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Welcome To Cheyenne's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Are you ready to come face-to-face with the sinister spirits of Cheyenne? Hear terrifying tales of tragedies, murders, and unsolved mysteries that plague Wyoming’s capital.

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Experience real hauntings and unflinching accounts of the sordid, chilling, and unexplainable as you travel back in time to the Wild West on a thrilling Cheyenne ghost tour. Discover firsthand why this forsaken railroad town is considered one of the most haunted locations in the West.

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Cheyenne Haunts

All tours meet at the Wyoming State Capitol at 200 W. 24th St.
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Wyoming State Capitol
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Cheyenne

Welcome to Cheyenne Haunts

Real-life horrors and a salacious history of scandal and murder bring unimaginable wickedness to this otherwise inconspicuous city, the effects of which are still felt by residents today.


A Cursed Town Plagued by the Demons of its Past 


Time and time again, Cheyenne has tried to cover up its twisted, gruesome past, but to no avail. In the days of the Old West, the city had ties to a particularly evil, criminal web of gunslingers and gangsters, many of which would travel through the former Union Pacific Railroad Depot. 


Some of the most famous outlaws brought to Cheyenne through this depot were Bob Lee, a cousin to the infamous Kid Curry of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch, and notorious murderer Charlie Miller. 


Uncover the hidden, dark truths of this strange town, and prepare to witness the horrifying, shocking, and unbelievable hauntings that continue to rock the frontier. In Cheyenne, the past crimes of pimps, outlaws, “shady ladies,” and gamblers have left an irreversible stain on the fabric of this tormented city— one that continues to haunt its present.


Evil Deeds Run The West


On the surface, Cheyenne might appear to be a charming, old western town, but underneath lies a crypt of volatile energy that oozes out all over the city. In nearly every building, something wicked haunts the halls, and the grandiose structure of the old Palmer’s Cafe is no exception. 


Now a trendy store for lovers of vinyl looking to buy and sell records, this building was once the place where one of the most grisly, bone-chilling murders in Cheyenne’s history occurred just after World War I. A man from Guernsey went overseas to fight, only to return to the States to find that his wife and stepdaughter had sold the hotel they owned to move to Cheyenne. Enraged, he blazed a trail to Cheyenne and shot his wife’s daughter in front of nearly a dozen witnesses inside the former Palmer’s Cafe. He was tried and sentenced to life in prison, but no punishment could erase the shocking crime that had been committed.


Sins such as those of the Guernsey man can still be felt today by residents, including those who work at the now-Ernie November record shop, who regularly see doors opening and closing by themselves, and eerie orbs floating around the basement. Could it be the souls of the innocent seeking vengeance within these blood-stained walls? Find out with Cheyenne Ghosts.


What will I see?


Railroads and New Opportunities Bring Settlers—and Spirits—to Cheyenne


The city of Cheyenne officially sparked to life on Independence Day, 1867, and since, the city has been subject to shocking tragedies, senseless violence, and ungodly sins. The turmoil of this destructive era would manifest for years to come, and for all to witness.


Visit the Cheyenne Depot Museum where some truly devious souls have passed through during its tenure as a bustling train station, and some have never left. Visitors to the former depot frequently report feeling a somber, dark energy around the terminals, and shadowy phantoms like to make themselves known in the darkness of night. 


One resident spirit has been identified as a painter who tragically fell to his death while painting a ceiling, while the other is the shadowy ghost of an angry man who is known to throw items at unsuspecting shoppers in the gift store. Here, the dead are spiteful, and you just might be the next to experience their wrath.


Wicked and Wretched Wild West Ghost Town


In the words of one missionary who visited the new town, “the wickedness” in Cheyenne is “unimaginable and appalling”. Regardless of the countless warning signs and twisted, dark energy that hung heavy over Cheyenne, the innate greed of mankind simply couldn’t resist. The Union Pacific rolled through town on November 13, 1867, bringing with it troops of settlers looking to make a perfect, wild west town. And wild it was. 


Cheyenne would quickly develop a reputation for its seedy saloons, filthy red light district, uncontrollable quarrels, petty theft, fighting, and gambling. All of these have left a mark on Wyoming’s capital city—one that cannot be ignored or erased when the sun sets and day creeps into the night.


Explore the dark underbelly of Cheyenne with Cheyenne Haunts and uncover the that mysterious, horrific events that tainted these harrowed grounds. Trouble and terror were a part of everyday life, a curse perhaps as a result of settlers pushing the ‘Shey’ an’ nah’ people of the Algonquian tribe off their native land that they’d lived on for hundreds of years.


The Wicked Run Rampant on the Western Frontier


Carnage, fear, and bloodshed lay the foundation of Wyoming’s capital city, which initially played host to honest railroaders, businessmen, soldiers, and families. But over time, wholesome family-oriented businesses became saloons, a burlesque theater, or illegal, under-the-table gambling palaces, attracting outlaws, murderers, and drunkards. Hedonism was a disease in the wild west, and this madness quickly spread through the newly-formed Cheyenne, infecting its residents one by one.


