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Welcome To Charlotte's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Unearth bone-chilling secrets that birthed generations of hauntings in Charlotte. Lift the veil for an unflinching look at centuries of tragedy and death.

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Join a Charlotte ghost tour to hear the sinful secrets of North Carolina’s largest city and learn how the lost souls of Charlotte’s past continue to haunt the city streets nightly. Encounter ghostly spirits of long-dead residents who still occupy the city’s haunted buildings, parks, and famous homes in the state’s most haunted city.

Queen City Ghosts: Charlotte’s Most Haunted Tour

All tours meet at The Dunhill Hotel, 237 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring ID. You do not need printed tickets or passes.
Visit for the best parking information.

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Charlotte Ghosts | Charlotte, NC | US Ghost Adventures
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Charlotte

Welcome to Charlotte Ghosts

Have you ever wondered what haunted horrors plague the Queen City? Join us to bring the dark truths, real-life atrocities, and sinister secrets of this historic city to light.,. Prepare to journey into the unexplained and the chilling, while learning about the terrifying tales that have continued to plague the city of Charlotte to this day.


What will I see?


Long Departed Spirits Who Refuse to Leave Charlotte Alone


It’s no secret that Charlotte is a haunted town. But why do the long-lost souls from Charlotte’s tormented past continue to haunt the city to this day? Legend has it that Charlotte continues to be plagued by ghostly inhabitants, some of whom may have traveled across the Atlantic Ocean, in addition to the thousands of other departed souls that occupy the city’s over 100 cemeteries.

Named after Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Charlotte is home to some of North Carolina’s biggest events and attractions, like the Carolina Panthers and NASCAR Hall of Fame. The unsettling truth is that the mysterious, chilling, and unexplained oddities that are everyday occurrences in the Queen City hide in plain sight, underneath a façade of seemingly innocent daily past-times. Locals may or may not tell you the true stories and real-life hauntings happening beneath the surface that you’ll experience firsthand on a ghost tour with Charlotte Ghosts.

Visit the historic Rí Rá pub, where the spirits of long-dead Gaelic ghosts from the past are said to roam the building to this day after an actual bar from Ireland was imported to the pub by its current owners. Today, you can listen for the disembodied sounds of scratching, footsteps, and even sewing machines…chilling remnants that seem to have followed the bar to America.

Learn why Charlotte is a strange site for otherworldly activity, and see for yourself that its everyday horrors aren’t always so deeply buried in the past. The notorious Taco Bell Strangler wreaked havoc over the Queen City, a cold-blooded killer responsible for strangling 10 women in the early ‘90s. As the breeding grounds for decades’ worth of unspeakable horrors, it’s no surprise that this bustling metropolitan city is cursed to be eternally haunted by lingering souls from its tormented history.

Join us to hear authentic, spine-tingling stories about the terrifying truths behind Charlotte’s hidden past on a ghost tour with Queen City Ghosts.




Death and Unspeakable Tragedies Lay the Foundation for this Haunted City


Charlotte is synonymous with suffering, pain, and the permanent, blood-tarnished stain of death. But perhaps no one place in the entirety of the city has encountered as much tragedy as the Charlotte Fire Department.

Two firefighters met their untimely death within the cursed walls of this historic Victorian station in the 1930s due to suspicious accidents…and according to occupants of the building since their spirits may have never left. Although the building isn’t a fire station anymore, the hauntings have persisted. The space has seen several changes since it was sold, but one thing persists: its ghostly residents.

While working in the building, an electrician reportedly saw a full-body apparition of a man walking towards him along a corridor, dressed in a set of heavy cotton trousers and suspenders. The man’s spirit is said to have turned into the room that had been the old barracks, where the pole had been…the one firefighter Pruitt L. Black missed and cracked his head on the ground below decades prior. The worker attempted to follow the apparition, but he strangely vanished, right before his eyes.


