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Welcome To Chattanooga's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Are you ready to encounter the ghosts of Chattanooga’s past? Listen to whispered stories of despair from the heartbreaking Trail of Tears to bloody Civil War battles.

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Discover the gruesome history of a booming commerce town built on the gateway to the Trail of Tears. Meet the spirits who still clamor for revenge from beyond the grave and join Chattanooga Ghosts for a spine-tingling ghost tour to reveal what flows just beneath the murky surface of Tennessee’s haunted river city.

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Welcome to Chattanooga Ghosts

Embark on a daredevil walk through haunted and historic Chattanooga and discover the authentic bone-chilling stories of sadness and suffering that continue to haunt the picturesque riverwalk.


What will I see on this tour?


A sinister stroll through Scenic City

The wide sweeping staircases, majestic fountains, and moss covered bridges of the Chattanooga riverwalk take on a more chilling tone under the cover of darkness. The daytime romance of cobblestone walkways and bridges over the Tennessee River gives way to a more macabre version. 

Uncover a sordid history of violence, ethnic cleansing, and worse as you walk through the infamously haunted Ross Landing.  Thousands of people belonging to the Five Civilized Tribes were forced to begin their doomed journey on the now cursed trailhead, eventually dying in the camps all along the Trail of Tears. Their wandering spirits fled the trail to return home to the place it all began and reclaim, in death, the land that was taken from them in life.

Chattanooga Ghosts will lead you down the less traveled terrifying trail of ghostly tales highlighting the hauntings so prevalent in Chattanooga’s horrific history.  Don’t miss a beat, or a story, as you trek through the river city in the dead of night and listen to authentic accounts of Tennessee’s most tragic victims.


The Cherokee Who Returned To Ross Landing After Death


Tensions between the Cherokee people and settlers were high in the 1800’s and eventually led to a widespread ethnic cleansing known as the Trail of Tears, an atrocity that began at Ross Landing. More than 6,000 Cherokee were ripped from their homes around Ross Landing and their pain created a vortex of sadness you can taste in the air. On that day, the first bricks of the foundation of haunted Chattanooga were laid and the pain of those who suffered to build it still lingers on every street and stone of the haunted Tennessee city.

Be careful as you stand on stones that once were home to Cherokee warriors and listen to stories of spine-chilling encounters with fearless ghosts. If you see the vengeful spirit of one of these displaced souls, it may haunt your dreams forever. 


Death Still Echoes Haunted Hotel Hallways


Chattanooga was built upon ground infused with tragedy, upon a foundation of skeletons that piled up under the engine of industry. With the rise of the railroad came construction of the city’s first inn, the Old Crutchfield House. Over the years, more than one person has lost their life in the building, now known as Read House. It was converted into a Union hospital during the civil war, where mangled soldiers were sent to either suffer in the excruciating pain of amputations with anesthesia, or just to die. 


Visit the Read House on a Chattanooga Ghosts tour to discover horrific stories of loss and jealous murder. Listen for the screams of Annalisa Netherly, who was brutally killed by her ex-lover in room 311 of Read House and watch for the ghosts of Civil War soldiers whose apparitions are said to limp back and forth in front of the windows looking out from the rooms where they took their final breaths.


Ghosts of The Railroad


Slavery, murder and inhumane working conditions were all part of building the railroad that brought life to Chattanooga. Prostitutes and seedy saloon owners risked murder and death to make a dime in the city. The railroad shaped every aspect of their lives and ghosts of those tortured, enslaved and displaced workers still linger to this day. 

Embark on a spine tingling walk through the path of Chattanooga’s railroad and watch for phantoms of travelers and workers who will never leave. Uncover stories of headless ghosts and the spirits of limbless Civil War soldiers who wander the streets, still screaming out for help.


What’s so special about the Chattanooga Ghost Tour?


See a Darker, Ghostly Side of a Haunted Destination


Tormented ghosts of tragedy walk the streets of Chattanooga. The spirits of Native Americans forced from their homes mingle with Civil War soldiers and flood victims. Beneath the vibes of good food and outdoor adventure is a river of darkness, displacement and despair. 