Within the city of Cheyenne alone, hundreds of “shady ladies” plied their trade. One block away from what’s now known as Lincolnway Street, Cheyenne’s Red Light District thrived under the blind eye of the virtually nonexistent law, with dozens of brothels and saloons. Join us and hear about this particularly unsavory part of the town’s history while strolling by Our Place, which acted as an old saloon and gambling joint in the late 19th century. Here, you’ll encounter the souls of this building’s murky past, who make themselves known by pushing or even assaulting those who dare to enter with an unseen hand. 


Legend has it that these phantoms are indeed the ghostly manifestations of long-dead prostitutes, who remain eternally trapped in the very rooms they would conduct sinful acts in all those years ago, with the hopes of making a pretty penny. And they’re certainly not the only otherworldly entities to haunt this tormented town. From gangsters to gunslingers, Cheyenne is haunted by the spirits of its past, who are perhaps damned to roam this city in atonement for their crimes on earth for the rest of time.




The Supreme Refuse to Step Down


With a background filled with heathens, delinquents, and the downright vile, law and order were a necessary part of developing the “Magic City of The Plains”. Established in 1889, The Wyoming Supreme Court is not only the highest court in the state, but it’s also considered one of the most haunted buildings in Wyoming. Though the buildings have had some of the area’s most vicious and conniving individuals face punishment for their transgressions, it was the judge who would remain long after his demise.


For over 40 years, Judge Fred Blume served the city of Cheyenne and the state of Wyoming, committed to his work. So much so that even his death in 1971 couldn’t stop him from frequenting the office. Employees claim to hear the creepy sounds of disembodied voices late at night and more terrifying than that, they’ve claimed to hear footsteps right in the office. Books being mysteriously pushed off his old shelf and the inexplicable smell of cigar smoke have kept employees on their toes and Judge Blume remaining the supreme justice in his own right.


Why Cheyenne’s Troubled Past Continues to be Resurrected


Even the most sacred of locations aren’t safe from the darkness and irreverence that engulfs Cheyenne in the brightest of days, and the blackest of nights. Discover St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, one of the city’s most beloved locations with a heinous history. During the church’s construction, one of the workers fell to his death and, in a panic due to their illegal status, the other two workers stuffed the dead worker in an unfinished wall, sealed it up, and vanished.


Hear the true, terrifying accounts of both visitors and locals experiencing some of the most petrifying paranormal activity in Cheyenne. Completing the church would become an issue as workers could hear banging and voices in the tower, scaring them off and refusing to return, and the spectral phenomenon continues to this day. From church bells ringing on their own, the sound of disembodied footsteps, to the music of an invisible organ playing, and the bone-chilling accounts of hearing a voice whisper “There’s a body in the wall”, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church houses the unholiest of activity in Cheyenne.




See a Different, Darker Side of this Historic Destination


Ever since its frontier days, Cheyenne has represented American ingenuity, expansion, growth, hope, and progress. But beneath that is a hidden history plagued by endless violence, bloodshed, and ceaseless cruelty –  the feelings of pain and suffering continue to cast a dark light over Wyoming’s capital city.


Step back in time to America’s Old West, and gain a new perspective on the authentic, unglamorous realities of this era, including all of the bloodshed that took place within Cheyenne’s city limits. Take a stroll along these tormented streets and uncover the sinister secrets that are buried beneath the foundations of places including the Historic Atlas Theatre, the Hynds Building, and The Historic Plains Hotel and Restaurant. The ghosts of cowboys, gunslingers, shady ladies, and gamblers rise from their early prisons at night, just waiting to remind unsuspecting visitors that the dead do, in fact, rule over the living in this cursed town.


A Unique and Unforgettable Adventure That Will Leave You Spooked


The number of unspeakable atrocities and lives viciously cut short by fatal acts of violence, disease, or horrific tragedies has left no building, no park, and no inch of land untouched by bloodshed. Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, Cheyenne is a treasure trove of chilling tales, centuries-old ghost stories, and unsolved mysteries that offer a little something to everyone.


We invite you to join Cheyenne Ghosts for a nonstop, once-in-a-lifetime adventure through the terrifying, the wicked, the mysterious, and the unimaginable. Make memories that will follow you all the way to the grave, and hear about a side of Cheyenne that’s only known to those who sp dare to journey into its dark underbelly. Are you brave enough to see it for yourself?


Join a Growing Ghostly Community


In no other community will you find such delightfully twisted minds, such creative spirits, and such lively participants—many of whom see Cheyenne as a sort of haven for the otherworldly. And now more than ever, thanks to social media, people are taking a keen interest in ghost encounters, haunted locations, and terrifying tales from the past…all of which culminate here in one of the West’s most infamous, prolific cities.


