling the halls.


Discover blood-curdling stories while you walk off the calories you just gained through a day of exploring the variety of delicious foods The Jewel of the Midwest has to offer. Join us on an adventure through some of Chicago’s most haunted hotspots and stretch your legs at the same time.


5)  You Want to Wrap Up a Day on Lake Michigan


It’s not difficult to picture the secrets that linger beneath the surface of Lake Michigan as you stand at the shoreline, looking over the vast, gray water. It’s even easier to imagine dark shapes and deadly beasts stalking the vast lake when you’re on the water itself. Even as you enjoy a summer day sailing across one of America’s biggest lakes, reminders of the grim and sinister linger just beneath the surface. 


Discover chilling secrets and spine-tingling tales of horror and hauntings in the City by the Lake.


6)  You Want to Make Your Tour of Chicago Stadiums a Smash Hit


Sports fans are drawn to Chicago from every corner of the globe thanks to the city’s plethora of stadiums and fields. From Wrigley Field to the Chicago Bears Stadium, there’s something for every sports lover in Chicago. After a few beers and brats at an action packed game, turn up the adrenaline another notch with a walking tour of the hauntings that surround your favorite stadiums. Up the ante with your friends and challenge them to a terrifying walk in the night among the dead that still linger in Chicago.

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