Tormented Spirits Continue to Haunt Charlotte’s Present


One particularly famous ghost that haunts the Queen City is that of a Sextant named Ambrose. His life ended in horrific tragedy during the Civil War, but not on the battlefield. Ambrose was trusted with hiding the valuables of Charlotte’s First Presbyterian Church after the first shot was fired by Union soldiers, and built a tunnel to slash the ornate goods. But when he returned to the tunnel to retrieve them…it collapsed, burying him alive.

Ambrose is said to still haunt his earthly tomb today after church members failed to uncover his body. His ghost is said to be friendly, as he was a generally pleasant individual during his time on earth. But many visitors, including the current pastor, report getting goosebumps when entering the church’s sanctuary building, the place Ambrose is most frequently sighted.

Atrocities and other ungodly acts like the church tunnel cave-in can be found all throughout Charlotte’s history. Dive into the deadly accidents, strange mysteries, and chilling stories that have come to define this famously haunted city, and see if you can spot the apparition of Ambrose pacing back and forth in the dead of night, eternally fated to linger around the First Presbyterian Church.


Why the Queen City Can’t Escape its Nefarious Past


Booze, crime, violence…all of these have contributed to the gruesome history of Charlotte. Today, Charlotteans still can’t seem to shake ghosts from their city’s past, and regularly come face-to-face with these long-lost souls.

During the Prohibition Era, the aptly-named Bootlegger House was used to hide booze for easy access. But today, its new owners claim that the building actually comes with a mysterious, chilling presence….one from far beyond the grave.

The physical house also has a strange history of its own, as the entire two-story structure was transported across Charlotte via the back of a low loader truck to its current location after it was purchased for just $50 dollars in the 1970s. One morning, the owner awoke to wet footsteps in the middle of the staircase, despite neither he nor his partner having showered that day. Other inexplicable events continued until one night, he allegedly encountered a full-body apparition of a terrifying, shadowy phantom, wearing what looked to be a raincoat and a hat. Perhaps, the soul of an old bootlegger, forever trapped in the walls of this historic home.

Unknown horrors await you during your trip to the Queen City, from the ghost of the Bootlegger House and beyond. Join us on a hair-raising adventure to Charlotte’s most haunted locations, and witness these strange, otherworldly happenings firsthand.


What’s so special about the Charlotte Ghosts tour?

Get up close and personal with a different side of this historic destination


To visit Charlotte is to take a journey back in time. But beneath the charming, cobblestone roads lies a web of sordid secrets and long-buried horrors just waiting to be unveiled. Leave normalcy behind you, and experience a hidden side of Charlotte’s dark underbelly…one that proves the dead are just as active as the living.

We invite you to follow us and hear real-life accounts of the Queen City’s gruesome past, told through authentic, spine-tingling retellings. Learn why modern-day Charlotteans continue to be affected by the sins of the departed, who continue to haunt many of the town’s famous buildings. These spirits are particularly active after the sun goes down, and your encounters are sure to make for memorable stories…if you dare to meet them.


Hear authentic, terrifying tales you’ll remember for years to come


With well over 200 years of troubled history, Charlotte is brimming with grim ghost stories and tales from its tormented past. Join Queen City ghosts for a non-stop, exhilarating adventure and get an adrenaline rush like no other.

Hear authentic stories while strolling around downtown Charlotte, and stop by local haunts such as the Carolina Theatre. Learn more about the chilling spirits that reside in the building’s dark corridors, including one long-time ghost named “Fred.” No one has a convincing origin story for this ghastly phantom, who’s said to flicker the lights on and off inexplicably and appear as a solid white figure during screenings. Is this the soul of a former owner, projectionist, or perhaps even a long-dead performer who just can’t take his final bow? We’ll tell you the story of this haunted, historic moviehouse and will let you decide for yourself.


Delve into a growing ghost community


Charlotte is a top destination for lovers of the strange, the macabre, and the inexplicable. A true haunted haven for horror fanatics, adventurers, and adrenaline junkies, Charlotte attracts several visitors from the ghostly community in search of frights and a haunted history that’s unmatched by any other city on the East Coast.