Join us to experience a buried side of Cheyenne’s history, told through authentic retellings of real-life ghost encounters, tragic disasters, and grim stories of human suffering that have all taken place within city limits. This tour is bound to follow you far beyond your visit to Wyoming’s capital city, and will always be an unusually enticing place for those who love haunted history.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 reasons to book the Cheyenne Ghosts tour right now!


1) You’re a skeptic who wants to challenge your beliefs


Not sold on the idea that ghosts are real? Join Cheyenne Ghosts and put your convictions aside—because this tormented town might make a believer of you yet. Stop at famously haunted locales such as the Hynds Building, and unveil the horrifying truths and real-life tragedies that have left an irreversibly sinister stain on Wyoming’s “Magic City of the Plains.” Even the most staunch of nonbelievers will feel a shiver down their spine upon hearing the blood-curdling story of the Fire of 1916, which left 10 innocent hotel guests—including children—dead after they were trapped in the blaze. It’s not difficult to imagine why even after all these years, sinister, dark energy still hangs heavy over the Hynds Building…and why unearthly presences are often seen floating through the shadowy halls from beyond the grave.


2) You want to experience a hidden side of Wyoming’s capital city


There’s a certain side of Cheyenne that’s advertised to tourists—a clean-cut, modernized town reminiscent of America’s Old West. But behind the facade, you’ll quickly come to realize that Cheyenne is actually one of the most troubled, ungodly cities west of the Mississippi. Follow us on a curated one-hour walking tour around downtown, and unbury what’s been buried. A lot has been lost in history, from Cheyenne’s reputation for being a seedy hotspot for gun-slinging cowboys and prostitutes, to its tendency to bring about unspeakable tragedies, such as the Fire of 1916. But perhaps hidden the most from public view are Cheyenne’s undead, the souls of long-departed residents who arise once the sun sets on this wicked town. Join us and come face-to-face with the mysterious, the unexplainable, and the disturbing…if you dare.


3) You’re a local who wants to discover the dark side of your hometown


If you call Cheyenne home, odds are you’re more than familiar with its unique culture and rich history. But do you know about its troubled past, and its one-of-a-kind, otherworldly residents? Follow us and expand your knowledge of this true Old West town, and hear the spine-tingling ghost stories and terrifying real-life atrocities that have taken place in the same buildings you pass by each day. Hear the infamous legends that have been passed down for generations, and stop by the sites of Cheyenne’s former brothels, saloons, and burlesque theaters—many of which are said to be haunted by the sins of their past. Who knows? You might just learn something new.


4) You’re a history buff who wants to learn more about Cheyenne’s dark underbelly


From the Gold Rush to the American Pacific Railroad Company to cowboys, you might think you know everything there is to know about Cheyenne’s part in the Old West. But after taking a tour with Cheyenne Ghosts, you might find yourself surprised. Prepare for an adventure into the hidden, haunted side of Wyoming’s capital city, a side that is so gruesome and demented that it’s been erased from the history books. Stop by Our Place/Madeline’s Scents, an unsuspecting building that marks where Cheyenne’s Red Light District used to stand during the years of the so-called Wild West. Here, knife fights, illegal gambling, prostitution, and even murder were commonplace…and the sins of this building’s past have plagued its present. Visitors report hearing strange whispers in the night…perhaps, the mumbled chatter of long-dead shady ladies.


5) You’ve already hit the major tourist destinations


We get it: during your trip to Cheyenne, you and your travel companions will want to cross off popular tourist destinations from your “must-see” list. But after you’ve explored the scenic Botanic Gardens, visited the city’s many museums, and gorged yourself on chops and ribs, broaden your horizons by taking a walking tour with Cheyenne Ghosts. Switch up your normal vacation routine and get ready to dive into the sordid, the mystic, and the chilling. Stroll through downtown Cheyenne, all while hearing about a history that’s not told to your average tourist. Learn about the mysterious entity that’s rumored to haunt the old fire station, and hear the hidden secrets behind the senseless violence, shootouts, and mysterious happenings that have continued to occur within its blood-stained walls over 100 years—it’s sure to be an unforgettable highlight of your visit.


6) You and your date want to go on an unforgettable date night


Getting tired of the whole “wine-and-dine” routine? Take your significant other on a daring date night and switch things up with a tour from Cheyenne Ghosts. Make sure you have someone to hold your hand as you stop by some of the most cursed, tormented locals in town, from the extremely haunted Cheyenne Depot Museum to the Wyoming Supreme Court, to the Historic Atlas Theater, where ghostly audiences are said to manifest once the lights have dimmed and actors have taken their final bow. Spend your evening out by learning about the fascinating, occult history of Cheyenne, and prepare to get the adrenaline pumping—it’s time to dazzle your date with an experience they’re sure to never forget.

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