Join us on a tour of the darker side of The River City to discover stories that will chill your blood and linger in your memories. Walk through some of Chattanooga’s most haunted areas and listen for the eternally echoing cries of the mangled and murdered. 


The Tragic and Terrifying Ghosts on the Trail of Tears


Ross Landing was the starting point of the Trail of Tears and still buzzes with leftover anger and resentment from the Cherokee people who were marched from their homes. Don’t be surprised to feel a tingle in your spine as you stand on land cursed with despair. Embark on a ghost tour of Chattanooga to hear blood chilling stories of encounters with Cherokee phantoms and listen for cries of the displaced tribes on the wind.


A Ghostly Community Full of Ghost Stories With Like-minded People 


Dive into something sinister with other horror lovers on a tour of haunted Chattanooga and serve as witnesses for the horrifying events that are sure to unfold. 

Stories of the spirits who linger in the shadows will have you questioning whether you’re walking with friend or foe as we embark on our walking tour. When you’re with other believers in the paranormal, you’ll have allies for your adventure into Chattagnooga’s dark and sordid past. 


Experience an Adrenaline Rush:  A Once-in-a-lifetime adventure 


Echoes of tragedy and despair still ride the wind in The Lookout City. You’ll feel a chill run down your spine as you undertake a shadowy adventure on the riverwalk and hear blood chilling stories of the souls who refuse to leave. Follow along–closely if you don’t want to get left behind–and wander through streets that have been drenched in blood and desperation and meet the souls of those who want nothing more than to find a peace they’ll most likely never find.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Chattanooga

6 Reasons to Book Your Chattanooga Ghost Tour Right Now!

1) Unearth Chattanooga’s Darker History


Beneath the hustle and bustle of this lively college town lies a blood-soaked foundation of secrets and betrayal. When the sun goes down, the night comes alive with Chattanooga’s darker history. Displacement, kidnapping and murder have trapped souls in Chattanooga and they want nothing more than to whisper their sordid tales in your ear. Unearth stories of the devious deeds of renegades and thieves and meet the victims they damned to an eternity in The Scenic City.


2) Learn More About  Native American Haunted History


The air in Chattanooga is always abuzz with the voices of the Cherokee who were evicted from their homes and forced to walk the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma. After you’ve visited the museums and historical sites that mark important places for Native Americans in Chattanooga, embark on an adventure into the shadows of history. Take a walk through haunted Chattanooga with us and learn secrets that still lie in Chattanooga’s bloody past in stories that have been passed down for generations by those whose ancestors lived and died


3) You Love Haunted Hotels


The feeling of being watched is thick in the air when you stand outside some of Chattanooga’s oldest buildings, some of which were home to the city’s first hotels. Some say they’ve actually seen entities peering at them from abandoned windows and felt eyes boring into their souls as they hear stories of murder, death and tragedy that built these hotels. Discover the blood chilling stories of souls who still linger in the shadows of these historic hotels. If you’re brave enough, you can even book a room to stay in after the tour.


4) Make Unique Memories


Make memories and nightmares that will last a lifetime when you embark on a spine-tingling adventure with us through haunted Chattanooga. A nighttime stroll through this haunted riverwalk will bring you close to displaced and restless spirits who stalk the shadows, waiting to tell their stories. Whether it’s family night or date night, you’ll find yourself huddling closer to your loved ones as you listen to true and terrifying stories of murder – and the vengeful spirits that still haunt the city. 


5) You Want To Continue Your Chattanooga Adventure

(you’ve kayaked the river, now hear its secrets)


It’s no secret that Chattanooga offers some incredible opportunities to explore the outdoors. When you’re done kayaking the river and enjoying Chattanooga’s breathtaking scenery, continue the adventure with a haunted walking tour of The River City. Discover disquieting tales of displacement and desperation, and stretch out your sore muscles while you’re at it. Just beware when you place your feet on the stones that once were soaked in blood and tragedy, the spirits of Chattanooga are always watching.


6) You Want a Unique Riverwalk Experience At Night


The sweeping stairways and archways that adorn Chattanooga’s riverwalk take on a darker beauty when the sun goes down and from their shadows, her secrets come out to roam. You’ve experienced the charm of the riverwalk during the day, now embark on a nighttime adventure to uncover Chattanooga’s blood-chilling secrets.

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