Keep your cameras ready while stopping by the Old Settlers’ Cemetery, where the sinful spirit of Charles Polk — nicknamed Devil Charlie, after he shot and killed his wife in cold blood — has been seen countless times around town, playing pranks on innocent Charlotteans. See if you can spot his ghoulish apparition while walking through the countless tombstones, which has been said to appear to visitors as an ominous, black figure.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 reasons to book the Charlotte Ghosts tour Right Now!

1) You’re a history buff who wants to learn more about Charlotte’s disturbing past

You’ve learned about Charlotte’s role in the Gold Rush and the Civil War, but what about its grim, haunted history? Unbury what’s been buried with a tour from Queen City Ghosts, and experience a different side of this southern city that’s not written out in the history books. Listen for the eerie, disembodied voice of a young girl at the historic McGlohon Theatre, or see if you can spot the terrifying apparition of Louise at the famously tormented Founders Hall. This hair-raising experience is sure to be remembered for years to come, making it a “must-do” during your visit to North Carolina.

2) You want to switch up your typical vacation routine

As interesting as museums, monuments, and other sites of historical significance can be, you’re missing out on an essential part of Charlotte’s culture if you choose to ignore its dark underbelly. Spice up your trip with a tour from Queen City Ghosts, and see why it’s impossible to truly experience Charlotte without learning about its dead, which continue to rule the city to this day. Many of them linger around famous locations including the First Presbyterian Church, the McGlohon Theatre, and the Bootlegger House…all of which is a fundamental piece in putting together the puzzle of Charlotte’s tormented, secretive past. Try something new and impress your travel group with immersive, chilling stories of Charlotte’s legendary ghosts and its famously haunted history.

3) You don’t believe in ghosts

If there’s one city that’s bound to prove the existence of ghosts to even the most staunch skeptics, it’s Charlotte. Follow us and prepare to be convinced after visiting haunted locations like the Old Settlers’ Cemetery, where the phantoms of long-dead Charlotte residents are said to roam throughout the tombstones late at night. Listen for the ghoulish, disembodied laugh of Devil Charlie, and see if you can feel the grim, dark energy that inexplicably hangs over this historic burial ground. And don’t worry; if that doesn’t sway you, there are plenty of other haunted Charlotte locations that certainly will.

4) You want to experience a spooky adventure with friends

It doesn’t have to be Halloween for you and your friends to want a good fright. Follow us on a curated one-hour ghost tour around downtown Charlotte and learn the stories behind some of the Queen City’s most famous, otherworldly residents…which are bound to send a shiver down your spine. Get the blood pumping by stopping at sites such as the historic McNinch House, which is said to be haunted by the spirit of its previous owner, Mattie McNinch. Although she passed away in the late 1970s, workers at the now McNinch House Restaurants have claimed Mattie’s ghostly phantom can be seen floating around the house or fussing in the kitchen…the eternal resident of this centuries-old home.

5) You’re a lover of the macabre

Ghouslish hauntings, mysterious orbs, sinister secrets from beyond the grave…if you’re a fanatic for all things macabre, Charlotte should be at the top of your “must-see” list. Charlotte loves to bury its dead, making it an ideal destination for lovers of chilling, real-life ghost stories. The Queen City boasts an impressive 186 graveyards — just one more than the city of New Orleans. Walk the harrowed ground of Charlotte’s many burial grounds and see for yourself why experts consider it to be one of the most haunted cities in the entire United States.

6) You’re tired of watching paranormal investigation shows on Netflix

If you’re a big fan of ghost-hunting shows, you’re probably familiar with apparitions, orbs, and other ways spirits appear from beyond the grave. But don’t you want to come face-to-face with these long-dead ghosts yourself? Ditch your couch and slippers and join Queen City Ghosts on a chilling tour to some of Charlotte’s most haunted destinations, and create memories you’ll never forget—from beyond the screen of your TV set.

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